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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Masika Neferet - The Mystic Sphynx

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Masika Neferet - The Mystic Sphynx Empty Masika Neferet - The Mystic Sphynx

Post by BuckleBuster Sun Dec 19, 2021 1:08 am

Masika Neferet - The Mystic Sphynx FjBtsEr

Name: Masika Neferet
Alias/Ring Name: "The Mystic Sphynx"
Age: 21
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Purple
Height: 5'4
Weight: 121 lbs
Sexuality: Bisexual
Nationality: Egyptian
Hometown: Giza, Egypt
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Deficio - Egyptica

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Like a snake slithering through the sands of the dune, Masika has mastered the ability the strike unexpectedly and from afar. She uses her slender and strong legs to execute impressive chain kicks, channeling speed and technique to make up for her lack of raw power. Masika is just as deadly on the mat, once again making use of her legs to manipulate and trap opponents in a plethora of compromising submission holds. While not adept at taking too much damage herself, Masika relies on her agility and acrobatic skills to dodge or outmaneuver most perilous situations.

A trained gymnast, Masika is able to contort her body to impressive degrees. She utilizes this skill when both executing and escaping from complex submission holds. Her impressive repertoire of kick-based attacks serve as a setup for her lethal submission holds, which allow her to be much more up close and personal with her opponents. Her weakness for intimacy can easily reveal itself in such situations, as she constantly finds herself distracted by the aura of attractive foes, especially when she has managed to trap them in more compromising positions. She'll even delay pulling off a reversal or finisher if it means she'll have a few more intimate seconds with her opponent; a trait that opportunistic wrestlers have easily taken advantage of. Despite harboring serious skill and ability, her frivolous nature easily distracts her from the fight at hand, and can even come at the cost of victory itself.

Type: Flexible Striker and Submissionist

Style: Leg-heavy strikes and submissions

Preferred Matches: Standard, Hentai, anything sans weapons

Physical Stats


Wrestling Technique Stats:

Striking: ★★★★☆
Submissions: ★★★★☆
Powerhouse: ★☆☆☆☆
Aerial: ★★☆☆☆
Counters: ★★★★☆

Favorite Moves:
- Head/Body scissors
- Triangle Choke
- Ankle Lock
- Spladle
- Roundhouse kick
- Dragon Whip
- Teep/Front Kick

Signature Moves:

Sandtrap: Approaching from behind, Masika places her legs on either side of the waist of her seated opponent. From there, it's simply a matter of clamping her legs together and squeezing with all her might, asphyxiating her opponent's torso between her toned thighs.

Scorpion Tail Sting: Putting her gymnastics skills to good use in the ring, Masika barrels towards her opponents with repeated backflips. Given the brazenness of the attack, most opponents are able to see it from a mile away, and dodge it accordingly. But what they don't realize is that Masika now has a clean path to the ropes, where she can then bounce back and deliver a dropkick straight to the chest or face.
Scorpion Tail Sting:

Ibis Kick: A simple flying jump kick aimed at the head. Best used against opponents who are sprinting towards her, simply because if timed correctly, it can be an effective means of stopping them dead in their tracks.
Ibis Kick:

Ascent to Aaru: Masika runs towards an opponent slumped against the turnbuckle, using their legs and waist as stepping stones to reach their chest. Once there, she pushes off their chest with both feet, flipping backwards onto the mat and making sure to get a good swipe at the bottom of their chin in the process
Ascent to Aaru:

Finishing Moves:

Queen Cobra Lock: Masika steps between the defender’s legs and spins around while holding onto one of them, bending the leg at the knee. Shen then picks up the other leg and holds it out straight, tucking the leg at the ankle above the knee of the straight leg. She then steps forward with her free leg past her opponent’s locked foot and falls back. She gradually thrusts her pelvis forwards an up, increasing the pressure on the knee to unbearable levels in her version of a figure four leglock.
Queen Cobra Lock:

Mandible's Clutch:Masika flips her victim onto her stomach, so she's lying face down on the mat. She then puts her opponent into a double toed leglock and grabs hold of their wrists. She then rolls onto her back and pushes her legs forward and up, prolonging the stretch with extensions and contractions to create pulsating pressure and deny any possibility for escape.
Mandible's Clutch:

Anaconda Death Lock With her opponent lying face down on the mat, Masaki first secures a double toed leglock before spinning around and threading her legs between her opponent’s to secure them into position. She then leans back into a bridge, grabbing her opponent’s chin and pulling it upwards.
Anaconda Death Lock:

Hentai Finishing Moves:

Pleasure Pyramid A disorientating concoction of pain and pleasure, Masika maneuvers the defender into a position in which she hooks their legs and arms between her own. Folding the victim up, she will then be able to pull the victims legs over and apart in a fully outstretched spladle hold. Masika only needs one hand to secure the hold, allowing for the other to venture forth into her opponent's exposed folds and make them wetter than the mighty Nile itself.
Pleasure Pyramid:

Hathor's Touch Masika bends her opponent and then gets her right leg over and around her neck. She grabs hold of the left arm of the victim and pulls it backward, while leaning back and pushing forward with the leg which is around the victim’s neck and comp. The other leg is wrap around the victim’s supporting leg for added pressure, concluding the cobra twist. Masika's free hand is then free to grope and fondle her now vulnerable opponent.
Hathor's Touch:



Standard Attire:
Alt/Hentai Attire:
The Mystic Sphynx Promo:
No, I'm not a jobber!... :

Personality: Simple minded and without a care in the world, Masika can easily come of as naïve and immature. That's mostly because she is. Despite harboring a good soul and friendly intentions, she refuses to take anything too seriously. While she does have genuine long-term goals of wrestling stardom, she lacks the willpower and discipline to get there, often boasting she's destined for a championship or title despite not having the wins to show for it. She even goes so far as to throw childish hissy fits when things don't go her way. She's a very sore loser, and blames the ref, her opponent, and everyone else but herself when matches inevitably end in defeat.

