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Mon May 13, 2024 5:49 am by TheLoneWanderer

As a first outing for this rebooted account, I'd like to engage some opponent in a matroom, or something equivalent, with a focus on BJJ, Catch Wrestling, MMA, etc. It can range from actual training (preferably of the character I play but I can do yours even if I'd like further teaching for BJJ.) to an extreme match. Either way, message me if you wanna bite. While I do like femdom and all that, I will do my best to treat any participants equally.

You can pick either Senji or Hiroyuki but I'm …

[ Full reading ]

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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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The True King of Tension

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The True King of Tension Empty The True King of Tension

Post by M.J.Caboose14 Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:59 pm

Continued from here

The shark was unbelievably happy. She had been so since last night, when she had won the Tension World Championship against Reira. It was a rough match, but in the end Mako beat the red head and now she had an amazingly shiny belt around her waist. Honestly, it wasn’t all fun and games, though. While she was stoked about winning and becoming the world champ, Mako was also feeling a pretty large weight on her shoulders. Tension had been struggling for a while, and the shark blamed the locker room. People needed to get into gear. Lately they all seemed so complacent with their roles.

Mako was not one of those people, though. She wanted to rise higher and higher. Having the World Championship was a great accomplishment, however, what mattered now was keeping it. If Mako lost this belt without one successful defense, then she probably shouldn’t have won it in the first place. Mako wouldn’t face easy opponents, though, she had to take risks while defending this belt. She had to put it all on the line for herself, for the fans, and for Tension itself. So, after partying through the night and morning, the shark was arriving at the arena for her first public appearance as the champ.

Dressed in her jeans, a white tank top, dark shoes, and a black leather jacket, Mako would walk through the arena halls with the title belt draped over her shoulder. What made the shark look ever cooler were the shades she had on. Now that she was champ, Mako expected the employees to swarm her. She figured they’d be serving her regardless of whether or not she wanted them to, and she really did not. However, no one came to greet her. That was odd, as Mako walked she saw people, and they’d walk the other way. The champ was feeling like they knew something she didn’t. And then something caught her eye. A poster. One that had her picture on it. Naked…but with censor bars.

“Mako Adachi - Not OUR Champion”

This really pissed the shark off. Sure. However, there were also variations. One with a picture of Mako drunk. Another with a pic of Mako beating a guy up (Which shocked her cause she didn’t even recognize the guy). All with the same slogan. Now Mako understood why everyone was avoiding her. While some might be agreeing with these posters, they all knew she was going to flip out. Someone was trying to smear her name. Weird, it had never happened before. Mako would tear down a few of the posters from the walls, while leaving the ones she didn’t mind as much up. Someone was going to pay for this…

Five minutes later Mako was making her appearance. Her shark theme would play as she walked out with the title raised high in air. The fans were thrilled to see her. The arena was louder than ever, and she loved it! Draping the belt over her shoulder, the champion shark would walk down the ramp and head to the ring. Along the way she took off her shades and tossed them to a lucky fan to keep.

Then, after walking up the steel steps, Mako would get on the ring apron and step through the ropes. Once inside, the champion would raise the title above her head again as she stood proudly in the center of the squared circle. Fans chanting loudly for her, and the shark thought they’d never stop. So she’d just have to stop them herself.

“HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO TENSION!!! CAN I GET SOME REAL CHEERS!? CAUSE I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!” Mako roared to her fans, and louder they became. Soon enough they were  burning themselves out, which was the champ’s plan. “That’s what I like to hear!!! Honestly I’m surprised by how wild you all are tonight…is it because…oh I don’t know…I WON TENSION’S FUCKING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!?? Mako would ask, raising the belt once again as the crowd screamed yes over and over.

“That’s what I thought! Now…I know this is exciting. I’m excited, all you fans here are excited, and I think the entire wrestling world is excited…but let’s face it…we can’t be excited forever. Sooner or later this is gonna lose its appeal and everyone’s gonna feel meh about this…that’s just how things are in Tension…am I right?” Mako would say, already sounding pretty lackluster. This got the fans pretty quiet, too stunned to boo from hearing this from their champ.

