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Tue Aug 09, 2022 1:04 am by ihateocrecolors

Due to some issues that I think have been popping up because of my involvement in stuff, I believe it's in the interest for me and everyone else that I take a temporary or probably permanent leave from AFW-related stuff. I have been nothing more than a burden to most of you. I won't make this into a giant paragraph. All I want to say is that I apologize to everyone who's ever rooted for me because I can't hack it not anymore.

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Retiring some wrestlers

Sun Jul 10, 2022 11:42 am by Deus001

Hey all

Deus here, I've been thinking it over and I'll be looking at benching some of my roster. Been thinking its a bit over bloated and with newer ideas on the horizon for me I've figured its time to shuffle them off to greener pastures or let their faceclaims be free to use.

So at the moment I will be retiring Chuang Lingxian, Qi Lingxian and Leon La Rouge effective immediate. I might be considering benching other people but atm the above three are getting axed. If you want to adopt any of …

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Red Dead Rematch: Clyde Gastin vs Makie Akamatsu (IM match)

Go down

Red Dead Rematch: Clyde Gastin vs Makie Akamatsu (IM match) Empty Red Dead Rematch: Clyde Gastin vs Makie Akamatsu (IM match)

Post by Underdog21 Fri May 14, 2021 3:29 am

Match Type: Standard Prostyle match
Victory Conditions: Pinfall, Submission, or Knockout

Clyde Gastin made his way to the ring the moment “Heavy Is The Head”  began to play through the arena speakers and Kyoto’s favorite blonde haired cowboy came down the smoke covered entrance ramp with a wide grin on his face, wearing long black wrestling tights and pads on his elbows and knees with matching boots as well as white tape on his wrists.
The cowboy stopped at the top of the stage, pulling down on his cowboy hat before tossing it away and striking a big flex on the stage while pyro went off and the crowd roared.  Carrying a cocky swagger, Clyde strolled down the ramp, high fiving the fans before getting inside the ring.

“Introducing first!  From Liberty, Texas! Weighing in at One-Hundred and Forty Pounds….. Clyde Gastin!!!” Cried the announcer as Clyde raised his hands to the crowd before going to his corner to await the arrival of his opponent that he'd be facing tonight!

Clyde didn't have to wait for long.
"Lotus" by Dir En Grey began to blare over the speakers, and a lot of people in the arena burst into cheers when they recognized whose music it was. A second later, Makie Akamatsu came striding into the arena, clad in her usual red-and-white leotard that hugged her small, yet fit and busty frame, along with her matching boots and pads. Grinning, she burst into a run down the ramp, hi-fiving her fans as she made her way to the ring, before sliding under the ropes and climbing the top rope, drinking in the audience's applauce.
"And opposing him, from Kyoto, Japan...weighing in at one hundred and twenty four poinds....Makie Akamatsuuu!" The crowd went wild. As Makie hopped off of the corner post, though, her expression became more serious as she stared the cowboy down. If looks could kill, then Makie was attempting murder right now.
"I told you it wasn't over between us," she said.

Clyde's eyes were wide as he saw the rather famous Makie Akamtasu appear. The spunky, spikey haired Japanese beauty that came rushing down the ramp to the delight of fans in a very tight fitting leotard.

She did not look happy to see him and Clyde took note of that with a nerovus smile.

"Gee Makie, when ya put it like that ya sound like a girlfriend tellin her beau, 'we ain't done'! Heh, that how ya think of me?" Clyde replied  with a small chuckle.

Clyde's words instantly caused Makie's face to redden. Aside from the fact that Clyde had just so casually brushed aside her declaration of retribution (which honestly had sounded pretty cool in her mind when she had first thought of it), he was also implying that she had feelings for him. And, true, Clyde was good looking (and damn if he didn't know it), and true, Makie had maybe fantasized a bit about...wait, no, dammit!

Straightening up, Makie stared Clyde down. "Laugh it up all you want, cowboy," she said with a slight smile. "Me, I'm just glad you remember me...and you're definitely going to remember me more after I pound your face into the mat tonight."

