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Recent absence and delayed threads

Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:10 pm by Lunchador

Hey, all! Wanted to send a message here to apologize for my recent absence, and the threads I've left hanging for the last month or so. Been dealing with some physical and mental health issues that have kept me from posting for awhile. It Want to sincerely apologize to those who I've had ongoing threads with during this time, and to those who have been waiting for me to start something with them. I feel like I'm ready to start trying to be active, again, and hope folks will be willing to …

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Miss Fortune

Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:30 pm by starvalentine

She's baaaccckkk!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Queen of New York, The Sicilian Assassin...... MISS FORTUNE! Madison Oppenheim!!


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Found my HHH

Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:40 pm by starvalentine

Found my inner HHH and buried some of my roster. If anyone cares to look its here

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Lorelei Burke

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Lorelei Burke

Post by hamish1024 on Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:45 pm

Lorelei Burke, "one half of Burke and Hare"

Name: Lorelei Burke
Nationality: UK
Age: 19
Height: 5’3’’
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Music: Helter Skelter

Wrestling Info: Lorelei is… different. An unusual girl with a strongly black sense of humour, she wrestles as a kind of gothic, clown-like entertainer. Not particularly muscular or experienced, she makes up for this with quick reflexes and quick wits. She’s strong willed and will take a lot of pain and humiliation without complaint - coupled with her odd gimmick, she can come across as rather deranged. Lorelei loves attention first and foremost, so will focus on putting on a show, and winding up the opponent - she would much rather lose spectacularly than win boringly. The way she takes punishment can be unsettling, and is borderline masochistic at times. Though, if she does get the upper hand, she will have no qualms about tormenting a hapless victim quite mercilessly. Technically a kawaii, her love of antagonising stronger girls means she crosses divisions regularly.

She is accompanied to the ring by “Mr Hare” - a grey, tattered hand puppet, that she’ll hold long conversations with. Though we can only hear Lorelei’s side of the exchange, Mr Hare sounds pretty psychotic. Of course, the puppet also provides ample opportunity for Lorelei to sneak illegal items into the ring.

Favoured moves - Gymnastic high-flyer, fast and agile strikes and throws, coupled with as much cheating and mischief as she can get away with. She knows a few nasty submission holds if she has the time to get them in. She finds crotch attacks, stinkfaces and poison mist attacks are all good ways of getting under an opponent’s skin. Clown-style gimmicks such as water sprays, itching powder, or cream pie hits are also favoured - Lorelei is impish in every respect.

Finishing moves: Mandible Paw - A variant of the mandible claw, Lorelei places her Hare puppet on her right hand, and then jams his paw into the opponent’s mouth, striking at the sensitive nerve endings beneath the victim’s tongue.

Match types: If it sounds fun, or will get people talking, she’ll jump at it. Even hardcore is not beyond her, as she's used to playing by her own rules anyway.  

Appearance: A lithe, pale-skinned kawaii, with her black hair worn up. Quite pretty but more remarkable for her ring attire - a colourful gothic harlequin get-up, mismatched tights and arm guards with a sexy short skirt, corset-style top, and halter neck collar. She somehow retains an air of naïve innocence - probably because her ‘companion’ Mr Hare is so fleabitten and seedy-looking in comparison.

Personality: Startlingly odd, to the point where some find it easier to dismiss her as crazy. Lorelei is sharp, deadpan, acerbic and yet weirdly detached. She will portray herself as sweetness and light, but when talking through her puppet Mr Hare, her inhibitions drop and she will become wickedly perverse. She’ll justify anything by saying that Mr Hare made her do it, so her inherent sadism is quite well hidden.

Remember the kid in school who would endlessly insult people twice their size, with no thought for the consequences? That’s Lorelei. Her lack of respect for larger and more skilled girls, as well as the way Mr Hare pushes her into those situations, hints at a masochistic side to her personality. She gets a rush from taking risks and putting her body and dignity on the line, and loves causing trouble for the hell of it. Craves attention, whether it be good or bad.

Past - Lorelei frequently lies about her pre-wrestling past, making up interesting-sounding stories as she goes along. Depending on what mood she's in, she'll tell you she was an orphan street hustler, a circus performer, a wealthy heiress... she likes the freedom of not being anchored to a particular past, giving full reign to her manic, chaotic ring persona.  

Bonus Introductory Interview!

“Hi! I’m Lorelei Burke, and this is Mr Hare!”

(Mr Hare, sitting on Lorelei’s right hand, nods and waves)

“Together we are Burke and Hare. But don’t worry, unlike our namesake, we aren’t here to kill people for their organs! Ha ha ha! No, we’re just here to seriously hurt people for entertainment purposes. It’ll be way more fun! If technically less practical.”

(Mr Hare leans into Lorelei’s ear)

“What’s that, Mr Hare? You think people don’t just want violence? They want sex as well? Oh, ahem, well, we’ll see about that. I mean, if my opponents are careless enough to lose their clothes, then I suppose, in the right circumstances…”

(Mr Hare leans in again)

“Huh? You want sex and violence, and you don’t want to wait for me to stop being coy? What do you mean Mr Hare?”

(The hand puppet makes a lunge for Lorelei’s top and starts tugging, exposing more of her cleavage)

“HEY!! Cut that out!”

(Lorelei slaps Mr Hare, who backs off, and looks at her for a moment, before bringing his paws together and pinching her nose)

“OW! That hurts! Quit it! Get off my face!”

(They scuffle briefly, before Lorelei swats him away. She turns her head and rubs her nose. Meanwhile, Mr Hare picks up the glass of water from the adjacent table)

“Uh oh… I hope you’re not going to what I think you are. You wouldn‘t dare!”

(Mr Hare nods, and then sloshes the glass of water at Lorelei’s chest, splattering her face and cleavage. She sits there stunned for a few moments, open-mouthed)

“Ugh… this was supposed to be my big intro! Now I'm soaked! What were you thinking!?”

(Mr Hare leans into her ear again)

“You…. You wanted to see girls getting wet one way or the other? Oh lord…”

(Lorelei rolls her eyes as the camera fades)


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Re: Lorelei Burke

Post by hamish1024 on Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:01 pm

(slight profile amendments to relaunch character)

Lorelei - Envy - Akane


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