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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Valerie Von Vulpes

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Valerie Von Vulpes Empty Valerie Von Vulpes

Post by Jstruggs716 Sat May 01, 2021 9:20 pm

Valerie Von Vulpes 7160667491_4b4d70e4cd_z
Name-Valerie Von Vulpes
Birthday-November 06, 1989
Nickname-Triple V
Debut-January 8, 2010
Theme-Demystify Feast
Likes-Paris, Jeanne, Sex, weightlifting, dominating
Accomplishment-Won the Tension Hentai Belt

Valerie was born in Romania but moved to America when she was ten. Growing up Valerie would tried to be a strong person by usually taking a leadership role like Class president or vice president. This caused her to get bullied by the other girls at school who didn't like it that she was class president or vice president instead of them. And when things heated up to physical confrontation Valerie was easily able to fight them off thanks to her hobby of weightlifting and daily workouts made her stronger than these average girls. But wouldn't quite go her way when those girl brought their boyfriends to the fight as they easily beat her up. Things would continue like this for years until she turned eighteen. Becoming more beautiful and bustier than the girls while also becoming more cunning and stronger as she seduced and manipulate her bullies's boyfriends to beating them up then beating up the boyfriends for the all times they beat her up.

And she quite like the rush she felt and luckily for a wrestling promoter saw all that and know she had great potential. So he approached her and convinces her to be a pro wrestler and join his league. And that's how the career of Triple V started.

Valerie is very cunning, strong will, and brave. Loves tricking her opponent with her body and as well showing them her strength and power, proving that she is just as strong as any man. At first she might seem cold and unfriendly but she's quite actually really nice and kind once you get to know her, she just has a hard time showing it.

Wrestling Info
Wrestling Strategy-Use her strength to get her opponent down, then wear them down with submission and smother.

Preferred Attacks: Power moves, submission, and smother.

Preferred Matches: Standard and Hentai

Attitude towards hentai: "Oh, I can't explain the rush I felt I forcibly make someone cum!~"

Aerial Moves-Unknown

Breasts smother
Body Slam
Body Splash

Signature Moves-
Vixen Domination (Pedigree)
Double Kiss (Lifting her opponent up with a stalling suplex, turning their head so she could give em a kiss before falling back to the mat.)
Mountain Sleeper (Dragon sleeper hold and breasts smother combination)

Down From Heaven (Clothesline to her opponent's chest)
Banging Moments 2.0 (Bronco Buster)
Valerie Rules (Grabbing her opponent's head, then kiss them before suddenly pulling their face between her breasts then falls back where her knees would come up as they drop down with their stomach on her knees, then quickly roll over to pin the opponent down, still having their face engulf by her breasts.)
Triple Vs- High Implant Facebuster (Lifting double underhook facebuster)
A special thanks to Killer V for allowing me to adopt this character.
This character is Selvaria Bles from Senjou No Valkyria
Artist of the image is kenji t1710:

Double T


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