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The Clinic

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The Clinic Empty The Clinic

Post by Vivian Tue May 15, 2012 6:23 am

Name : Scarlet O' Donnell
Alias : none
Gender : Female
Age : 33
Eyes : Sparkling Sky Blue
Hair : Natural Blonde
Height : 5'11"
Weight : 123 lbs
Nationality : British
Citizenship : The U.K (United Kingdom) and Afghanistan (She served her Majesty's SAS (Special Air Service) as a paramedic back there)
Origins : Liverpool ,Anfield ,United Kingdom
Specialized in : Neurology surgery (if needed) and nursing
Entrance music : none

[size=150:1iywur6l]Personal Info :

Here she is ,posing inside her new opened Clinic
The Clinic 3c15990a6b3317239979092d7e2fa0d1.jpg

Personality : A calm and friendly person who always keeps doing everything elegantly ,she rarely laugh though as well as mad. She mostly converts her laugh into a warm and friendly smile unless the joke that she hears is way too funny for her ,then she will laugh...probably louder than anyone else. She is also a caring person and that could be proven when she was serving the SAS in Afghanistan for 11 years and earning the citizenship there and staying there until 9 months ago.

History : She is the daughter of a wealthy neurology surgeon (dad) and a famous local dentist (mom) but she never felt happy living with them ,even as a rich and spoiled daddy's little girl. She never short or run out of money and everything she needs will be provided by her parents in the matter of seconds or hours. Her future is well planned by her parents ,they chose the best place for Scarlett to study at but Scarlett doesn't wish to live that kind of spoiled life. She had an argument with her parents ,a long and tiring one until they both decide to let her to live by her own.

She graduates from the prestigious Harvard University by the age of 21 as a cum laude in nursing major and that's when the adventure begins for her until she decides to end her service in Afghanistan and returns to her hometown ,opening "The Clinic" at Tokyo...the heart of Japan while she is trying to earn the Japan's citizenship. She visits Tokyo occasionaly to see how is The Clinic doing until she earns her citizenship in a month ,then she could stay there permanently and working at The Clinic as The owner plus The Director.

Additional Info :

Facts of Scarlett :
- She owns a Bugatti Veyron and several other sports cars from different automobiles company such as Porsche ,Chrysler ,Volkswagen ,BMW ,Mercedes and Chevy back in her hometown.
- She has an IQ of 189 and known as a genius among her friends back in her university time.
- Scarlett loves to arrange everything inside her apartment as neat as possible (I mean...which girl doesn't?? x_x)
- Scarlett is a martial artist ,black belt karatekan and making quite some noise in Jiu-Jitsu so never mistakes her as a hopeless hottie in the terms of defending herself or she'll literally kick your ass!

Likes :
- Her stethoscope ,even she is a nurse but that doesn't mean she can't use it. She double as a nurse and a doctor and believe it or not ,she's a neurology surgeon just like her dad but refused to work in a big hospital cause she can't handle the rush.
- Syringes ,she loves using it to her patients with a healing cause of course
- Her Aprillia Mille Factory ,it can travels in 100 km/hr just in the matter of secs ,wow!
- Treating patients

Dislikes :
- Impatience and impolite patient ,Scarlett hates them and will make their diseases much worse if they keep acting that way so better play nice when you're visiting Scarlett's clinic ^_^

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The Clinic Empty Nila Rashidov

Post by Vivian Wed May 16, 2012 5:00 am

Name : Nila Rashidov
Alias : None
Gender : Female
Age : 26
Eyes : Dark Blue ,Black in certain amount of lights
Hair : Light Brown
Height : 5'5"
Weight : 115 lbs
Nationality : Uzbekistan
Citizenship : Uzbekistan and Japan (earned it a week ago)
Origins : A Small city named Fergan in Uzbekistan
Specialized in : making herbal meds (she has the ability to sense which type of plant can be used as a medicine)

[size=150:3mujdzox]Personal Info :

The pic taken inside the clinic
The Clinic Sample_4dd87a90bec1a980d7fc90bda0c3a871.jpg

Personality : Cheerful ,energetic and a game's rare to see her sitting all alone by herself on a bench or chair. She hates to be alone and loves to spend most of her time for work and hanging out with friends instead of just sitting around in her apartment and doing nothing except to watch Japanese animes all day long.

