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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Vivienne Bouclier - Dutiful Defender

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Vivienne Bouclier - Dutiful Defender  Empty Vivienne Bouclier - Dutiful Defender

Post by Deus001 Thu Apr 01, 2021 1:43 pm

Name: Vivienne Bouclier
Sex: Female
DOB: 20/1/2000
Eyes: Green
Hair: Silvery
Height: 5'6
Weight: 122lbs
Nationality: French
Alignment: Lawful Good
Entrance music: Cendrillion
Alternate theme: Soul Calibur 5 OST - Without The Blessing Of Fate

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Preserve herself and outlast the opponent and use their momentum against them. Vivienne is skilled at dispatching her opponent with a variety of judo throws, joint locks and if need be can take her opponent down to the mat and apply some jiu jitsu to ensure they stay down.
Style: Graceful Defender
Type: Counter/Defence/Technical

Preferred Attacks: Joint locks, flips, constraining the opponent

Preferred Matches: Standard, tag team, submission

Endurance: **** - Vivenne can certainly be tough, but if she's not careful she can struggle to make it to the 10th round
Strength: *** - She packs a surprising amount of power under her dress to give her moves that extra ommph!
Speed: ** - Isn't the fastest unless its cleaning duties.
Defense: ***** - Can be near difficult to land decisive blows on thanks to her style of fighting
Technique: **** - Has spent most of her life practising her martial arts and it shows.

Strikes: ** - Can hit hard with some stiff elbows and at the right places, not her gameplan though
Submissions: *** - Her Jiu-Jitsu game is solid, if the riff raff isn't accepting a loss she can tap them out
Powerhouse: **** - Vivienne can lift her opponents quite well thanks to her toned form and Judo background.
Aerial: * - Never trained on the top rope, don't expect her to go up there
Counters: ***** - Where she shines, strike without certainty and you'll be thrown around

Favored moves:

Maid Rush: Vivienne Irish Whips her opponent to the corner and then splashes into them, followed by her running back and then leaping into them with a hip ram that crashes the opponent down to a seated position. She'll then follow it up with a bronco buster/jumping foot stomp to the chest/hip attack

Ensnared Order: Vivienne slams her opponent with a white Russian leg sweep and transitions into a headscissors combined with an elbow shot to the head.

Finishing moves:

Disposing Riff Raff: Vivienne lunges at the opponent and grabs them the arm and moves ahead with their back to hers before bodily flipping them over and sending them crashing onto their stomach, usually followed up by a stiff elbow to the neck to take them out for good.

Troublesome Avalanche: Vivienne grabs her opponent's arm and flips them over her shoulder, then picking them up she'll bust out a German Suplex before continuing this process as best she can until the opponent is out of it before attempting a pin.

Painful Service: Grabbing the opponent's arm or blocking their punch Vivienne holds their arm and delivers a stiff elbow to the neck before tripping the foe to the mat and rolling them into an armbar


Physical Appearance:

Ring Attire (Minus the sword):
Ready To Serve:
A Bit Lewd:
Having a drink:
Thank you!:
I-If I must!:
Bunny Suit:

Personality: Vivienne carries herself with an air of dignity and poise, always on hand and early to appointments. She is a very hardworking lass who figures something isn't worth it if you don't fully apply yourself to it, this can make her come across as a tryhard to some. But the maid means well and looks out for those around her.

In private Vivienne can often appear rather tired however and will let loose the odd cheeky comment here and there, but she'll remain a polite and sweet girl at her core at the end of the day. Vivienne does also have an issue with being alone at times, if she's not around someone and has nothing to do the maid can find herself at a loss as to what she should even do. To say she has a social life is.......ambitious at best with her, unless it was working alongside other servants.

Past/History: Vivienne never knew her parents, raised in an orphanage in France. She was put to chores at an early enough age, small things like setting the table or cleaning a window here and there. It became clear that she was a natural at domestic matters, to the point where she was a sort of motherly figure to her fellow orphans that were younger than her. Things changed for Vivienne however when at the age of 12 coming back from a trip to the stores she'd encounter a girl her age, known as Charlotte Harenwood who was being accosted by a couple of bullies from her school.

Vivienne did what she could, but she wasn't trained in fighting and it left her with a few good bruises. Charlotte grabbed her and escaped with her however, the pair would bond over a shared meal and from then on the pair would meet every so often. Charlotte would talk about her love of martial arts and combat and Vivienne would gladly listen and help her however she could. When it came to Vivienne reaching the age of 14 Charlotte came to her with an offer, her folks at the Harenwood estate had an opening for a new maid and decided to offer it to Vivienne in exchange she'd be given bed and board there.

Therefore Vivienne took up the role with gusto, despite not being as tall or able to stay up as late as some of the servants she gave it her upmost! Eventually after turning 16 Charlotte's parents took Vivienne aside and gave her a personal task to not discuss with anyone, they were concerned for their dear daughter being hurt in her drive of martial arts. So they secretly hired teachers of judo and jiu-jitsu to instruct Vivienne here and there as well as some boxing lessons, so that she could defend herself and her charge if need be. Though only as a last resort, in time Vivienne performed quite well and had even won a few matches here and there as proof of it.

When Charlotte stated she was travelling to Japan to follow her Cousin Eliza's footsteps in AFW she had travelled alone, her parents wanted the duel seeker to bond with the dancing passion again. Over time however their worries grew and they requested Vivienne board a plane to Kyoto and enter into Tension alongside Charlotte, the maid was away from France the very next day.

Fun Facts:
Some have claimed that Vivienne holds romantic feelings for Charlotte, the maid has never voiced her own opinion on the matter however.

Enjoys reading in her spare time, can quote most historical dates off by hearts. Wars, battles, important figure births etc.

Vivienne only needs six hours of sleep to function well.

Can speak English and Japanese very well, is also able to speak Latin quite good.

Has a blue belt in Judo and a brown one in BJJ

AFW Information

Wins: Senji Takijima via KO



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