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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Haruka Akiyama vs Daisuke Takeuchi

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Haruka Akiyama vs Daisuke Takeuchi

Post by TaliZorah on Sat Aug 20, 2016 5:29 pm

Haruka was standing in the locker room, looking down at her feet. She took a deep breath. This was new for her. She felt uncomfortable even alone. Still, she knew she had to do it. She had to prove that she wasn't just a gimmick. That she could actually wrestle.

Not to the fans. Not to her opponents. But to herself.

She looked up into the mirror. She was wearing an indigo and violet two piece outfit. She had matching elbow pads, knee pads, and boots, all a swirl of purple shades. Her shoulder length black hair hung loose and flat, and though she promised herself not to let her appearance distract her, insecurities prevailed. She had the thinnest of eye shadows, concealer, and a small amount of blush. It was just enough to make it look like she wasn't wearing makeup at all.

Haruka took a huge breath in and slowly breathed it out. She kicked her locker, trying to build up the adrenaline and get herself excited for it. But it was hard to convince herself.

As her theme music played, Haruka came out into the arena. People seemed surprised to see her instead of the Mileena get up she was use to. She hadn't gotten it changed, and this late into her contract she didn't feel the need to. She got modest cheers, but didn't really pay attention to them, calmly sliding into the ring and waiting in her corner for her opponent.

With the wrestling prince reaching the prime of his tension wrestling career, he was taking in alot of challenges back to back in the last couple of weeks. With his sister getting the chance of the title, he was still supporting of her but wanted to get better as well. Tonight he was booked with Haruka, not as Mileena, it was a strange feeling to wrestle someone who was famous for having a particular persona but tonight- was he wrestling the same woman? would the change in her persona have any effect on her wrestling ability. The booking intrigued the prince, he had eye on Mileena for a while and now he had a chance to wrestle her, but as someone else. Those were the thoughts running along in the wrestling prince's mind, however he was quick to shake them off his mind and focus on the match itself. "Hmph..whatever, she's the same woman...." he said slipping into his grey wrestling briefs as he sat on the wooden bench. He then put on his black leather wrestling boots, lacing them up before getting up from the bench and looking himself in the mirror. He was a fairly muscular male, good looking. Daisuke then took a deep breath, before heading outside his locker room. Waiting in the gorilla position, he waited for his theme to cue and when it did, he brushed past the curtains and made his way down towards the ring. Haruka was famous for being the devious Mileena, but would she be the same person?. Daisuke hopped up on the ring apron and walked to the middle of the ring. "So're Mileena" he looked at her, dead in the eye.

Haruka watched Daisuke as he came down the ramp. From his physique and appearance, it was clear he didn't have the same problems she did. He walked with an aura confidence and success. It was almost sickening. Almost.

As he addressed her, she almost felt insulted to be called the name. Clearly, she wasn't. Yet still people thought of her as such. Or at the very least, mocked her as such. “Not anymore,” she said back bitterly while crossing her arms. She didn't offer anything else, no trash talk or rebuttal or anything. The woman just stared at Daisuke, keeping her cool and waiting for the bell to ring.

When it finally did, though, Haruka didn't keep the same mentality. She charged right into range with the regal wrestler. Quick on her feet, the woman feigned a grapple attempt only to instead attempt to knee Daisuke right across the ribs to soften him up.

As Daisuke walked up to the ring, he looked very confident coming into the match. He walked right to the middle of the ring and stood there, glaring at Haruka. She stood there, staring at her without saying a word causing him to raise his eyebrow in curiosity. She still looking beautiful, simply as her attire, a two piece wrestling attire with indigo and violet she still looked stunning in it. The two of them stared each other down and she seemed a bit agitated when he referred to her as Mileena. "I don't know why you decided to drop that act, but whatever it is...Its not going to help you win this mat-Mnggghhh" before he could say anything else, she lunged in at him and rammed her knee right up across the ribs making him groan out in pain as he doubled over infront of her, his arms wrapped around his own body as he winced in pain, staggering back and massaging his side while gritting his teeth in anger as he let her get the better of him.

