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Looking for matches

Fri Nov 25, 2022 8:50 pm by Void Effect

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Looking for fun Fights

Wed Nov 23, 2022 1:55 pm by Leon564

Hi hiiiii
Hope you are well my fellows! Happy holidays to those that celebrate. Though some of you may indeed be busy, some of you might be bored and alone. Well I'm here as well bored and alone 😅 So same boat. But not always the same tastes.

Anywhoooooo I've got my two characters available for some battles. James is decently flexible on whom he fights. But Melanie is strictly for the men. She can't get enough of'em 😆

Take a gander at them and hit me up either with a …

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Free Face Claim

Thu Nov 17, 2022 6:11 pm by Void Effect

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A Small World

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A Small World - Page 2 Empty Re: A Small World

Post by acuyra Wed May 27, 2020 10:28 pm

Wolf should never have bothered talking with Charlotte, and he knew that for certain now. He was having a bad day already, and the moment he saw her, he knew that was only going to go downhill. What had even expected would happen? That time would’ve tempered her, that she would be all smiles, that things would be just like before? A big, happy family? No, any possibility of that had gone down the drain years ago. It was just a fading, distant memory. He didn’t know how many years of life he had left, but it wasn’t enough to be wasting on this.

”Owes me?” Something about that, the implication that he was holding anything over Cheyenne flipped a switch and made him flare, taking a hard step towards her. ”It’s not about owing, it’s about-”

He slammed his mouth shut and took a step back, bringing his hands up. ”I’m done. This is done. You have the last word. Enjoy it.” Someone would have to be the adult here, and it seemed like he was taking the role by default.

While this was going, Cheyenne was in the middle of a small battle with Gyuri, fighting the foot in her face as she reached out for the phone. She wasn’t really bugged by her taking a look, though she did wish she hadn’t snatched. She was really curious on what had drawn her attention so much.

”Heyheyhey!” She chuckled and fussed with the foot, making a halfhearted attempt to get pass and gaining no ground. ”What are you even doing with-”

She paused when she caught her father approaching in the corner of her eye. She knew that look, that walk, and what it all meant - they were leaving right now, and he wasn’t in a mood to argue. Still, there was one thing that she needed to do before they left, and she’d have to be quick about it.

”Quick, here.” She took out her wallet with her back to her Dad and rifled through it, almost looking like she might hand Gyuri some money. Instead, she pulled out a small card, one of a dozen, with some personal information on it - her social media information on one side, and a winking, chibi cartoon version of her on the other. She’d been meaning to hand these out to some fans to gain her some followers, but it was good for this, too. ”DM me.”

Cheyenne formed her finger into a phone shape and held it by her ear, reinforcing the message, then reached to stuff the card in Gyuri’s top. She used that as a momentary distraction to snatch her phone back, then shuffled back with a wink, just in the nick of time. ”Cheyenne, we’re leaving.” He moved past Gyuri, not sparing her a single look. Now.

”Coming, coming!” She didn’t know what had set him with Aunt Charlie, but she knew better than to ask when he had that face on, and followed close behind. Even though she still wanted that selfie, it could wait for another time. She would have other opportunities, she was sure of it.

A Small World - Page 2 SPoWQN2

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A Small World - Page 2 Empty Re: A Small World

Post by Yori Thu May 28, 2020 12:58 am

Viper lofted her brows as Wolf took a step towards her, giving him a knowing look that was screaming for him to make a move. For her part, she seemed to have said her piece and was just holding ground with a stoney stoicism. Even the smug satisfaction she got from leaving him more or less speechless was ruined already by the encounter, making it all a waste of both of their time. She was happy to be done with it when he walked away, so much so she didn't even bother to send any more while at his retreat.

Gyuri was interested in much of what she saw here. The tourism photos of far of places she had never been as well as the telling pictures of her new acquaintance getting a bit more down and dirty. The latter ones may have been more obvious as she answered Cheyenne's inquiry with a cat call whistle that made her bandana flap.

It seemed the Korean girl caught sight of Wolf as well, immediately going on high alert. She had felt with enough security people in her day to know that body language and wasn't going to wait by idly, unprepared. She gave Cheyenne one last shove with her foot, letting her legs drop away to appear as though she had just been sitting this whole time.

"Hm?" The urban dragon looked back to Cheyenne when she was rooting through her wallet, watching her curiously as she fished out a card. She tilted her head, eyeing the curious item with her attention drawn to the cute little Cheyenne printed on it. When the other girl hopped up to slip the card into her cleavage it took her completely by surprise, a fierce blush hidden underneath her bandana. The phone was snatched back from her loose grip while she was flustered, getting a immediate foreign swear from her.

She cleared her throat, composing herself as Wolf stormed on by without even giving her the time of day. She looked back to Cheyenne for some manner of explanation but all she got was that little wink. Slipping down from the boxes as the other girl started off, she threw out a palm to give her a firm clap on the backside as she trotted off. Gyuri yanked the bandana down, sticking out her tongue at Wolf, calling after him in her native tongue as the two headed off. "나는 당신의 딸에게 좋은 시간을 보여줄 것입니다!"

Gyuri balled her fists on her hips, watching Cheyenne go with a small smirk on her face, so engrossed in the moment she didn't even notice Viper coming up to stand behind her. The blond placed a firm hand on her shoulder, one that commanded her attention enough to glance back.

"Look at that face… she left a good impression on you, huh?" The blond snitched softly, calling attention to Gyuri's uncharacteristic smile. Viper then plucked the card from between her breasts, turning it over in her fingers to read it. No sooner had she started than it was defensively snatched back with the Korean girl jokingly hissing at her mentor. It got a tossed brow from the blond but she didn't comment further, instead she backed off and slipped on her sunglasses.

"We have a match. 준비해." Viper walked by, on her way back to the locker room leaving Gyuri behind. The Korean girl held the card in hand, turning it over slowly, testing the quality of the card itself while taking in all the information. Once she had absorbed it all, rather than pocketing it, she slipped the card back into her cleavage. With a spring in her step started off towards the locker room, securing her headset back on to crank her music.

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