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Mon May 13, 2024 5:49 am by TheLoneWanderer

As a first outing for this rebooted account, I'd like to engage some opponent in a matroom, or something equivalent, with a focus on BJJ, Catch Wrestling, MMA, etc. It can range from actual training (preferably of the character I play but I can do yours even if I'd like further teaching for BJJ.) to an extreme match. Either way, message me if you wanna bite. While I do like femdom and all that, I will do my best to treat any participants equally.

You can pick either Senji or Hiroyuki but I'm …

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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Storming the Castle (For Teenwrestler)

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Storming the Castle (For Teenwrestler) Empty Storming the Castle (For Teenwrestler)

Post by M.J.Caboose14 Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:19 pm

(Takes place after ECM - Before Champ Match VS Reira)

It was a relaxing Sunday, Daisuke was enjoying a rare off day today. He had been far too busy in his wrestling career that he seldom taken time off to just relax and cool off at his own estate. Ami was out with her friends for the weekend and he had the place for himself. After having a nice alone breakfast, he took a morning jog and came back for a relaxing shower.

Daisuke would change into a sporty sleeveless shirt, a pair of shorts with some slippers on. "Ah, what a great morning this is" he said, sitting on his couch in front of the TV, just watching some random stuff by flipping through some channels.


Mako was nervous. More nervous than she could stand to be. The shark was worried about her upcoming title match. It was her big moment, and she didn't want to screw it up. So, Mako needed to relieve some stress. That's what brought her to Daisuke's big ass house. She didn't bother knocking, the prince would never let her in. So, she got in through a window...on the second floor. Mako didn't have a ladder, luckily she was good at climbing.

After slipping through the window, Mako would land down on her ass with a bump. Hopefully Daisuke didn't hear that. Then, the shark would walk around a bit before going downstairs to look around more. Soon she'd notice Daisuke on the couch as she walked by.

"Hey Princy" Mako would say as she walked by and entered the kitchen. Without asking she'd look through his fridge before taking out some milk. Clearly Mako wasn't worried about Daisuke throwing her out...because in her mind...he couldn't.


Daisuke was about to probably doze, he started to lay down on the couch and his eyelids felt heavy. He wasn't aware of the Tension title scene and truthfully, he was never really interested in it either. Someone would start to sneak in his house, with him in a drowsy state he didn't notice that someone fell down after they had climbed in from the window on the second floor.

Creeping down from the stairs, the unknown person would slowly creep up to the prince who was laying down on his couch.  The person passed by to where Daisuke was, going to the kitchen but this time the person would call out to him. "WHOA! M-Mako?!" he said, jumping off from his couch.

"W-what the hell are you doing here? HEY! STOP, why the hell are you going in my kitchen" he said, chasing her.


Mako would put the milk in a bowl with some cereal by the time Daisuke got to her. The shark looked rather calm as her 'reluctant host' confronted her. Mako didn't respond right away, though. First, she'd take a bite of the cereal and slowly chew it. Staring at him as she did so, the shark would hold up a finger in the air to keep him waiting. Then, when Mako finally swallowed her food, she'd explain herself.

"....I was hungry..." she said like a child playing innocent. "You got beer? I'm gonna want some later." Mako said before eating some more cereal. "Mmm...Hey you ok? Ya seem kinda tense..." the shark asked like this was normal.


Daisuke would raise his eyebrow when watching Mako just barging into his home, without an invitation, going to his kitchen and helping herself to a bowl of cereal. The wrestling prince would get up from his couch and follow her, "Hey hey hey what the hell are you doing here?" he would say, approaching her and standing infront of her.

"Then how about eating at your own home or maybe go to a cafe or something" he would say. "No. I dont have any beer and I dont want you getting drunk in here anyway" he would say. "Uh...yeah Im okay Im just concerned what are you doing here" he said.


