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Looking for a few matches.

Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:14 am by Yori

As the title suggests, I am in the market for a few matches, specificly for...

Luna - Vampire themed wrestler who prefers to play with her food before she sinks her fangs in. Prefers no DQ or hentai stipulation matches. Preferred in a more dominant role, fills a more heelish role.

Reiko - Punk upstart with more experience fighting in the streets than the ring. She takes part in hardcore matches primarily, using weapons far better than she can wrestling techniques. Strictly heel.

Leah - …

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A match for Brie.

Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:15 am by BootsForSpooks

A week ago, I made my own character named Brie Schuhart. I thought it would be best to post a notice here. I'd like to have an opening match with her.

I also understand that a lot of characters here have story lines. I'd like to start one for her too. Her opponent can lead to a romance, it can be something that turns into a grudge over time, or it can be something more complicated. Whatever the case, we can discuss. I'm open to a lot of things. We'll make it work.

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Taking on a thread or two

Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:50 am by LtLukas

I don't really have a plan in mind. If you want to throw something out there, be it a storyline, match, or whatever, I am willing to entertain it. Let's talk about it.

Specifically, I have two ladies that I want to have a thread with:

The inimitable Jessica Wright. With her, I am leaning for some more hardcore stuff: no DQ, shit outside the ring, coffin matches. But I am willing to listen to anything that you want to try.

The lovely Eka Guramishvili. She has a new flag-based outfit. So maybe …

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Daisuke Takeuchi vs Sandra Gold

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Daisuke Takeuchi vs Sandra Gold

Post by TaliZorah on Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:28 am

Jessica "Jessie" Anderson, aka Sandra Gold as was her Tension superstar name was about to make her second appearance in the AFW with a wrestling match against none other than Daisuke ' The wrestling prince' Takeuchi. Daisuke knew a little bit about Sandra, that she was a well known wrestler in another league and that she had just came off a victory against Clyde. Still, that wasn't going to stop Daisuke from looking down on this gold clad female wrestler who was hot on everyone's mind with her performance. Daisuke stepped out of the showers, having just taken a nice warm shower, he slipped into his wrestling attire as he put on his standard black wrestling briefs with matching elbow and knee pads. Finally he put on his polished black wrestling boots before making his way out of the locker room towards the Tension arena. At the gorilla position he was given his entrance prop, he wore his glittery black robe and waited for his cue. After his theme cued, he brushed past the curtains and made his way out towards the arena, having a confident smirk on his lips as he did a slow walk down the ramp towards the ring. Stepping up the steel steps, he slowly entered the ring and began to disrobe himself before placing the robe on top of one of the corner turnbuckle. He then grabbed the ropes to the side of that turnbuckle and pulled on them to stretch out and do some pre match warm ups. He began rolling his shoulders, jumping on his toes and loosening up his arms and neck.

"So she managed to beat Clyde huh? Well I'm still not impressed, bring out this new wrestler and I'll see if she's worthy to be in the presence of wrestling royalty. After all, she hasn't earned having the title of Gold without proving it" he snarled to himself as he anxiously awaited this new addition to the roster.

Moments later, the music in the arena changed to that of the hot newcomer, eliciting a different wave of cheers than the last match.   Sandra Gold emerged from the back to the delight of the fans in the front row.  She was wearing her gold and white outfit along with a white cape-like robe that was open at the front so it only really hid her arms.  To complete the outfit, she wore gold colored elbow and knee pads.  Every fabric of her attire was reflective, and she seemed to radiate light as she walked down the ramp.  As she walked, her robe swayed so people got glimpses of more skin.  She deliberately coordinated her colors to be the opposite of her opponents.  Light and dark in her mind.

Her golden blond hair gracefully dragged across her shoulders as she turned to wave to the fans.  It wasn't like her experienced before.  Just waves of happy Japanese faces.  Even those who didn't know who she was were positively beaming with optimism.  It was a refreshing change from the scene back in the US.  The fans there were more enthusiastic, both for better and worse.  But those were thoughts for another time, and she refocused her attention back into her opponent standing in the ring.

The blonde strut to the steel steps and climbed them, slipping between the second and third rope.  She then paused for a moment to look at Daisuke before turning to the corner and climbing to the second ropes.  She raised her arms to the moderate delight of the crowd, before slipping her fingers under the shoulders of her robe and pulling it up just pass her collarbone.  When she let go, it slipped off her back and to the mat below.  With another flourish of her arm, the crowd cheered louder now that she looked even more the part they were hoping.  

A smug grin crawled across her face for a few seconds before she turned her view back towards the man in the ring, her body still facing the crowd.  He seemed taller than she was expecting, though she wasn't sure why she thought he was short.  Maybe it was her last opponent that left the impression of men being smaller than they looked.  But not Daisuke.  He appeared to be everything the footage suggested he was.  Tall. Handsome. Cut. Regal.  Not bad at all.

Too bad she was the gold standard.

She dropped down to the mat and threw the white robe into the crowd, though it only reached two rows back.  She had already turned her head back towards Daisuke so she didn't see the fans casually just put it down.  In America they would've dove for it to keep, though she never understood the obsession.  "Aren't you a little too pretty to wrestle?" she asked as she passed by close to him before the bell rang.

Daisuke leaned into his corner of the turnbuckle, his arms crossing his toned chest as he heard his opponent's music cue and the crowd bursting into cheers. He shook his head while looking down onto the ring mats, feeling a bit disappointed with the Tension crowd giving her cheers while she hasn't deserved it. The wrestling prince let out a sigh before lifting his head up, seeing his opponent clad in her gold and white outfit, with shinning gold elbow and knee pads to really be against what Daisuke was wearing. The prince raised his eyebrow and rubbed his chin, questioning her choice of attire as he chuckled. "Oh boy...another show-off without any real talent in wrestling" he mumbled to himself before the woman got inside the ring and threw her white robe into the crowd while Daisuke had decided to keep his in the corner. She looked toned, muscular, fit and strong but Daisuke was no slouch either and this could be tough for both of them. Still bouncing on the balls of his heels and loosening up his arms and neck he finally awaited for her to acknowledge him and she did as she came close by him an passed a cheeky comment. He stepped forward, meeting this woman for the first time- face ot face, head to head and chest to chest as he glared at her and the two entered into a classic staredown. The crowd going wild as the two exchanged looks near the middle of the ring. *DING*DING*DING*. The bell rang and Daisuke only shook his head while chuckling "color=#0000cc]Heh, you are looking at the prince of wrestling. I am wrestling royalty here- you're just a rookie clad in gold.[/color]"

"I dont think you should be making any comments on who can and who can not wrestle, you might have picked up a win against that loser Clyde but tonight, Im going to make you tap. I hope you dont mind breaking a sweat" he growled at her  before taking a step back and offering her his hands, inviting her for a collar and elbow lock up

As Daisuke stepped forward, Sandra held her ground, their chests high up against one another.  He had a couple inches on her, but from the way the crowd cheered her on the blonde felt like she was looking down at him.  "A prince, eh?" she asked back, not blinking once.  The blond couldn't help but grin.  She figured someone was going to use the rookie card on her eventually.  It was nice hearing it from such a pleasing face.

