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Mon May 13, 2024 5:49 am by TheLoneWanderer

As a first outing for this rebooted account, I'd like to engage some opponent in a matroom, or something equivalent, with a focus on BJJ, Catch Wrestling, MMA, etc. It can range from actual training (preferably of the character I play but I can do yours even if I'd like further teaching for BJJ.) to an extreme match. Either way, message me if you wanna bite. While I do like femdom and all that, I will do my best to treat any participants equally.

You can pick either Senji or Hiroyuki but I'm …

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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Painting a Masterpiece~

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Painting a Masterpiece~ Empty Painting a Masterpiece~

Post by Deus001 Sat Sep 25, 2021 12:51 am

John was the sort that he liked to treat himself now and then, as well as others close to him. Usually it was done at times like the holidays, but also when things had recently gone a bit sour and it was done as a treat to make up for it. Hence why he was following through on exactly that, namely with treating his muse Kotone to a grand day out. After having a recent match against newcomer Marisa the pair had a really great match, with the empress taking John up on an offer of doing a portrait for her. 

Although during and after the match the artist had gotten a bit spurred on in the heat of the moment there, during which Koto had found the two and was needless to say rather annoyed by them. Having crashed back down to the earth there had made John feel like he'd been punched in the gut, so he had inwardly resolved to make it up to the idol sometime after. Needless to say however Koto had made sure John had no sleep that night once the match had been done.

Two days later John had started a group chat with Koto and Marisa, the better to keep track of when they could arrange the painting session and also to help build a rapport of peace. Today was the evening when the empress lady would grace the domain of the artist. Which meant John had to apply operation 'Spoil Idol Princess! John had taken Koto on a grand day out about town and basically treated her to whatever, that new coat? Bought. The new film? Front row seats and quiet kissing in the dark. She wanted to be sketched by the pond like one of those French girls? John brought his grade A materials! And it went great too! Until a goose honked and caused general mischief that culminated in the artist taking a trip and a dunk in the pond water! Said goose then did a little dance with Kotone before waddling off honking all the while, it wasn't the first time that gander machine had harassed John and it'd likely not be the last!

Falling in the pond aside John had made sure that it all went flawlessly, he wasn't done yet making sure that Koto was feeling like a princess however. His apartment was a well looked after condo pad, with a spiral staircase that led to a sleek double bed that screamed intimate. The downstairs area had a large couch, wall mounted TV, a bar kitchen and bathroom, with a long roped cable that led to the attic that housed John's studio~ 

Currently however John was dressed in just a pair of sleek black jeans, sitting atop the bed with Koto-chan~ His master class hands were working their magic upon the idol's bared feet, Koto's practised legs stemmed from TKD lessons. And her well honed and cute feet were perfect to be massaged, it'd been a regular thing for the pair to help wind down into the evening. But here John was doing his utmost to relieve alllllll the worry Koto might have, he leaned down to gently kiss and lick her soles inbetween kneading her feet. It was all going so well!

Then..........he could swear the doorbell just rung, he waited to see what Koto's response would be before doing anything else.............

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Painting a Masterpiece~ Empty Re: Painting a Masterpiece~

Post by Scourger X Sat Oct 16, 2021 8:09 pm

Ever since she became a part of AFW's roster, Kotone's life made a change, a positive one at that. From meeting John Carnaby, her official mentor and emotional supporter, and if she played her cards right, maybe even her first serious boyfriend! Even more; after her meeting with the eccentric "Mr. X" and the faction that he managed, it looked like she wasn't going to be as supportless as she thought at first!

Well... Not everything was golden as of recently. Within John's numerous rivals, came a girl named Marisa that appeared to be getting a bit too close to the artist for her comfort. "Jealousy was unsightly for a lady, even more so for our family's standards dear" Her upbringing was crystal-clear about this topic, but still... It wasn't like she just turn her heart on and off to will!

Her aforementioned instructor made it apparent that he wanted to make it right with her. As if making that artsy chat was enough indication about it, and the day that he selected? Really? He needed to put a bigger effort if he tried to fool her about his intentions... Is what she tried to repeat to herself for this whole week, and still, she couldn't help but to await eagerly for the day with him. His attempts to buy her forgiveness were as painfully apparent as always, and still, she would treasure that dress more than any other she owned, watching movies was a thing that she loved to do, but not as much as doing it alongside John. Perhaps Marisa would be painted today, but she was still his muse, and those were his own words. Even when that feathered little buddy scared her painter to the pond, all she could do was laugh non-maliciously at his fear of dancing gooses, it was here that she realized that she hadn't thought of Marisa at all! And that for as much as she tried, she couldn't keep herself angry with John, like her new friend said to her appeared to be true: "If you are constantly smiling when you're with him, it means that he's worth enough to give him another chance!"

The rookie Idol followed the experienced former-champ to his home, happy to realize that it was like a second home to her. No, scratch that, it wasn't the department that seemed like home, it was John... That realization sinked in her chest deeper than any feeling of jealousy could ever reach... She was looking forward to feel him pleasure her some more, she acted vexed, even if she wasn't anymore. Just so he could put some effort to his spoiling. And boy did he delivered that effort!

She needed to cover her mouth to keep the loud and lewd moans from the neighbours, his hands and lips worked her soles so masterfully that she had to wonder if he was also a musician, for he was playing her to sing as he pleased. She was unsure if he was worthy from that little tip that her girlish friend told her to please a male, but now she knew that this needed some sort of reward! Especially if it meant that this ecstatic treat would become a tradition for them~

Then the door resounded... And John's life was once again in the line. "Awaiting for late visits?" Koto asked with an icy tone, followed immediately with a B O N K to the head with her heel. Call it, a preventive strike as payment for the night that went from dreamy to risky very fast.

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