Haruka wasted no time in continuing the pain on the prince. She didn't savor the moment by mocking Daisuke or rubbing it in. She had done that enough and it got her nowhere before. She grabbed the man's hair and yanked him back up to his feet roughly.

She then shoved him right into the corner, following the push with several immediate kicks to the abdomen, trying to bring Daisuke down.

"Mnggh...why you" he groaned as he coughed and huffed, he tried to push up on his knee but he felt his short hair being grabbed and yanked up, she pulled him up on his feet before pushing him back "Gah!" he grunted as his back settled in the corner. Before he could push out, Haruka quickly followed in and landed in a several kicks to his abs to knock the wind out of him "Oufff....Oufff....Ouff..."

Haruka continued to kick the daylights out of Daisuke until her leg got tired. Even then, she wasn't through with him yet. She gripped hard on the ropes to balance and leverage herself and then put her boot across Daisuke’s neck to choke him. As soon as she did, the referee began counting up, threatening to disqualify her. She released him as soon as the referee got to four, backing off of him. She was then pushed away by the referee.

The wrestling prince had fought any opponents but this one seemed very aggressive, a little too aggressive. Neither of them had met before so there was no reason for them to have a rivalry case, in which her being aggressive would make sense. With him pushed in the corner, she continued to kick away at his abs before grabbing the ropes and bringing her foot up to his neck, her boot pressed against his neck as she began to choke him "Guughhh *cough*huff*" his back bent and his body being arched backwards his hands gripping the ropes as the referee had to intervene. As she let him go he fell forward, dropping down on his knees clutching his neck and taking in fresh breaths of air "Uurghh y-you little....." he moaned trying to get back up on his feet.

Breathing quickly herself from the physical exertion, Haruka took her time getting back to the groaning Daisuke. She was going faster than she normally did and so far it seemed to be working exactly as she wanted. Her instinct was to mock the prince, but she bit her tongue in favor of continuing the assault.

The woman lunged forward to grab onto Daisuke’s wrist and tried to Irish whip him into the opposite turnbuckle.

Daisuke was caught off guard in the beginning of this match, as he pushed up to his feet his opponent was quick on her feet to close in the distance between herself and Daisuke. She lunged forward and grabbed his wrists, pulling him out of one corner to the opposite one. "Whooaaaa mnnggghh!" his back smacked against the corner turnbuckle as he settled against it, his hands rested up ontop of the ropes on either side as he shook his head, trying to get rid of the cobwebs in his mind

Speed was the name of her game. And ferocity, too, as Haruka wanted to show the man that she was to be taken seriously.

She watched the prince run towards the corner and waited to make sure he hit. As soon as he did, Haruka came sprinting in right after, launching herself in an all or nothing spear aimed where she thought his midsection would be.

For her to be so aggressive, he didn't expect such from his opponent .Once he was shoved over across the ring, he settled in the corner and took a moment to catch his breath. Then all he heard was the loud sound of the mat thumping down when Haruka run towards him, her boots pounding against the mat. He managed to get a grip and then as she lunged in towards him, with her body bent and shoulder facing him, he managed to pull on the ropes and pull himself out of hte corner, watching haruka's shoulder smack against the middle of the turnbuckle as she missed her target.

Haruka never saw the dodge coming. She careened between the second and third rope, her shoulder striking the metal corner support pole with a sickening thud. “Agh!” the woman grunted in pain, the impact surging down her spine.

For a moment, she laid there atop the second turnbuckle rope. After a few seconds, she dropped unceremoniously to the apron, her left arm holding her right shoulder and swearing under her breath.

