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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Khulan Khan

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Khulan Khan Empty Khulan Khan

Post by acuyra Wed Jun 16, 2021 6:14 am

Khulan Khan LNkVQ24
Age: 24
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black
Height: 6”1’
Weight: 186 lbs
Nationality: Mongolia

Entrance Music:

Wolf Totem by the HU

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Ceaseless Momentum - Khan was never one to demonstrate swift-footed speed or agile gymnastics in her fighting style, but since when were the Mongols known for their graceful footwork when going on a rampaging warpath seems to be more up their alley? Khan makes her conquering ancestors proud with a relentless offense and oppressive advancements in her bouts, brandishing a resilient endurance level that has her barreling through until she finally catches them and starts to break them apart with heavy strikes and power moves. Though at times she can be a cunning fighter as well. Often, she’ll feign being more hurt than she really is to lull her opponents into making big moves she can capitalize on.

Style: Offensive Powerhouse
Type: Juggernaut

Preferred Attacks:

Preferred Matches: Hardcore, I Quit, Last Person Standing

Physical Statistics
Endurance:★★★★★ - Khan is nearly impossible to stop once she gets moving.
Strength:★★★★★ - Tall and imposing, Khan boasts upper tier strength.
Speed:★★★ - On the slower side typically, though she can sprint quickly over short distances.
Defense:★★ - Tends to tank hits rather than block them.
Technique:★★★ - Has a good selection of slams and strikes to work from, but doesn’t deviate far from these moves.

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes: ★★★★ - A commanding striker, though not a quick one. When she hits, she destroys.
Submissions: ★★ - Can use some simple submissions, but nothing too complicated.
Powerhouse: ★★★★★ - Her best area. Uses commanding, devastating slams to brutalize opponents.
Aerial: ★- Not her area.
Counters: ★★★★- Is surprisingly adept at reversing moves through sheer power.

Signature Moves:

Coiling Serpent
Khan’s hair is not just for show - human hair is surprisingly strong, and Khan has more than enough of it to use in interesting ways. She’s most famous for using it to strangle opponents, and she’s even used it as a restraint on several occasions. The legality of this varies on the place she fights - since the hair is a part of a body, some federations consider the move legal, others don’t.

Twin Axes:
A Mongolian Chop. Sometimes performed without the delayed theatricality, but is always a savage sight whenever Khan slams her hands down upon her opponent's shoulders.

Crashing Eagle:
A squatting military press that paints the perfect portrait of dominance over her opponent, who’s being dangled in the air as a hapless dumbbell in Khan's exercise routine. She can follow up on this move in a number of ways, including but not limited to: dropping their backs across her knee, tossing them into the turnbuckle, just letting them fall behind her, or, if she’s in a particularly bad mood, hurling them clear out of the ring.

Finishing Moves:

Howling Wolf:
A series of devastating gut-wrench suplexes that are performed ceaselessly until Khan eventually tires out. Though by then the unwilling passenger is typically a limp, hobbled, and blathering mess. She’s been known to actually get submissions off this move.

Piercing Spear:
With an explosive burst of speed, Khan rushes across the ring, reels back, and hits the opponent with a devastating overhead punch. It is almost guaranteed to knock out if it connects, and can even do a great deal of damage if blocked, but it’s easy to avoid if done raw.

Critical Finisher
The Great Fall:
A Muscle Buster - with her opponent in the corner and sitting on the top turnbuckle, she grabs their head, forces their neck against hers and lifts them up while she grasps their legs. From there, she marches to the center of the ring and walks a bit, letting the blood flow down their body, until she kicks her legs out and drops into a sit, driving their neck hard into her shoulder. She can also do an avalanche version of this, for particularly dangerous opponents.


*Note: Khan doesn’t have any regular attire. She cycles through different attires for each match, and never wears the same one twice in a row, though the schoolgirl attire is the most regular in her rotation.



A quiet woman, Khan speaks so rarely that some have mistaken her for being mute. She can talk, it’s simply a matter of preference - she doesn’t have much to say most of the time, and likes to let her actions speak for her whenever possible. She finds she can get a lot done through sheer intimidation, letting her sheer presence and size command those around. What's more she prefers not to let other people know what she's thinking, where she can sometimes surprise people with her wit, brutish honesty and a somewhat humorous naivety considering she's gotten what's she wanted whether through intimidation or from those being stunned by her beauty.