"We'll see who's submitting to who in a little while, your highness."  As he offered his hands out for a cinch she backed off a couple feet, her arms out.  She then spun around and gestures towards the crowd who cheered.  She kept Daisuke inside her peripheral vision.  The crowd, especially in the direction she was facing, cheered as she posed suggestively with her hands on her waist and her hip to the side.  "You know your subjects seem to like me more," she grinned, before stepping back and offering him to attempt to rile up the crowd as she had.

The wrestling prince went toe to toe with the Golden clad wrestler, she was indeed quite the beautiful lady but her looks were more than just good looking as judging by her physique she seemed to be quite the fit and strong wrestler as well. Neither Daisuke nor Sandra blinked at all, both of the glaring back and trying to intimidate each other with body language. Daisuke moved forward, pressing his body into hers to try to try and make her feel his muscles but soon backed off to offer her a more direct strength battle, in a collar and elbow tie up. However what Sandra did seemed to be quite interesting and a more unorthodox move, she spun around and gestured towards the corwd as she posed off to them with her hands on her waist and hip to the side, making the crowd burst out in cheers.

She then stepped back, giving the stage to Daisuke who at this point had his teeth gritted while glaring back at Sandra. "Hmph, Fine..." he grumbled before stepping forward to where she stood just moments ago, he adjusted his briefs and then did a pose, flexing his pecs and biceps for the crowd- even showing off to Sandra but the crowd didn't give a response to him as good as they did to Sandra- much to the annoyance of the wrestling prince.

As the man posed, Sandra raised an eyebrow with her arms crossed.  If the crowd had been more women, she honestly expected an even cheer between the two all things considered.  It was good to be bad sometimes, especially in boys.  But the tension crowd clearly responded more favorably to her.  She grinned, once again turning her back to the man to pose in a more flexed position.  Both her arms were overhead, one curled inward and the other stretched out to show off her back muscles. Once more the crowd cheered loudly and she couldn't help but laugh this time at the positive reaction, it only because she imagined Daisuke was fuming behind her.

Daisuke stomped his boot in frustration as he didn't receive as good as a reaction as the wrestler in gold and white, he turned around to see her grinning and move towards him and standing in position once again to turn her back towards him and this time posing in a more flexed position. Her arms were overhead, one curcling inward and the other stretched to the side to show off her biceps and back muscles, which were both pretty impressive. The crowd cheered again and Daisuke stepped forward, grabbing her by the shoulder to spin her around and make her face him. He would get in her face and raise his arms to flex right infront of her, tightening his biceps and pecs as if we was in a contest with her "You see this? this is what it's all about..." he growled in her face.

Sandra knew Daisuke's physique surpassed hers.  But from the cheering crowd it was clear they preferred hers over his.  And why wouldn't they?  The grin seemed cemented on her face right up until the man grabbed her at the shoulder and spun her around.  The grin quickly shifted into an angry glare as up close the man flexed right up against her.  Suddenly, her arm shot up, slapping him strongly and squarely across the face eliciting a surprised and aghast "Oh!" from the crowd.  Still right up against him, the blonde offered her arms outward in a challenge.  "What?" she taunted, perhaps not fully aware of the opening she was giving him.

The wrestling prince demanded this woman show respect to him, he demanded the crowd to show more respect to him than they did to this unknown girl. So in order to prove his point he moved right up behind her to tug her shoulder and spin her around, pressing up right into her and flexing infront of her to show his body off to her and try to match up to her to prove who was indeed more fit and toned. This resulted in a hostile reaction from the blonde who chosed to shot her hand up and smack his cheek strongly and squarely, making his head turn to the side as he was shocked and stunned- as were the crowd. His hand went up to his cheek and rubbed it softly, while he hear her taunt him with her arms extended outward. He gritted his teeth and suddenly launched himself at her, looking to wrap his arms around her head and try to drive his knee up into her toned abs "Hrrahh!"

The blond groaned breathlessly and dropped instantly towards the mat.  Both her arms crossed over her abdomen as she fell to her knees.  She harshly bit down with her teeth, her eyes tightly shut.  The sudden blow caught her off guard and left her winded for the moment.

Daisuke took that slap as a big insult to his ego and he wanted to make her way for that, he quickly caught her head in his arms to pull her in before ramming his knee up into her abs to get her down on her knees infront of him. The prince felt proud to see the gold clad wrestler down on her knees infront of him, he looked down on her with a grin . He grabed her by the hair to yank it up before attempting to wrap hsi arm around the front of her head and around her face as he attempted a front facelock to keep her secure and get the first submission move locked in "Grrah!"

"Ungh!" Sandra groaned with what little breath she could muster between the attacks.  He yanked at her hair and locked his arms around her head in a front facelock.  She pulled herself to her feet and pedaled them backwards so her butt stuck out.  It was an instinct whenever put in the position she was to straighten her back like so to reduce some of her opponents leverage.  It also had the added bonus of making her already revealing, fine ass look even hotter.  But that wasn't what was on her mind in that moment.

The blonde grabbed firmly on the man's wrist with both of her hands.  She didn't tug sporadically, aware that he could adjust his grip if he needed.  Instead she waited for a few painful moments just to make sure her grip on his wrist was certain before suddenly and forcefully ripping it down and off of her.  She then twisted it up and over her head and yanking it down in an arm wrench.  She awkwardly twisted on the muscular arm, her teeth gritting and her face red from the exertion of the facelock.