Clyde just smirked as he saw Makie get all red in the face. He didn't mean to make her blush, he was just being honest, he knew he had a way with being at least a little charming.

"Oh I remember real good, Makie Akamatsu... You were a formiddible opponent last we fought... I hope you've gotten better because if you haven't... You're gonna lose much faster and it won;t be me being pounded so easily!" Clyde declared as the bell rang and the cowboy charged for Makie, trying to go for a lockup!

Makie was so engaged with the banter against Clyde, and so focused on making a strong impression against the former Tension title contender...that she almost lost track of what the ref was doing. So it was that when the bell rang and Clyde came charging right at her, she was caught flat footed.

Yelping in surprise, she narrowly managed to bring her arms up in time as Clyde tied up aggressively with her. She closed one eye, hissing through clenched teeth as she pushed and twisted against her male opponent. Little by little, however, she found herself being pushed back by her determined

"C'mon!" Clyde exclaimed, getting tied up with Makie and then pushing her back as hard as he could, getting her back a few steps and very close to the corner where she started as he saw her struggle and twist against him.

"You're distracted already?  Stay focused, Makie-San."  Clyde muttered before he brutishly shoved Makie back into her corner while he winded his hand back to chop her right across the chest with his open hand!

"Nnnnh!" Makie was caught in a direct contest of strength, the exact kind of fight she liked to avoid as Clyde seized an early advantage. Despite her best efforts, she soon found herself pressed against the corner, CLyde backing away to raise a hand for a strike. His comment about her being distracted stung...but it also gave her the mental kick she needed to get into gear.

As Clyde lashed out with his hand, Makie ducked trying to duck low under him and spin around, kicking up to hammer him in the back or, if he was turning around, the

"Rgh!" Clyde swung for the fences to chop a new one into Makie with enough force that the nosebleeds would hear it. But Makie show cased her famous agility and ducked under it, leaving his shoulder over the ropes after the swing.  "Gh...!" He turned around sharply to fight with Makie again only to eat her spinning kick right in his chest to the crowd's roar!

"GOUGH!" The blow stunned Clyde and knocked him right off his feet, sending him into the turnbuckle his arms over the ropes.

"Good advice. You should try taking it, cowboy," Makie said with a smirk as her blow sent Clyde sprawling into the corner. WIthout wasting time or energy, she moved in close to the blonde, momentarily pressing her body close to his as she grabbed for his arm...before yanking him out of his corner and sending him whipping towards the ropes, running up to meet him the moment he bounced back.

And the moment he did, she would be there to greet him, leaping up to lock her legs around his head and drop back, aiming to flip him in a hurricanrana!

"Ugh..." Clyde groaned as he hate his words. His cheeks flushing as he felt Makie's tight frame against his bare chest before he was whipped into the ropes, where he came running back without a choice. There he saw Makie and braced for impact.... Only to watch her leap right into him!

"Gmph!" Her thighs locked around his head so quickly before his world spun and he was flipped hard onto his back! Dropping to the canvas with a hard impact !  "Gaah!!" Clyde groaned, bouncing once going flat in the center of the ring.

"Aww, running out of gas already?" Makie teased as she circled the downed Clyde. A part of her wanted to go for a pin then and there, but she knew from experience how tough the Texan was, and wanted to wear him down further. Instead, she broke into a run towards the opposite ropes and came bouncing off of them, running back towards Clyde while he was still prone on the mat.

And, assuming he was still prone, she would flip head over heels, aiming to nail the hurting Texan with a leg drop!

"Nnn...." Clyde blushed with frustration as Makie teased him, watching him circle him like a lioness before she came off the ropes, hard and fast, he was set to move but dind't have it in as Makie was way too light on her feet and when she flipped, she came down extra hard across Clyde's chest upper chest and face with her flipping legdrop!

"OUUGH!!" Clyde was crushed. His legs shot in the air and his head turned sideways after the leg drop. The cowboy going near limp as he lay on the mat, his toned, manly chest rising and falling with each breath he took.