Daisuke moved out of the way just in time, tugging at the rope to pull himself out of the way and watch Haruka's shoulder smack against the middle turnbuckle. Her shoulder really stuck the metal corner hard as she dropped to the apron holding her right shoulder. "Not so tough are you now huh?" he grunted standing next to her while she was down, he smacked the side of her head to taunt her before grabbing the back of her indigo sports bra to pull her up on her feet. The wrestling prince then began to wrap his arm around the side of her head, pulling her cheek against his hard pecs and he began to squeeze, locking in a tight side headlock. He grinned confidently as he began to walk towards the middle of the ring, taking her with him while still trapped in the headlock.

Haruka’s arm stayed stuck on her pained shoulder even as Daisuke slapped her head tauntingly. The pain was immense, and at least in that moment she was afraid she had hurt something bad. The prince dragged her up and locked her into a side headlock.

She groaned, finally releasing her shoulder to grab Daisuke’s waist. His strength really showed, crushing her head against his tough body. She tightly grabbed him with her good arm, and then tried to yank him back towards the ropes. Haruka hit the ropes first, using the momentum to shove Daisuke forward and off of her. As she did, she pushed with both hands to sudden regret.

Agh!” she moaned in pain and dropped to one knee, clutching the shoulder she had bashed on the cornerpost.

Daisuke noticed it like a shark sensing blood in the water, he watched her clutch her shoulder and he knew there was a base to attack. He grabbed her and pulled her up violently, putting her in a side headlock to squeeze her head, making her face turn red a bit. His biceps bulging tight as he continued to tighten the hold. "Just give up...."he said seriously as she began to push with both hands. He held his ground, gritting his teeth and pressing his boots downwards on the mat to make himself steady but Haruka pushed and pushed and managed to back up agaisnt the ropes, using the momentem ,she managed to shove Daisuke forward and off her.

However, as she did she dropped to one knee and clutched her shoulder in pain. The pain came back from earlier when she hit the turnbuckle. Daisuke turned around and saw her down "Aww...hurt your shoulder?" he smirked, walking back towards her as she was still down on her knee, looking to raise his foot and stomp at her shoulder

Haruka glared up hatefully as Daisuke mocked her. He wasted no time in capitalizing on the weakness, stomping viciously down at her. She grunted as the cheap shot drove her down to the mat.

She rolled to her side, cradling her shoulder again while hissing in pain. She tapped her head against the mat, struggling with the agony.

Daisuke loved to toy with his opponent, mock them and make them feel humiliated as they were humbled by the wrestling prince. He stomped down on her shoulder to drive her down to the mat, as she began to moan in pain while cluthcing her shoulder. "Look at yourself...pathetic, you wanna try to wrestle as yourself? Get over look pathetic in that two piece...such a commoner..." he said shaking his head as he began to grab her arm to pick her back up on her feet, before trying to push her back in the corner turnbuckle

Haruka gritted her teeth together as Daisuke forced her to her feet and dragged her to the corner. The taunting was unbearable to hear, and she was having none of it. As he threw her into the corner, the woman caught herself on the ropes, spun around, and kicked her feet up aimed at his face hoping to catch him off guard.

With the cocky prince taking it to the haruka, he grabbed ahold of her and took her to the corner, shoving her against it to make her back settle against it as he had a few choice words for her. He kept riling her up and when she got really angry she spun around and brought her feer up and smacked his face as he was caught off guard. "Hrruughh!"he groaned, backing up and clutching his face.

Haruka suppressed the urge to groan from having to use her shoulder. She needed it, and whining about the pain wasn't going to get her anywhere. As Daisuke backed up, Haruka charged at him and leaped into the air to try and catch him off guard with a jumping knee strike to the chin.