History : Daughter of a farmer and a housewife ,she never have much of a childhood and living in poverty in her small hometown in Uzbekistan until she turns out 25. She decides to do something more and at least try to change her life and her parents' into a better one. She hitches a ride from a city to another city and a country to another country until she legally enters Tokyo. Her life in Tokyo is much worse back in the hometown ,she is becoming a hobo at the snap of fingers until she notices that "The Clinic" has a job vacancy. She immediately sends her Curriculum Vitae (CV) along with other papers to The Clinic and got interviewed by Scarlett herself.

At first ,she is a little bit unsure about hiring Nila to work because she doesn't have any medical background but then she asks about her areas of experties and turns out she is what Scarlett needs for this clinic. She even tested Nila in making herbal meds and it turns out all good. Scarlett is satisfied with Nila's performance and immediately recruiting her as The Clinic's herbalist ,providing her an apartment to stay and stuff that she needs.

Additional Info :

Facts of Nila :
- She almost became a boxer back in Uzbekistan due to her street fighting record. She hates it when her friends keep mocking her and her family around and without thinking twice ,she'll punch that guy/girl rapidly until he/she gives up and apologize to her.
- She loves all sorts of games ,from mini-games ,RPG's and even FPS. She will even queue in front of the gaming shop to buy her favorite games.
- She has one hell of a taste in fashion ,always following the trend in nowadays fashion but her paycheck oftens limiting herself from ever buying expensive clothes from brands such as Chanel ,Versace ,etc.
- She could speak Russian fluently but she prefers not to and will always making English as her first language even she doesn't speak it fluently...been trying to improve her English though ever since she left Uzbekistan so cut her some slack ^_^

Likes :
- Children ,she loves children and always admires them who had much more interesting and happier childhood than hers.
- Climbing trees ,well sometimes she needs to climb a tree to pick up some kind of leaves or plant but it becomes one of her "like to do" list somehow.
- Looking at roses and smell it
- Gathering leaves and plants
- Making herbal medicine which she believes has more curing power than any modern day medicine
- Takoyaki ,"Hmmm...yum yum"

Dislikes :
- Syringes ,she never dealt with it and will try not to
- Weapons ,she has seen enough death caused by weapons back in her hometown and if she sees a weapon ,she'll just freeze like a statue while her entire body trembles
- Sushi!!!! "Ohhh my god!!! how could anyone eat this stuff?? yuck!!"

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The Clinic Empty Sonico & Kenco Kagawa

Post by Vivian Wed May 16, 2012 6:27 am

Name : Sonico Kagawa
Alias : None
Gender : Female
Age : 21
Eyes : Ruby red (Contact lenses)
Hair : Two tone ,the mixture of light pinkish and's rare to see Japanese has that kind of hair ,the possibilities are 1 : 70 mil
Height : 5'2"
Weight : 135 lbs
Nationality : Japanese
Citizenship : Japan
Origins : Tokyo ,Japan
Specialized in : taking care all of the patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

[size=150:jquxpy54]Personal Info :

Sonico when she is visiting her patient at the ICU's room and going to give him a shot of his meds
The Clinic 275acfd9bb84739c58f567fa6ed529c8.jpg

Personality : Let's say she's a little bit clumsy and careless doing anything outside her job. She hardly maintaining her focus on anything except her job which she wants to keep it. She is a fun person though besides her clumsiness and carelessness ,natural at making jokes so her joking skill probably surpassing Jim Carrey himself (ooops!! better not say it to loud or i'll get my ass kicked out of the AFW x_x)

History : She is Kenco's elder sister and nobody knows why that they're named with strange first names but anyway ,here they're now...still breathing and working as nurses at Scarlett's clinic. There's not so much to say about Sonico ,she has a family with medical backgrounds and quite popular around the neighborhood and oh ,she used to be a pin-up girl for a magazine's cover until she decides her career as a pin-up girl is over when the editor asked her to have a sex with him. She decides to follow her mother's path afterwards and being a nurse ,Scarlett spotted her talent in taking care ICU's and the usual patients. The way she talks to them ,entertaining them with her jokes and giving them hope to get well is what Scarlett needed for her newly opened clinic.