Makie watchied in satisfaction as the cowboy's body jerknifed under her. This time, she decided that she had softened him up enough to go for a pin attempt...if nothing else, it would keep him on the defensive. Dropping down next to him, she lay acrss his heaving chest, and hooked one of his legs. Almost immediately, the ref was next to them, starting the countdown.


"TWO!!" Cried the ref and Clyde groaned, his eyes suddenly shooting wide before he... "Raah!" He kicked and broke the pin, getting the second count as he turned away from Makie, panting a bit after taking three stiff moves from her.

Makie's eyes widened a little as the count reached two, and she contemplated that maybe, just maybe, she would be able to get an early win. This hope was dashed, however, as Clyde broke the pin and went rolling away. "You're not getting away that easily, Gastin," she said with a laugh as she knelt upright and moved after Clyde. Kneeling behind him, she would grab his head, pulling him into a sitting position, before sliding her arm around his throat, locking in a sleeper hold from behind.

"H-Hey wai-Aggk!" Clyde groaned suddenly as he was snagged by a laughing Makie and pulled into a sleeper! Feeling her yank him up and then wrap her arm around his throat, locking in the sleeper, already Clyde's eyes fluttered, his lips parted as he panted for air and began to tug on Makie's arm as hard as he could, kicking and struggling for a long moment before he slumped a bit, going more and more still as the ref girl went to check on the cowboy... She lifted his arm once....  And it dropped limply.


Makie's heart raced as she locked in the sleeper from behind, and felt Clyde  begin to slacken. Already, the ref had lifted his arm, only for it to fall limp. She blinked in surprise even as she squeezed into Clyde from behind, her chest pressing up agaisnt his naked back. This seemed too good to be true. Surely, she wasn't about to defeat Clyde this easily, this early in the match?

Surprised as she was, she kept squeezing....

"Hnnk...." Clyde gave a gag, his arm dropping, barely able to register Makie's large chest against his naked back... But when The ref went for his arm again, Clyde held fast, keeping his arm up and going for Makie's wrist while trying to stand on his knees and attempt to flip her right over onto her back and break the hold before she put him to sleep!

Just as the ref grabbed Clyde's arm again, it suddenly came to life again, grabbing for Makie's wrist. Surprised, Makie was barely able to react in time as Clyde began to stand up, slowly but surely loosening her grip. Then, a second later, Makie was flipped head over heels over the Texan in a well executed judo toss. She cried out in alarm and pain, rebounding hard off the mat and arching up into a sitting position, clutching the small of her back as she hissed in

Having Makie down, Clyde runned his throat and then looked down to see Makie was a bit stunned. "Tryin' ta.. Knock me out huh?" He groaned, trying to embrace her from behind, pushing his naked chest agianst the back and hugging her waist to try and lift Makie before attempting to carry and hoist her into the air and drill her into the canvas with a german suplex!

Makie was unable to respond to Clyde at that moment, as she was still a little too focused on the throbbing pain in her back. A second later, though, Clyde's arms came around her waist, causing more pain to flare in her spine even as the movement pushed upward on her chest a little. She instinctively grabbed for Clyde's arms...just before her entire world went upside down.

There was a horrible moment of the blood rushing to her head, before Clyde suplexed her hard into the mat. Her body jolted from the impact, before she flopped down onto her front, groaning as she lay facedown in a stunned heap.

The crowd could be heard giving a loud groan as poor Makie was drilled into the canvas and Clyde rose, standing over Makie. He grabbed her head as she lay in a busted heap before him. He guided her to her feet, one hand on her head, the other by her chin, cradling her head before attempting to stuff her head between his thighs and prep for a powerbomb.

"Up ya go!" He cried, trying to flip poor Makie up onto his shoulders and prepare to crush her!