Daisuke smirked at the sound of Sanra groaning, her pain was his pleasure as he yanked at her hair and then locked his arms around her head for a front facelock to keep her in position infront of her. Her feet pedaled backwards so her butt was sticking out and her body was arching up from behind while Daisuke kept her in position. He had his teeth gritted as he kept squeezing his arms around her head and face, making sure his grip was tight. "Come on Sandra, is this all you got? Im disappointed in you, gold're no challenge..." he mocked her. Her arms were gripping his wrists but it seemed she wasn't doing much, until suddenly tugged on them violently and forced it down off her "Mngh w-what?" he said in a bit of a shock.

With his wrists still grabbed, she twisted them up and over her head to lock in a arm wrench, keeping his body close as she twisted on his muscular arm and her effort showed as she was gritting her teeth and her face was red. "Sahh! GAH" he grunted back "Y-you!" he hissed as he tried to smack his forearm, with his free arm, into he side of her head to stun her while still feeling a bit of numbness in his trapped arm.

The blow to her head broke Sandra's grip on Daisuke's wrist.  She reached up to his shoulder and shoved him away sloppily before stumbling backwards.  With a few seconds of free space, the blonde held her head and laughed.  Not at him, but at herself.  She felt foolish for leaving herself open to the first attack.  She took a few breaths, savoring the rest before putting her hands on her hips and turning back to Daisuke with a grin.  "Nice one," she stated condescendingly, rubbing her abdomen.  It would probably bruise after a free shot like that, but she'd live.

Sandra stretched her neck and back and then raised her arms up and stepped closer, offering the very thing Daisuke had started with.  A collar elbow lock up.  She wasn't stupid.  He was likely stronger than her, but she wasn't a pushover.  And it wasn't purely about strength anyways.  She intended to show him that.

Daisuke was still grunting as Sandra wrenched his arm tightly in her grip, he had his teeth gritted as he tried to push her away and somehow counter by spinning around but she kept him well in her grip. He then took another approach as he struck the side of her head with his forearm to make her let go and stumble backward. Both of them backed off with each other, with Daisuke shaking his arm to get rid of the numbness in it while she held her head and laughed. "Hmph, I dont need your compliments" he shrugged her off as they both looked at each other, with the blondes hand on her hips in a bit of a pose.

Daisuke slowly walked around her while she stretched her neck and back and then raised her arms up and stepped closer to the prince as she offered him the same thing Daisuke wanted from the start. He raised his eyebrow's then looked around, the crowd clapping louder as they wanted this. He then smirked and stepped in, raising his hands up as well "You ready?" he said before lunging in suddenly, looking to lock up with the Golden clad wrestler "Hyrrahhh!" he said, grunting as he locked up in a clinch with her as the two toned wrestler went full on

Sandra didn't go into the lock up with full strength, half expecting the man to try a cheap shot instead.  She was overpowered for a second before she readjusted her footing to allow her better leverage into the hold and the two ended up wrestling somewhat evenly.  But as it went on, it was clear she was struggling to keep the pressure on the prince, and began to lose half a foot of ground here and there.

With the lockup still full in swing and feeling the pressure, the blonde suddenly dropped down to her butt.  Her legs shot up into Daisuke's abdomen in an attempt to fling the man over her with his own momentum in a monkey flip!

Daisuke slowly crept near and then lunged in, quickly locking up with the powerful blonde as the two wrestlers engaged in a classic clinch. At first he managed to push Sanra back quite a bit but she did well to readjust her footing and then pushing back into the toned man, as she regained lost ground and the two ended up back in the middle of the ring. From there, they both pushed and pressed on but neither got the advantage, keeping the prince frustrated. "Grrahh ugh..." he grunted as the two wrestled on. After a while, he managed to gain the upper hand once more as he began to push her back towards the corner "Hrugh, n-not good enough Goldy..." he quipped. However it seemed Sandra had other ideas as she quickly dropped down to her butt, placing her feet against his abs to use his own momentum against him and send him flying over her and down onto his back in a traditional monkey flip. *THUD*.  "Gahh!" he cried out, quickly shifting up to a seated position and clutching his back "Damnit.." he cursed.

Sandra planted her hands in the mat behind her head and kick upped to her feet.  She threw her head upwards as she landed, shifting her golden hair behind her face.  She turned quickly to see Daisuke on the ground and she wasted no time pressing the advantage.  She dropped to one knee, planting the other in his back while interlocking her fingers in front of his jaw and tugging in a makeshift headlock.  In her mind she knew she could make short work of the man if she could keep him down and unable to use his strength.

Both of them were just warming up, with the taunting and preliminaries out of the way it was time for them to get down to the real wrestling. After grappling up with each other and feeling each other's bodies they know had a good idea of each others strength. With Sandra out-wrestling Daisuke this time, she managed to get the prince down on his butt before kneeling behind him, her other knee pressed into his back while her hands went towards his face, her fingers interlock around his jaw and tugg back for a facelock "Mnghh!!" he growled as his feet kicked against the ring mats violently as his hands go up around her fingers to try and pry them off while trying to make his way back up on his feet.

The women tried her best to inflict as much damage on Daisuke as she could in her short moment of advantage.  She could feel him struggling, and knew he was in pain.  But not enough.  The match had just started, and the muscular man had plenty of strength to resist the simple hold.  He gripped her fingers tightly and wriggled his way up to his feet, pulling her up as well.  As he did so, her fingers were awkwardly being squeezed by his hands, and she couldn't break off easily.  So as he twisted around, she tried to knee him right in the abdomen to either make him release her or otherwise break the lock.

Daisuke slowly and gradually made his way back up on his feet, while tugging on his opponents finger to ease up the hold and eventually break the submission move. He grunted and shifted his weight back into her to annoy her and make her hold difficult to lock in properly. As the two were up on their feet he tried to twit around and break the hold but as soon as he did, he was met with her rising knee straight into his abdomen. "UUUFFF!!" he let out a loud grunt as the wind was knocked right ouf of him, he was infront of her, doubled over and wrapped his arm around his waist "Gugh.....*cough*"

Sandra sighed with relief as her knee connected with the taller man's abdomen and brought him down.  She grabbed him around the neck from above and yanked him up to his feet with his head tucked under her arm.  She grabbed his briefs on the side and attempted to lift him up into the air in a vertical suplex.

Daisuke huffed and puffed as he was doubled over infront of his foe, he was struggling to catch his breath as his hands went around her waist to try and give her a push but she was having none of that. She grabbed him around the neck and tucked his head under her armpit to secure his position. He tried to smack a couple of forearm shots into her back to stun her but it wasnt enough as she hoisted him up on his feet then grabbing his breifs from the side to lift him up in the air for a vertical suplex "Waahh!" he cried as he was given some airtime, his chiseled body on display for the crowd.