" beer..." Mako would say before putting down her cereal. Daisuke was up close to her. Clearly he was standing his ground. Mako liked that...because it meant she could have all sorts of fun at his expense. The last time they'd fought she'd choked him out cold with steel chain. Good times. Goooooood Times...

"Heh...what's wrong Princy?~ Afraid I'm gonna beat you up again?" Mako asked as she got much close to him. Chest to chest, the shark's face an inch from his. "Now that I think about it...shouldn't you be all respectful and serve me? I am the king, after all." Mako said, referring to the stakes of their match. She'd earned that title, however, she didn't use it that often. Mostly because it wasn't technically official. Daisuke just declared himself king, and then she beat him for it. Right now, though, she had the right to hold it over Daisuke's head.

"You should probably bow to me right? Don't worry bout calling me your majesty...your king is enough~" Mako would say, continuing to tease him.


Daisuke could sense the disappointment in her when he mentioned that there was no beer in his estate. The prince stood up to her, face to face and she would stare back, clearly she was lost in thought. Mako was an odd one, crazy, tough and yet somehow caring at the same time. Her good qualities made her insufferable yet deep down, the prince did enjoy her company sometimes.

"No, and don't call me princy" he said. Mako would close up the distance, pressing up to him so that there chests bumped and they went head to head. "Oh please, that is just a meaningless title for you" he said rolling his eyes at her.

"No, that is not happening" he would say, placing his hand on her shoulders and looking to gently push her away. "You didn't answer my question, what are you doing here?" he said, crossing his arms under his chest.


Mako would chuckle as Daisuke told her not to cal him princy. She had gotten under his skin. Seeing him roll his eyes only fueled her desire to annoy him. Soon he'd push her away, though, while flat out saying no. The King didn't mind, she enjoyed defiance, after all. "Heh suit yourself...I like it when my subjects rebel against me~" Mako laughed before he once again asked her why she was actually here. That made her sigh, he just wouldn't let it go.

"'re so lame...can't you just appreciate that a sexy woman wants to be around you? I mean I'd even get naked for you right here and now! If you can find another woman in tension who'd do that without ya even asking...honestly I'd steal her from you...but seriously just enjoy it man!" Mako would say, lecturing him throughly.

"...but if you must know! it's because I' know...I have that match coming up...and I'm....." the woman would say before pausing. "I'M NERVOUS OKAY!? ISN'T IT OBVIOUS YOU DUMB FUCK!?" Mako barked at Daisuke before shoving him and turning around to pout. She didn't like to admit she had doubts about herself. She liked people to think she had zero fear. That she had an unbreakable spirit. So admitting her faults made Mako pissed.


Daisuke despised this king persona she took, talking like she was a true king who would rule over her subjects. THIS was his shtick and he didn't want Mako to steal it fro him. "That's my line" eh said coldly. Mako soon got bored of him asking the same question over and over again, lecturing him about how lucky he was.

"Please. You would get naked for anyone, literally" he would say, not buying her efforts to butter her up. "Right, right I'm supposed to enjoy the women in Tension who get naked and fuck the men who they are trying to wrestle...." he said in a sarcastic tone. With that being said, Mako would suddenly blurt out what had been bothering him, before giving him a hard shove and turn her back to him.

It came as a shock to him, not many things made her nervous. "Um...right. That title match? I heard about it" he said then took a deep breath and paused. "Well, knowing you I don't think you have reasons to be nervous about it. You're a good wrestler'll probably win it" he said casually.


Mako was fuming as she looked away with her back towards Daisuke. She was thinking all sorts of bad things about him. Soon he'd even talk about the title match. "Yes the title match! Jeez...took you long enough..." she grumbled while still facing away from him. Then, the man did something both special and shocking. He said something nice about her. Mako turned around quickly when he did. Looking dumbstruck as she stared at him.

" really think that?" the shark asked as she walked right up to Daisuke. Without even another word, Mako hugged him rather tightly. "Oooh my gawd...that's so sweet...AND IT CAME FROM YOU!!!!" the woman would start to say as she fought back tears. Mako wasn't going to full on cry, but she was getting choked up by the Prince's kind words.