Makie's world was ringing now from the impact as she lay face down, barely hearing the reaction of the crowd as lay slumped on the mat. A small part of her was conscious that she was in trouble, and that she had a match to win and that she had to get up. The best that part of her managed to do, though, was to kick her leg uselessly against the mat as she tried to summon the energy to move.

A second later, though, Clyde was pulling her up to her feet, her legs wobbling as they threatened to give way underneath her. She blinked rheimily, before she realized her head was being placed between Clyde's legs. she squirmed, just as Clyde was lifting her up. For a brief moment she was being held up in an awkward position, her legs braced against Clyde's shoulders.

And then, down she want, Clyde descending to bomb her hard into the ring. Her body jolted again from the impact before she went still, her chest rising and falling softly as she stared up in a barely conscious daze at the arena lights.

Slamming poor Makie down and seeing her smaller body jolt and twitch befroe settling on the canvas in a broken heap made Clyde wince with sympthy before he flexed his arm for the crowd to showcase himself as the former champion with all the power.

He had to admit, Makie was a rather attractive lady. It was hard not too oogle her as he saw her chest softly rising and falling but he tried to ignore her body as best he could and simply walk over to Makie and pin her shoulders down and hook her leg, getting face to face with the girl and not saying anything, their faces so close they were nearly touching, but Clyde wanted to make sure Makie was in lala land so if she kicked out, he would see it,rather than it be a surprise.

*"Good fight, Makie-chan." *Clyde thought to himself

Makie's back was a seething mass of pain at this point after being brought down with full force into the mat. It was impossible to shut this pain out, and a small part of her knew it was only going to get worse as the match went on. As she tried to catch her breath, however, she suddenly felt a warm weight against her, and became dimly aware of a countdown starting. Then, her eyes fluttered open.

Clyde was lying against her, his face mere inches from hers, even as he pressed down against her, hooking a leg for the pin.


"Wh-what the hell!" she exclaimed, twisting a shoulder up in an effort to break the pinfall.

The moment Makie kicked out, Clyde was on her, he practically pounced on top of her body, chest to her shoulder while wrapping his arms around her head sharply to lock in a headlock and attempt to start guiding her up.

"T-That's impressive! Yer up after that powerbomb!?" He exclaimed, trying to get her up to her feet, apperently noticing very little of their too-close for comfort closeness during their combat. Already keeping her head in tight with his arms, Clyde tried to guide the battered Japanese fighter to her feet.

Maki was breathing hard as her head was grabbed by Clyde and she was pulled shakily to her feet. Her small body was already being battered hard by her Texan opponent, and she desperately needed a second wind. As it was, all she could do at this moment was paw weakly at Clyde's arms as they encircled her head, wincing at the pressure that was poured around her skull.

Clyde saw Maki was so battered. He admired her fighting spirit but now she was in trouble. He had every intention to wittle her down until she couldn't get back up anymore to fight. He felt her soft hands paw at his arms weakly.

"Stay with me now..." Clyde muttered, turning Makie to face him before tagging her across the head with a clubbing forearm smash across the side of her head!

Underdog — 06/08/2020
"Ahhh....!" Makie gasped as she now clutched more firmly at Clyde's hands, tryng to free her head from his tiight grip. Slowly but surely, she tried to twist around in his grip...or was he turning her around to face him? Either way, she rotated around slowly to facing the Texan, balling a fist to strike at his abdominals...

...and then, suddenly, Clyde released her, only to club a forearm across the side of her head. She went crashing down onto her hands and knees, blinking rheumily as her head rang from the heavy blow...

Ooooh! The crowd winced as they saw poor Makie's head jerk after Clyde struck her with enough force to drop to her hands and knees, where she was clearly knocked silly.

"Still conscious? Yer a tough gal." Clyde said with a smirk as he walked around Makie's fallen form, both legs either side of her, reached down for her chin and began to suddenly pull up and back on her pretty little head, attempting to give her neck and shoulders a nice Recliner Stretch, a standing Camel Clutch!


