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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Kita•No•Tora Empty Kita•No•Tora

Post by Cello Wed Jul 26, 2023 1:29 am

Name: work in progress…
Ring Name: work in progress…
Age: 26
Height: 175cm
Weight: 76kg
Entrance Music: - Ground Will Tremble

Ring Attire:

Casual Sporty:

Formal Kimono:

Fighting Style: Sumo inspired pro-wrestling. Slugger, heavy impact, slow paced, Dominant.

- Extremely strong.
> She will be able to lift opponents weighing up to 100kg and throw/slam them without much struggle or technique sacrifice.
> She will be able to push back non-sumo-trained opponents somewhat comfortably who weigh up to 130kg without much hassle, 115kg if they have some form of experience in pushing against resisting targets. She can shove guarding opponents back, perhaps even break through their guard with fair ease. If her opponent doesn’t keep their heads on a swivel, she will be able to daze them easily with a single blow, maybe even knock them out with a premature KO.

- Extremely explosive.
>She has really high initial speed and explosive strength! Expect a sudden barrage of devastating proportions!

- Flexiable and has great sense of balance and weight transition. Quick to analyze her opponent’s movement patterns, she will find the point where in some area their body is most vulnerable before taking full advantage and brute-forcing that weak spot to break it as quick as possible. This works both offensively (I.e. Preforming a takedown or a slam, with such timing it won’t allow for much of an effective guard defense or reversal) or defensively (I.e. Finding herself at the receiving end of an attempt to bring her down, she would be able to manipulate her opponent’s body and brute force it by pressuring their weak point in that specific situation until she reverses the move).

- Fast Stamina Depletion. Doesn’t have the stamina for longer periods of constant exertion. Needs small rest periods before attempting another round of high power output attack. Despite the fact that she had cut her weight and now is able to carry he weight much easier.

- Relatively Slow and Sluggish. She has her sudden bursts of energy, her general methodology is usually slugging it out and if drained of her initial burst of energy, she moves slower and her attacks, although heavy and powerful, aren’t as quick before she recovers. This doesn’t come at a cost of her technique though, so don’t think she’ll be going from properly executed striking/shoving techniques to wide, desperate, easy-to-dodge haymakers and clotheslines so quickly.

Signature moves:

Seniority - Shoves her opponent’s left guard out of the way, or just their head, before delivering a mean hard slap with her right. This is enough to make most opponents lost consciousness and collapses on the canvas, even if momentarily, before she would walk around them, looking down at them.

Tatami Kiss - Coming from her sumo wrestling arsenal, Can be used as a reversal or an initiative technique. would initiate some form of forward force by pushing her opponent back with her body and torso in a Sumo fashion, before suddenly breaking back, grabbing the top of her opponent’s head and with their momentum already forward, she would add to it by pushing them face down into the canvas aggressively. Can be added with gut punch or a knee to make the opponent bend over. She can add some spice to it and rub their face into the canvas with her hand on their head afterwards.

Okurihikiotoshi - Coming from her sumo wrestling arsenal, Can be used a reversal. If Kita can get behind an opponent, she can push them forward to force them to walk away before suddenly grabbed their head and pulling them backwards, slamming them on their back.

Demon Stomp - Coming from her time in pro-wrestling, done on a prone opponent, she would stand beside their body and lift her leg up before delivering a hard crushing stomp to their chest while they’re down. Can transition to a pinfall attempt.

Hellfire - Coming from her arsenal of pro-wrestling moves, A dropping double foot stomp. There are a few variations to this move:
>The first is, drags her prone opponent by their legs to the corner, before she climbs the second set of ropes, facing her victim before dropping down into a crushing double foot stomp on their chest.
>The second variation is where she drags a prone opponent by their head to the corner and lays them down right under it, climbing to the first set of ropes, holding onto the top rope and dropping down with a double foot stomp on their chest. In this variation she can repeat the move several times, stepping off the victim’s chest back on the set of ropes for another round, again and again.

Personality and Bio: A particularly light hearted person, most would even say shy and introverted, until the “stable” mindset takes over her.

Sumo wrestlers live in what’s called “Stables”, living with the other wrestlers in the stable before the reach a certain rank that allows them to leave the stable. That environment is extremely competitive and often very oppressive towards newcomers. Any rookie who wants to reach a certain rank and seniority within their stable, must go through vicious physical training, along with many mental challenges along the way. These lead to growth of thicker skin for wrestlers and fix their mindsets for the cause.

Not typically an aggressive person, has a welcoming aura to her, but once she enters the stable or the ring, her attitude changes. She had adopted herself a different personality to, at first, survive, an in time, thrive in such environment. Her face changes, her attitude is more intense and rough, and she becomes more mean and vicious. This translates to her Fighting style in the ring.

Unfortunately, being a female Sumo wrestler, she wasn’t allowed to go pro, as it’s against Japanese Sumo traditions. Coincidentally, a businessman had approached and offered her to try out pro-wrestling, as he found her ring persona really capturing and was sure she would be a hit. Her time in Sumo had gained her local popularity, he believed she would become even more popular, keeping her character and bringing it over to pro-wrestling.

She accepted and since then had been on a unique contract with the Sumo association and the pro-wrestling club she joined, allowing her to continue practicing both arts. To fit to her new lifestyle, She had been requested to lose most of her fat weight to allow her to move more easily, and also appeal to the audience more. Doing so, losing about 25kg, she received great benefits to her speed and stamina, coming down to a cut muscly build with more room to move and breathe in. She had lost some of her strength, but she found the gains from it much more appealing. Her new look helped boosting her popularity a bit.

She grew rather quickly into enjoying pro wrestling and had made adjustments, taking her ring persona and giving a more fitting character for pro wrestling. Nonetheless, she still practices her own Sumo routines and goes weekly to Sumo Stables and train there to not forget her early ways.

Fun Facts:
- has fear of heights, so you'll probably not see her climbing the corners to top. Though she is trying to tackle the fear with pro-wrestling. She used to not even be willing to consider climbing the second row of rope for her Hellfire move.
- Before Sumo, used to dance Hula as a child. She'll shy away from showing her moves, but if you persisted, it would look really rough and heavy, Like a Heavy Metal singer asked to sing a happy lighthearted song.

Last edited by Cello on Wed Aug 30, 2023 2:19 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : A revamp at the request of the owner of the name and pics of this character. Further edits are likely to be needed.)


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Kita•No•Tora Empty Re: Kita•No•Tora

Post by Deus001 Wed Jul 26, 2023 5:57 pm

Approved your good to go, have fun Smile

Check out my wrestlers here, but PM me for match requests.

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