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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Asuki Hikaru

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Asuki Hikaru Empty Asuki Hikaru

Post by kamina_tamotsu Tue May 21, 2013 5:48 am

Asuki Hikaru 46efd034-c35f-40e6-8bc8-84e214b3fe4e_zpse00fe693
Hey there! Do you believe in magic?~

Name: Asuki Hikaru

Wicked Witch of AFW


Age: 23

Birthday: Unknown



Height: 5'8

Not telling!!!

Nationality: American

Alignment: Twenner (Tends to act more Heel than Face)

Entrance music: She is still looking for one.


Asuki's hails from a wealthy family from Japan. When she was young, her family moved to the states, where she spent most of her time growing up. Growing up in a family that consisted mostly of boys, she grew to be quite the tom-boy. It would also lead to her development in a dominate attitude. With obvious signs that she was growing a stunning body, she was enlisted as a model from when she was 15 until her late teens. She later quit, having come to hate how much drama she had to deal with, and the fact that she beat a model senseless after being called a cow. She then became heavily intrigued with fighting styles and spent the next few years studying and practicing many different types of fighting. As she reached then end of her teens, what she really wanted was to go back to Japan. At the age of 20, her parents allowed her to go back, although it was against there best wishes for her. They wanted her to get back into modeling The only reason why they let her go back was that she threatened to join the army, something that she knew her her parents would crack under, having already lost one son in a war overseas. She went alone though. Back in Japan, she bought a small house and with the constant supply of her parents enormous wealth , she lived a peaceful life for the next few years. One day ,however, while coming home from grocery shopping, she was jumped by 5 men. The people around her didn't seem to want to help her. While she was more than capable of taken down the thugs, she received some unexpected help from  a boy wearing a long  green scarf. Going by the name of Kyo, Asuki wasn't able to thank to the boy, since he ran off after the battle. She later found that the boy was part a wrestling organization called "AFW". Instantly intrigued by the whole concept, she made swift arrangements to join the federation, ending her days of living peacefully and simply in Japan.

Favored moves:


Body scissors

Arm triangle Choke

Four-Figure Leg Lock

Breast Smoother (of course)

Signature moves:

(In Development)


(In Development)

Other Fun Facts:

She doesn't care about modesty.

She likes to read mystery and sci-fi in her free time.

While outside the ring, she tends to wear a pair of reading glasses, although she has perfect 20/20 vision.

The fact that she wears her witch like attire all over place has given her the title of "Wicked Witch of AFW", which she excitedly took to be her Alias for some reason.

Asuki really really likes her much that she secretly likes to fondle them in private. While not caring about modesty, she will get very flustered if found fondling herself.

She is a great cook when it comes to Japanese Cuisine.

She hates men over 35 years of age.


The first distinct feature on Asuki would be her massive breasts, which she isn't afraid to show off. She has quite an athletic and firm build, having a pair of long muscular legs, well toned abs and arms, and a tight, firm ass.   She tends to wear this witch stylized outfit (hence her Alias) which doesn't do a very job of hiding her assets very well. Though she doesn't seem to care. In most of her matches, this outfit is bound to tear off her or expose a good portion of her breasts or other parts of her body to her opponent and/or the audience (though she doesn't really mind). She likes to wall a small skimpy black or white thong under her dress...and always...always goes topless underneath.

Asuki Hikaru Dragons-crown-sorceress-art-01
"Hehe...Oooo...Ahh... Thats nice...H-hey! How the hell did you find me here?! GET OUT!"
Asuki Hikaru C02095dc-524a-415a-8726-c6098edfd909_zpscd36ca3f
"Mmmmnn~ What do you think?"
Asuki Hikaru Dragon-s-crown-sorceress-drago
"Hey Hey! Can you keep a secret? Did you know that~"
Asuki Hikaru A59966e2-9382-4f71-a3f4-6fd345eda59e_zps0ac2e64e
"Hmmmm? Can I help you with Something?"


Asuki will tend to act quite cocky inside and outside the ring. She likes to talk and boast about herself ALOT. It usually gets her into quite abit of trouble though... She like things to go her way and has a very dominate attitude and she  can be a brutally cold fighter at times.   She loves to hear the screams and sequels of her opponents. (It somewhat turns her on.) Even while being beaten, she likes to act in a sexy way towards them, in hopes to throw them off. While she is cold in the ring, she vowed that she would keep her moves on the clean side, though if she is invoked or her opponent trails into cheap territory, all bets are off...and they usually are. She is serious about fighting though, and can prove to be a brilliant tactician. Shes not to be underestimated. Of course, she has quite a caring attitude to the right people.  She will remain loyal and very protective to those who show her kindness (Since she has joined AFW, only one has been able to do this).....Just don't be  a backstabber...she will hunt you down. She also shows a great amount of respect for those she had close matches with.

Wrestling Information:

Strengths: She has most of her strength in her legs and she tries to utilize them as he main offensive weapon. She also has a vast knowledge of fighting styles, so she knows how to counter a variety of moves that come her way. While she has some quite empathized assets,she is alot smarter than she looks and shes hard to get ahold of, and even when shes locked it...she won't be an easy person to keep down. Its sort of like fighting a really smart fish out of water....
Weaknesses: While strong in her legs, her strength does not transmit in her arms.  Her massive breasts pose to knock her off balance abit and are quite sensitive when struck.

Preferred Matches: Standard For the Time Being




AFW Information:

Record: 0/0/0





Kyo Shin: Its was the strange two-sided character of the boy that made Asuki join AFW in the first place, and the fact that he helped her out when no one else would. Since shes joined, shes always kept a close eye on him from the shadows...just to make sure hes not getting himself into too much trouble. Although Kyo doesn't know about her...he hopes that she can meet him properly, maybe even take him on in the ring.





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