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Something I've Noticed

Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:06 am by scorn53

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but every few weeks the same user joins the site, creates a few profiles and matches, then promptly leaves. I've only noticed because they follow a very similar profile template (and call it weird, but the use of black font), albeit they've now edited their latest one because they cannot delete it.

Their most recent name was 1 12 12 or something …

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Comments: 7

Looking for some action

Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:47 am by k0hryuu

Hey guys,

I'm looking to expand my horizons a bit and work with some new people, or maybe work with someone I have in the past and haven't with for a while. Or actually pretty much anyone I'm not already currently working with. I'm pretty open to play ball with whatever (just not hentai matches), otherwise my roster page shows my own particular preferences. My only demand is coherent grammar.

Everyone except Akiko and Yukiko are available, so if you see someone that might interest you, …

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Title Opportunity Register

Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:07 am by Kelsea

This is a list/sign up thread for members who are looking for title opportunities/matches.

First and foremost, I have to say that if you are struggling to get on the title scene, the best way to go about getting some action is to contact one of the members that currently holds a belt and see if you can set something up with them (infact, you should at least try this before putting your name down in this thread)... Please remember that they may already have their own plans, or they may be …

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Oshiro "Alarm Bell" Suzu

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Oshiro "Alarm Bell" Suzu

Post by ThunderinSilence on Thu Oct 09, 2014 12:28 am

Name: Oshiro "Alarm Bell" Suzu
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 205lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Entrance music: Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy [Instrumental]

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Offensive. While only slightly more skilled than her half-sister Kameyo, Suzu leans heavily towards a more aggressive stance, willing to use her size to conquer opponents rather than waiting for an opportunity. Her full-throttle approach can sometimes catch an opponent off-guard, but it does also mean that she tends to struggle if her early rush doesn't pay off.

Style: Pro wrestling, with a preference for hard strikes and power moves. Unlike her more timid half-sister, Suzu is interested in exploring some of the more out-there match types, although her mentor Kandi Kotton has thus far convinced her to stick with what she knows until she has more experience under her belt.

Type: Given her aggressive techniques and wild disposition, Suzu is at best a Tweener, with the potential to wind up a full-on heel.

Preferred Attacks: While not as big as Kameyo, Suzu is much more willing to throw her weight around and has developed moves that use her assets to best effect. Her preference falls somewhere between an outright brawler and a power wrestler, using her mass to bully around her typically smaller opponents.

Preferred Matches: Suzu has had most of her experience in pro style, although she's had more than a few street fights in her youth and as such can apply herself to the more brutal match types very easily. She's also curious about hentai matches, but she's not raised the topic with Kameyo or Kandi just yet.


Favored moves: Leg drops, Splashes, Scoop slams, Closed-fist strikes

Finishing moves: Hazumu Shiro [Bouncy Castle] - Essentially a koronco buster, given Suzu's sheer mass this can be a pretty solid match ender, although the set-up time and her rather slow pace can make it difficult to land it, and pretty devastating if her opponent manages to evade it.


Visual Appearance:

Physical Appearance: Much like her half-sister Kameyo, Suzu is a heavy woman, although unlike the more shy and passive Kameyo, Suzu owns her weight and refuses to be looked down upon or treated differently for it. She often dresses with a mind to flaunt her extra padding, which is just as well since her wardrobe is rather limited, given her dimensions require expensive custom-made clothing in order to have a hope of fitting her.

Personality: Suzu is confident, outgoing and headstrong, often to the point of aggressiveness. She's not intentionally cruel, although her hot-headed nature can lead to her getting caught up in the moment, and will probably feel bad in hindsight if it leads to something happening. She's very much a no-nonsense person, and If Suzu has a problem with something or someone she tends not to mince words, usually seek to resolve matters there and then whether it's with words or fists.

Past/History: Born in Osaka, Japan, Oshiro Suzu is the younger half-sister of Oshiro Kameyo, who share the same father but different mothers. As Kameyo's mother died when she was very young, her father eventually remarried and together they had Suzu, raising them together. Suzu however was a very different child to Kameyo; she took after her father a lot more, who was direct, courageous and more than a little headstrong. Kameyo shied away from conflict, where as Suzu often instigated it, and although the two had very different personalities, they both looked out for one another. As they grew up, Kameyo's weight continued to climb while Suzu remained slender, and she found herself defending her half-sister more and more from the teasing of other kids. The time came however when Kameyo graduated, and decided to move to England to study. Suzu was left with no one to defend, and her sister's absence left her somewhat down.

Seeing his daughter was clearly a little depressed, Suzu's father tried to encourage her to take up a hobby, and she went through a number of different classes, but none of them could really take her mind off her sister. As the weeks turned to months, and the months years, Suzu found her figure plumping up almost as if to try and fill the gap her half-sister had left, yet that in turn made her miss her sister all the more. Finally, when she became old enough, she decided to travel out to England to join her sibling, surprising Kameyo to no end with her now exceptionally plush figure. Together with Kameyo's friend Kandi Kotton, they spent time travelling, eventually striking upon an idea to help build up Kameyo's confidence; what if they all took up wrestling? Suzu already had some experience thanks to her father, who as a retired private security officer had taught her some techniques, and she saw it as a way to finally show her sister that being large wasn't something to be so shy about.

Wrestling Attire: Suzu tends to wrestle in a custom fitted black sports top and workout shorts, although given her ample proportions they tend to more resemble booty shorts. She tends to prefer lighter footwear than boots, or even bare foot if able to.

Fun Facts:
- Suzu is an accomplished pistol markswoman, thanks to her father showing her the ropes. She's won a handful of minor competitions, although she's not interested in taking it up at a competitive level.
- Suzu works part-time as a night-club bouncer, which gives her ample opportunities to try out some of her latest moves on unsuspecting and rowdy drunks.
- Despite her tom-boyish nature, Suzu is actually an extremely good cook, which has certainly contributed towards Kameyo's, Kandi's and her own rather plump figures.

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