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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Thorn Empty Thorn

Post by acuyra Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:37 pm

Thorn R64ZSHx

Real Name:  Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Sutherland
Age: 29
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black (natural blonde)
Height: 6”2’
Weight: 230pounds
Nationality:  Sydney, Australia

Theme Song: Belly of the Beast By Gazelle Twin

Wrestling Information

Strategy: In stark contrast to Rose, Thorn is an upfront, blunt, and surprisingly brutal striker and powerhouse, seeking to overwhelm her opponents with furious offense. If Rose is a scalpel, Thorn is a hammer.
Style: Hentai Powerhouse
Type: Physical D0mme

Preferred Attacks: Power Moves, Punches, Elbow, Knees, Suplexes, Powerbomb, Backbreakers, Facesitting, Breastsmothers, Bearhugs, Chops
Preferred Matches: While she loves hentai matches, naturally, she has little love for ‘soft’ matches, preferring things hard and heavy. She likes to wittoe an opponent down to nothing, and then start having her fun. Notably, she works the head a lot with her moves, trying to make her opponents woozy.

Physical Stats

Endurance: ★★★★ - Good at slugfests, lacks flexibility for enduring strong submissions
Strength: ★★★★★ - Her fulsome exterior hides raw, brutal muscle.
Speed:  ★★★ - Surprisingly swift for her size. Not wearing heels in combat helps.
Defense: ★★★ -Good at striking exchanges, tends to falter against more technical foes.
Technique: ★★ - Newcomer to pro wrestling, and it shows.

Wrestling Stats

Strikes: ★★★★★ - A natural born striker.
Submissions: ★★ - Doesn’t use anything more complicated than a Boston Crab.
Powerhouse: ★★★★★- Still learning moves, but the few she had under her belt are devastating.
Aerial: ★★ - Likes to use her weight to crush foes from on high. Infrequently.
Counters: ★ - Fairly straightforward in her approach. Has trouble escaping holds she can’t power out of.

Signature Move

T2B (Top to Bottom):

With a downed opponent, Thorn leaps off the top turnbuckle, tucks her legs in, and then opens up as she falls to drop her full weight down on her opponent from above. While not a finisher, it can take out weaker opponents - in other words, a Frog Splash.

Lights Out:

A running knee to the face, done from various angles and heights. She’s pretty good at landing this out of nowhere.


Thorn’s favorite way to wear down smaller opponents, wrapping them up in a reverse bearhug and securing their legs. Once she’s down on the floor, she squeezes them, working away at their midsection, and uses her mouth to both whisper in their ear, nibble, and kiss away at their necks. It’s not likely to get a tap, but it helps put her foes ‘in the mood’, starting up the mindgames.

Finishing Moves:

Impact Play:
A move that Thorn has for opponent’s she’s not certain she can lift up for the other finishers. The timing and spacing can be tricky, though, so she typically saves it for a last resort, but it can put down a winded foe.


A package piledriver. Highflyers beware, she is strong enough to catch lighter wrestlers in mid-jump and execute this move.


A repeating powerbomb. She prefers to use it like a submission move instead of a powermove, however - instead of going for a pin, she’ll typically hammer opponents until they either submit, get knocked unconscious, or she just gets too tired to keep doing it. The first two options are far more likely than the third.


Full Profile:
Work outfit:
In the gym:
Slaves make good training partners…:
In the buff (NSFW):


Unlike her compatriots and despite her rather fearsome appearance, Thorn is actually a rather laid back, relaxed sort of woman. She tends to walk about with a small, loving smile, speak in low tones, and it’s rare to hear her voice raise to a real shout. Even when she’s laying into one of her slaves or tearing someone apart in the ring, she keeps a calm demeanor, in stark contrast to the violence she’s inflicting. It’s an odd kind of casual aggression that can often take her opponents off guard - she’s flirty, playful, sweet as she hurls you across the ring and hammers your face into the mat.

She also tends to take a more personal approach to her femdom, viewing it almost as a sort of therapy, believing that her slaves  and subjects can come out of the experience stronger.



That’s the best word to describe Cynthia as a child. The youngest child after three brothers, her father, a bit of a chauvinist, was not the least bit subtle about his desire to have raised a fourth boy instead of his first girl, and pretty much treated her like one. She was involved in sports, encouraged to work out and roughhouse with her siblings, gave her the nickname ‘Jack’ - something her mother greatly disapproved of.

This wound up going a little further than he’d planned, however. Jack had a habit of getting into fights a school, and while her parents initially wrote this off as her being rowdy, they failed to take into account just how much she was enjoying it. Jack didn’t just enjoy fighting, she liked dominating, controlling, manipulating. She could put a name to her kink by the time she was fifteen, and was making discoveries about her lifestyle and sexuality. She did a great job keeping this part of her secret well into college, until her mother stumbled on some rather sundry search history while perusing her laptop.

She came out, and things became rather ugly from there.

Fortunately for Jack, she was able to support herself well enough, and being ostracized from her family freed her up to spend more time delving into things that interested in her fully. She became a popular dominatrix, and her path took her all the way to Japan, scoring a nice job at a dungeon called the Den of Sin. It’s owner, Rose, just so happened to be a part-time wrestler in the AFW, and when Jack told her about how she used to fight in school and revealed her skill in hand-to-hand combat, the two of them decided to try a fun experiment...

Fun Facts

+It really is just a coincidence that she was going by the title of Mistress Thorn before she came across Rose.

+The scar on her eye is a recent addition, from when she was young and just starting out as a domme. She experimented with candle wax, didn’t use it properly and...she doesn’t like to talk about the specifics of the incident, but she says it was a learning experience.

+Is an avid and vocal supporter of sex worker’s rights.

+Surprisingly active on Twitter, regularly updates and has a steady fanbase.

+Identifies as pansexual.

Thorn SPoWQN2

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