"W-why you looks like you still have some....MMNGGHH! OWWW" Daisuke cried out when he was hit by that jumping knee strike right at his chin. He was back tracking and didn't see when Haruka ran up towards him, leaping up gracefully. His head bobbed back and he stumbled before falling flat on his back! *THUD*

The shock sent through her knee on impact told Haruka she hit square on. The prince came crashing down and for the first time since her mess up Haruka was back in control. She stomped twice at Daisuke’s abdomen before running for the ropes and bouncing off. She came sprinting back and leapt into the air, trying to land yet another flying knee, this time aimed at the man’s chest.

Her strikes seemed to be on point and after one jumping knee strike, Daisuke fell flat on his back while clutching his chin and moaning in pain. This allowed Haruka to get right back in the match, she stomped down on his abdomen a couple of time for payback before running off the ropes and sprinting back towards him, leaping up and ramming her knee into his chests causing him to scream in pain "AHHHHHH" he cried out as his breath was taken away from him from that painful knee strike

Haruka rolled through the flying knee strike and back to her feet. With Daisuke on the ground she felt the need to keep him there anyway she could. The woman walked up to him and wrestled control of his wrist. She then dropped down, planting her legs across his chest and yanking his arm straight up and bent back in an armbar! Still, she said nothing even though she had more than enough leeway to mock the noble prince.

With the wrestling prince out of breath and his chest really feeling sore from that knee strike, he tried to roll towards the ropes but Haruka was quickly on him, grabbing his wrists and wrestling with it to make sure he stayed down on his back, she then dropped back down and her legs laid across his chest as she grabbed his arm and pulled it back towards her chest in a armbar, stretching it awkwardly. He moaned out in pain, his body wriggling about and his legs kicking the mat furiously. However, she still remained silent with a determined look on her face. Daisuke used his free hand to try and smack her thigh repeatedly in  hopes for her to ease up her submission hold

The strikes were at first shrugged off by the dedicated woman. She seemed determine to either make Daisuke submit right then and there or break his arm in the process. But as he continued to struggle and wriggle about, Haruka found herself struggling to both keep him in place and still exert pressure on his arm.

One such strike jarred her grip on his wrist, and it sprung free. Realizing it, Haruka kicked down on Daisuke with her legs just to create some space before rolling backwards and to her feet. Slightly winded, Haruka stalked around Daisuke waiting for him to get up. No doubt he was in pain but she knew he'd take full advantage of another reckless attack on her part.

Daisuke kept striking his opponents thigh over and over again however that didn't seem to faze Haruka at first who only beared in the pain and started to pull at his arm even more than before. Daisuke gritted his teeth and continued to fight back, wriggling and trashing about making it hard for Haruka to keep her hold locked in tight. While he continued to strike her thigh, eventually her grip loosened and his wrists was released. Haruka did, however, kick at his side to shove him away from her as she rose back to her feet while Daisuke was down on his side. "*huff*huff*" he took a moment to catch his breaht before rising back up on his feet, glaring at Haruka "Just...just what are you trying to prove here?" he growled at her, adjusting his briefs as a light sheen of sweat glistened off his chiselled frame.

The purple clad woman just stared at him. There were a lot of things she was trying to prove. But none of which was something she had to explain to Daisuke. He was just another pompous, self-absorbed jerk.

And Haruka knew even he had many triumphs in the ring. The woman charged back in and tried to grapple with Daisuke again, only this time her goal wasn't to knee or overpower him, but instead to slip behind him and try to tightly wrap her arms around his sculpted abdomen.

They both stared at each other in the middle of the ring, Daisuke growing more and more frustrated at her silent game, she was leaving him no room to taunt her which is why he was really getting annoyed. He couldn't beat her mentally, which was one of his gameplans. "Hmph, fine then" he said shrugging his shoulders before charging in when she did, they looked to grapple up and instead of going head on, she slipped past him and got in behind, locking in a standar waistlock "Mngh!' he grunted, twisting at the hip as he tried to grab at her wrists and pry her grip off his abdomen

Haruka had intended to position herself for a German suplex to silence the annoying prince. He may have thought his mind games weren’t working but they were. She managed to tie her hands tightly together in front of him, but his physique wasn't just for show.

