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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Berenice Wolf

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Berenice Wolf Empty Berenice Wolf

Post by Quimble Fri May 24, 2019 1:51 pm

Name: Berenice Wolf
Nicknames: "The Big Bad" and "The Warmaiden"
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Height: 6"1/ 185CM/1,85M
Weight: 74Kg/163 lbs
Nationality: Danish
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Entrance Music:

Berenice Wolf - Updated Artwork:

Berenice working out:

Wrestling Info

Style: MMA
Type: Striker

Endurance: 7/10
Strength: 9/10
Speed: 3/10
Defence: 6/10
Technique: 5/10

preferred Moves: Uppercuts, Knee Strikes, Elbow Strikes, Closed Fist Punches


Hammer of Thor, An incredibly powerful Double Axe Handle, brought down on an opponent with surprising amounts of speed.

Bite of Fenris, An immensely strong Uppercut that can be used on basically any part of the body, though typically she aims it at their ribs or chin.

Spear of Odin!, A Hard hitting Superman punch that pierces the person to their core, turning them into what could only be described as a limp Noodle.


Ragnarok!, A violent, jumping knee directed at the opponents chin or nose, causing her opponent to go out cold.

Personality: Berenice's lack of patience and her aggression never mixed well, often ending in fights, arguments and other consequences. That, alongside her natural boisterousness due to having been raised alongside 4 Older Brothers, got her into many issues at school. As she grew older, she became something of a thrill seeker, in her case she was always searching for someone stronger than the last person she'd beaten up as it gave her a feeling of exhilaration like nothing else. Her honesty also caused her problems. Her family raised her with honesty being one of the most important things there was, Though she took it a step further and often found herself upsetting people with just how brutally honest she could be.

Berenice was Born on the 7th of September 1995, at 1Pm in the afternoon. She was the Youngest child in her family and was also a surprise to her family. She was surrounded by Older Brothers and as such, she developed into quite the tomboy. She had quite an uneventful childhood, she did as she was told and so didn’t really get in trouble, Due to her growing up a Tomboy, she often got in fights at school and came to revel in fighting.  She would often Provoke someone to throw the first punch, so she could claim self-defence all whilst getting the satisfaction of the fight.

She did well in school. Many assumed that since she was so tall and strong for a girl her age, that she was stupid but they could not be further from the truth. Her best subjects were languages, History and physical education, which was no surprise to most. She earned the reputation of a trouble maker and was often called a bully. It was during her school life that she came to resent being pitied and looked down on, as unlikely as it was for a girl her size to be, as she and her family learnt she had an unknown mental illness. The attitude of the teachers changed drastically, they would often act as if she was stupid and act as though she required special treatment, explaining things slowly.

By the time she was 15, she began to look outside school to fight. She often went wandering the streets, looking for thugs and trouble makers who were almost always urging for a fight. After several weeks of fist fights, they began to become boring and tame. She had made a name for herself and despite her actions, the police ignored her, as she often went after those who deserved what she did to them. Soon she began to attack gangs, hoping that it would make her feel the thrill of danger that she craved and loved.

These fights gained her many scars, her arms, her stomach, one on her face, as they often used knives when they fought. The Thrill of the fights, the chance of dying being so high, made her smile and laugh as she fought, which helped demoralise and scare her opponents. Soon, she and her family found themselves under attack and were forced to flee the country. Her family were angry with her. She had, unfortunately, beat the son of a gang leader half to death. When she left him, he was a broken pile of bone and flesh.  Bricks flew through windows, and they even took shots at her home. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Molotov’s were thrown into and at their house.

By 2013 they settled down in Greece. Her, one of her brothers and her Mother moved to an area close to the Athenian Acropolis, as her brother was interested in ancient History and eventually, after looking into the warfare of the ancient eras, so was she. Her father passed of cancer before they moved to Greece, A smile on his face as he passed. Though She felt sad, she knew that he’d want her to be strong and do her best for the family. In the town they moved into, she found out that there was a gym quite close that specialised in Boxing. Her mother pushed her to do it, as she knew how much Bernice loved to fight. At first, she said no, but she could not resist the pull of her want to fight.

Her love of fighting made her quite popular and she was even at one point called the face of the gym by her trainer. She didn’t much care for her compliment but showed her thanks, nonetheless. She participated in several nation championships and won a few of them. Most of the time being bested due to her lack of speed or forgetting to Block when she got too into her offence.
She still got into fights around town, many of her challengers wanting to try and prove to others that they were the strongest in the town. She still resides there today, improving her fighting ability and having a whale of a time fighting, putting all who challenge her on their ass or in a hospital bed.

After a while, a local big name, Abigail Raine's, The boxing world champion saw her fight, and chose to take her under her wing. During her time at Abigail's gym, she faced many trials and tribulations, and even found her true love. She faced a behemoth of a man, who's punch was like that of a truck, almost killed by a local gang, was almost beaten to death by a lord of Hell. She even found herself embroiled in a confrontation with the Local Yakuza gang, which also almost led to her death, and of those around her. After a long time, working for said Yakuza, she was granted her freedom and after helping out her dearest Abigail sort her Gym out, bring it back up to scratch, she told her love and her friends that she had received an invitation to AFW, Why her and not Abi or her Giant of a friend, Luni, She had no idea, but both told her to go for it, and to kick ass. She left with a smile, a kiss, and many hugs. She writes to them, and uses the internet to speak to them regularly.

Likes: Fighting, Video Games, Metal (Music), Provoking people
Dislikes: Silence, Boredom, Rich People, Being Pitied, Ducks, Ponds
Favourite Food: Magra con Tomate with Rice and French bread, Roasted Duck

Random Facts: She has a fear that ducks are always watching her and that they're chasing her, Her right arm is stronger than her left.

AFW Information

Wins: 3
Losses: 3
Draws: 0


Friends: Hyacinth

Time Line of Matches and events:

-Berenice Arrived at AFW.
-Defeated Li Jin via knock out.
-Defeated Hyacinth via pin fall.
-lost to Hyacinth via pin fall in a hentai match.
-Lost a triple threat match with lewd elements.

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Berenice Wolf Empty Re: Berenice Wolf

Post by killcarrion Fri May 24, 2019 3:36 pm

Your character has been approved, you may RP as you wish.

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