“…HELL NOOOOOO I’M NOT! FUCK THAT! I WILL NEVER LET THE GOOD TIMES END! I WILL NEVER SAY THINGS ARE GOOD ENOUGH! I WILL KEEP YOU PEOPLE ENTERTAINED, DIE TRYING, AND THEN KEEP WRESTLING AS A FUCKING GHOST IF I HAVE TO! I-WILL-NOT-QUUUUUIIIIT!” Mako roared, bringing the crowds close to rioting with her unbelievable energy. She wasn’t even bringing up those posters spread around the arena. She didn’t need to. Mako was so pumped that nothing could bring her down. She didn’t care who in the locker rooms was trying to turn the roster against her. The shark didn’t care if it was the whole roster that was in on the slander. She had the fans, she had the gold, and she had a plan to kick all their asses anyway.

“So now that I’m champion…I’m going to get things moving. I’m going to fight everyone I can with this belt on the line. I’m going to force the roster to raise the bar. I’m going to turn Tension into a nonstop brawl because you people deserve to get what you want. After all these years of constant support, you people deserve the best from us! So I’m bringing out Tension’s best! No one here is going to do ‘just ok’, anymore…YOU PEOPLE HEAR THAT!? Everyone in the locker room better turn it up a level or I’ll kick your asses twice as hard!” Mako would continue to say before she addressed the entire roster.

“Now…somebody get out here! I need a match for Showdown…yeah that’s right! Showdown is coming people! Now get psyched about it cause I am going to tear this arena to pieces for your entertainment! Nothing is going to contain what I plan to unleash! Nothing! And just to prove it…I want my first defense to be HELL IN A CELL! Mako would declare, desiring the one of the most physically demanding match types to start her reign with a nuclear sized bang! “But this isn’t going to be one of those lame ass, pitiful cage matches where wrestlers can’t make good on their promises. This will be violent. This will be dangerous. This will be hell on earth…I promise you all that! So whoever think they’re bad or mad enough to take me on…bring it! I’m waiting for ya! SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT TENSION!!! the champ commanded as she pointed at the entrance. Mako knew she had to of gotten under someone’s skin back there. Heck, she might’ve pissed everyone off. Whatever, that’s what she wanted…and Mako was going to get it from them…one way…or another.


The wrestling prince was in the backstage, he heard that his one-off friend Mako Adachi had one the title, just like he predicted, and was now going to make a big speech or something. That certainly did sound like her, he had just hoped that she was not drunk or anything. She deserved it no doubt but the prince had other ideas in mind, he had recently beaten her in a private match at his home and now that she was champion, he had one thing on his mind.

He listened to what she had to say, being overly dramatic like she always is and soon she said something very interesting tat piqued his interest. An open challenge, to anyone, in Tension. A hell in a cell for the belt at the next Tension PPV Showdown. Daisuke had wrestled her before in an extreme match, in fact most of their matches were extreme apart from a few here and there.

So, he had decided. He was going to be the one to challenge her. He had never thought about the World title before but it was on his mind ever since Mako spoke about it. It was finally time to take the crown that was rightfully his. As Mako issued her challenge, a moment of silence occurred until suddenly the prince's music cued and he would slowly emerged out of the curtains dressed in black track pants, a grey vest and black shoes. He would slowly make his way down to the ring, clapping for Mako sincerely.

He stepped up the steel steps and entered the ring, walking up to the new Tension champion with a mic in his mind. "Well well, Mako. Congratulations on winning the title. I can't say I didn't see this coming" he said, pausing. "However, I am here to cut the celebrations short because I officially accept your open challenge, to a match at showdown.....for that" he said pointing at the belt.


Mako watched as Daisuke made his appearance. She wasn't surprised. Hell, she had made a half-drunken bet to a friend that he'd be the first to challenge her. Man, she shouldn't have asked to be out of it...sure it was a drunken bet, and she would have been forced to pay everyone's tab at a certain if she lost. BUT SHE WOULD HAVE WON. There was no worrying about it now, though. Besides, she bet a kiss from the bar tender. She would get that one way or another. It was just a matter of time.