"Man...I know you're not into sex like I am...but if you have any urge at all...tell me now...cause I'll start taking you on top of this table in a heart beat..." Mako would say with her cheek resting against his shoulder. Things were awkward now...but only for Daisuke. Mako was completely fine hugging her best frenemy.


Daisuke had Mako had a special love hate relationship, he hated her for sure but not enough to not hang out with her. They had wrestled quite a lot, both publicly and privately with Daisuke mostly on the losing end. He could acknowledge her ability, he had faith in her as  a wrestler that she could totally win the belt no matter who it was against.

"Yeah, I do" he said. Just as he said that, Mako would lunge into him and hugged him tightly, she seemed rather happy with the prince saying that,  a little too happy. "Nrh ease up" he said. Daisuke would feel her cheek resting on his shoulder, he would wrap his arms around gently to hug her back. "Right. No thanks, I'm not having sex with you, you crazy woman" he said with a low sigh.


"'re crazy too...crazy for me~" Mako purred right back at the wrestling prince. She wouldn't let go for some time, but when the shark finally did, she kissed Daisuke on the cheek. "Thanks,'re such a softie~" Mako giggled before walking by him and picking up her bowl. On the way by though, she smacked his firm ass.

"Come on...bring that cute ass over here and we'll watch something..." Mako laughed as she went over to his couch. Not only that, but she'd pull out a few DVDs under the couch. She had left them there a while back for just this occasion. "Wanna watch Avengers: Endgame or Wrestling for Control? The second one's a porno...but it's wrestling themed...soooo...yaaaay~" Mako would explain, doing jazz hands while saying 'yay' as if that would get Daisuke to watch it with her.


Daisuke would have a stoic look on his face when she mentioned that he was crazy for her, but did enjoy her purring against him while the two hugged. The two parted and Daisuke didn't resist when she kissed. "You're welcome, I suppose" he said. This time, the prince would allow her to eat what she had prepared for herself before walking back to the couch he was sitting on. "Oww hey, watch it" he said when she spanked him.

"What the hell? When did you put those.....hmm, never mind" he said walking towards her. His eyes widened when she gave him the choice, "A movie or porn? Gee, the spectrum really is on both ends here" he said. "Well...", he grabbed both DVD's, tossing the porn to the side. "We aren't watching porn, that's for sure" he said.

"Plus, you should be training for your match Mako. Not fooling around" he said, crossing his arm under his chest.


Mako snickered at him at first, but soon whined about him saying no porn. "Awwwwww! Why can't you be a perv?" she said, looking like a sad puppy. Then he started lecturing her. Rolling her eyes, Mako would groan rather loudly as she sat on the couch. First, he had been hated like she hated her dad. Now, he had become somewhat liked...but with a mother's nagging.

Of course he wasn't like her mother. The mighty Suzuki Adachi was FAR beyond Daisuke. That woman put the fear of god into her. She still did a lot of stupid things, but her mom always made things right. In school she'd always get Mako to apologize for fighting. Though if the teachers weren't just as scared of the mother, Mako would've been expelled ten times over. Nowadays they had a deal, if Mako beat Suzuki in a street fight, she'd get her way. Currently the score was 0-1 because they only fought for real once and Suzuki came out on top. That was a rough day for Mako...because while she was the better wrestler...Suzuki was the better street fact she was the best according to three seperate yakuza tournaments. Right now, though, Daisuke was lecturing her about fooling around. Which meant Mako should take his advice.

" huh...fine let's do it." the shark said before standing up and taking her clothes off. She had expected this would happen eventually. Removing her tank top, then her jeans, she'd reveal her black sports bra and bloomers. "I always come here prepared~...even when you're not supposed to be home..." Mako says with her hands on her hips.