Makie was blinking now as she tried to bring her head back into reality. She had made some great initial gains against Clyde, but now the Texan had turned the tables and was taking her apart, efficiently and methodically. Even as Makie tried to bring herself back into the fight, she felt Clyde's legs on either side of her...and the nnext thing she knew, her chin was being wrench back, painfully.

"AAAUUGH!" she cried, clutching at Clyde's hands with one arm as her had was wrenched back, sending pain lancing through her already sore back. Her free hand pawed at Clyde's leg as she fought to escape the hold, but it was plain to see that she was in a lot of pain and a lot of trouble right

"Give upu?" Clyde asked, wanting Makie to just call it quits. She had taken enough punishment.  Again, after hearing her cries, he wrenched back further, trying to put a real stretch on Makie's body by testing the limits of her neck and spine as he was glued to the canvas and stretching out the poor girl.

"AAGH...AAAAAGH..." The pain was becoming unbearable, and Makie's eyes were screwed shut in pain as Clyde wrenched back further and further. After the punishment her back had already taken, it was becoming a very tempting prospect to tap out right about now...but she was not going to give up so easily. "N...never!"

She hissed. Reaching her arms back, she would try to grab around Clyde's booted ankles and dig her kneess into the mat, trying to scoot her body backward and trip Clyde down to his front. If she managed this, then she would waste no time sitting upright behind Clyde and locking her legs around one of his own, before arching back, twisting at his trapped boot as she locked in her signature legbar submission, the Giant Slayer! 06/09/2020

Clyde had the camel clutch locked in tight and sought to defeat Makie this way, stretching out the poor Japanese warrior before she lashed for his boot and got him down, throwing Clyde down onto his front where he groaned from the sudden toss, sitting up just before Makie got behind him and tangled her leg around him!

"Ah!" Clyde gasped, unable to get loose before Makie leaned back and twisted him up!

"AAaahh!!" Clyde twisted onto his side and seeth as his leg was bent, twisted, feeling the shread though his knee down! He could't take the pain and thrashed violently, having never taken this move before, he gave everythig he had to fighiting it and trying to escape before he was forced to tap!!

Makie could feel Clyde thrashing in her grip as she locked in the giant slayer, her hold around his leg preventng it from behidn even as she arched back and stretched away at it painfully. She imagined that Clyde felt the ligaments stretching and the bones of his knee aching, and the frenzied thrashing he made as she locked in the hold confirmed it. He twisted to the side, but Makie tried to stay grounded as best as she could on the mat, trying to avoid being rolled over as she kept the hold locked.
"GIVE UP!" she shouted to her American opponent, conscious that he wasn't too far now from the

Clyde felt like his knee was going to torn from his leg. The fact Makie held on so tight wasn't helping, he didn't know if he could break her grip. With everything he had, he clawed at the mat and pulled at the canvas with his finger tips, throwing his arms for the ropes as best he could while Makie comanded he give!

"N-Nnn! No!" He cried out and then threw his hand, grabbing the ropes!

"Rope Break!" Cried the ref.

Makie swore under her breath as Clyde managed to grab the lower rope. Annoyed, she unwound her legs from around his and stood back up, simultaneously annoyed and impressed by the Texan's resilience. It seemed that she wouldn't be able to make him tap any time soon.
grabbing a hold of his blonde hair, Makie pulled him to his feet, before whipping him across the ring towards the ropes. Running to the opposite ropes to bounce off of them, Makie would rush right at Clyde, aiming to leap at his head, legs-first, and twist, taking him down hard to the mat in her signature hurricanrana!

"Nnnnn...." Clyde hugged his leg the moment Makie let go. Such a devastating manuever that nearly broke him! The match had been in his favor but with one well placed moved, Makie had taken away one of his very best assets!  He had to make sure he didn't get caught in that move again!

"A-Aauuh...." The cowboy groaned as Makie hauled him up by his blonde hair, his arms hanging limply at his side before he was tossed to the ropes, stumbling towards them before bouncing off and then heading head back for the Japanese grappler who rushed right for him!

