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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Cassandra Selinofoto

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Cassandra Selinofoto Empty Cassandra Selinofoto

Post by Aeri Wed Aug 11, 2021 6:47 pm

The Lady of Souls

“I’m.. Cassandra, and that’s all you need to know.”

Real Name: Cassandra Selinofoto
Nicknames: Drakina, Psyche
Age: 18
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Height: 5’0
Weight: 126lbs
Nationality: Asian/Mexican
Alignment: Face/Tweener.


Cassandra is usually.. rather quiet and soft spoken. She prefers to work with her actions more than her words.. not to say she’s mute. She can speak just fine, although she does know ASL, which is a fun fact.

In the ring, Psyche, the Butterfly Soul, represents her softer and more playful side. Cassandra will not go that rough on her opponents, and usually stick to regular submissions and aerial moves, along with some teasing smothers and actions, leaving them breathless without saying a word.

Drakina, the Dragoness Soul. It signifies when Cassandra is serious and had come into the match with an intent to hold nothing back. Upon seeing this, you should expect the same.

As Drakina, Cassandra is.. different. Less playful, more serious and is willing to use vicious moves to disable her foe. She will break her foe down methodically during the match, piece by piece and then pull out all the stops at the ends, to make them scream. This state of mind also boasts incredible toughness, but.. she still can be a bit teasing and toying with opponents, even helping out foes she deems she likes.

Wrestling Information

Style: A swift footed and dexterous submissionist and high flyer.

Preferred Attacks: Definitely something that causes pain, and something that gives her an excuse to fly.

Preferred Matches: Anything. However she won’t do outright hentai.

Attitude To Hentai:  

“Look.. I don’t really like going into a match with the intent of just having sex..

That ruins it. I don’t mind it getting.. uhm.. hentai-y some day, but I shan’t participate in matches with that as the focus.”

General Statistics

Endurance ★★★★ “I can take a lot. Like a real lot.”

Strength ★★★ “Not bad for a lightweight like me!”

Speed ★★★★ “Float like a butterfly and all that, no?”

Defence ★★★ “Yeah.. I have a little problem there.”

Technique ★★★★ “I don’t sting like a bee. I sting like a wasp and will make it hurt.”

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes ★★★ “I can make it hurt if I hit the right spots.. but otherwise, no.”

Submissions ★★★★ “Getting in one of these isn’t advised..”

Powerhouse ★★ “Ahaha.. I’m not gonna be able to outmuscle or bearhug many.”

Aerials ★★★★ “I do love to fly.”

Counters ★★★★ “I’ll give more than I get!”


Cassandra was born in Mexico to her parents. She was a rather sweet, if not somewhat soft spoken and shy child growing up, rather different from her parents. She adored her mother and father, but the relationship between them was strained.

Her mother, a divine wrestler in her own right was always travelling, always away. Cassandra didn’t mind. Reina always gave her attention whenever she came back on her visits, which started to get more and more far between. It worried the child. Around the age of six or seven, her parents started to argue more and more, and Cassandra rarely had any time to enjoy the company of both.

So for the most part, she simply watched the relationship between her parents grow more and more strained.. before finally snapping at 10 years of age. Her parents split and she was tossed around between then for years. Whenever her father was with her, she was being made to study to take over his business or being groomed to marry a suitable man. And when she found out her mother dropped out of wrestling..? Just for her..? She was confused.

At a young age she was being put to work training for wrestling on one end and business on the other. It split her mind in two, one side being more serious and quiet that came out around her parents, because both demanded utter perfection in their craft.. the birth of what would be Drakina, the Dragoness.

And the other? Cassandras free spirited side, Psyche. The Butterfly, representing her freedom and childishness, more playful. It came out when she was either alone or with someone she liked very much.

Anyways, fast forwards to 17 years old. Reina began to wrestle again and Cassie began to realise the same thing was happening again. But now she was older, faster.. and more competent. So till the days leading up till she was 18, Cassandra trained in secret, inventing her wrestling personas.. and upon her birthday, August 23rd, Cassie applied to AFW. It took a while to be processed, almost a year, for a wrestler with no official experience.. but it was done eventually!

Signature Moves


Cassandra Selinofoto O4V2c3t

Soul Torque:

Cassandra Selinofoto Image0

Vertical Butterfly Facebuster

Cassandra Selinofoto TZP74DE


Cassandra Selinofoto 155b2110
Cassandra Selinofoto 42b44c10
Cassandra Selinofoto 182aec10


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