"Before you even ask...yes...I've come here before...which is why the movies are here...ANYWAY...if you're up to the challenge...go ahead and train me...I can't think of a better partner to get me ready for the fight!" Mako would say, this time praising the wrestling prince.


Daisuke would honestly be proud if Mako would be champ, she seemed like a fighting champ and he knew she would be a worthy champion. However, he had to make sure she would take this more seriously. If she was nervous, the least she could do is do everything in her power and ability to ease the nervousness through proper training.

She sat down on the couch, a bit upset like a whiny kid when Daisuke lectured her. Suddenly, she would get back up on her feet and began to strip down, getting down to her black sports bra and bloomers. "Bloomers? really...interesting choice" he said trying to change the subject but he knew he couldn't. If he brought it up, he had to do something to help.

"Fine. I'll help you out but.....if you manage to become champion, then I expect you to repay me the favor someday. Alright?" he said, extending his hand to her for a handshake. "Let's do this, Mako" he said with a smile, appreciating her compliments to him.


"Yup. They're pretty easy to hide under clothes. And bloomers are hot. That's a fact. Plus my butt looks great in them~" the shark laughed before patting her ass. She'd toyed with Daisuke enough now, so it was time to get serious. Mako smiled after hearing Daisuke accept her challenge. Shaking his hand, she'd sneak a kiss on the cheek from him as a thank you before back up. "Ok prince. Let’s see if you can handle the KING!" Mako said before starting to bounce on her toes.

———————————————— One Hour Later ————————————————

“…” Mako was laying on the ground quiet after a long battle with Daisuke. It had been a good fight. Nothing that she could say was a let down. But clearly…the shark was upset about something. Specifically it was how the fight ended. She was never going to admit it out loud. Ever. No matter how obvious it was…she’d never repeat the fact that Daisuke just beat her in their spar. He didn’t cheat either. It would’ve been fine if he had. But no, the prince just beat her cleanly. And now things had become awkward.

…VERY awkward…

Neither one had spoken since Mako tapped (Yes that made it infinitely worse). Mako didn’t know why Daisuke wasn’t speaking. But the shark wasn’t because if she did…she’d be whining about it. And while she hated losing, she would NOT be a whiny little bitch who cried about it. So…silence was her best option. At least until Daisuke said something first. And she expected a lot of teasing. Which is why Mako had already thought about an epitaph for the wrestling prince.

“Here lies Daisuke. The fool prince who teased a shark.”


The wrestling prince had done it, he had beat Mako for the first time in their rivalry and odd friendship. The two had gone at it for about an hour, going from the kitchen, to the living room, poolside, Daisuke's bedroom until the two finally ended the match back outside in the living room, where the match started.

Drenched in their own and each other's sweat, Daisuke laid on top of Mako panting heavily while she did the same. The two didn't say anything for a whole minute, Daisuke just enjoyed his sweaty frame grinding against Mako's.

Finally, he would bring his hand to her hair, brushing her damp hair back before leaning down to kiss her cheek. "Good match." he said, rolling off of her and getting up on his knees beside her. Daisuke would grab her arm and pull her up to a seated position before getting up on his feet and pulling her up as well.

"I win" he said, looking straight into her eyes as they were inches apart.


Mako wasn't usually mad about being under people. However, the longer Daisuke laid on her the more stressed she became. Then, the prince started to move. Brushing the shark's hair before kissing her cheek wasn't what she expected, it was worse. Suddenly Mako began to blush. Why was he being so nice!? Then after saying 'good match' and sitting her up, Daisuke said 'I win'.

"...nope." Mako would say her face bright red. "Nope nope nope nope nope." she would continue to say as she stood up and grabbed her clothes. She'd give him one last look after putting on her top. "Nooooope." she said before walking out the door with her jeans under her arm. Mako had no idea why she was reacting like this. But one thing was clear...their dynamic had definitely changed...and she was not taking it well.

To Be Continued...

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