Although hoisting Daisuke into the air required effort on the blonde's part, keeping him there was another story.  All of his weight was on her shoulder, but her arms held him in place as she displayed the man to the cheering crowd.  She turned around once before dropping backwards so Daisuke's back struck the mat with force.  Immediately after, she released him and leaned up into a seated position, flexing her biceps proudly at the feat of suplexing her larger opponent.

Daisuke underestimate his foe, even though she looked quite tough and fit, he didn't give her much respect and didn't think she was much of a challenge at all.However she was soon proving him wrong as, after doing well in the collar and elbow lock up, she displayed her strength once again as she lifted the prince up in the air vertically before turning around and dropping him down on his back. *THUUD* "GGUUGHH"  he let out a loud roar as his back slammed down on the mat while Sandra flexed her biceps in a seated position near his feat, with this Daisuke's body was glistening of sweat now with him having to work hard.

Talia, Sandra


"I've learned what it takes to survive in this league. And I learned it the hard way. I'd be an idiot to forget that lesson." ~Dark Angel

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Re: Daisuke Takeuchi vs Sandra Gold

Post by TaliZorah on Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:36 am

The blonde casually jumped to her feet, circling around the man.  She grabbed him by the leg and tucked it underneath one arm. She then yanked hard on it to twist him over to his front side.  The woman then dropped to a seated position on his lower back and torqued backwards on the leg in a one-legged Boston crab.  As she did so, she couldn't help but laugh at the small combo she was chaining together.  At this rate, she was gonna put the prince down for good in no time.  "How you holding up your majesty?" she asked mockingly as she yanked back on his leg.

Daisuke was still down on his back, his body wriggling every so slightly as he tried to shift over onto his belly and try to crawl away from the blonde but she wasn't going to let this oppourtunity let go this easily. She stalked around him a while before grabbing him by the leg and tucking it under her arm then yanking on it to give him what he wanted, which was shifting him onto his belly and then seating his loer back and torquing his leg back in a one legged crab. "GAAHHH!!" he moaned as his back was bent awkward, putting alot of pressure on his body. "Saaahh!!! NO" he said shaking his head as he pressed his forearm against the canvas and tried to crawl forward using that leverage, towards the ropes

Sandra's feet scuttled along the mat as Daisuke crawled towards the ropes.  She tried resisting the movement but it was an awkward angle to be planting her feet down. Eventually she realized she couldn't stop him from where they were.  She stood up on her feet, releasing the pressure on Daisuke's back, still holding his leg.  She stepped between his legs with her left foot and scissored in his left leg.  The white and gold clad woman then arched her back down, forming a bridge over her opponent.  She then wedged her hands underneath his chin and pulled backwards.  It might have limited his ability to crawl with one leg, but they were already so close to the ropes.

The wrestling prince was already feeling the heat from the match as he was broken into a sweat from their tussle. He had his teeth gritted as he chose to bear the pain and crawl towards the ropes instead of choosing a counter move. Eventually he managed to claw his way near the ropes and when Sandra sensed they were near, she stepped between his legs with her left foot and scissored in his left lef to arch backwards, showing off her flexibility, over his back to form a bridge over him and cup his chin with her hands to pull back, bending him even more awkardly in almost a C like position. "Mngh...N-No...this cant ughhhh oww"  he moaned as his stretched his arm as far as possible while his other hand went up towards his face to try and unhook her fingers from his chin. With some effort he would stretch his arm and squirm forward on his belly to just grab the ropes

The woman continuously pulled her back in to stretch Daisuke even more while she could.  The sweat from their bodies made keeping the grip difficult as he struggled with her.  In little time at all, though, he managed to grab the ropes and Sandra had to release him.  She rolled to the side and to her knees before taking a moment to breathe.  

It was worse on his back, but it was still a lot of effort on her part.  With slight pants, Sandra straddled Daisuke's back.  She was fully in control now, and felt inclined to make the "regal" man eat his own words.  She wrapped her arms around his waist and hauled him upward, her head against his back in a German suplex position.  "Ready for a ride your highness?"

It seems as if the wrestling prince felt a bit overwhelmed by his opponents skill, with her body arching over his back and pulling on his chin to put alot of pressure on his back, it took great effort on Daisuke's part to crawl to the ropes to get a rope break and luckily for him, she obeyed the rules and released him immediately, something he wouldn't have done. Still, she rolled to her side onto her knees to rest up and Daisuke did the same. He took this precious moment to pant a bit and take in fresh breaths of air but soon he felt her toned,sweaty body stick tight to his back. He felt her strong arms wrap around his chiseled waist as she hauled him upwards, her head pressed against his back. "Mngh....Not yet Golden girl" he hissed back as he tried to fire a couple of elbow shots back into the side of her head to stun her

From the way her opponent sluggishly breathed in, Sandra knew he was tiring.  She just had to keep up the pressure on him and despite the size disadvantage he'd be too exhausted to fight back.  At least that was the plan.  She was smiling before his elbow shot back and struck her in the head.  It staggered and loosened her grip, allowing the second elbow to come in stronger.  "Ugh..." she groaned as she dropped to both knees, disorientated from the sudden vicious blows to her temple.  Her fingers stayed intertwined around his waist, though barely holding any pressure on him.

With the wrestling prince panting for breath, he too knew that if Sandra kept her offence at this rate he wouldn't have a chance to come back at all. As she pulled him back up on his feet, her front was sticking tight to his back with her arms wrapped around his waist, she was ready to slam him down on his back. However Daisuke had other plans as his elbow struck her right in the side of his head, causing her to loosen her grip and the second eblow managed to hit her stronger which caused her to go down on both knees. She still had her arms around his waist, such was her determination. Daisuke slapped her wrists away from his waist before turning around to face her, he glared down at her with his teeth gritted as he grabbed her by her hair to yank it up, pulling her back up on her feet.

Daisuke quickly stepped in, looking to wrap his arms around her waist as tightly as he could. His chiseled body leaning into hers as his head rested against her shoulder and from there on he would begin squeezing her as hard as he could in a standing bearhug. "GRUGHHH!" he let out a loud groan in the effort to squeeze her. He would then whisper to her "I promise you Golden girl, by the end of this match you will admit I am the better wrestler" he said as their sweat slickened bodies pressed together tightly in the bearhug.

