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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Ivy Emerson: The Wrestling Whiz

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Ivy Emerson: The Wrestling Whiz Empty Ivy Emerson: The Wrestling Whiz

Post by WrestleMind Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:56 am

Ivy Emerson: The Wrestling Whiz 5zRyFUU

Real Name: Ivy Emerson Age:22 Eyes: Green
Hair: Green Height:5'4' Weight:133Lbs
Sexual Preference: Men and Women.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Nationality: American

As he had done before he began with a clear and simple question: "What are your goals here in the AFW?" Ivy gave the interviewer an impatient glare yet after a few minutes reconsidered. "Alright, that's a fair question... I guess my goal is to show that losing against Kylee right now was a fluke! I never had the chance to prepare properly!" Ivy, starting to get into a tizzy, smacked her fist into the palm of her hand. "Next time I face Kylee or some other dumb muscular giant ill definitely have a decisive victory. I'll use this big brain of mine to learn and counter every move in their puny arsenals! Just. You. Watch." Without giving the interviewer the chance to follow up Ivy stormed off.

Wrestling Information
Strategy: Ivy focuses on a combination of counters and efficient power moves.
Style: Ivy prefers to take a match slow so she can properly study her opponent's strengths and weaknesses before deciding what move to use.
Strengths: Hyper-intelligent and well versed in wrestling knowledge.
Weaknesses: Often overthinks, Physically weak, Can't see well without her glasses.

Physical Stats
Endurance: 3.5/10 (what Ivy lacks in physical endurance she makes up for, somewhat, in enthusiasm.)
Strength: 2.5/10 (Ivy prefers to have the ropes or other people do her heavy lifting..)
Speed: 6/10 (Ivy knows how to run, mostly away from her opponent when necessary.)
Stamina: 3/10 (Ivy rarely exercises, she'll become exhausted quickly.)
Intelligence: 10/10 (Ivy is both brilliant on the fly and has an encyclopedic level of wrestling knowledge in her head.)

Wrestling Stats
Strikes: 2/10 (Ivy isn't really sure how to throw a punch.)
Submissions: 4/10 (Ivy may not be very strong but she knows what part of the body to squeeze to make her opponent pass out.)
Powerhouse: 6/10 (Ivy may not be very strong but her powerhouse moves are designed to use little strength.)
Aerial: 2/10 (Ivy is afraid of heights.)
Counters: 9/10 (Ivy's patience and vast knowledge of wrestling allow her a high success rate in move counters and reversals.)

Finishing Move set

Princeton Pedigree
Ivory-Tower DDT 
Educated DDT 

Eat Defeat
Inverted DDT

Preferred Weapons

  • A massive textbook

One Piece:
Legs Crossed:
Almost Exposed:
Christmas Cosplay:
Nip Slip:

Ivy feels lucky to even be a wrestler. Shell never complain about her losses or unfair circumstances. She is friendly, perhaps too friendly, with faces but nervous around and scared of heels. For wrestlers with a rich and storied history, Ivy is fawning and obsessive. 

Ivy Emerson was born into an upper-middle-class family in Fort Meyers Florida. Thanks to her own intelligence and her parent's continual pressure she has always been ambitious and successful in her academics. She graduated high school early and just recently graduated from MIT with a masters in physics. 

From childhood to young adulthood Ivy has been an avid fan of wrestling. She never would have thought someone as physically weak and inept at sports as she would ever become a professional wrestler.

One day while watching a wrestling match the giantess Kylee Williams challenged and beat her soundly. A few days later Ivy, nursing her wounds at home, was surprised to get a call from an agent of AFW. He was offering her a contract! Apparently, the masses liked her for her good looks and bravery against an overwhelming opponent. The agent like her because Ivy fit the educated elite gimmick perfectly. A few more days later and Ivy was suited up for her first match as an official member of the AFW roster.

-Fun Facts-

  • Ivy prefers to befriend people who are perfect foils for her. That is Big Simple Girls.
  • When defeated by a wrestler she is a fan of Ivy may become obsessive. Stalking, and overall bugging the crap out of her idol until she wins a rematch.

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Howdy i'm WrestleMind and there's nothing i appreciate more than honest feedback and discussion. Wanna tell me I suck? You would make my day! Razz
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Ivy Emerson: The Wrestling Whiz Empty Record

Post by WrestleMind Tue Jan 15, 2019 6:55 am

Wins-  Losses-Draws-


  • Ivy was chosen by the perfect athlete for a multi-round match. Mentally and physically unprepared Ivy lost both rounds in less than two minutes.
  • Currently teaching Patrice a few valuable lessons.

Howdy i'm WrestleMind and there's nothing i appreciate more than honest feedback and discussion. Wanna tell me I suck? You would make my day! Razz
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Posts : 844
Join date : 2018-06-30
Age : 28
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