He gasped as she sailed right for him, even blushing as her bare thighs surrounded his head and face, squeezing and then twisting... Flinging him hard to the mat!

"GWUUHH!!" Clyde howled as he struck the mat after being flung down. Bouncing lightkly before falling slack on the canvas, sprawled and dazed in the center of the ring!

Makie landed after butt after so neatly flipping Clyde head over heels. Brushing her damp hair back, she wasted no time in crawling over to the downed Texan, her chest pressing down against his as she lay across him and hooked one of his legs for the pin.
"ONE...." the referee's countdown

Sprawled out behind Makie, Clyde looked completely out of it. The crowd hooped hollered seeing Makie slick back her soaked hair while Clyde lay spread eagle behind her.

His toned, bare chest slowly rose and fell with every breath, he even grunted as he felt Makie’s bountiful frame press down on him as his leg was hooked. Faintly he blushed.

But he heard those counts by his ear.

“ONE! TWOO!!!”

“GRAH!!” With everything, Clyde twisted, turning towards Makie and breaking the fall before three!

WIth Clyde in the dazed state that he was, Makie held out the hope that possibly, maybe, she would be able to score this pinfall, and actually score a win against the former Tension champ. Her hopes were dashed, though, as Clyde suddenly twisted towards her, narrowly breaking the pinfall. Makie knelt upright, gripping her hair in frustration. "ERGH...why won't you freaking stay down?!!"
Of course, she knew the answer to that. It was because he was a former damn champ who fought against the likes of Reira Kishima. He wasn't staying down for the same reason she wouldn't: he was too damn stubborn.
Scooting around behind him, Makie decided that Clyde really needed to be softened up some more. Sliding one leg around his throat, she locked her legs in a figure four head scissor, and leaned back on her palms, pouring on the pressure on poor Clyde as she tried to squeeze him into unconsciousness. Yt

Clyde lay panting on the mat, feeling triumphant that he survived the pinfall.  And yet his punishment wasnt done. Although he could hear Makies frustration as he rested in front of her knees, he knew she would only try harder to keep  him down as she scooted around him and locked her supple thighs around his throat before putting the killing squuueeeeeeeeze on his neck! His throat!!

“A-Ck!! Gkk!!” He gagged and pawed at Makie’s ankle and thighs, trying to pull on her legs to gain his freedom before she put him to sleep!!

Makie felt Clyde pawing at her legs, pulling and wrenching on them in an effort to get free of her figure four. Gritting her teeth, Makie maintained the hold as best she could, looking down at Clyde even as he started to go red-faced between her legs.
"Tap...or pass out!" she said to Clyde. "Your call, Gastin!" yt

"Hhkkk!!! N-Nnooo!" Clyde groaned, trying his best to stay concious, he pulled and tugged on Makie's legs but slowly and slowly, the cowboy was getting weaker and weaker, his struggles getting slower as he pawed at Makie's legs! If he held on any further, he might actually passout! Even the ref girl was getitng concerned as she looked at the blonde who started to twitch and sputter, eyes slowly rolling up.

Makie had to admit, she was enjoying this dominant position, with Clyde now trapped between her legs and sputtering uselessly for air. She could very well have kept her legs clamped around him until he passed out...but she wanted to finish the ex-champ off in style, not simply have him pass out on her. "Okay, you had your chance to go out the easy way," she said, before rolling her body over, holding herself up off the mat by her palms and using her legs to drive Clyde's face once, twice, three times into the mat before releasing him!


Clyde was gasping and clutching Makie's strong thighs for air. Her long, toned and supple thighs were like vice grips on his neck, preventing him from breathing even a little.  But rather than be put to sleep, the spunky joshi kept their fight spicy by turning him over and then Spiking him into the canvas...!!!!

UGH!! HUUGH!! G-GH....!!"

Clyde bounced up and down like a basketball until he was relased from Makie's leggy prison.  He dropped to the canvas like a ton of bricks, flopping face down and laying still, his blonde hair obscuring his face as he lay prone on the canvas, unmoving save for the rising and falling of his torso with every shallow breath the battered cowboy could give.