At first Sandra hissed as Daisuke yanked her up by the air.  Then, she groaned as he pulled their glistening bodies against one another.  She was momentarily distracted by the sensation of his perfect physique squeezing against her, but then as the pressure on her back quickly intensified she gritted her teeth and struggled in his grasp.

She gripped tightly onto his shoulders, yanking left and right trying to somehow exert enough force to free herself.  Being lifted up, though, gave her virtually no leverage.  The size difference may had only been a couple inches but it made all the difference as she struggled in his grasp, unable to free herself, hoping with enough wiggling he'd have to let go from all the damage he had already sustained.

It was time the wrestling prince turned the tables around his well worthy opponent, after escaping her clutches in the german suplex set-up he turned the match around as he caught his opponent in a standard bearhug. His toned body pressing into hers, his abs against hers as their chests grinded. After squeezing her out, initially down on the mats, she managed to struggle and grip his shoulders to separate them a bit but as Daisuke caught on to that, he lifted her up off her feet to get a better and more dominant grip. His warm breath blew against her neck as he continued his submission, his biceps bulging as he squeezed her out, while their bodies glistened off in sweat which showed their hard work. "Say it, go on Golden Girl....say it"  he growled at her as they develop a personal rivalry.

As the man continued to squeeze the fight out of the blonde, she pulled, pushed, shoved, and yanked but couldn't seem to pry herself free from the man's powerful grasp.  She pushed up on his collarbones, trying to counteract some of the force of her own weight dragging down on her back.  The referee continued to ask her if she submitted and she continued to shake her head in defiance.  She weakly tried to elbow him but his head was tucked into her neck, and she couldn't get an angle.

As he continued to squeeze on her lower back, the blonde moaned breathlessly in pain into his ear.  She was struggling to deal with the controlling submission and it was draining her energy fast.  She wrapped an arm around his head for support, trying once more to readjust her weight upward but it seemed like Daisuke had her right where he wanted.  Her head dropped limply against his.  With Sandra trapped in grasp, his taunt went unanswered.

Daisuke felt her hands shove against his shoulders, she pushed and yanked but Daisuke made sure he had a good grip of her body and he made her pay as he kept constricting her body against his. It was a bit tricky for him to keep her hoisted up while squeezing with the sweat from their bodies but he adjusted well accordingly. The referee and Daisuke kept asking her, almost to mentally torture her into submission but she remained defiant and refuse to give. After a moment of struggling her arm wrapped around his head and she leaned into him, her head dropped limp against his and it seemed so did her body....the flashlights from the camera's grew even more brighter as this was a sight to see! The two toned wrestlers....wrestling it out for supremacy and Daisuke seemed as if he took her out. "Check....check *huff* her....she's out..." Daisuke commanded the referee who got near her and grabbed Sandra's arm, lifting it up above her head to see if it drops the first time....

Sandra's limp arm dropped straight down.  The arm around Daisuke's head seemed to just lay there against him without any real grip.  The crowd died down, thinking the man was right about her being out.  Her vigorous chain of moves had them thinking she was going to make it a short match.  And in a way, it was.  Just like that, Daisuke had turned it completely around and sapped the fight from the energetic golden wrestler.

The referee lifted up her arm again and released it.  Once again, it fell lifelessly down and hung limply off Sandra's shoulder.  Her breathing seemed to slow to a stop within Daisuke's confining grip.  The referee grabbed Sandra by the wrist for the third time and lifted it up, ready to get in to make the black briefed man release her.  Then, as he dropped it...

...her arm stopped halfway down, making a fist.  She suddenly began huffing and puffing, getting every bit of air she could while being squeezed so tightly.  The crowd suddenly began to cheer seeing life in and her.  She threw a weak punch to the side of his head.  Then another.  And another.

The crowd got even louder seeing her active resistance, and their cheers fueled her adrenaline.  She punched harder and harder, but still not with anymore force than she had earlier in the hold.

Then, the golden wrestler grabbed the back of Daisuke's hair and yanked ferociously back to reveal his face to her...and she drove her forehead into his.

Daisuke felt his victory was near then he can prove to Sandra, to the crowd that they were wrong about Sandra, that she wasn't a good wrestler but just a flash, that would die down in her second wrestling match. She laid still in his arms as he kept squeezing her harder and harder, not content to ease his grip until he heard the bell ring and he was announced the winner. The referee lifted it once, it dropped. He lifted it up and her arm dropped the second time... "Its over Sandra"  he whispered as the referee grabbed for the third and final time but to Daisuke's surprise, instead of it dropping down to her side, her arm stayed up in the air! "Mngh NO way" he cursed trying to tighten his grip but he was met with a barrage of punches, one after the other to weaken his grip just a bit.

Then he suddenly felt his short hair being gripped, as Sandra yanked his hair back to make his face meet hers! He glared back at her for a brief moment before she smacked her forehead into his "Gaahh!! Owww" he moaned as he was forced to release her and stagger back, rubbing his forehead.

As her feet touched down on the mat, Sandra's right knee seemed to give way and she dropped to the other knee in front of Daisuke, her fist substituting for her fallen knee.  It may had appeared her leg hurt but it was really her lower back that was searing in pain and there was very little she could do to relieve it standing up.

Gasping and heaving for air, the woman appeared to have spent the last of her energy breaking free from the hold, her head facing down.

Daisuke staggered back, rubbing his forehead and shaking his head trying to register what just happened. After a moment he shook the cobwebs from his mind and focus on his foe, who was kneeling down infront of him. He grinned "Nice to see you've accepted your fate and knelt before the prince" he arrogantly commented before stepping forward, looking wrap his arm around the side of her head as she was still down, looking to pull her up in a standard side headlock.

Sandra groaned as her head was yanked up beside Daisuke and then squeezed on by his powerful arms.  The woman wrapped her arms around his waist.  She had escaped one crushing submission only to be locked into another.  She barely had recovered her breath before he was putting the pain on her once more.  His commitment to mocking her over his "status" was commendable.  And annoying.

She pushed her legs out again trying to adjust the leverage by straightening her back.  And sticking her butt out.  As it straightened, though, her lower back began to burn in pain as it supported some of the weight.  She groaned, frustrated that he had her in place once more.  But this time the crowd seemed to cheer her on.  They wanted to see her break out of the hold heroically again.

