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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Willow Gray: The Prettiest Punching Bag

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Willow Gray: The Prettiest Punching Bag Empty Willow Gray: The Prettiest Punching Bag

Post by WrestleMind Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:10 am

Willow Gray: The Prettiest Punching Bag 0P2doYF
Real Name: Willow Gray Age: 21 Eyes: Blue Hair: Silver
Height: 5' 6" Weight: 123 Lbs Sexual Preference: Bi
Alignment: Neutral Good. Nationality: American

Wrestling Information
Strategy: Last as long as possible. Make a good effort at winning or at least give her opponent as much resistance as she can muster.
Style: Coaching Jobber

  • A thick skull and generally durable body.


  • Inexperienced fighter
  • Not interested in winning the match.
  • Not very strong or fast.
  • Very little blood-lust.
  • Will give her opponents helpful tips on how to beat her.

Physical Stats

Wrestling Stats



Finishing Move set

Jobber Suprise - Willow uses her decent strength and weight to wear down her opponent with a sleeper hold. Ver.2 / Ver.3

Sleepy Snare - Willow tempts her opponent in between her legs and snaps them shut, trapping them in a surprisingly strong scissor sleeper.

Preferred Weapons

  • None!

Posing with a friend!:
Looming over an unfortunate victim.:
Selfie Time!:
Maximum Muscle:
Bunny Outfit:
Getting Pinned:

Willow is just too kind for the world she operates in. When fighting someone she'll only put forth the bare minimum effort in hurting or even beating her opponent. She'd be happy losing if it meant her opponent was better off for it. Whether that be a lesson learned or just another notch in their belt.

This extends to grudges in that she is incapable of having them. Willow is the kind of girl who always turns the cheek and always forgives even the most heinous wrongdoing.

Willows history is deeply intertwined with her docile yet tough nature. In high school, she was a highly successful defensive lineman; acting as an unbreakable wall. In college, she was every boxers favorite sparring partner; helping them to enhance their endurance and striking ability.

Now that she has a place in AFW Willow plans to turn her attention to bettering those around her. Whether it be in their wrestling abilities or even something more mundane like emotional problems.

-Fun Facts-

1. Loss | PinfallRosa Cabrera Vs. Willow Gray: Willow just wants to help!
2. Loss | Pinfall - Dash Turner Vs. Willow Gray: This Jobber Doesn't Want a Handicap!

Howdy i'm WrestleMind and there's nothing i appreciate more than honest feedback and discussion. Wanna tell me I suck? You would make my day! Razz
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Willow Gray: The Prettiest Punching Bag Empty Re: Willow Gray: The Prettiest Punching Bag

Post by Jstruggs716 Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:48 pm

Adopted with permission from Wrestlemind

Double T


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