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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Antoinette Francine - The Emerald Dancer

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Antoinette Francine - The Emerald Dancer Empty Antoinette Francine - The Emerald Dancer

Post by Deus001 Sun May 15, 2022 11:26 pm

Name: Antoinette Francine
Sex: Female
DOB: 23/1/1993
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Green
Height: 5'10
Weight: 141lbs
Nationality: French (Raised in England)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Entrance Theme: Sonic Adventure 2 OST: Dry Lagoon
Alternate Theme: Paparazzi by Lady Gaga

Strategy: A skilled kickboxer and natural acrobat Antoinette favours strikes and holds that put her long legs to good use, from striking the head to entwining her lower limbs around the neck or waist she enjoys breaking her opponent down piece by piece. True to her moniker she also enjoys frequent teasing of her opponent and playing mind games with them with her dramatic movements, then putting their lights out for good with a dramatic and climatic final move.
Style: Striker/High Flyer
Type: Lethal and Lovely

Preferred Attacks: Kicks, leg based submissions, high flying moves

Preferred Matches: Standard, submission, POW. Abhors hardcore matches

Endurance: 3/5 - She's tougher than she looks, but she'll buckle with enough effort
Strength: 3/5 - Underneath that leotard lies a taught, toned frame with killer legs
Speed: 5/5 - A dashing, shining emerald
Defence: 4/5 - Rather good at catching hands and being on the backfoot
Technique: 5/5 - Such poise and flair!

Strikes: 5/5 - Her blows are works of art!
Submissions: 4/5 - Intricate holds that wow the crowd~
Powerhouse: 2/5 - Smaller foes can be lifted about, not very graceful in her eyes though
Aerial: 4/5 - Fast and dynamic and looking elegant during it!
Counters: 3/5 - Sometimes altering your move or going around your opponent's is needed

Signature Moves:

Fallen Rose: Antoinette jumps atop a standing opponent, wrapping her legs around their neck before flipping them in a hurricanra to then transition into a headscissors

Buried Jewel: Propping up her opponent in the corner with a tree of woe position. Antoinette backs up away from them, usually with backflips before then rushing in with a hard hitting bronco buster.

Finishing Moves:

Grand Emerald: Antoinette delivers a stiff knee to the opponent's face, as they reel backwards she elegantly leaps off their thighs and delivers a shining wizard straight to the side of their head. Usually transitions into a reverse facesit for the following pin.

Bon Voyage: Getting her opponent into a tree of woe position tied up on the ropes, Antoinette hypes up the crowd before then delivering a series of elegant flips and spins before dropkicking the opponent right in the chest. Should they not fall out the ring Antoinette will degrade her opponent by shunting them out of the ropes and win by count out as she poses dramatically for the crowd


Personality: Antoinette is bombastic, sultry, dramatic, dynamic and all those terms that describe one who is outgoing. She's naturally creative and often relishes the spotlight and making sure she's always leaving a grand impression to the people. Antoinette is also a natural flirt and often teases and riles up those she interacts with, she can be a tad selfish at times given her love of the limelight and favouring of her own pleasures, yet should the need arise it for being better long term Antoinette can bow out and let someone else bask in the light.

Past: Antoinette was born in Paris, her Father being a successful musician and her Mother being a talented actress that starred in several popular French movies. Growing up Antoinette was often in the company of a maid or nanny with her folks being helicopter parent types, to the point where they would ship Antoinette at the age of 5 to be raised proper with a branch of the family in England.

The girl was encouraged to take up her own creative pursuits, namely becoming the head of the acting club in high school as well as developing a knack for costume design in sewing and tailoring. A desire to improve her body to allow for more.........dynamic acting would lead Antoinette to take up kickboxing as she entered into a high class art college in Japan after being offered a scholarship.

There she'd encounter the man known as John Carnaby, a few years her junior yet just as creatively minded as she was. The pair would do several projects together, before long the pair would develop a far more intimate relationship in their quest of art creation with her leading his hands to more......seductive tendencies. Yet alas it could only continue for so long, upon graduation the pair decided to mutually part ways to focus on their careers. Antoinette departing back for France to tend to family matters and star in several films while continuing her martial arts practise and taking part in several indie wrestling matches. John meanwhile took to wrestling in Japan alongside his boss Ryan who in turn acted as his main art patron, after finishing her latest film Antoinette came across an article of his success and felt the urge to get back in touch with him.

Before long he suggested she ought to head on down to Japan again to catch up and see what else they could get up to. It was too enticing of an offer~

Fun Facts:

Antoinette speaks English, French, Latin and Japanese

She's starred in several French films, her main genre is usually exotic romance flicks with a supernatural twist to them.

Antoinette is bisexual and is a believer in polyamory

AFW Information

Draws: James Elfron via double countout



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