And somehow, Sandra was fueled by it.

She tightly arched her back and lifted Daisuke off the ground, swinging the two of them backwards to the mat in a back body drop.  As they landed, Sandra arched her back in a hiss of pain from the move, her lower back clearly wasn't in any shape to execute such a maneuver.  But the crowd had a way of motivating her onward into such things.  She just hoped it created enough space for her to finally get a breather.

Now that Daisuke showed Sandra what he could do, what he was capable of, he was going to press on and do the same thing she was doing to him at the start. Use his advantage and momentum to tire his opponent out. As soon as she was locked in the headlock, her arms wrapped around his waist to get some leverage against his body. Daisuke, however, had another ideas as he wrenched her neck in his arm and pressed her cheek against the side of his pecs while putting pressure on her head. The crowd kept cheering for the blonde but that didn't bother Daisuke who kept doing his own thing. Using her grip of his waist, she suddenly lifted him up off the mat and arched backwards, swinging the two of them and dropped Daisuke down on his back in a thunderous backdrop!

*THUD*! "Gaaahhhh!!"  he yelled as his back smacked against the ring mats and he was forced to let go of Sandra, rolling over onto his side and clutching hsi back while moaning in pain a bit

Sandra stayed down on the mat breathing heavily as people began to clap their hands together to motivate the two to get up.  Her hand was on her back, and she groaned with every exhale.  But the clapping got to her, and she forced herself up to her feet.  When she finally had made it, she sloppily grabbed Daisuke by the hair and yanked him up as well.  She dragged him over to the corner, throwing him roughly into it.  The blonde then kicked him repeatedly in the abdomen while holding the top rope.  The move didn't stress out her back.  At least not yet.

Sandra really did rock Daisuke's world with that backdrop, both wrestlers were down on their backs with neither getting back up immediately. The wrestling prince managed to turn to his side to massage his back and take a moment to rest but the crowds cheering had no effect on him because he was never the one to care about the fans. For Sandra, however, it was a different story as the fans cheers really called out to her and pushed her on with that extra bit of adrenaline. She got back up on her feet before Daisuke could and grabbed him by the hair, dragging him to the corner and shoving him there before grabbing the ropes to the side and unleashing a couple of kicks to his abdomen to knock the wind out of him while trapped in the corner "Ugghh...Ufff...*cough*"

Each kick to the prince's stomach seemed to revitalize Sandra.  She was rolling again, if only just.  Daisuke seemed worse for wear, and with the crowd on her side counting up in Japanese Sandra kicked him a total of ten times before the referee broke her off.  She opened up her arms, spinning around while acknowledging the cheering fans.  She settled in the opposite corner, her hands on her hips with a grin.  The golden blonde then sprinted back towards Daisuke's corner corner.  As she got to him she leapt into the air to body splash him against the corner.

Daisuke was left cornered and defensless for the moment as Sandra began to pummel away with her kicks, against his abs to leave him out of breath in the corner. His arms were draped over the top rope on each side as his chest heaved up and down from the heavy breathing he was doing. The referee did a favour by backing the golden girl of him and she soon backed up into the opposite corner. With the adrenaline still high in her due to the crowd pumping her up, she suddenly ran forwad and leapt into the air to smack her body into his *THAWK*
Their sweat slickened bodies smacked into each other as Sandra's body settled into Daisuke's toned framed, his arms went around her waist weakly as he was sandwhiched between the corner and his opponents fit figure.

Talia, Sandra


"I've learned what it takes to survive in this league. And I learned it the hard way. I'd be an idiot to forget that lesson." ~Dark Angel

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Re: Daisuke Takeuchi vs Sandra Gold

Post by TaliZorah on Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:42 am

As their bodies collided, there was a collective "Oh!" from the crowd.  And admittedly, hitting a muscular target such as Daisuke nearly hurt Sandra as much as it hurt him.  Nearly.  She felt his hands around her limply, the breath driven out of him and she knew she was close to winning.  She just had to finish him off.  "Let me help you rise above these commonfolk," she whispered into his ear while shifting his arms back over the top rope.

The golden blonde grabbed the middle rope with both hands and rammed her shoulder into his abdomen only to keep it there.  She lifted Daisuke up so he sat on the top turnbuckle, his feet outside on the second rope.  She grit her teeth from the painful sensation in her back but worked through it.  She then climbed up herself to the second rope and opened up her arms to cheers of the people in the front row.  Sandra then grabbed Daksuke's head and tried to tuck it under her arm to set him up for a superplex.

The crowd went " Oooh" as Sandra collided into the chiseled frame of the prince, driven the wind right out of him as he leaned onto her body, his body felt a bit heavy and limp as she pushed him back into the corner and her taunting began "Mmggh oww....Never" he whispered back as their personal conversation continued, leaving the crowd guessing as to what they were saying. "OOUFFFF" suddenly she lowered herself and rammed her shoulder into his gut to keep it there as he leaned ontop of her back, again leaving him breathless. She then lifted the prince up ontop and made him settle ontop of it before climbing it herself and tucking his head under her arm to set him up for a suplex. He tried to resist it, trying to tug at her waist and give her abdomen some weak blows with his forearms

The blows to her torso unsettled Sandra's feet which were already precariously positioned on the ropes.  The only thing that kept her balanced was her grip on Daisuke and he was struggling around.  As he resisted, she suddenly got a glimpse of how high they were above the floor below the ring.  It unnerved her and with Daisuke's head still tucked under her arm she tried to respond with her own blows to his kidneys and side.  One of his punches, though, struck her right in the already bruising spot that he kneed earlier, and it nearly made Sandra fall back on the spot.

With him up on top, there wasn't much movements he could do except attack her head on. With both of them on quite a high risk situation they had to choose their tactics carefully. Briefly, they exchanged a couple of blows to each others sides and it was enough for Sandra to not go with the superplex right away, which was a good thing for Daisuke. With his head still tucker under her arms he tried to do something unique, Daisuke once again tried to put her out. He wrapped his arms around her torso and began to squeeze, hopefully causing them to stay up ontop while he would continue to attack her weakspot as he squeezed her out again. Still his head was still trapped and there wasn't much he could see so he had to feel his way through, using her sweat slickened body.