Makie had to admit, it felt quite satisfying to introduce Clyde's face to the mat like this, severely times in a row. After remembering how thoroughly Clyde had beaten her the last time, it felt good to not only be in control, but also to be dominating him with a flashy move like this. As she released Clyde from her legs, she watched as the cowboy sprawled facedown on the mat, looking too battered to continue.

Crawling over towards him, she lay across his heaving chest, her own chest pressing up against his as she hooked one of his legs for the pinfall. Immediately, the ref was next to them, starting the countdown as Makie went for a pin attempt.

When Clyde was rolled over, his limp arms and legs shook like noodles. He had no movement of his own in his limbs as he flopped onto his back, sprawled out useless on the canvas. He gave a breif twitch of life as Makie's perky chest pressed onto his body, he remained breathing heavy, in and out as he lay busted up and dominated on the canvas.



"THR--!!"  The Ref-Girl's hand was just about to slap the canvas when Clyde suddenly sprung to life, swinging his arm up and breaking the pin just a hair before the third and final count in front of the shocked crowd who roared in shock!  The Cowboy had survived but just barely, and seemingly had little left to continue with. His body battered and dreanched in sweat, he seemed to only kick out by instict as he instantly floppped back down onto his back after breaking the pin.

Makie thought she had this in the bag as she wrapped Clyde up for the pin. A nice, decisive win over one of the top contenders in Tension would just make her day, especially since she would then be even against Clyde.

Except it was not to be: with a sudden twist, Clyde managed to get a shoulder up as he threw his arm up. Kneeling upright, Makie stared down in disbelief. How the hell did this baka cowboy have any fight left in him after she had spiked his head intot he mat like that?

Huffing, she grabbed a hold of his blonde hair. "Looks like you want me to beat you more," she hissed, grabbing a hold of his arm and whipping him towards the ropes. The moment he came bouncing back, she would be running up to meet him, trying to latch her legs around his head and take him down in her signature hurricanrana!

Clyde had to be peeled off the mat for Makie to get him up and when she did, all Clyde could do was dangle by Makie's grip on his blonde hair...

"Oohhh..." He swooned in her grip, swaying like an ornimant as she hissed to him before whipping his stumbling body for the ropes. He bounced off the ropes and ran back towards Makie against his will, his eyes glossy, his tongue panting as he panted wearily while the Japanese fighter came running for his wide open body, her supple thighs once again catching him and flinning him right off his feet!


Clyde gave one last pitiful cry as he was flung head over heels by Makie and taken down with enough force to plant him on the canvas with a hard crash, sitting up briefly like a tossed up ragdoll before flopping limply onto his back, his body giving a small twitch as he lay sprawled out, eyes open but stairing at nothing!

Once again, Makie took Clyde down to the mat, doing so with showy and impressive force. Rolling back up to her feet, Makie could see the glassy eyed look on the Texan's face, and at this point she knew that the cowboy was more or less done. It was time to finish this, and finish it with style.

Climbing up on the turnbuckle, Makie would go to the top of the corner and would flash a V sign to her cheering fans. "HURRICANE WARNING!" she shouted, causing her fans to cheer as they knew what was coming next.

And with that, Makie would spring off the turnbuckle in a moonsault, hoping to finish Clyde off with this one decisive blow...that was, unless Clyde managed to evade or counter it....

There was some life left in Clyde. But not enough to make him get up in time. He gave Makie all the time in the world to pander to the roaring crowd who clearly loved the Japanese high flyer! Cheering her on as she gave her Victory 'V' to the cheering fans, shouting at them, causing them to roar!  Clyde heard them and started to twitch to life as his boots clicked together... But as he awoke from his dizzy stupor, he saw the lights above being eclipsed by a lone figure flipping into the air!