Masika lives in the moment, seeking out any vice or pleasure that satisfies her immediate desires at the expense of long-term ambitions. Confident in her body and not afraid to share it with others, Masika won't hesitate to display overbearing affection to just about any attractive woman or man in her midst. This can have dire consequences in the ring, as when presented with the opportunity to finish or toy with an opponent, she will often choose the latter. She is a girl who is in much need of guidance in her life, but has failed so far in finding someone who can lead her down a more disciplined path. Not that she's been trying of course. Instead she's been living in blissful ignorance of her weaknesses.

She is very sociable and friendly outside of the ring, showing loyal devotion to friends and allies. She's spunky and rowdy, quick to take an insult and even quicker to retort in physical fashion. But she is far from a violent or dangerous person. While she may be rowdy, deep down, she is still a kind and gentle girl, always willing to help out a friend or stranger in need. She is playful and boisterous, and likes to play childish tricks and pranks on others. All in all, Masika is energetic, wild, and undisciplined, but with serious skills and ambition that could take her to the very top if only she knew how to channel it properly.

History: The youngest of seven sisters, Masika's life had always felt like one big competition. Each of her sisters had excelled in athletics, with a wide variety of sports and activities being mastered among the household. When it was Masika's turn to decide, she chose gymnastics. And she excelled at it. While her sisters were all regional champions in their respective sports, Masika had already reached the national level at only twelve years of age. Her coaches described her as their most capable student, judges consistently gave her top scores, and followers around the country hailed her as Egypt's next gymnastics prodigy.

She was accepted into Egypt's national junior team at fourteen and put on a rigorous training routine in preparation for the next Olympics that would take place when she became of age. Much of the training took place in Cairo's multisport development complex, which allowed her to train alongside the nation's top athletes from various sports. Due to limits in space and funding, she would often find herself sharing floor space with other sports, and it was one such fateful day that she walked into the training gym to find gymnastic mats placed next to wrestling ones.

For the entire day, Masika's eyes were glued to the wrestling mats, watching with envy as the girls battled it out for control. Her acrobatics suffered as a result. Her jumps were badly time, her grip was slippery, and she all of a sudden couldn't land after a measly flip. Her coaches were flabbergasted at her performance, but she wasn't mystified in the slightest. Her mind was distracted by her new favorite sport.

The news that Masika would be transitioning into wrestling came as a humongous shock to Egypt's gymnastics community. Some athletics fans were enraged that she was throwing away all her talent for was seen by many as an unfeminine sport, while many in the wrestling community viewed Masika's flexible abilities as a valuable asset that would transition nicely onto the wrestling mat. The latter group proved to be right. She dominated the wrestling mats just as easily as had the gymnastics one, tangling up her opponents in awe-inspiring submission holds while seeming to slip out of all of the ones applied on her. Years of gymnastics had developed her legs to refined weapons that she made effective use of on the mats.

It was through the proximity of wrestling that she discovered her sexuality, a feeling that she worked hard to suppress. She continued her training for a few years more, denying her feeling until eventually, they were too much to bear. It all culminated during one particular intense sparring session, where it seemed neither her nor her opponent was going to submit anytime soon. Minutes upon minutes of intense rubbing finally got the better of her, and her fingers instinctively began working their way down to her opponent's private regions. The distraction was all she needed to shock her opponent and win the match, but the tactic brought on the immense disapproval of her coaches and team.

Needless to say, the incident was devastating for Masika's career. She was told that what she had done was unbecoming of an Olympic wrestler, and she was barred from the team. She was horrified, too conflicted with her inner emotions to properly process the events unfolding in front of her. She thought her wrestling career was done until she was approached by an AFW talent scout. Pro wrestling had naturally caught her eye in the process of pursuing her greco-roman ambitions, especially the lewd displays of the faraway Japanese leagues that she had routinely fantasized about, but she had never dreamed she would get to participate in that very same squared circle. And yet here it was, the chance to escape the infamy she had built for herself at home and start fresh abroad. She'd be able to test her strength and wrestling prowess without limits, all while being able to explore her carnal instincts without reprisal. How could she refuse?

Masika adopted the Mystic Sphynx alias, adorning an attire that played heavily into the mysticism of her Egyptian heritage and eroticism of its mythology. She planned to train rigorously in AFW's programs and gyms before even beginning to set foot in the ring. And she did, for a time. She built a solid repertoire of pro-wrestling moves that she could implement into her traditional mat-wrestling knowledge, but months of training had festered a certain amount of impatience in her. She cut her training short, feeling she was already equipped with the skills to dominate the mat in more ways than one. With a bold and cocky fervor fueling her ambition, Masika finally set out to grace the ring of AFW as The Mystic Sphynx.

Fun Facts:

Trickster: Loves to pull pranks on friends and rivals alike... although the latter not always experiences the most harmless of tricks.

Pet Sphynx: Funnily enough, Masika does own a pet Sphynx cat. Pets aren't allowed in her apartment, but no one's discovered her little secret so far.

Crybaby: It doesn't take much to get Masika to cry. A mushy movie, a sly taunt, a painful hold: She just can't seem to hold back the tears.

Button's Pushed: While it doesn't take much to push Masika's button's, comparing her to a child is definitely a sure fire way to set her off.

AFW Information




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