The awkward footing each had limited their ability to adequately punch one another.  When Daisuke suddenly squeezed around her waist, though, it got her attention.  She hissed in pain, her already weakened back in little condition to resist yet another bearhug. It wasn't quite one, once again thanks to their awkward positioning, but it still hurt, and to make it worse he seemed to noticed the weakness in her abdomen and singled it out with blows.  

Sandra audibly moaned in pain from the shots, and released her grip on Daisuke's head.  Without any real hold, she tried to hammer away at his head and ribs to make him release her, although from her position if he did she'd likely fall backwards to the mat. And even though she didn't trust him to keep that from happening, the sudden pain in her back and abdomen overrode the logic, so she just hammered away.

Both of them were in a dangerous position, with Daisuke having caught her in his clutches once again he kept squeezing her to the best of his efforts in their restricted position. It did work to a large extent as she did release his head and started to moan in pain. However with the seated position they were in, it was easy for her to hammer away at his head and ribs and soon he released her while being stunned from those shots. He was still up on top of the turnbuckle, his hands dropping to their side for a brief moment before they moved up to his head to massage his head from the many blows he received from his opponent, both wrestlers exhausted and drenched in sweat as the match continued.

Despite their mounting exhaustion, each successive blow seemed to drive Sandra into further hitting Daisuke.  Right up until she accomplished exactly what she set out to do and he released her.

Only for her to lose her balance instantly and fall backwards to the mat below.  She landed on her butt and lower back with a thud, and though she sat up on impact with a pained groan, when the shock wore off she laid back down on her back with a pained sigh.  She gasped for air, her eyes closed to avoid the obnoxious bright lights of the arena above.

Daisuke was glad that she fell down on her butt and lower back, otherwise he would have been in a lot of trouble. With that, he slowly hopped off the top turnbuckle and returned his feet back to the ground. He took a few seconds to shake his head and get his mind back in the match, while adjusting his briefs. "Urgh, its over Golden Girl. I told you...." he said moving towards her to grab her by the head and pick her up from the mat to a standing position, from there he would try to scoop her up in his arms, hoping to give her some air time before attempting to slam her down on her back in a standard scoop slam

Sandra squinted from the change in lighting as Daisuke stood over her and hauled her up to her feet.  She groaned, grabbing her back with both hands as he scooped her into the air.  She looked around, trying to grab onto the man's arms for support, but he slammed her right back down on the mat.  As she landed, she arched her back, bridging her butt off the mat from the pain.

The prince managed to pull the golden clad wrestler up off her feet and then scoop her up in his arms, he showed great strength and stamina as he made sure to keep her up in his arms, with her feet pointing upwards towards the ceiling. After a while of showing Sandra off to the crowd he slammed her down on the mat! *THUD* making Sandra arch her back upwards to bridge her butt up off the mat. Daisuke grinned as he looked down on his handy work, before falling forward on his knees next to her, driving a big double axled fist into her belly to force her down on her back again. With that, the prince would look down on her delicious abs before leaning forward and applying a torturious clawhold

The pained beauty grunted as her exposed abdomen was hammered down to the mat.  She gasped, both hands reaching to cover her aching midsection.  But Daisuke's hand reached there first.  She grabbed his wrist tightly, trying to pull this clawing hand off her stomach.  She kicked the mat wildly with both legs as the referee counted up before telling the prince to release the hold.  All she could think about was the pain in her abdomen.

Daisuke smacked his fists into her opponents belly to keep her down, then he got down on his knees to really begin to claw at her toned belly to torture it. He had his teeth gritted while his body hovered over Sandra's as he glared down at her, his fingers digging deep into her abs "SUBMIT!!! GIVE UP" he growled as the referee began to count the prince out and eventually he was forced to release her "Hmph"

As the prince released her, Sandra rolled to her side, groaning and crossing her arms over her abdomen.  As hard as she worked on her core, no regiment could protect her from the constant pressure he was putting on it.  She gasped, lightly tapping the side of her head on the mat facing away from Daisuke as she tried to catch her breath and composure.

"What's the matter Golden Girl? finished already?" he barked at her, lightly kicking at her shoulders not to hurt her but to taunt her as he stalked around her downed body. The wrestling prince took a moment to raise his arms up to his side to taunt her as she did to him in the beginning of the match "What huh?" he said before grabbing her by the hair and pulling her back up on her feet once more. He glared at her before licking his palms and then leaned back before attempting to unleash a quick chop right across that golden sports bra of hers!

The wrestler heard the taunting words from Daisuke and it was indeed haunting.  She was suppose to be the veteran here, but he hit hard enough that she was already struggling to keep up.  He dragged her up to her feet, the woman grasping his hand while flinching from the pain in her scalp.  Then came the slap.

"Ohh!" the crowd hissed sympathetically from the loud smack of the slap.  Sandra spun around, her arms across her chest.  The pain stung through her sharply, but it wasn't substantial, and the move angered her.  The woman then spun back around, slapping Daisuke right across the chest in retaliation.

Daisuke was high in confidence now as he was bossing this girl around, after putting her through a vicious claw hold he pulled her back up on her feet and taunted her about before unleashing a stinging wet chest slap right across her gold top. "Aww what's the matter? Cant take the....GAAAHHHH"  he yelled back as she chopped his pecs in retaliation! sweat flew off his chest as he staggered back, holding his chest as a red handprint mark could be seen across his skin.

Sandra's footing was still somewhat loose but she was furious now about the slap and every intention of making Daisuke pay for the insult.  She slipped behind him as he staggered back, wrapping her arms around his waist.  Then, as she had tried to do earlier, the woman lifted him off the ground and backwards in a German suplex!

Both wrestler's were now smacked into their chests, respectively with Daisuke staggering back and retreating from that contest. This allowed Sandra to step towards him and get in behind, wrapping her arms around his waist before pulling him up off his feet from the ground and backwards, slamming him down on his back as she executed a german suplex *THUD*
"GAAUGHHH"  he yelled as his back slammed down and his head flopped off the mats once

As Daisuke slammed into the ground, the blonde jumped back up.  Rolling again, Sandra was simply thinking of the next way to follow up the suplex.  The crowd was on her side again and she was rallying thanks to them.  The ropes were right there, so she took advantage of them.  She dragged the prince face up beside them. She then grabbed the top rope for balance, then bounced herself up off the second one and stretched her body out to splash down on him!

