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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Ro Laren

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Ro Laren Empty Ro Laren

Post by beangraff Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:17 pm

"Ro is the unbridled emotion of our trio, pure passion. She's the anarchy of lust, the romantic, and the lover. She's also the warrior, the perfect line which never wavers." -John


Name: Ro Laren
Brand: TENSION (But will take the train over to Friction)
Alignment: Tweener
Age: 24
Height: 5’10
Weight: 144
Orientation: Bisexual
Hair color: Red
Blue bird tattoo (Garuda)

Ro Laren Rolaren
Ro Laren Erzascarletinbathingsui




Difficulty: Very Hard.

Ro Laren, an American of Scottish decent, was born in Staten Island, in NYC, but eventually moved to a smaller apartment in the Bowery when her father lost his job, but found new employment in Manhattan. She was around 12 when she moved, so living in such a vibrant community, so close to China Town (and whatever was left of Little Italy that had not been devoured by China Town), was a very influential part of her childhood. She became good friends with Amanda Clare and John Mitchel, two other AFW wrestlers.

Ro lead a...somewhat violent life, she frequently got in trouble for fighting in school, often with boys that were larger than her, and usually winning. She got good grades and was intelligent, but her like of violent fights was a consistent problem, and probably why she turned to wrestling. Amanda was 6 months older than Ro. Amanda, John, and Ro had  learned to wrestle together. While they did wrestle in amateur and local leagues, they also enjoyed more…private wrestling. While all three of them have had sensual matches, or plain simple sex, with all the others, none of them want nor ever will want a romantic relationship. They’re too close of friends.

Ro particularly liked wrestling John, who was as strong as her, but knew how not to take a brutal fight personally, even when she once broke three of his fingers, or when he had once totally dislocated her shoulder. When John enlisted in the United States Army, with the intention of having the army pay for his college so he could become an officer and make a career in the military, Ro became despondent. Eventually, at the behest of Amanda, Ro came to Japan and joined AFW, and much to her delight, she was reunited with John, who had also found himself there after being honorably discharged under DADT.

Not long after making her way here, she became strongly attracted to a particularly strong opponent named Ronan Drake. The two are now in a sexually open relationship, and consider themselves boyfriend and girlfriend.

Ro Laren Female_kagami_taiga_by_aitalee-d7ipq03
Ro and John (the height difference is not really so pronounced).

Ro is the Id of the trio. She is unbridled emotions. Very passionate, very hot headed, fiercely loyal. She'll often be a little too quickly to react instead of analyzing the situation. In this way she's an interesting counterpart for John, a match for her in strength but more analytical and logical. He places priority over reason, she acts from emotion.

Ro is a warm and amicable person, even when fighting. That is not to say that she possess an ounce of mercy, she will completely smash your face in. But, she’ll do it respectfully. She won’t disrespect an opponent, especially a skilled one. If one enjoys competition, and enjoys a respectful challenge, they’ll get a rewarding (if painful) match, win or lose. She has a fiery personality, rugged and unyielding, she will often not submit even when she should, resulting in either escape or being KO’d.

Outside of the ring, she is an excellent friend to have. Fiercely loyal, she’ll always have your back. She’s also incredibly fun to be around. She is great fun at parties.

While not as manipulative as Amanda about sex, Ro has a very active libido. She likes sex, she likes Hentai matches, and she likes boys and girls. The stronger her opponent is, the more attracted she probably will be. That was certainly proved when she began dating Ronan Drake, who defeated her in a sexual cage match. Ro absolutely loves it rough. She's also much more straightforward. While Amanda will tend to trick people into getting what she wants sexually, in a match Ro will be forceful. Outside of a match, she'll flat out tell you if she's interested.

The long and the short of it is, she’s bisexual, and she loves a fight almost as much as a good fuck. Mixing the two together couldn't be better.

Style and Tactics:

Ro loves submission holds. She is a grappler and a striker, not a particular fan of the runny-jumpy styles of the high flyers. When Ro fights with you, expect well pulled off submission holds, seriously hard and effective strikes, and for Ro to be a slippery s.o.b. In truth, Ro gets a special kick out of inflicting very, very painful submission holds, perhaps a bit of arousal, but she never crosses the line. When an opponent taps out, the pain stops.

The only time she stops her respectful behavior is if her opponent disrespects her, repeatedly. Cheating against her is a serious offense, but what she finds more serious are insults. She never takes a match personally, no matter how much she’s hurt. When an opponent takes it personally, especially if they show poor sportsmanship, Ro will eventually lose her control. Expect much pain, perhaps even after the match is over, should that happen. Ro becomes stoic when angry, then if angered further she becomes actually angry.

When it comes to Hentai, Ro can be a sexual beast. She's a very attractive woman, which helps her. But she can be a little too quick and come on a little too strongly for his own good. Add to that, if her opponent is as strong and sexual as she is, she can loose herself int he sex and forget the match.

Favored Moves:
Sleeper holds
Boston crabs

Strikes (punches, kicks, etc)

Ro has a soft spot for any choke or strangulation move.

Finisher: Romero Choke:

In many ways this is a traditional Romero Special, with a HUGE twist. With the enemy on their stomach, Ro will stand on their legs just above the knee joint, and then twists their legs around her foot, locking the enemy’s feet in front of her knees. But, instead of grabbing his arms and pulling him back, Ro will take her enemy’s arms and wrap them around her enemy’s own neck, using their own arms to strangle them while she also pulls hard, their head resting on her breasts, and tortures their back and legs. The only way to submit is verbally. When she tried this on Amanda she very meanly let her squirm and beg, however John endured it until he was out cold, and another time actually escaped, but how is a secret.

Friends:  John Mitchel, Amanda Clare (both are childhood friends...and often more...but no romance),Cecilia Northman, Ronan Drake
Allies: John Mitchel, Amanda Clare
Rivals: Cecilia Northman (friendly)
Enemies: none
Crushes: Ronan Drake
Lovers: Ronan Drake (boyfriend in a sexually open relationship. Free love!)

Record (official forum matches only)
Wins: 2
vs Heather Sunderland (Clockwork Orange Fun House Fight)
vs Armando Rodriguez (Hardcore Falls Count Anywhere- KO)
Losses: 2
vs Cecilia Northman (Hardcore- Submission)
vs Ronan Drake (Hardcore Hentai Cage- KO)
Ties: 0

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Ro Laren
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