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Tension matches wanted

Tue Sep 26, 2023 3:25 pm by Midori Hyuga

Hello two of my characters need a match both are on tension
Wolfgang Bruan ( tension )
Sasuke Moto ( tension )
If you are interested please private message me with a match idea and character you want me to use ( both of these characters are into mix wrestling btw )

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Jaqueline Rose vs Nera Moon - Here Kitty Kitty

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Jaqueline Rose vs Nera Moon - Here Kitty Kitty Empty Jaqueline Rose vs Nera Moon - Here Kitty Kitty

Post by Deus001 Tue May 30, 2023 10:24 pm

Match Rules: Standard

In the locker rooms Jaqueline Rose was preparing for her debut match, the little ripper had arrived in Kyoto recently and after having a sparring session with her sister who was now the hardcore champ it was time for Jaquie to get her debut match. The little ripper was facing a newcomer also called Nera Moon aka Moonlit Cat, a complete mystery. This would be fun~ A stage hand knocked on her door and told Jaquie that it was time to head to the ring, checking herself over in the mirror quickly with her attire both entrance and ring based ready to roll did the little ripper head towards the entrance ramp........

The Tension arena's lights would suddenly all shut off, leaving it in pitch darkness. Then suddenly the clock chimes of London's Big Ben clock would be heard, before making its chime. 12 times, then a dark London alley street was shown on the titantron. As the song known as Clock Tower would then blare from the speakers while purple fog emanated from the floor and at the 0:35 mark Jaqueline would emerge on the ramp.

Dressed in a black top hat, holding a shattered lit lantern and a purple cape around her shoulders. It was clear that she was related to Jackie Rose and earned a loud mix of cheers and boos as she strutted down the ramp, Jaqueline calmly walked around the ring before blowing out the lantern. The arena lights were restored and she calmly slipped into the ring, hanging her top hat and cape on the iron post of the corner and the lantern underneath the turnbuckles as she turned and waited for her opponent for tonight!

Check out my wrestlers here, but PM me for match requests.

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