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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Sara 'Android' Conner

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Sara 'Android' Conner Empty Sara 'Android' Conner

Post by acuyra Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:55 pm

Sara 'Android' Conner I92NPml

Real Names: Sara Connor
Ring Name: Android
Age: 25
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5”6’
Weight: 143 pounds lbs.
Home: Seattle, Washington

Entrance Music:

Humans Are Such Easy Prey by Perturbator

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Sara uses  her MMA background to dismantle her foes, tearing into them with ruthless precision. She likes to pick a certain body part and goes after it with strikes and submissions, ruthlessly targeting it and hampering her enemy's ability to use their moveset. She's very direct and doesn't waste too much movement in the ring.

Style: MMA

Type: In-Your-Face

Preferred Attacks:

Superkick, Double Knees, Spinning Backfist,Various Kicks. Really likes kneeing people in the face.

Preferred Matches: Hardcore Matches.  No DQ. Will outright refuse hentai matches.

Physical Statistics

Endurance:★★★★★ - Her nickname is well earned.
Strength:★★★ - Not weak, but not overly strong, either.
Speed: ★★★★ - Fairly quick on her feet, moves in fast.
Defense:★★ - Her weakest area. Sara does her best work on offense, and tends to falter when she’s on the backfoot.
Technique:★★★★ - Diligent in her training, she brings a lot of experience to back up her physical prowess.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes: ★★ ★★★ - A brutal, crushing striker.
Submissions: ★★★★ - She boasts a solid ground game.
Powerhouse: ★★ - Not much for suplexes or throws, but will bust them out on occasion.
Aerial: ★ - Avoids moves like this on principal.
Counters: ★★ - Not her best area, prefers to avoid getting in situations where a counter would even be needed.

Signature Move:

A discus knee - Sara spins about and uses the momentum to deliver a leaping knee strike to her opponents face.

On a kneeling opponent, Sara comes from behind and delivers a vicious kick to the arm, targeting the spot where it meets the shoulder, right on the deltoid. She’s been known to dislocate arms like this.

Finishing  Moves:

Shut Down:

A running knee to the face. Keep in mind, she will hit this from just about anywhere she can, and has no qualms slamming someone’s skull into the turnbuckle with it.


Ring Attire:





If there was one word that could be used to describe Sara, it’s that one. That’s not to say she’s unfeeling or uncaring person. Outside of the ring, she can be fairly amiable, if something of a smart-ass. She’s laid back, calm and cool, doesn’t get riled up easily, tries not to take things too personal. If you’d never seen her in the ring, you’d assume she’s just a regular woman. Fun, attractive, but nothing to worry about.

In the ring, however, she’s focused. She takes her job very seriously, whether it’s just a normal match or she’s being paid to handle more personal affairs. She takes her role as hired muscle seriously, and strives to follow her client’s wishes to the letter, regardless of who she’s dealing with. She has no problem ending a career, if that’s what it comes to - in her eyes, if someone was willing to pay her to get the job done, then it was probably going to happen, one way or the other. She might as well profit along the way.

Nothing personal.


From an early age, Sara showed interest and promise in MMA. She wasn’t naturally talented so much, but was a hard and diligent working, training hard to perfect her skills. Showing little interest in scholastic activities, her parents decided to let her focus on this path, and supported her endeavors. By the time she was fourteen, she was regularly competing and winning more often than she lost, gaining eyes that stayed on her as she became an adult, and she took her craft to the bigger stages. She got the nickname ‘Android’ as a slight nod the Terminator franchise and the heroine whose name is similar to her own, and the methodical, mechanical way she approached matches.

This was where things started to grow sour. She always took her work in the ring seriously, but some of her opponents didn’t, with many of them just looking to make a quick buck or cash in on the current craze. It reached a head when one of opponents faked an injury during a match, pretending to get hit with an illegal knee that didn’t come anywhere close to her face. This actually led to her winning the match, and in her rage, Sara lashed and gave her a heavy kick in the shoulder, one that subsequently broke her arm and put the woman in the hospital.

Sara received heavy heat for this, and wound up getting kicked out. With her only real skills being in combat, she decided to make the transition over to pro wrestling, moving to Florida and working the independent circuit from there. It was an arena that suited her well enough at first...until she realized just how big of a hit her pocketbook was taking.

That changed when one of her fellow wrestlers offered her a tidy sum to take out one of her rivals before a big match. Sara did the job, the wrestler in question paid her well and went on to the title, and from there Sara had the idea to offer herself to others in similar situations. She quickly worked up a reputation as a hitwoman of sorts, a Wrestler-For-Hire, someone who would team up with anyone, work for anyone, and do just about anything in the ring for the right price.

These sort of practices didn’t make her popular with audiences, but they made her more and more money, and allowed her to climb to higher venues and leagues. It was a path that would inevitably bring her to the biggest stage in the wrestling world, the AFW, and she could only imagine the sort of profit she could wrack up there...

Sara 'Android' Conner SPoWQN2

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