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Hentai Matches Wanted

Mon Feb 19, 2024 5:04 pm by Leon564

Hello~ Hope you're well when you're reading my ad. Whoever you may be. Not sure how many are paying attention but I put James up for Hentai Championship Contenders. Which means that I'm looking to set him up with something focusing on progressing that.

Edit: My post for James is still available however now I've made a new gal who's ready to meet ya!

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Ellen Dalton vs. Stella Rozino: A croc against a snake?

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Ellen Dalton vs. Stella Rozino: A croc against a snake? Empty Ellen Dalton vs. Stella Rozino: A croc against a snake?

Post by Tarantulust Sun Dec 24, 2023 3:57 am

Ellen “Snap” Dalton!
Ellen Dalton vs. Stella Rozino: A croc against a snake? QqkodvS
Ellen Dalton vs. Stella Rozino: A croc against a snake? NcafzZY
Stella Rozino

Match Type: Standard.
Victory Conditions: KO, Pinfall, or Submission.

It had been a long while since Stella Rozino had walked these halls in her wrestling attire. To be honest, she had almost forgotten that she was still technically a wrestler here at the AFW rather than a promoter or organizer. She had long ago managed to get her way into the back doors of the AFW, making under the table deals with managers and heads of different departments in order to slowly increase her influence over AFW. She had originally come here to overtake this place, and while it had been a few years' endeavor, she couldn’t say it was going to waste. In fact, many people doing the behind the scenes work knew Stella’s name long before Maximilian Kingsley. The man was so blinded by lust and showmanship he seemed to neglect the business side of his company. Something Stella was all too happy to exploit, slowly but surely. She had a reasonable amount of followers and allies in the staff, but had been neglecting her wrestling duties.

Perhaps Maximilian or his secretary finally noticed Stella’s absence in the roster. Because today, they finally had her fighting in a match. It was against a newcomer to AFW, and to many that's all she would have been. A newbie opponent to fight and try to prevail against. But that was for the average fighter, something Stella had long proven herself to be above. She grew up in this business, and did what AFW so often neglected and actually looked into her opponent…and was surprised to see a familiar name and face.

Ellen Dalton…an indie wrestling powerhouse that was a Florida Champion in another smaller wrestling company. She was a heel that often devastated her competition and had a more than impressive record no matter which company she worked for. Truth be told, Stella had actually sent a recruiter to try and have her join her own company’s roster. To see AFW had snatched Ellen up instead of her was annoying, but at least Stella wasn’t walking in blind. Perhaps she could use her knowledge to her advantage, and maybe catch Ellen off guard.

Walking down the ramp, Stella’s pale beauty made her appear as though she were a living doll. With well measured strides, everyone could take in her subtle, sharp features as she strolled past the members of the audience. Though she never spared them a glance, there was a certain chill in the air that was unmistakable. Few knew she was considered a heel on the roster, and cheered for her simply  because of her snowy beauty, but all she passed went silent. The cold feeling followed wherever she went, and clung to her like the clothes she wore. But she seemed unaffected, instead her brown eyes watched warmly at the opposite ramp, the one Ellen was to take.

To think, after wanting to recruit her myself I would find myself facing her instead. What a strange predicament…but I’ll make sure its a profitable one~

Tarantulust's Lair
Ellen Dalton vs. Stella Rozino: A croc against a snake? 7pKWB42

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