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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Lumina Bhammon; Honorary Succubus

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Lumina Bhammon; Honorary Succubus Empty Lumina Bhammon; Honorary Succubus

Post by Leon564 Wed Feb 28, 2024 10:57 pm

Name: Lumina Bhammon "Cherry Neko"
Age: 23
Height: 5'9
Weight: 182 lbs
Sexuality: Bi (male lean)
Personality: Tweener
Nationality: North Carolina/USA
Theme Song:

Preferred Match Type: Hentai

Fighting Style: Striker, Submissionist, Hentai

Attitude Towards Hentai: "That's the best part~ Hurry up and drop them babe~"


Ring Attire:

Alternate Attire:

Womb Tattoo:

Neko Transformation:

Endurance 6/10
Strength 5/10
Speed 8/10
Technique 8/10
*Sexual Stats*
Endurance 7/10
Technique 8/10

Stats While Transformed:
Endurance 7/10
Strength 8/10
speed 9/10
Technique 8/10
*Sexual Stats*
Endurance 6/10
Technique 9/10

Finishing Moves:

Hentai Moves:
Catgirl's Toy; Lumina puts her opponents into a headlock in a 69 like position and proceeds to rub with her hand over the crotch whilst her opponent is still in their pants/shorts

Succubus Sentence; Lumina will first drown her opponent in aphrodisiac kisses directly to their lips as she moves them into a position suitable for her to mount their lap and perform an agonizingly slow and teasing cowgirl ride. Or in the case of against females, scissor them. All until either her opponent passes out or goes totally limp regardless of orgasm count.

Bio: Lumina was born to a military father who was in service while stationed at the Hawaiian islands. But it was only two years after she was born that he was honorably discharged and their family made a home in his home state of North Carolina. Growing up, Lumina had a pension for being quite the slippery young girl. No different than a curious cat and nearly as agile. Because of this, her father taught her basic CQC as a means to defend herself, anticipating she'll grow up potentially getting into situations that she will have to defend herself. And sure enough in her teen years she's had to protect herself against some exes who didn't take breaks up that well. And also during this age, she came to love slow and suggestive music and somewhat gyaru styled clothing. But despite all the suggestions of her likes, she actually remained a pure girl until she was 19 where she had been charmed by a slightly older man named James. The way he wooed her was so lovingly gentle but also so confident to boot. She felt like a modern day princess that night. But much to her surprise, James didn't press on any of this. He made it clear to her the following days that he was trying to enjoy a one night stand since he didn't want to confuse her. At first she felt a little like a fool but the way James was honest and so sincere struck her to the core in a good way. The two became friends with benefits happening here and there. But it was Melanie L'belle who really made her as utterly slutty as she acts when in the ring. Learning from Ms. L'belle she found out how to act and where to touch men and women. Both Melanie and James noticed Lumina's proclivity for such behavior so James taught Lumina how to handle herself through endurance and will power before introducing her to the AFW organization.

Likes: Anime, viking culture, cherry lolipops, jackets

Dislikes: Pickles, overwhelming noises, invasion of private space, coconut flavored anything

Friends: James Elforn, Melanie L'belle

Match Statistics:
Lumina (D) vs Bethany- L [forfeit]

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