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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Everly "The Sexecutioner" James

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Everly "The Sexecutioner" James Empty Everly "The Sexecutioner" James

Post by lilroyal Wed Dec 09, 2020 7:48 pm



Everly "The Sexecutioner" James EAxY0Bv

Name: Everly James

Alias: "The Sexecutioner"

Age: 18

Hair Color: Pink

Eye Color: Brown (always wears red contacts that look like a target)

Height: 5'7

Weight: 131 lbs

Alignment: Tweener (Chaotic Neutral)

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Nationality: American (Beverly Hills)

Aspirations: Hentai or Hardcore Champion

Entrance music: Coming Soon

Wrestling Information

Type: mma, street fighting, brawling, pro wrestling

Fighting Style:

Everly uses rough and tumble tactics while engaged in a fight.
This means she uses a lot of tackles, pushes, and shoves to bring an opponent to a ground before going to work using a variety of stomps, kicks, and ground n' pound tactics. She fights dirty and she fights rough, and her subpar professional fight training means she is rather unpredictable due to her unconventionality. Everly enjoys non-stop action and constant movement, and will often use a flurry of attacks to maximize the damage and "wow" factor of her unique fighting style. Strikes are usually aimed at her opponents vitals, including kidney, liver, throat, and head shots. These are excruciating painful attacks, and Everly will always capitalize on an opponent doubled over in pain to unleash more fury and brutality.
Her street fighting background means she is not customary to rules, and will often flaunt the rules of match if it means she gets to hurt her opponent even a little bit more, regardless of it ends in a disqualification on her part.
Her mma background also means she is used to combined styles and tactics to unleash a massive beatdown on her opponent. She is not afraid to draw blood and will pound on opponents until she is satisfied. Hardcore matches tend to be a a favorite since they allow Everly to hold nothing back, and the use of weapons makes the experience all the more fun.

Hentai Fighting Style:

Everly is rough and unforgiving in the realm of sex. She knows little about the word "love," and it certainly isn't a factor while she is engaged in a sexual act. All she knows is that sex feels good,and she wants to feel good for as long as possible. Hentai attacks will often be drawn out, and depending on her mood and the opponent, can even be more painful than pleasurable. All holes and "ports of entry" are fair game to Everly, and she will fuck them all roughly and with malice. She wants to feel something during a match, and so sexual attacks may sometimes be mutual. This means grinding, crotch rubbing, and mutual pussy/ass eating are all favorable tactics for Everly. She has yet to meet someone who can make her feel any semblance of "love" merely from a sexual attack, but perhaps that will change within the squared ring of AFW.

Preferred attacks: Strike-based attacks are more her thing, as they allow for more brutality and punishment to her opponent. Punches and kicks fit this description, so she will use her hands and legs to remarkedly effective degrees. She is still well acquainted with most grappling maneuvers and wrestling holds, but will usually use them only to place her opponent in a compromising position before going to work on the with a flurry of heavy punches and kicks.

Preferred matches:

- Hentai
- Hardcore


Signature Moves:

Chin Strike:

Catch and Attack:

Finishing moves:

Ground n'Pound:

Relentless Assault:

Hentai Finishers:

The Probe" - NSFW:
- Will hold one (or more) fingers up to the crowd, waving and hyping them up for the fucking that is about to ensue. With those same fingers, she will then roughly insert them into one of the holes of her opponents, fingering them intensely. Once the deed is done, she will remove her fingers and raise them in the air once more to display the sticky mess she has extracted.

Double Bang" - NSFW:
- If toys are permitted in a match, she will insert two of them simultaneously into the holes of her opponent. Depending on the sexual tolerance of her foe and the coarseness of Everly's delivery, this can either be incredibly stimulating, or incredibly painful.

Endurance: ★★★★ - Can withstand a respectable number of shots and attacks
Endurance (Hentai): ★★★★★ - Perverted to the extreme
Strength: ★★★★ - Fairly strong given her size, able to perform a variety of lifts and caries
Speed: ★★★★ - Quick and Agile given her cheerleading background
Defense: ★★★- Can perform basic blocks and dodges
Technique: ★★★ - Decent mma background and experienced street fighting history.

Personal Information:

Unlike most people, Everly is neither motived by goals or ambitions. She is wanderer, moving from one place to the next in seek of sensuality and pleasure. She will easily ignore those who fail to fulfill either of those needs, and will utterly destroy those who attempt to hinder her pursuit of them. She is very quick to anger, and has an incredibly short temper. In her worldview, life is too short to waste time and breath with those who do not immediately click and fulfill your emotional and physical desires.
Too many people are drones, held back by menial lives and pathetic dreams. She wishes to be human, and human's are primal, savage beasts. Humans do not care to sit in tiny cubicles, punching away at computers 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, 365 days a year, for decades. They care only for love and war, for lust and carnage, for greed and selfishness. Everly embodies these primitive desires, and is not afraid to act on them like so many of the billions of drones that occupy this planet.
She will tell you what she thinks without hesitation, free to speak her mind without censors or filters.
She will lean in and kiss you if you have peaked her libido, but by the same token she will punch you square in the face if you but mildly insult her.
Society is too tame for someone like Everly, to hesitant to embrace the same savageness that she has adopted in her everyday life. Too few can fulfill her desire to interact with those are are truly "human," and so she wanders, in search of a place, any place, that accepts and provokes both the warrior and lover within every person. AFW, seemed like just the place.