The prince was clapping for the woman, and for once it didn't sound like a sarcastic taunt. So when Daisuke reached the ring and congratulated her, the shark was quiet. She waited for the man to accept her challenge...then after the fans started booing him, the shark would open her mouth.

"...Hey! Hold off on the booing for a sec!" Mako would say, only to the boos to get louder. "...Ok never-mind...sorry bro they really don't like you...I like you though." she said with a shrug as the fans were shocked. "Haha yeah...hard to believe...but I'll have you people know Daisuke not only supported me before facing Reira...but asked to be my boyfriend..." Mako said, before falling silent.

"...That was a lie. Sorry Princey I couldn't help myself...seriously though! This man helped me out. He even managed to kick my ass when I broke into his house! That's a fun story can I tell it? No? Ok." Mako explained while getting shot down by Daisuke rather quickly. "Why am I standing up for him, though? Maybe you all think he's the biggest jerk in Tension...or that he's the least liked...well...First of all Dasher beats him in both of those categories. And secondly, since you hate guys hate him so much...then he should be perfect to get borderline murdered by the champ!" Mako would say, managing to get the fans cheering.

"...Sorry Daisuke...but you did come to me...I didn't force this on you~..." she teased before poking his nose. " that's all I really wanted to talk you wanna take a swing at me for old times sake?" Mako asked  before folding up the title belt and placing it in front of her. "Go shot please~" the champ said while leaning forward for the prince.


Once Daisuke entered the ring, he was greeted with a chorus of jeers. Daisuke didn't care, he had learned to accept the crowd for what they are. He never gave them respect nor did they, so the feeling was mutual. Still, it felt a bit nice when Mako would stand up for Daisuke by telling the crowd to hold their jeers. "Tsk, never mind them damnit. I'm here for you or rather...that *points to the title" he shot back at her.

His jaw dropped when she mentioned that last part but she was quick to correct herself. Mako was being her usual self and Daisuke tried his best to control what she said but too many things were said too quickly, all he could do is hold her tongue off on telling everyone the details.

Then, she got down to business. Daisuke would smirk and nod "Yeah I'm the one who came to you. Im the one who will take that belt away from you" he said, not flinching at all when she playfully bopped his nose. Daisuke would lean forward and gently tap her cheek, "I'm not going to give you that satisfaction" he said, leaning in and giving her cheek a kiss before backing up.

"I'll see you in the ring....champ" he said winking at her before walking back and exiting the ring. Daisuke would walk back up the ramp slowly, keeping his vision locked at Mako in the ring. Once he was on top of the ramp he would stop and raise his arm up high before turning around and disappearing behind the curtain as he headed backstage after issuing his challenge to her.


Mako was surprised when Daisuke kissed her cheek instead of punching it. The fans were just as surprised, though this was not the couple they'd really want to ship. So still stunned from the kiss, Mako would watch as Daisuke left the ring and made his way to the back. Clearly he was starting to figure her out. She just wasn't able to get under the prince's skin like she used to. Well that didn't matter. Since they would be locked in a cage together, Mako would have plenty of fun with the prince as they beat the hell out of each other. Then, after letting out a laugh as she rustled her hair, the champ would turn her attention back to the audience.

"Heh...Looks like I've got my match AND my challenger...fuck I can't wait for Showdown..." the King would say with a fierce smile. " before I leave...I want everyone to know that if they want a shot at the best bitch in Tension...don't be a shy fuck! I'll hear out any challenge the locker room gives me! That way I can make a nice, long list that's filled with the best challengers possible!" the woman said getting one last pop from the wild crowd who were chanting out "Fuck 'em up Mako, Fuck 'em up! *Clap Clap*!".

"Haha thanks for the volume everybody! You've been one hell of an audience...and we're gonna have one hell of a blast for a long time to come!" Mako declared before dropping the mic and making her way out of the ring with her belt. The champ was cheered the whole way out as she soaked in their energy. Even as she left out of view the fans were still roaring loudly after being in her presence. From now on, Mako would make sure to leave the crowds while they were this pumped. If the shark ever left them on a low, then that would be a horrible failure on her part. But as great as this all seemed, this was still only the beginning...

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