He tightly gripped her wrists and pried them off of him. She tried to fight it, but as soon as her hands were off of his abdomen, she couldn't use the grip from her own hands to fight the strength. That coupled with her pained shoulder meant in no time he was twisting himself around, her wrists trapped in his powerful grasp.

Her grip around his waist was tight but he lowered himself downwards and squatted before his hands gripped her wrists and pried her hands off his body. Daisuke then fired his elbow back into the side of her head to stun her before quickly slipping behind her, doing the same thing she did to him. His strong arms went around and squeezed her body from behind, with her stunned state he tried to lift her up off the ring mats and slam her back down on her back as he tried to execute a german suplex

Haruka stumbled, grabbing her head in pain after the elbow shot. By the time she regained her balance, Daisuke had reversed their positions. She quickly grabbed onto his wrists, trying to wrestle herself free. Before she knew it, though, she was off her feet and the arena lights were ahead of her.

Agh!” she groaned in pain as her upper back smashed into the mat with a painful thud. Her body went limp for the moment, stunned from the powerful slam. “Uhhhh…

After that hard elbow strike to the side of her head stunned her, Daisuke easily managed to slip past her and get in behind. His strong arms wrapped around her waist as he pushed her up off her feet and slammed her back down in a classic german suplex! She let out a groan and she seemed quite stunned from the impact, her body limp on the floor as Daisuke got back up on his feet, grinning down at his handy work. He then nudged her side with his foot to keep her down on her back before pressing his sole on her abs and posed over her, going for a cocky pinfall "one......"

Haruka’s body may had hurt but she seemed awake as the man pinned her with just his foot. After the second count, the girl twisted her body to the side to get her shoulder up and break the fall.

She then planted her forearm into the mat, immediately trying to get force herself up to her feet. There were clearly still cobwebs in her vision as she stumbled awkwardly to get up.

Daisuke simply shook his head to one side, flicking his hair as he pressed his boot down further against her abs to put pressure on her when the count of two was heard, however the woman still had some fight in her and she managed to twist to one side and get the shoulder up before the count of three. " you still have some fight in you huh?" he said grabbing her hair and yanking it to pull her up on her feet "Get up

Haruka grit her teeth together as Daisuke tugged on her hair to force her back up. She saw the opportunity to nail him right in crotch with an uppercut, but managed to suppress the urge to do so.

So she settled for the next best thing by suddenly stomping on Daisuke’s toe rather viciously. Making him let go was a priority, but she was content in making him limp as well.

The wrestling prince was grinning in confidence as he yanked at the womans sikly hair to pull her up. He glared at her as if she was nothing but a ragdoll. "Look at you....what are you supposed to be hu-OUUUCCHHH" her boot stomped down on his toe and he released her hair immediately, hopping on one foot and backing up in towards the ropes.

As soon as her hair was released, Haruka broke away from Daisuke and into the ropes. She bounced off, returning with a sudden fire. She leapt into the air, trying to land a dropkick square in the prince’s chest, and hopefully knock him back first into the ropes.

As the wrestling prince backed up to the ropes he took a moment to catch his breath, his chest heaving up and down as he shook his head. With that brief moment of pause between the two, Haruka managed to bounce off the opposite ring ropes and came running back, leaping up and then smacking his chest with a dropkick to knock him over the ropes and outside the ring floor. "OUUF!" his back smacked against the outside floor

Haruka landed on her right side and rolled to her feet. She hissed, clutching her bad shoulder again. This time though, she was safe for the moment. Her stagger might have been costly had she missed, but with Daisuke landing outside the ring she knew she was safe for the moment.

The black haired woman took a breath, seeing her handy work paying off successfully for a change. But more had to be done. Especially with her shoulder hurting, she couldn't let the momentum shift or stall.

