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Looking for Return Matches.

Tue May 04, 2021 3:27 pm by Hedgehawk

Hello Everyone!

I am looking for anyone interested to help me get back into the swing of things and get or two going on the site.

Mostly I am looking for something from my character Trinity. Given her style I am looking for something on the more hardcore side, a cage match, no DQ, or even a streetfight. Given her build and her personality I don't mind her going up against males with a similar personality.

I am also up for possibly looking at setting a match up for Momoka. Though not sure if …

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Just an update

Mon Apr 26, 2021 9:37 pm by Deus001

Hey folks just a quick public service announcement

So I'm now back at work proper now. So expect my posting to be somewhat erratic now, as we get into May I'll likely get more hours from the fam and eventually I'll be working full time for them by the end of the year. At that point I'll be able to come up with more of a posting routine, but as it stands if my post rate gets more iffy as we go into the year that's why but I'll still be doing stuff dw Smile

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Sat Apr 17, 2021 11:29 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Happiest of Birthdays to our beloved Bird of Murder, Killcarrion.

He deserves it, this dude has worked IMMENSELY hard during his time as a mod to try and bring lots of cool ppvs, matches, stories, and such to the site and works tirelessly to try and help out as much as possible.

He's a legit good dude, and one of my absolute best friends.

Love ya buddy!

Teuila Matautia vs. Prayuth Sakda - Hammer and Tongs - Page 3 4af03c10

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Teuila Matautia vs. Prayuth Sakda - Hammer and Tongs

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Teuila Matautia vs. Prayuth Sakda - Hammer and Tongs - Page 3 Empty Re: Teuila Matautia vs. Prayuth Sakda - Hammer and Tongs

Post by Yori Sat Apr 10, 2021 12:14 pm

She had been watching him awkwardly flopped to the side, the blind grope for the ropes. As she moved to rise he did the same though something about to was almost comical for how cool he tried to present himself. No mirror here to shove in his face, that would have to wait for a repeat viewing of footage if he even did that. So when his first course of action was to return to smack talking her, it got one of the most incredulous looks from her that cut right through the need for words in questioning his sanity. She wasn't about to admit how much his strikes actually hurt, no way was she giving him that sort of smug satisfaction. Standing tall, she rolled her neck, buying time by looking down on him intimidatingly when she scraped up a response of her own. She wasn't a huge talker in the ring but she was getting tired of letting him run his mouth uncontested since hammering him into the dirt wasn't enough to cram it back down his throat.

"Listen…" How do you insult a successful movie star? Earlier attempts to demoralize him based on his primping looks had only managed to get it thrown back in her face, she couldn't help but think other go-tos like "Hotshot" would meet a similar fate. It left her grumbling with an awkward pause before continuing. "Don't know if I clocked you too hard and gave you brain damage or you are always this insufferable, but you are really just making this worse for yourself every time to open your mouth. Hope you know that." Sometimes there was something nice and simple about honesty. Best to not get bigger down with a conversation though, it only have him time to recover. She would be fine as long as she kept moving, it wasn't like he had almost collapsed her ribs with one of his knees or anything… she snickered to herself.

The cautious approach wasn't as much in play here as she already got a taste of being able to rush him down. Less hesitation and more drive, she could weather a blow or two if it meant getting close. It was time to do some work, some real work, and show this self entitled prick what it was to step into a ring with someone like her. Arms up, eyes in narrow focus looking for if an opportunity presented itself in the way of any kicks being thrown her way. She was practically daring him to try, eager to test her luck in trying to catch one of those sharp strikes. Teuila moves into a similar tune to before, shifting herself from one side or the other, trying to keep Prayuth up against the ropes and defensive as the distance dwindled. Just as she neared, she took a sudden feigning step in, trying to bait something out by making it look like she was charging again only to wait back, seeing if anything came out worth responding to.

Teuila Matautia vs. Prayuth Sakda - Hammer and Tongs - Page 3 9snJ8fq
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Teuila Matautia vs. Prayuth Sakda - Hammer and Tongs - Page 3 Empty Re: Teuila Matautia vs. Prayuth Sakda - Hammer and Tongs

Post by acuyra Sat Apr 10, 2021 3:32 pm

Prayuth was legit surprised when Teuila actually spoke back, and with full sentences, no less. She’d been coming at him more or less nonstop since they kicked things off, and she seemed fairly set on being this unstoppable, immovable wall of Hawaiin muscle and malice, it was a little weird to suddenly have her get chatty. Not that he was complaining - every second she spent talking was one where he could recover, so he cherished them, even as she threw a little shade his way. He got the impression she was in a similar boat, even if she was doing an Emmy Award Winning job of hiding it.

”Yeah, that claim’s a little sus, pretty sure you’ll try to ragdoll me regardless at this point.” He straightened up and rolled his shoulders, getting off some of the pain from that crash. ”I get that you’ve got this whole Samoan Terminator thing going on, but you could lighten up. Just a smidge. Won’t kill you.”

Somehow he doubted she would take his suggestion to heart, but there it was, all the same. She wasted little time after that, coming his way, edging closer with each slow step, advancing on him with glacial speed and force. It made for an intimidating sight, but he understood the thinking behind it. Playing it safe, trying to get him to make the first move. He hardened his own stance and stepped forward, eyes focused, ready to meet her.

Wait, wait, wait…

She jerked forward and he reacted, taking a quick step forward and shooting his knee up fast to hit her stomach with a knee bomb - or, rather, where her stomach would’ve been if she hadn't been doing a feint. Instead, he came down right in front of her and drew his arms in close, prepping for whatever she’d try to fill the gap with.

Teuila Matautia vs. Prayuth Sakda - Hammer and Tongs - Page 3 SPoWQN2

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