Additional Info :

Facts of Sonico :
- She once forgot her way back to her apartment ,had to make a few phone calls until her friend fortunately showed up and lead her back to her apartment.
- Headphone is the only thing that helps her to focus in working ,she almost had it with her everyday and it's anti-radiation.
- She wanted to be a singer since she was a kid but never could thanks to her too high-pitched voice.
- Sonico and her younger sister always sleep on the same bed and hugging each other when they fall asleep just like when they were children. It's not like they're a lesbian couple...they just love to sleep that way because they feel comfortable and warm.
- Sonico has a teddy bear which she had already kept since she was a kid ,she named it Burrito because of its' size which is kinda overly huge.
- Sonico has some abnormalities with her pigments but that only affects to her hair colour and that's the reason why she is born that way with that beautiful hair.

Likes :
- Her Teddy bear ,Burrito!!!
- Talking to Burrito
- Humming in front of a fan so she'll sound like a robot that way
- Jelly beans
- Young patients ,she feels comfortable talking to younger patients but that doesn't mean she hate talking to older patients

Dislikes :
- Darkness
- Ghosts ,she is really afraid of ghosts but so far ,she had never seen one...phew!!!
- Cars ,she hates cars wether seeing it or driving it...probably caused by a traumatic event when she accidentally step on the gas pedal as she is about to slowing down her vehiche. Her car ended up someone's shop and accidentally killed the shopkeeper's parrot ^^;;


Name : Kenco Kagawa
Alias : None
Gender : Female
Age : 20
Eyes : Light Brown (Contact Lenses)
Hair : Brownish
Height : 5'0"
Weight : 108 lbs
Nationality : Japanese
Citizenship : Japan
Origins : Tokyo ,Japan
Specialized In : handling patients in The Clinic's trauma centre ,she along with Scarlett handle the patients together who needs an immediate surgery.

[size=150:jquxpy54]Personal Info :

Kenco ,checking her patients
The Clinic Sample_7d1ba2b7e1a7d45ca245814ca961a1ff.jpg

Personality : A little bit shy and have lack of confidence unlike her sister ,she is always afraid of bugs and her reaction when she is seeing bugs is totally funny and will make you laughing on the floor but actually she is not good with any jokes. Her coworkers and people who live around her often find herself boring ,except Sonico. Sonico believes encouragement is what her sister needs the most to become an attractive person.

History : Sonico's younger sister who is working as Scarlett's assistant in The Clinic's trauma centre ,the way she handles the scalpel and any other surgery equipments amazed Scarlett's eyes and that's why she is hired. She has one great childhood with her elder sister ,they always travelling together ,doing everything together and having a bath together but when they were kids. To be shorten ,she loves her sister as much as her sister does and working at The Clinic is the only way to keep an eye on her elder sister and protecting her clumsy teacher from any trouble.

Additional Info :

Facts of Kenco :
- Mostly similar to Sonico's except for the fact that she likes swimming and Sonico doesn't ,hate in in fact.
- She also has a doll that she brings everywhere with her but now she just keep it at her apartment along with Sonico's Burrito .Btw it's a huge beagle dog doll and she named it Buddy ^^

Likes :
She also shares the same likes with her sister except for Buddy ,her Vespa scooter ,Cheetos and Gummy Bears!!! ^_^

Dislikes :
- Nightfall ,she hates night a lot cause she believes that's when ghosts show themselves mostly ^^;;
- Air conditioner ,she doesn't like the's not like she doesn't use any air-cond in her apartment but she tries to minimize the using of air-cond as least as she could.
- Bamboo ,no reason why she dislikes it but it gives her the creep ^^;;
- Haters
- Rain ,she hates rain so much
- Twitter ,she doesn't have anything to do with it and will never deal with that social network

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The Clinic Empty Kimiyo Mimichi

Post by Vivian Thu May 17, 2012 5:06 am

Name : Kimiyo Mimichi
Alias : None
Gender : Female
Age : 22
Eyes : Black
Hair : The mixture of light pinkish and brown ,unlike Sonico...Kimiyo dyed her hair and it takes quite some time to do it
Height : 5'0"
Weight : 107 lbs
Nationality : Japanese
Citizenship : Japan
Origins : Akita ,Akita prefect ,Japan
Specialized in : diagnosing patient's illness ,it's not like other nurses couldn't do it but Kimiyo does better than all of them including Scarlett. She could sense if there's a "concealed" disease inside the patient's body or not without using CAT or MRT scan...she just knows it and she doesn't know how she could possible even know about it.