The wrestling prince really felt the impact from that suplex, his back was in massive pain as he arched upwards clutching it before trying to roll away and take a moment to rest up. However the blonde was not going to allow him a period of res as she dragged him towards the ropes to set him up. She bounced herself up on the second rope and stretched her body before jumping off the ropes to come down on his body, splashing down on his body "OOUUUFFFFFFFF"  he let out a loud groan as she came down on him hard!

The blonde woman got some air in the splash and after she crashed down onto Daisuke she bounced back up and off to her knees.  The impact hurt Sandra's abdomen, but still she seemed to just keep going.  She pushed herself off her knees, one arm across her torso as the other raised triumphantly in the air.  Her golden hair was almost entirely saturated by sweat, but she seemed full of energy in the moment.

She grabbed Daisuke by the legs and dragged him towards the center of the ring.  She raised another fist in the air with a cheery shout before looking down at the prince.  "I'll give you the Royal treatment, I promise."  She then started to cross his legs, trying to set him up for her scorpion death lock finisher!

Daisuke's air was completely knocked out of his lungs when Sandra splashed down onto him, his leg flopped up and back down after the impact as he wriggled under her, moaning out loud in pain. Soon as she took this moment to play up to the crowd, raising her hands up in the air and then dragging him across the center of the ring, raising her fist again before crossing his legs with hers to set him up for her finisher "Mngh...N-NO URGHHH" he groaned as his body was too tired, too exhausted and drenched in his and her sweat to try and turn himself over to counter

Daisuke was struggling but Sandra could feel his resistance waning as she wrestled with his legs.  She had him right where she wanted him.  As she got his legs crossed, she grabbed his upper knee with one hand firmly and kicked over him with her leg to flip him over and turn herself around.

Once the man was on his belly Sandra torqued back on the legs to stretch his back in what was a glorified sharpshooter submission hold.  She tilted her head back dramatically to throw her sweaty wet hair to her back and shouted triumphantly.  No one could survive the hold for long without tapping, not even wrestling royalty.

Daisuke was flipped over onto his belly as his legs were crossed over and trapped in a sharpshooter submission hold. She titled her head back to play to the crowd as her weaty wet hair flew back. Daisuke's body was bent back awkwardly and the pain in his back was far too intense, her tehcnique was flawless and he was too far away from the ropes. In the latter moments of the match there was no chance he could drag them to the ropes. "AAAHHHHHHHHH UUGGHH" he moaned out loudly, shaking his head and wriggled down on his back. Sweat dripped down from his body onto the mat as the ligths shone down on the two wrestlers, making them glisten. Daisuke had been took to his limits and after a while of resistance "I SUBMIT I SUBMIT" he yelled, tapping.

As the man struggled around, the golden blond continued to wrench back to put more and more pressure on him.  She pulled and pulled, just waiting for those sweet words.  And as soon as Daisuke submit, the referee grabbed hold of Sandra's arm to make her release the death lock.  She did so willingly, dropping the man's legs back to the mat and standing straight up, her feet straddling his sides.   She lifted up her right hand victoriously on her own and the ref reached up to grab it to show that she had won.

The announcer called her name as the victor and her theme played throughout the arena. With a wide smile on her face, Sandra looked around at the flashing lights.  She stepped away from Daisuke and to one of the corners, climbing it to the second rope and cheering to the crowd who were clapping and cheering back.

She turned her head back to the downed man as if she had forgotten he was even there in the first place.  He had given her quite a scare several times, and really made her work for her victory.  But in the end, she had prevailed against wrestling royalty.  She thrusted her arm in the air with her index finger pointing up, a corny way of stating that she was number 1.  That she was gold.  That she was better than the rest.

Now that the match was over, though, she didn't have anymore mocking words to throw at Daisuke.  He didn't fight dirty, he didn't play it cheap.  In the end she had to put him to the mat to win, and that's what she did no hard feelings.  But she wasn't sure just how he'd react to the loss.  Royalty usually didn't respond happily when denied something they wanted.

Daisuke had to do it, he had to submit because his back was bent way too awkwardly and the golden girl had too much technique and he couldn't counter against it. After a while of slapping the mat and trying to crawl forward but there was no way he was going to get near the ropes and soon.....what she wanted came, he tapped out and gave his oral submission as well. As soon as he did, she released him and acknowledged her victory, her feet on either side of Daisuke's sides as her arm was raised up by the referee to signal the winner. Daisuke was so close to win this match and prove to this woman HE was the better wrestler but in the end, she was victorious.

Daisuke slowly pushed up on all fours, watching his opponent climbing up the top rope with her sweaty back exposed. He gritted his teeth in anger and slammed the ring mats and pushed up to his knees. After dropping down onto her feet she turned around to face Daisuke, who was down on his knees. She moved towards him and the two exchanged looks, Daisuke slowly pushed up on his feet and walked towards her, the referee feared an aftermath from their heated confrontation.

He walked up towards her, face to face as he looked her right in the eyes. He acknowledged her as a good wrestler but refused to believe she was the better of the two. He leaned into her, his arms wrapped around her waist slightly for a hug but he leaned into her ear, brushing her wet hair beside her ear "*huff* This isn't over yet Golden and me, backstage now." he said, tapping her back then moving away from her to exit the ring, wondering if she would respond to his request. He grabbed his robe and put it on before going back towards the backstage area

As the beaten but still intimidating man approached, Sandra tensed up.  She'd fought plenty of times against people who thought referees and matches were more or less guidelines instead of rules.  More than once had someone blindsided her after a match was already over.  It was one of her least favorite things about wrestling.

But as he leaned into her, his touch soft, she eased up the slightest bit.  It felt like a hug, but even so she'd experienced a couple of his hugs before and they almost took her out.  His voice was soft, his breath warm as he held her.  She wasn't sure what to make of his...challenge as he pat her on the back and walked away.

She looked at him as he made his way up the ramp.  She noticed his...posture and...form as he moved.  The match hadn't reduced his appearance.  If anything, the strain and sweat had made his build all the more visible.

A small grin formed across her face.  The crowd hadn't heard the challenge.  It wasn't like she had to reply to it to save face.

But she did.

After a few more flourishes to cheers for the crowds pleasure, Sandra made her way up the ramp casually as if nothing awaited her backstage.  Though she was intrigued what did.

Sandra Gold Wins via Submission!

Talia, Sandra


"I've learned what it takes to survive in this league. And I learned it the hard way. I'd be an idiot to forget that lesson." ~Dark Angel

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Re: Daisuke Takeuchi vs Sandra Gold

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