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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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The Devil's Favorite Daughter , Jezebel

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The Devil's Favorite Daughter , Jezebel Empty The Devil's Favorite Daughter , Jezebel

Post by anime_hentaifighter Sun Mar 14, 2021 1:18 pm

Stagename: Jezebel Lucifer
Nickname:Devil's Favor Daughter
Real name: Charlotte Deville
Age: 20y/o.
Eyes: fully red with contacts.
Hair: blond
Height: 5,7
Weight: 140ibs
Nationality: From Hell
Alignment:Tweener (leaning face)
Entrance Music:Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Just do her best
Style: No real style yet
Preferred Attacks: Clothesline, Bodysplash , Superkick , Dropkick , Knife edge Chop , Smothers with her breasts or ass , Stinkface and Stinger splash
Preferred Matches: Anything that the promoters will book for her


Endurance: 2/5
Strength: 2/5
Speed: 2,5/5

Finishing Moves

Devil's Clutch (Camel Clutch first used on an commentator she had an arguement with in her old promotion)
The Devil's Favorite Daughter , Jezebel Fmat6pA



Charlotte can best be described as enthusiastic, cheerful and proud of her skill in making cosplay attire , and the make-up needed to pull off the right look.

She however does not handle being called a copycat very well. Especially when it comes to her creation Jezebel Lucifer


Growing up Charlotte always wanted to become either a singer or Hollywood actress, but as she grew older she changed her goal into becoming an entertainer. Still it was not until her girlfriend at the time took her to an local pro wrestling show that she knew what kind of entertainer she wanted to be.

As during the main event of that show , a wrestler with his manager would take on the champion of the promotion. Before the match the manager would try to bribe the champion into losing , and when that did not work would end up interfering so his wrestler would end up winning.

She was 15 at the time , and she would not get into the ring to try it herself until she was 17. As she would be at an convention where an cosplay wrestling show was being held. She was wearing an cosplay inspired on Seras Victoria as she would be the valet of an cosplayer/wrestler who was suppose to be Alucard , but she thought it was an terrible cosplay.

While she did not really do much in the actual match it did impress the boss that she was able to interact with the fans like she did. So she was offered an part time job as she would mostly be an plant or working as a valet . Charlotte took the offer , and during her time their she would be given an link to an clip. It was this clip that would give her the inspiration as she began to sketch an new attire she would need for the role. Her biggest inspirations came from ecw minister and the tv show Lucifer as she would not pitch the idea until she was ready.

When she was she would walk into the owner's office dressed as Jezubel Lucifer , and pitched her idea. It took some convincing , but she was able to allow her to try it on an show and it was an hit. Sadly the fans at the time thought she was dressed like an character from an youtube show , but THEY WERE WRONG.

During the next year , Jezubel was an hit as the fans could not get enough of her. Even if they kept chanting stupid stuff once an month about her persona as even that bitch who was on commentary got in on the act. As the blond would be able to control her temper by have to listen to the bitch run her mouth for 4 months before she snapped.

As she came to blows with the commentator during an house show , and this lead to her first match.Luckily neither woman had any real wrestling experience , and she manage to make the bitch tap by locking in what she called the Devil's clutch as she got hit with the wrestling bug. As now she wanted to be more then just an manager. She wanted to compete , and this lead to an huge fight with the promoter.

As in the end she would cut her ties to the promotion she bin in for the last 2 years , and who had helped her grow as a performer. Still there were not a lot who were interested in the character of Jezubel Lucifer , but AFW saw a chance to make her a star. Even better was the fact they were willing to train her to become a full time wrestler.

However she would have to learn on the jump as they wanted her on the roster right away.So after she signed her contract she would be given an an crash course on how to be an wrestler as vignettes began to air as it signaled the Devil was about to rise from hell to bring temptation to AFW in 2021

Fun Fact:

Nope she never heard of an cartoon called Hazbin hotel

She got the inspiration for Jezubel Lucifer from Lucifer and an unnamed source of inspiration


AFW Information
Number of matches:
Wins: 0
Loses: 0
Draws: 0

Match History

My Wrestling Roster

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