It was Makie Akamatsu and there was no stopping her and moving away before her toned, battle-hardned body came crashing across his chest and abdomen!  Clyde's body jerked up as the air was crushed out of him! Spittle flying as his limbs spewed into the air. His eyes would cross breifly as the lack of oxygen registered and the twitching Cowboy finally flopped to the canvas in a sprawled out, limp heap, with the cowboy's head turning to the side, his blonde hair splayed out, looking rather peaceful after a long fight but he was otherwise completely Knocked Out Cold.

The Crowd could only roar at the knockout blow and its booming impact!!

Makie's final blow descended beautifully, Makie arching down with almost acrobatic grace on top of Clyde, impacting with meteoric force into the Texan. Her opponent jolted violently from the impact before finally going still, twitching ever so slightly before even that subsided. It was painfully obvious that the fight was now out of the cowboy, and this fight was over.

Once again, Makie lay across Clyde, covering him for the pinfall, hoping that this time, he would finally stay the hell down.


Clyde could not respond to the count. He barely even twitched. His chest simply rose and fell with every steady breath he took...


Makie braced herself, waiting to see if the stubborn cowboy would kick out, if he would muster some fresh reserves of willpower and energy to just keep on fighting. But he didn't: this time, it seemed that the cowboy had finally been utterly defeated.


The bell rang, signalling the end of the bout. Rolling up to her feet, Makie stood up, grinning as she raised her arm in victory to the cheering fans. This time, there was absolutely no doubt, Makie had just won decisively against the Texan!

The bell rang and Clyde remained Sprawled out and flattened just beside the center of the ring, the cowboy remaining outcold and still on the canvas as Makie's victory over the forrmer champion was celebrated ! She had not only tied their matches but also claimed a clean victory over the cowboy.

Clyde was still out cold as the ref girl kneeled to him. He was fine. Uninjured.  But as the ref finished raising Makie's head, she had to go over try to revive the fallen Texan who was still out cold!

Taking a moment out of her victory to look down at her defeated foe, Makie knelt over the battered Texan, even as the ref girl sought to revive him. Lightly, she began to tap at his cheek. "Hey, alive down there?" A small part of her was genuinely concerned that she might have overdone it and possibly concussed her opponent-- she had wanted to beat him, not permanently injure him.

Clyde's chest continued to rise and fall, his beating still fresh.  However, he groaned just faintly as he felt a soft hand pat his cheek followed by a fimilar voice that roused him.  His eyes fluttered open and he saw Makie. Clyde had a tired blush of flutered embaressment as the Japanese high flyer loomed him.

"I-I'm... Fine.... Good match." Clyde muttered and gave Makie light smile as he shook the cobwebs from his head.

"He's fine. Just a bit dizzy." The ref girl assured them both while Clyde meanwhile continued to look up at Makie though glossy eyes. Unsure if he needed to prepare to be 'posed on' or forced to do something lewd.  It was typical in Tension for girls to humilate their male foes. He didn't think Makie was the type, but.... He still somewhat expected it.  Part of him didn't mind if it was Makie either...

"Y-Yer pretty great...." He finally told her though a panting smile.

For a moment, Makie thought of engaging in some trash talk against Clyde-- something to just hammer home the fact that she had won this time, that she come out on top against the guy who at one point had been the top contender in Tension. There wasn't any real animosity behind it, of course, and secretly she was happy to see he was okay.

And then he complemented her. Despite herself. Makie felt her face going a beet shade of her.

"Uhm...I...uh..." she stuttered, not expecting to have bee complimented like this. "Of...course I am, don't you forget it." She fought to regain her composure. "If we ever meet in the ring again, I'd be happy to give you a little reminder by driving you through the ring all over again."

Clyde blushed just telling Makie what he thought of her and averted his eyes.... He barely caught sight of her stutter until the last moment and before he was sure she was nervous, she came back as strong as ever and teased him.

"H-Ha! Yer on." Clyde huffed, having enough strength to flash Makie a wink as he rolled himself slowly out of the ring to land on his two feet, giving Makie a parting glance.

Winner: Makie Akamatsu by pinfall


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