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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 12:01 pm by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 4:16 pm by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Lock and Key

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Lock and Key Empty Lock and Key

Post by acuyra Mon Jul 20, 2020 9:54 am

Lock and Key 8SlW4Q9
Names: Heather Locke and Ophelia Keyes
Age: 33(Lock)| 31(Key)
Eyes: Blue (Lock)| Brown (Key)
Hair: Blond (Lock) | Dark Red (Key)
Height: 5”10’ (Lock) ||5"10'  (Key) |
Weight: 135 lbs (Lock) | 145 lbs (Key)

Entrance Music:
Lock:Piano Black
Key: Jeckyll and Hyde
BOTH:Femme Fatale

Wrestling Information

Strategy: The two walk a fine line between chaos and order. While Lock prefers to use sensuality and submission to wear her opponents down, Key prefers a direct, bold approach. They tend to cover each others weaknesses well - enemies that Lock can’t outfinesse, Key can overpower, and when Key’s strength is too blunt an instrument for the job, Lock’s skill can see them through. They’re also very aware of each other and fight in tandem remarkably well.

Style: Technical Striker | Brutal Powerhouse
Type: Tandem Offense

Preferred Matches:
Lock: Hentai, Oil Wrestling, Submission
Key: Hardstyle Hentai, Hardcore, POW
Both:Tag Team Matches, Tornado Tag Matches, Handicap

Physical Statistics

Lock - ★★ - While not in bad shape, she has a thin frame.
Key - ★★★★★ - Combine a strong body with masochistic tendencies and you get a woman who’s not easy to keep down.

Lock - ★★★ - Possesses a strong lower body, but is on the weaker side overall.
Key - ★★★★ - It’s hard to tell with the outfits she wears, but she’s brimming with muscle.

Lock -★★★★ - Light on her feet, able to move around the ring with ease.
Key - ★★ -  Tends to lumber with a slow, if implacable, pace.

Lock - ★★★★ - Is good at blocking and parrying attacks.
Key - ★ - Never met a punch she wouldn’t take.

Lock - ★★★★★ - Picks up complicated moves with ease.
Key - ★★ - Relies more on brute force and barebones, brutal moves.

Wrestling Statistics

Lock - ★★★★ - A superb kicker, adept at hitting from a variety of angles.
Key -★★★ - Tends to be slow with her blows, but does a lot of damage when she hits.

Lock - ★★★★ - Has a variety of painful submissions to humber her opponents with.
Key - ★★ - Has very few submissions to work with, rarely uses them.

Lock - ★★ - Isn’t built for the heavier moves.
Key - ★★★★★ - Key loves slamming opponents into things, and

Lock - ★★★ - While it isn’t something she does often, she does have some aerial moves to employ.
Key - ★ - Thinks they look stupid.

Lock - ★★★★ - Nimble, swift, Lock is adept at turning her foes’
Key - ★ - Tends to just take damage in stride.

Signature Moves

A roundhouse kick to the face, often done to an opponent that’s running towards her or in motion of some kind. Comes out so fast, her foes rarely see it coming.

The Octopus Hold. Lock hooks her leg over her opponent's opposite leg, then traps one of their opponent's arms with her own arm, and then wraps her free leg over her opponent's neck, forcing it downward for an extreme twist. She can bust this move out in a variety of ways, often using it as a counter to throws.

Air Raid:
When an opponent is running at Key, she dips down, lifts them, spins them around to build momentum, then slams them hard on their back as she falls down, taking the wind clean out of their sails.

A spear. Key ducks down, runs into her opponent with a burst of speed, and tackles them hard to the ground. Once there, she’ll either go for a little ground and pounding or give them a bite on the neck if the referee isn’t in a good position to see.

Finishing Moves:

The Code of Silence. An inverted figure-four headlock, where Lock uses her shin to choke out the opponent, and can even prop herself up on one hand and pulled her leg back for extra pressure.

Lock Out:
With an opponent bent over, Lock brings her leg up and drops it down on the back of their head with a devastating axe kick, smashing their face into the floor. Thanks to her exceptional leg strength, it’s enough to cause an occasional knockout.

Skeleton Key:
In a display of her amazing strength, Key reaches down, deadlifts her opponent up into the powerbomb position, then starts slamming them in the canvas with reckless abandon. After two or three slams, she hurls them up, catches them on the way down, and spikes them into the canvas with a popup powerbomb.

The Mandible Claw. With a stunned opponent, Key reaches up, grabs them by the hair with one hand, and forces her other hand into their mouth, pinching the soft tissue under their tongue with her ring and middle finger to cause extreme pain. Often gets a tapout, but she’s been known to keep doing this until she’s forced to by officials or Lock tells her to stop.

