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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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"La Gata Flamita" Michelada

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"La Gata Flamita" Michelada Empty "La Gata Flamita" Michelada

Post by Knocked Sat Mar 26, 2022 7:09 pm

"Don't worry, I don't burn up close~"

Name: Margarita Hernandez
Age: 22
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown, with Dark Red Highlights
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 128 lbs
Nationality: Mexican
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Music: "Tres Delinquentes" - Delinquent Habits



A flirty individual to a fault, Michelada depending on her mood can either be a flushflirt or a total gremlin with a whole lot of inbetween. Otherwise, she is very affable, albeit short-tempered towards more foul-natured folk.

Margarita Hernandez didn't want to be a luchadora initially.

Margarita's childhood dream was to play football. She started fielding as a child, she was quite good at it, and only wrestled because her second-greatest fandom was Lucha Libre. Her self-taught wrestling career started out of necessity rather than desire; after her soccer ambitions so harmed her studies that Hernandez failed to graduate from college and dropped out, and as she no longer attended school, she could no longer play the sport she loved.

Down on her luck, she took to showing up at odd job cards here and there, filling in as she saw fit as last minute replacements for talent that have decided to no-show. Now going by the ring name of Michelada, she was a four-time Lucha Libre champion by the time she began wrestling professionally just a couple of months after her 20th birthday. She almost immediately established herself as one of Mexico's brightest stars; Five years into her career she was 14-0 and undisputedly one of the top rising prospects in the world.

Two more years into this whole ordeal, AFW came knocking with an offer to join. Michelada quickly and eagerly signed on, looking to consolidate her status as top of the line.

Wrestling Info

Strategy: Zoner. Prefers to poke at her opponent with fast kicks and explosive lucha moves before wearing them down with submissions.

Preferred Attacks: Submissions, Kicks, Aerial Maneuvers

Preferred Matches: N/A (Any match, she accepts, violent, regular or sexual)

Attitude towards Hentai: "I'd fear more for the feline that tries getting at this spicy kitten!"


General Stats
-Endurance: 3/5
-Strength: 1.5/5
-Speed: 4/5
-Defense: 2.5/5
-Technique: 2.5/5

Wrestling Stats
-Strikes: 3.5/5
-Submissions: 4/5
-Power Moves: 1.5/5
-Aerial Moves: 4.5/5
-Counters: 3.5/5



Rueda de Fuego

La Quema

Salto de Gata



Quemador De Brazo

Saque de Meta

AFW Information
Record: Yet to Debut.

Wins: 0

Losses: 0

Draws: 0


Friends: Nothing yet.

Allies: Nothing yet.

Rivals: Nothing yet.

Enemies: Nothing yet.

Crushes: Nothing yet.

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