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Might be a bit slow

Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:33 am by noob

hi people that im rping with. I'm gonna be away for a bit so I might be a bit slow with posting. Sorry xp

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Duo from Iceland has arrived!

Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:38 pm by Jaystar

Hello again everybody!

I managed to get creative, with the result of having two friends, Isa and Julie flown in from Reykjavik, who are ready to rumble in AFW!

While not sure if they get to decide, Isa is still a little bit reserved and is hoping to get a smaller opponent that she could use her lower body strength on, while Julie is very excited and eagerly up for pretty much anything!

If you have any characters who might want to challenge either one of the newcomers, or basically any fun …

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Impromptu Break

Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:47 pm by Gadot


I'm just leaving this here so people know! I'm dealing with a lot at my new job (coming in as a manager with a person on my team who's been there for years and being a bit of a bitch about it), and I'm trying to finish up my last year of college. So for right now, I'm probably not gonna be around. I'm sorry for everyone I'm leaving up in the air with matches, and that I vanished without saying anything to. If you need me, feel free to message me on Trillian. I'm on it from time to time, …

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Daisuke Maxwell

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Daisuke Maxwell

Post by Maxy on Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:05 am

Birth Name: Daisuke Kamiya
rank: Her Royal Majesty Queen Daisuke Maxwell (married, took last name of her husband).
Sex: female
Age: 26-27ish
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Height: 5'10"
Weight: royalty doesn't share that information, but see pics below, that should help.
race: *Salusian skunk.
Finishing move: Salusian Screwdriver (screwdriver).

Alignment: while she tries set a good example, some times her in ring actions might say otherwise, especially if she's fighting for survival and gets desperate.

Entrance music: Final Countdown.
*Alternate theme: ???
Her in colour:

***Note: Some of her background may change, debating on it***
While she grew up as a human girl, her family roots come from a planet called Shiiryuen. Shiiryuen's closest neighbor
planet is Salusia, both of which are home to the Salusian race (humanoid skunks, except the only ones that have tails
are female royals, at least on Salusia as tails are more common on Shiiryuen). Shiiryuen was destroyed during a war
between Salusia and another place far far away. Daisuke's father (who was very young at the time) managed to escape
and flead with others to Salusia, but was later sent to Earth to have a chance at survival, as others were and lived lives as humans.

While in High School, Daisuke, like most girls, noticed changes in her body, but more of the fur variety. She
eventually found out about where her father actually came from and during her senior year found out her father's dad
was really close friends with the king of Shiiryuen, until it blew up and he died in battle while saving Salusia from the same fate Shiiryuen suffered.

She was told by the royal family of Salusia (one of which she was friends with, Princess Asrial, who had some time on
earth and Dai's boy friend met her at Asrial's school during an exchange program where he went there, and Asrial was
on earth due to another war on her planet breaking out) that Salusian scientists found a way to restore Shiiryuen and
make it livable, and it was decided that (if she wanted it) she would be appointed the Queen of the revived world. It
took some major thought and she eventually did.

There are many reasons why she is wrestling AFW's FnF division, most of them classified, but she knew that her husband's father had made a living out of it and figured to give it a shot as well. Though one thing she hopes for is (like the Olympics originally) the spirit of competition against other nations and worlds can bring some kind of unity.

The Salusian race are known for their strength and combat skills, though being half Salusian she needed a lot of
training to get up to par on that, but with her knowledge of wrestling while growing up as a kid and living in Canada
she also has a good knowledge of pure wrestling moves and holds.

Friends: Her lover is around and is supportive of what she does, though he shows no interest in doing it himself.

Allies: They usually aren't addressed by name but due to her rank she sometimes get accompanied to and from the ring by
member(s) of her royal guard. Though she's one of those to rather have them not be there, unless if there is something like a war or something big like that happening at the same time near by.

Carl, the head of her and her lover's personal security. Unknown to them at the time she and him actually met up before she took the throne and living on her. He in directly saved her younger daughter's life at local hockey game by catching a runaway puck that was flying towards the kid's face. On earth he does have the ability to look human.
Veldaris, Carl's girl. While she has no official royal responsibility sometimes she can be seen around them. She is also known to intergalacticy ship things.

Allies: Carl, Veldaris
Rivals: n/a
Enemies: n/a
Crushes: n/a

***record during first tour of duty***
vs Tatsuko the Dragongirl *Dai over. Eventually had new pants delivered to Tatsuko, unknown if received.

***record during return tour*** (match links coming soon)
vs Arasinya (Cage match - 1st Roung of Lazer Shark Tournament) - Daisuke over, very close match.
vs John (2nd round of lazer shark tournament) - Dai over.
vs Ray (during a break before the title match) - Dai over
vs Arasinya (2 out of 3 falls for the vacant Laser Shark Championship) - Daisuke over with a fall score of 2-1.

***Other activities***
Currently: Peace Across (More) Worlds (and its previous versions/other paths)

Quick roster info:
Want more detailed information and maybe unlock hidden characters?:

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