With a stunned opponent, Lock raises her leg and gives them an axe kick to the back of the head, while Key punts them in the face, sandwiching their skull between two deadly blows. Almost a guaranteed knockout.

Physical Appearance

Main Attire:
Alt Attire 1:
Alt Attire 2:
Out on the town:
Swimsuit Edition:
Sleeping in…:
Hanging out at the club…:

Personality It can be hard to believe Heather and Ophelia could ever be friends, much less lovers, with them being different from each other in myriad ways.

Heather is, mostly, calm and gentle. She speaks in soft, seductive tones, rarely raising her voice, preferring to entice her targets with honeyed words and gentle touches. She comes off as quite personable at first, a welcoming sort, but she had a way of manipulating those to her will before they even realize.

Ophelia, on the other hand, is brash and brutish, preferring to hammer her way through every problem. She tends to speak what’s on her mind the moment it comes to her, showing absolutely no filter - if she hates you, she will let you know this in no uncertain terms. Prone to rage the moment things don’t go her way, only a select few can survive being in her presence for long periods of time.

The main thing they share in common is a love for violence, a heartless sadism that drives everything they do. They both want to see those around them driven to their knees, and while they might prefer to do so in different ways, they have the same goal and respect each other’s skill in this regard. The two of them are close in a way that goes beyond just being friends, maybe even siblings, and Heather is the only thing that can keep Ophelia under control.

It should also be noted that their alliance with Jack is a tenuous one. While they’ve no problems working together so far, they make it clear in no uncertain terms that, if he tries to turn them against each other or exploit them, they will turn on him. Their loyalty is firstly to themselves, above all else.

Ophelia Keyes was made an orphan shortly after her birth, the daughter of a single mother who died of complications. She was put into the fostercare system and was adopted rather quickly, though this didn’t last. There were problems.

For whatever reason, Ophelia was always an unruly, feisty, and ill-tempered child, prone to violence at the slightest provocation. It seemed like no manner of discipline was able to keep her in check and temper her aggression, and she had to be put back into an orphanage at the age of six, after severely injuring her foster mother with a hammer. She was adopted again at the age of eight, but this ended in disaster, too - she got in a fight with her family’s son, putting him in the hospital with a broken arm.

She bounced from home to home. Multiple fights, stealing, vandalism, even a stint of arson here and there - it seemed like she was destined for a criminal history the moment she was old enough to be out on her own. As she grew, she started to gain unusual strength for her age and a penchant for brutality, making her even more difficult to control. She was almost deemed a lost cause by her caretakers.

And then she met Heather Locke.

Heather was another orphan, brought into the Locke family years ago. Ophelia initially tried to bully her like she did everyone else, but Heather was oddly unfazed. Unbeknownst to her, Ophelia had been a terror in her own right, a bully of a different sort. Quieter, subtle, patient, she tended to get her way through coercion and distraction, manipulating those around her. The two of them were on edge for a few weeks, with Ophelia making not-so-veiled threats and Heather blowing them off, ever the cool customer. That just enraged Ophelia even further, and things came to a head when their parents brought them on a camping trip. Looking to establish her place as the top dog, she got Heather alone in the forest and went after her.

The two of them don’t talk much about what happened in that forest, but what is known is that, while they entered as enemies, they left as friends and so much more on top. The two were practically inseparable after that day, and continued their bullying ways out school, joining a local wrestling promotion and thriving as a tag team. While they were successful, they were also rather sadistic and depraved, garnering a reputation that made it hard for them to move on to a bigger promotion.

That was until Jack Riley convinced his father to hire them for Royale, the UK’s answer to the AFW. He brought them on as his personal bodyguards in the Blueblood’s faction, and they aided him in his attempts to takeover the company from his father. When these efforts failed and he was kicked out, however, they stuck by his side out of loyalty, appreciating the big break he’d given them and seeing promise in his future endeavors. That loyalty was rewarded - when he managed to negotiate a deal with the AFW to wrestler in Japan, he made sure they were part of the package.

Fun Facts
+Heather and Jack have had sex on the side a few times without Ophelia’s knowledge. While Ophelia doesn’t mind her sleeping around so long as they prioritize each other, Heather and Jack haven’t told her, knowing it would make things awkward between the three of them.

+Ophelia has a surprisingly big comic collection. She’s not much into Marvel or DC, preferring indy stuff. Spawn in particular is a big favorite of hers, and she has the complete collection of Y: The Last Man.

+Heather is into jazz, and one of the only times she can be found without Ophelia nearby is when she’s hanging out at jazz clubs, since her partner detests the music.

+Heather has partial blindness in her right eye, and can be occasionally seen wearing a eyepatch to avoid irritating it with bright lights.

AFW Information




Allies: ‘Gentle’ Jack Riley
Enemies: Everyone else.

Lock and Key MkXjFk1

Lock and Key SPoWQN2

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