That’s not to say she shies away from physical combat, however - far from it. She loves to fight when it comes to it, and craves a good, competitive match. Slamming someone around the ring, ragdolling, hammering them into the canvas...when she’s truly pushed, she comes alive, getting a rush from breaking truly strong opponents. She wouldn’t use the word ‘sadism’ to describe it, but the women she’s laid waste to over the years would, citing the nearly orgasmic moans she makes as she hammers them over and over.

Born in Mongolia to a single mother, Khan was brought to Japan at the age of eight, when her mother was transferred there as part of her job as a fashion designer. Already a shy child, suddenly finding herself in a foreign land with a language she could barely speak did little to force her out of that shell, and it certainly didn’t help that she was unnaturally tall for her age - by the age of ten, she was the tallest person in her class by a head, even towering over most of the boys.

Her darker skin and features, her quietness, and her height earned her a reputation as a loner and something of a badass, even though she did little to foster that notion. Eventually, she decided to just accept it, and slipped into a role as a class bully of sorts - though she rarely hurt anyone, she intimidated smaller kids, got them to do things for her, and formed a clique of sorts, with many of her classmates vying for her favor so they could exploit her strength and be on her good side. As silly as it was, it got her a posse of "friends", and even attracted some significant others to her as she grew to understand her sexuality. She greatly appreciated that perk.

It was around this time that she joined a local MMA club, interested in seeing how well she could do at the sport and how fast she could rule the roost and have people there vying to get in her good graces. While she excelled over her peers here and her reputation grew, there was a girl there who she could never seem to get the better of - Akino Sanada. No matter how often they sparred, Akino would come out on top more often than not despite her smaller size and visual disability. It was a fact that frustrated her more than she cared to admit but it affirmed an ugly truth she hated to face. That her success in the school mostly came from her natural brute strength, and that Akino’s learned technique was superior.

Akino left the MMA club and Khan did the same later on, but she never stopped thinking about the blue-haired girl, those losses sticking in her craw for years. They continued all the way to high school, where, as luck would have it, the two of them ran into each other once again. But this time as the second-in-commands to a higher ranked fighter and upperclassman in the high school. The duo were his infamous right and left hands, doling out destruction when needed and being inseparable aides to their boss and the gang he commanded. Though as suspected, once the boss graduated (technically he was expelled after numerous arrests) they both wanted to take his place and ascend to the top. Afterwards, the two of them met and agreed to fight in an abandoned building over who would take his place. Private match. No rules. First to submit, loses. Hours passed and eventually...they were both found dead tired and too fatigued to move their battered bodies in a stalemate.

Officially, the two of them had a draw, and the gang disbanded. But on the sly, the only reason the duo came to a no-contest was because halfway into the fight and after they released some pent up emotions, they wound up becoming intimately familiar from billowed panting against the other's skin and grinding undulations that made winning that match much less of a priority. Akino and Khan grew close, becoming passionate friends and sparring lovers. They had many rematches, but most of them ended in the same, steamy way, with no real decisive winner, and they greatly preferred it that way, becoming closer through competition with many elements of their previous animosity fading off in the distance.

Time came for them to part ways, however. Khan was forced to move back to Mongolia after her idiot father violated their visa and got them deported. In her homeland, she was easily able to find work as a supermodel thanks to her mother's connections. She wound up treasured for her rare beauty and physique, but she never stopped fighting and regularly participated in cage fights, building up a reputation in the Mongolian underground. But she had grown up in Japan, and considered it more of her home. She longed to return to it...and to Akino, who she constantly kept tabs on. But she was patient. She waited for the right time to come back to Japan...and to Akino...and to potentially pin her lover's shoulders to the mat on a ring canvas instead of a mattress.

And a vacation taken from her modeling gig means that time has finally arrived.

Fun Facts

-Khan is related to Ghengis Khan himself...along with about .5 of the human population. The man was prolific.
-Has a fondness for jigsaw puzzles. They help her calm down.
-Is told she bears a resemblance to someone named Sharaiya Drackonov, a fellow wrestler. She doesn’t see it.
-While she has been defeated before, only one woman has the distinction of making her submit - Akino Sanada. Out of respect to her, Khan hasn’t cut her hair since their last fight, and has made a promise herself to only do so when another manages to make her quit a match. Also, she takes quite a bit of effort to maintain her hair, and woe betide the fool that tries to pull it and use it against her. Messing with her hair on purpose is a quick way to bring out a side of Khan you will not want any part of.


Friends: Akino Sanada
Allies: Akino Sanada
Crushes: Akino Sanada
Rivals: Akino Sanada

*Thanks to Killcarrion for helping me hash this out!

Khulan Khan SPoWQN2

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