Everly grew up in America's richest zipcode, smackdab in the center of Beverly Hills California. The very definition of privileged, Everly never had to struggle for her lot in life. Others always seemed to serve her, whether it be because her status deemed it so, or because she demanded subservience through force. She was above them, not because her parent's wealth or status made it so, but because she was different she was unique. The first semblance of her uniqueness was made apparent to her very early on in childhood. Her tantrums made her prone to anger very quickly, and most house servants were afraid to tend to the child's needs. As a toddler, she would pull on her maids hair, spill her butler's platter, spit in her nannies face. If it wasn't for their generous salaries most of them would have quit much sooner than they did.

Any attempts to interact with other children were quickly deemed failures. Most private daycares and institutions for elite children quickly dismissed her after seeing the way she toyed with other children. The concept of physical boundaries was and remains completely foreign to Everly. She would rub up against other children, pushing and shoving for no apparent reason. The most disturbing incidence occurred at the age of 4, where she was found attempting to strip the uniform of another boy her age but was quickly stopped before the torment progressed. Looking back at this behavior, Everly has concluded that she has long been in touch with humanities primal roots, and finds absolutely no shame in the human body. To embrace one another, to feel and touch is purely human, and to deny those inclinations behind clothed barriers and notions of "civility" and "modesty" were nothing but asinine and nefarious.

Parents occupied by business and work meant she grew up with next to no role models. She wasn't even sure if they knew about her behavior, as it was mostly her nannies who interacted with the schools and administrators. Nevertheless, her behavior only continued to ramp up as she entered high school. As a teenage girl her, with hormones flowing and emotions mixed, Everly's libido was understandably raging. But for someone with the personality of Everly, this could have disastrous consequences. She joined the cheerleading team and was an instant sensation, quickly rising to become captain. Football jocks did what they stereotypically did best, messing with the cheerleader behind bleachers and in storage closets. Everly quickly became the "school slut," a title she wore like a badge of honor. To be in touch with one's sexuality was nothing to be embarrassed about, and her sensual exploits only reaffirmed to that she was uniquely suited to embrace these desires and cravings.

Highschool remained a breeze for Everly, but once again this can be attributed to her chaotic nature. She could be described as nothing short of a bully, getting into her first fight in the beginning of her sophomore year. Only one other girl matched her cheerleading abilities, and they had both decided to attempt trying out to become the school's first sophomore cheer captains. In an act that can only be considered brutal, Everly had attacked the after a late night football game in the changing room. With no other witnesses around, Everly pounced on the girl while she was still in changing stall, leaving her a complete mess after the beatdown. She made sure to convey that if the girl didn't drop out of cheerleading tryouts, or worse, told anybody about the incidence, she likely would have a full page cover in the yearbook with her deathdate on it.

Needless to say, Everly easily secured her spot as the youngest cheer captain in the school. However, she never forgot the pure rush she had gotten from beating that girl senseless, thus having satisfied her innate and human need for carnage. She knew she couldn't live out these fantasies within her school, as she would surely get caught and most likely get in trouble with the law as well. Instead, she began dipping classes, and taking busses (something she thought she would never do) to the other side of town and into the southern fringes of Los Angles. It was practically heaven for Everly, where people in touch with their human roots lived rough and crude lifestyles, perpetuated by generations of poverty and neglect. Far away from her cushy lifestyle, Everly would actively seek out trouble in these ghetto neighborhoods itching for a fight. She found her first taste of combat when a street druggie attempted to assault her in an alleyway. Without so much as blink of the eye, Everly had caught his arm, and excruciatingly twisted it until she heard a pop. The scream from the man had caused a lot of much wanted attention, eventually catching the eye of a local street fight organizer who had just witnesses the brutality Everly had just delivered.

Before she knew it, Everly was barely at school, spending most of her time in underground and street fights. The same organizer who had recruited her eventually became her "coach," teaching her much about amateur mma and martial arts. While far from a professional circuit or training program, Everly still learned lots, and became a legend in the ghetto as a streetfighter who could hold her own pretty much against anyone. Having obtained so much success from these bouts, her coach eventually told her that it may be best to pursue bigger things, since word of these street fights and her success would almost certainty eventually reach the ears of law enforcement who would probably try to shut the operation down. By this point, Everly had been expelled from school due the sheer amount of absences she had obtained, and had little to lose by pursuing a life of fighting and pleasure. There was only once place that could satisfy the cruelty and sensuality that she desired however, the AFW circuit in Japan. With the money she had amassed from her underground fights, she decked herself out in trendy cloths and a flashy style, and purchased a plane ticket to japan - Eager to start her professional career of fighting and fucking her way to the top - finally realizing what it means to truly be "human".

Fun Facts:

- She works quite well with a crowd. She loves to hype them up in match and get them excited for the lewd acts she's about to perform.
- She is very fashionably literate, oftentimes wearing the trendiest clothes and shoes. She is a huge sneaker-head as well.
- Everly has engaged with a fair amount of fetishes and out-of-the-ordinary sexual acts. That being said, foot and ass related act tend to be her favorites, and she has an intense fetish for these two knacks.

Appearance/Wrestling Attire:

Worn for matches with little to no sensual element to them. Fully covered in flashy cloths with a trendy, youthful style.
Standard Attire:

Worn for matches where lewdness is permitted but not the main focus. Will fight in the top-half of her schoolgirl uniform, while wearing only her panties or underwear on the bottom. Everly likes to make use of her feet in such matches, so her legs and feet are bare.
Alternative Attire:

Worn for full out hentai matches. Suitable for both sex and violence.
Hentai Attire:

Worn for matches with bikini stipulation.

Worn for bed matches

Nude - NSFW :




Enjoying Time in Japan:

Match History

Record: 0-0-0




- Everly wants to kick off her career with a bang by starting of in Hardstyle Hentai POW Match against Lunara Ashmore!



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