Wanting to catch Daisuke off guard, Haruka approached the ropes, waiting for the prince to get up to his feet. Then, the woman slungshot herself over the top rope and down at the prince below hoping to catch him with a huge flying crossbody!

Daisuke was getting frustrated, he should have no trouble beating this nobody, she had no wrestling talent yet here she was tossing him outside the ring. Once he was dumped out on the floor, he was up on his knees and then slowkly rose back up on one knee. "Grugh....w-what?" he moaned, not sure what just hit him. As he rose , his eyes widened at the sight of Haruka leaping over the top rope and coming right at him "WHOAAAA OUFFFFFFFFF" their bodies smacked into each other as she collided down onto his chest in a crossbody, taking him down once more with her on top. His back went hard on the floor once more while her weight crashed down onto him to really hurt him. Their sweaty bodies ontop of each other as he wriggled ever so slightly under her, moaning in pain.

Even with Daisuke as a landing cushion, Haruka felt the weight of the fall pretty harshly. She was slow to push herself off of him, but it was clear the prince felt the worst of it. The referee was already counting up towards a ringout, but Haruka knew she had time to spend before getting back in the ring.

She roughly grabbed Daisuke by the hair and yanked him up for a taste of his own medicine. She didn't need him coherent, she just needed him walking enough to guide him to the nearby steel steps. She then stopped and planted her foot, adjusting her grip on Daisuke in order to Irish whip him into the steel steps!

With the wrestling prince left breathless and in pain, Haruka took some time to push off the moaning prince before grabbing him by his short hair, yanking him up on his feet. His body nudged into hers to try and push her away from him weakly but at the moment his body felt way too sore to simply push her away. The referee continued his count and Daisuke was dragged a couple of feet away, not sure what she had in mind suddenly he was whipped across and his body smacked into the steel steps, "AAAHHHHHHH!" he screamed in pain as his upper body leaned over the steel steps and he moaned out loudly ,really feeling brused on his abs as his body collided against the steel steps "You....bitch" he groaned.

Even Haruka felt Daisuke’s pain as he smashed into the steel steps. For a split second she felt bad for throwing him into them. Then came his words. And she suddenly felt like she hadn't hurt him enough with the steps.

She grabbed him by the hair again, trying to angrily bash his head into the steel steps over and over again. She'd been called many worse things before in her life, but for some reason that time it triggered something in her.

With his painful screams echoing around ringside, his body leaning over the steel steps as he tried to push out and get up on the apron, his sides and middle of the body really hurt as he never expected this woman to come in so hot, come in so aggressive. He continued to curse her, her tactics had him frustrated and he finally began to curse her. He felt his short, sweat slicked hair being grabbed again as his face kissed the steel step over and over again "OOWWW!! OUUFFF!! MNGHH" his moans growing louder each time his face smacked against the steps, not sure where this beautiful woman can wrestle so well and take it to the male wrestler.

Haruka continued to bash Daisuke’s head into the steel steps viciously. It seemed to suit him well. Finally, fatigue from exertion and the pain in her shoulder made her stop. She left the man against the steps while she gathered her breath.

8!” the referee counted loudly, and Haruka looked up in shock. She'd gotten so distracted by the attack that she lost track of the count. Hurriedly, she grabbed Daisuke by the neck and briefs, twisted around, and tossed him under the ropes and onto the apron.

She then rolled in herself, grabbing the prince by the hair to pull him up.

This was turning to be a true battle of the sexes contest, with neither wrestling caring about the gender and taking it easy. They didn't treat this as a fun time play wrestle between a guy and a girl but a full on hardcore wrestling match, which got the fans excited. Daisuke's face bounced off the steel steps a couple of times before Haruka finally heard the referee count reaching to eight, where she grabbed him by the neck and briefs, pulling him away causing his briefs to wedge up just a bit as he was shoved back in the ring. He shook his head and tried to clear the cobwebs in his mind, his head rising up of the mats as he blinked, sweat dripping down his forehead and neck as his chest heaved up an down. She wasn't done, grabbing him by the hair to pull him up as he slapped at her wrist while he was being pulled up.

