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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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The Elite Warrior: Tanya

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The Elite Warrior: Tanya  Empty The Elite Warrior: Tanya

Post by Jojofan97 Wed Feb 20, 2019 3:41 am

The Elite Warrior: Tanya  Tanya_12

Name: Tanya
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Height: 5ft.  11Inch.
Weight: 200Ibs.
Nationality: Nigerian
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music: "DNA" - Kendrick Lamar

Wrestling Information:

Strategy: Hold Nothing Back.
Style: Grappling.
Type: Jiu jitsu

Preferred Attacks: Chops to the chest, open palm strikes, forearm attacks, leg strikes to the body and head, German suplexs, grappling holds, joint manipulation.

Preferred Matches: Any type of one on one matches.

Endurance: *****
Strength: ****
Speed: **
Defense: ****
Technique: *****

The Elite Warrior: Tanya  Dct9ej10

Favored Moves: Camel Clutch, Samoan blitz, judo throw, side power slam, running drop kick and high knee, and power bomb

Finishing Moves: Sleeper Hold/Electric Chair Half Nelson Driver.


Visual Appearance: Tanya sports long, thick, black bread-locks and has a long black tattoo that wraps around her entire right arm, never bare foot.

Physical Appearance: Tanya is a dark skin black woman with a muscular yet chubby and athletic build with thick muscular arms and legs as well as large hands and feet.

Personality: Personality: Tanya is very intimidating. To the point where if people look take one glimpse at her, they have chills going down their spine. But in reality, Tanya is very calm and composed. Straight to the point and very gentle when she needs to be, however it is different for her in the ring, as the top star of “Elite Warriors of Pro Wrestling” She does not hold back when it comes to her striking, grappling, muay tai and other moves. She at times gets a certain satisfaction from beating her opponents, especially those who are too cocky and are just begging to be knocked down. As well, she is pretty secretive about herself as well, usually letting her actions speak for her then words. However, she has made some companions in the world of wrestling that being her rival/friend, Alice Thompson, who she admires for being so confident yet so humble. Making the two have great chemistry together in and out of the ring.

Past/History:Biography: Being born into a huge family of one father and 5 brothers, Tanya is pretty much no different then the men in her life. She was born the middle child and yet, she was probably the most mature of her siblings. Tanya used to rely on her father whenever her brothers gave her a hard time, but later on, around the time she turned 11, she began to hold her own, as well as handle her brothers without asking for her father's help. Enjoying the thrill of a fight, it was always what Tanya enjoyed doing. Whenever most girls made comments on her weight, especially in middle school and high school, she would always, head butt them first and ask questions later. Though she learns self control later as she got older, it was only due to her father signing her up for sanshou, muay thai boxing and wrestling classes, just to discipline her in self control and even manages to have a personal rival of hers, but we shall get into that later. Violet is best described as a hybrid in the wrestling industry and her size shows that. Being just the right size to perform, power bombs, suplexes, and over head belly to belly. As well as performing cross bodies, moonsaults, ripcord knee strikes, camel clutch, and many more moves in her arsenal. Much like Alice, Tanya loves fighting more then anything, to the point her and Alice pretty much rival/friends and do their absolute best whenever they get into the ring with each other. Again, one thing you'll notice is that Tanya is a little, as some would say, overweight, but really she does not care for that, as she shows her more muscular yet chubby build compared to most women in wrestling. Though this is nothing new in the wrestling world, while the mainstream term for most female wrestlers is diva, she prefers the term "warrior" overall and is always up for a challenge, even if she has to fight a man. Tanya also prefers to fight barefoot in the ring or just go barefoot period, just because, as she puts it, "There is no better way to know your surroundings then to feel it beneath your own feet." Tanya’s streak is 67 and 0, never losing a match sense she started and has a goal to have won a hundred matches before she is defeated.

Wrestling Attire: Tanya's attire consist of a black sports bra with the words "The Numbers Don't Lie" in white, referring to her winning streak. She also sports black knee pads and one elbow pad on her left arm with right only sporting a mysterious red cloth she wraps around her hand, never letting anyone know what it represents or what she is hiding. Finally she sports black shorts with white and red detail on the sides. She sports this outfit in the terms of being a real fighter such as mixed martial artist.

The Elite Warrior: Tanya  Tanya_13
Fun Facts: Tanya remains barefoot both in and outside of the ring, to get that more natural fighting feel in her character. Even if some people take advantage of her going barefoot, she prefers to battle like this.

AFW Information:

Record: 0
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

Championships/Accomplishments: Despite her incredile winning streak, Tanya has yet to have participated in any championship matches or retain championship gold.

Friends: Alice Thompson The Elite Warrior: Tanya  Dcszh410
Allies: Alice Thompson
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Crushes: Too shy and embarrassed to say.

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The Elite Warrior: Tanya  Empty Re: The Elite Warrior: Tanya

Post by acuyra Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:58 pm

Apologies on the wait! I’m going to go ahead and approve this profile, though I’ll have more to say later tonight that I hope will help. For now, I’ll say that you might want to work on getting more paragraphs to break things up and run things through spellchecker.

The Elite Warrior: Tanya  SPoWQN2

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