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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Mothwing, the Ice-cold Anomaly!

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Mothwing, the Ice-cold Anomaly! Empty Mothwing, the Ice-cold Anomaly!

Post by Smolsquito Wed Jan 18, 2023 7:15 am

Mothwing, the Ice-cold Anomaly! AzEWHVk

Ice-cold anomaly


Real Name: Orito Yuki
Age: 28
Eyes: Light-blue (Covered by her mask)
Hair: Pale blue with blue-ish highlights
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 139 lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Tweener
Theme Music:
Entrance/Main theme:


Wrestling outfit:
Casual outfit:
Bikini/Hentai outfit:

Orito Yuki has a particularly unnerving aura to her whenever she steps into the ring. She rarely talks to her opponents during her matches, but when she does, her alarmingly calm and chilling voice tends to send shivers down her opponents' spines. These unnatural mannerisms aren't limited to her opponents either. She tends to stay eerily quiet around strangers, and this eerie silence is shared by her footsteps, which often leads to her unintentionally scaring LAW's staff by mistake. Some say she once scared a janitor so badly that he stopped going to the women's locker room altogether, which forced the higher-ups to hire a new one solely to clean the lockers. She's also surprisingly good at climbing, and has often been found eating lunch in unusual places, like on top of the lockers on the locker-room, on top of the screens in empty arenas, and even on top of the lights in said stadiums. Orito also has a particularly high tolerance for colder temperatures, and can often be found hanging out in places under 13°Celcius in clothing one would usually wear during sunny weather.

In spite of her frightening disposition, however, Orito isn't a mean-spirited person. She has a hard time opening up to people, but she's particularly kind and gentle with those she considers friends. She likes making sculptures with clay, and a few rumors say she makes some of the best hot-chocolate in Japan, but only shares these creations with her friends. She's also one of the few LAW wrestlers who hasn't made a twitter account, purely because she's too shy to voice her opinions on the internet. This shyness has also led her to constantly wear her mask to keep people from mocking her appearance. Almost no one has seen Orito without her mask off, and those that have have only seen glimpses of it while she's eating.

Wrestling Information

Type: Technician

Strategy: Much like a horror-movie slasher, Mothwing's movements tend to start out incredibly slow and methodical, only to suddenly speed up as soon as an opening presents itself. Most of her attacks are also particularly harsh to capitalize on said openings, but she's also known to scare opponents into disadvantageous positions with weaker attacks. Overall, Mothwing could be described as an ambush hunter, keeping a close eye on her opponent before delivering a terrifyingly strong offensive as soon as an appropriate opening presents itself.

Attitude To Hentai: "So long as my opponents aren't held back by the cold, I'm ok with showing a little more of my skin..."

General Statistics
[Endurance 5/10
Strength 8/10
Speed 8/10
Defense 6/10
Technique 5/10
(She's fairly well-rounded, but is just a tiny bit faster than you'd expect her to be. Not fast enough to blind-sight an opponent, but just fast enough to capitalize on any slip-ups she may spot during their match.)

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes 6/10
Submissions 8/10
Powerhouse 5/10
Aerials 2/10
Counters 9/10
(Moths are almost never predatorial... but Mothwing's air-tight holds and devastating counters make even the toughest of spiders jealous!)

Signature Moves
Name Of The Moves:
Pale Guillotine:
Polar vortex:
Cold snap (Potential finisher):

Finishing Moves
Name Of The Move:
Deep slumber:
Moth's Wrath:
Mistletoe's embrace:


An Icy Moth to the Heat of Battle!:

Fun facts:

*She didn't choose her own entrance theme, a friend of hers chose it for her.
*Every member of her family has a first name that starts with an O.
*She had a pet spider named Trixie, which she let walk around the house, but her ex-boyfriend squashed it after mistaking it for a regular spider.
*She's a really good singer, and can often be heard singing in the showers, but is too shy to actually sing to anyone other than herself.

0 wins 0 losses


Friends: None for now

Allies: None for now

Rivals: None for now

Crushes: None for now

Enemies: None for now

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