Haruka’s rage had subsided and now her thoughts were filled with victory. Daisuke was tough but everyone had their limit. He was in trouble, and the woman knew it was time to end it before he could do anything about it.

When the prince was on his feet, Haruka kneed him in the abdomen to bend him over, then shoved his head between his thighs into a powerbomb clutch. She had her own version of it that she'd been practicing to make her signature move. And it was, in her eyes, both awesome and her own.

She put her hands around his waist and started to lift him up. He was bigger than her, but she wasn't a weakling. And she was determined to show the world she was strong. Despite the size difference, it looked like she was really going to do it.

Right up until-

Aannngh!” Haruka screamed, her shoulder suddenly surging with pain from the exertion. She dropped Daisuke back down awkwardly to his knees and she too fell to her knees, grasping her right shoulder in agony, curling into herself.

Daisuke thought he was done for, with his body weak and so sore, sweat dripping down his body onto the ring mats as he was pulled up and her knee once more rammed against his chiselled abs to bend him over before his head was shoved between her thighs, He tried to press his foot down on the mats to make himself heavy but as she wrapped her arms around his torso and began to lift, it seemed she would win that battle and pull him up until she screamed in pain and dropped down, the pain in her shoulder popped up again and she released him while curling into herself.

Daisuke knew this was his chance, he licked his lips- out of instinct he grabbed onto her arm and yanked at it to really tug at that injured shoulder even more, pulling her up on her feet with it. He then shoved her head under his thigh, quickly wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her up vertically, her body on display for the crowd before he dropped down onto his butt, driving Haruka's head into the mat as he nailed her wtih a spike piledriver!! *THUD*

Haruka moaned in pain, her eyes shut from the burning as Daisuke pulled her up to her feet. Before she knew what the man was doing, the woman was lifted into the air. She got a brief glimpse of the upside down arena before everything went black.

The woman’s body dropped to the mat limply in front of Daisuke, her arms draped over his legs and her head facing the side. She was out like a lightbulb.

Daisuke pulled her up, in one swift movement he jumped up and stretched his legs, his butt took some of the hard impact but not as nearly as hard as Haruka's head felt. When her head hit the mat, she simply slumped down onto her front looking lifeless. Daisuke shoved her off from between his legs before getting back up and brushing himself off, mocking her as if to get rid of the "dust" from his royal frame. He then used his boot to press it against her shoulder, turning her over onto her back then putting it over her chest and posing, flexing his sweaty chiselled frame as the referree counted " One.......two......"

Haruka limply flipped over, a twitch the only motion from her. Even as Daisuke put a boot on her chest, the woman barely showed any signs of life. “...three!” the referee counted. The bell rang and Daisuke's theme filled the arena.

"Hmph....pathetic...." he said shaking his head, beads of sweat flicking off his hair as he slowly removed his boot off of her chest and then took a step back "Looks like you got alot of prove girl....but against the wrestling prince, you're just another common piece of trash" he said nudging her shoulder once more before laughing and then slowly making his way out of the ring

The last nudge to her pained shoulder finally brought the girl back. Her eyes were rolled in the top of her head and her head turned slowly to the other side. The referee lightly tapped her, seeing how bad the hit to her head was.

Even though Haruka could barely make out the sound of the arena or the lights around her, she knew she lost. She knew the feeling well. No matter how close she was to winning, she always lost. The referee managed to bring her to a seated position, and though Haruka was regaining her senses her vision was stuck down at the mat. She didn't want to look up. She couldn't bring herself to.

Daisuke wins via Pinfall!

Talia, Sandra


"I've learned what it takes to survive in this league. And I learned it the hard way. I'd be an idiot to forget that lesson." ~Dark Angel

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