[size=150:7cpz7azs]Personal Info :

Kimiyo ,posing in one of the Clinic's room with the strange shaped doll for an adult magazine and that's actually what she wears when she is working
The Clinic Sample_0a31bb07e7ff10652256a33e281910c1.jpg

Personality : Energetic ,cheerful ,bitchy ,drama queen and a little bit selfish girl. She loves to be "Naughty" and loves to reveal her "Stuff" a little bit in her clothes. No one knows why she is hired by Scarlett with that kind of attitude but Scarlett sure has her own reason for hiring that girl. She is actually a kind girl if you know her deep enough ,she just need an attention from someone and that's the reason why she becomes an attention seeker.

History : Not so much to tell about Kimiyo ,she has a family with a medical background like the other nurses in the Clinic have and she had a great childhood ,great friends and besties until they find out that Kimiyo family's clinic is getting bankrupt. One by one ,her friends and even besties left her and she is so lonely ever since...talking to no one except with her strange shaped doll named Chiko. Behind every smile of hers ,there's a loneliness can't be seen by the naked eyes...Kimiyo indeed tries to get rid of it but she couldn't just get rid of the loneliness until she finds someone who can be trusted and who can accept her as a friend.

Additional Info :

Facts of Kimiyo :
- She is a cosplayer and always participate in annual cosplay event in Japan ,she almost had cosplay about every characters in every single animes in Japan except for Tsunade in Naruto ,Robin & Nami in One Piece. There's only one reason for that..."THEIR BREASTS ARE OVERLY HUGE!!!" I couldn't match theirs >.<"
- Kimiyo watched a porn movie when she was 10 ,actually it was an accident for Kimiyo to watch it. Her older Cousin forgot to pause it when she is grabbing some snacks so the movie keeps playing and here little Kimiyo is ,watching the lesbian porn movie without her cousin's knowledge until she headed back to her couch and totally surprised with Kimiyo's presence. She wanted to stop it but it was too late anyway so they watch it together and Little Kimiyo for the first time saw two girls licking each other and asking her cousin a lot of questions until the very end of the movie. Nothing happened though afterwards.
- Even as a girl ,Kimiyo loves to play soccer and hockey!

Likes :
- Cosplaying
- Collecting sexy lingerie ,loves it and doing it as a hobby...her favorite brand is Victoria's Secret
- Green Tea ,nothing beats the Green Tea after a job is well done ^_^
- Having Tenderloin steak as a dinner though she has a diet and never eat that too much if she doesn't want to look fat in her nursing uniform
- Colourful Things ,her eyes sparkle when she sees colourful things!
- Owl City
- Watching soccer and hockey matches on TV or live at the stadium

Dislikes :
- Coffee ,she had it once and she couldn't sleep and had a fever at once x_x
- Cats ,has to resist the urge to roundhouse kick cats on their stupid faces when they're meowing >.<
- Bugs ,"Here comes the Insect sprays hyyaaaa!!!"
- Traffic jams

Note : She is the only doctor who also doubles as a nurse besides Scarlett in The Clinic

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The Clinic Empty Echiko Fujiwara

Post by Vivian Thu May 17, 2012 6:09 am

Name : Echiko Fujiwara
Alias : None
Gender : Female
Age : 23
Eyes : Black
Hair : Black
Height : 5'3"
Weight : 114 lbs
Nationality : Japanese
Citizenship : Japan
Origins : Shizuoka ,Japan
Specialized in : Physical therapy and psychology session ,she is really good at listening to the patients' problems in their daily lives and helping them to solve their problems.

[size=150:1owho6z6]Personal Info :

"Come come...let Nurse Echiko to examine your body"
The Clinic Sample_29dfc7a73892dc0b3c65b93e083985b9.jpg

Personality : Kinky ,playful but a warm and friendly person. She likes to meet new people and socialize with them ,she has a strong persuasive power and could ease any tension and preventing people from having any fight. She has another ability which could helping to solve anyone's problem in the matter of hours. She believes that her secret in helping anyone to solve their problems is only to listen.

History : Former Japan's adult magazine's cover girl who becomes a physical therapist ,she is actually have a degree in med school but she never earn her diploma and finish her study in order to pursue her dream as a model. Her first step in modelling career is as a pin-up girl and then becoming one of The japan's cosmetics brand's ambassador but finally ended up as a model for an adult magazine.

She decides to end her modelling career and continue her study and earning her diploma as a nurse. No one knows how she ended up being a physical therapist...she feels reluctant at becoming a physical therapist at first but Scarlett spots potential inside of Echiko and slowly guiding her until she becomes what she is now.

Additional Info :

Facts of Echiko :
- She feels kinda "ecchi" sometimes and will vent her sexual desire on any patient that demands her service but it doesn't apply to ugly and older males...just the cute and handsome one or females as well ^^
- Has her own nudie time at home ,when it's time...she'll do everything without any single clothes on.
- She had tons of erotic boxing videos that she bought from an online site called
- She has a Bulldog named Buster and she always takes Buster everywhere except The Clinic

Likes :
- Collecting erotic boxing videos ,she often "play" with herself while watching two girls duke it out sensually inside the ring
- Her bulldog
- Her Cutely modificated Nissan March
- Jogging in the morning
- Havin' sex in her nursing uniform ,she always thinking it as a sex fetish ^^

Dislikes :
- Syringes!!! She shares the same dislike with Nila ,they hate syringes and will try not to deal with it >.<
- Loud noises ,it distracts her focus a lot from her work
- Haters ,haters gonna hate no matter what we're going to do for them

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The Clinic Empty The Clinic's background

Post by Vivian Thu May 17, 2012 6:25 am

The Clinic is a 4 stories building and it works in a quite unique way with Scarlet as The Director and The Owner. All of The Clinic's nurses are well interviewed and selected by Scarlett. She prefers beauties to work under her cause she believes that beautiness is another factor for a quick healing. The Clinic cooperates with AFW and will take any injured wrestlers or any walk in patients. The Clinic receives positive reviews from the locals although some of them consider that The Clinic is just another whore house with staffs wearing that kinky and tight nursing attire but Scarlett ignores that negative review about her clinic cause she feels that the attire is what makes this Clinic different than the others.


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The Clinic Empty Inside The Clinic

Post by Vivian Thu May 17, 2012 5:40 pm

As you can tell from its background ,it's a 4 stories building and the first floor consists of a lobby ,a receptionist desk ,a pharmacy ,waiting chairs ,newspapers stands ,elevators ,vending machines ,staff's rec rooms ,toilets and a cafe in case if the patients or the nurses and doctors are starving but the cafe is still unfinished and hasn't fully operated yet at least until the end of May ,the vending machines haven't arrived at The Clinic as well so the nurses had to find someplace else to grab some snacks and so does the visitors and patients.

Let's move on to the second floor ,the second floor is where the nurses and doctors will mostly be all of the time. It consists of a radiology room ,a laboratory ,2 operating rooms ,a 24-hour Emergency room and Trauma Center. Psychiatrist's office and The ICU's rooms are located on the third floor and the fourth floor consists of the patient's rooms ,they're all beautifully furnished and have the state-of-the-art medical equipments just like what every clinic needs to save lives.

VIP rooms are available exclusively for AFW wrestlers with a low cost and 21 Inch LCD TV and Playstation 3 in each room to get rid of boredom while recovering themselves at The Clinic (unless they got their fingers or arms broken). The nurses and doctors will give extra attention to the their patients and all they need to do is just ask and they shall receive ^^ (I mean who doesn't want an extra attention from those hot nurses and doctors <img src=" title="Razz" />)

Facts about The Clinic :
- All of The Clinic's nurses and doctors have a bracelet shaped like tracker which they called "The Locator" ,it shows the location of the nurses and doctors. It'll be beeping if the patients press the "Call" button ,the nearest nurse or doctor to the "Call" location should answer the Call immediately to see what happens and what the patient needs. Scarlett actually had it made by a genius in MIT ,it costs quite expensive but it's useful.
- The Director's office is located at a quiet area on the fourth floor cause Scarlett loves to fill some reports and scheduling her activities in silence and peace.
- Unlike the other clinic ,The Clinic provides a rec room for its staffs so they won't get too stressed out in doing their jobs...arcade machines are available in the rec room but it's "staff only" room
- The newspaper stands provides not only newspapers but there're also some magazines including the Playboy magazines for adults. They're all up-to-date ,Scarlett had someone to replace the newspapers everyday ,magazines in every weeks or month.

(Note :
-There are several other staffs working for the Clinic but they don't handle the patients so vivian felt that she doesn't have to make their profiles
- The Clinic offers free medication to those who suffer the wrath of the nurses and getting their ass kicked severely for challenging them to fight for some reason)

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The Clinic Empty Re: The Clinic

Post by Sponsored content

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