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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Rose Empty Rose

Post by acuyra Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:47 am

Rose Ttsi9cT

Real Name:  Bianca ‘Rose’ Rossi
Age: 22
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Height: 5”10’
Weight: 155 pounds
Nationality:  Venice, Italy

Theme Song: Goddess By Banks

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Rose is a patient sort. She likes to take her time and play with her opponent, toy with them, analyze them, figure out the best way to approach and rattle their chains. Once she finds an opening, she’ll hammer it relentlessly, and not stop until she gets what she wants - typically your submission.
Style: Brutal Hentai
Type: Femdom Specialist

Preferred Attacks: Stomps, Facebusting, Slaps, Chops, Chokeholds, Smothers, Submissions, Power Moves
Preferred Matches: Tends towards matches that are both wild and demand a good degree of sex, though even her standard matches are bound to have ample amounts of both. Is also known for the occasional ‘Ownership Match’, which is the way she’s acquired some of her more useful subs in other promotions.

Physical Stats

Endurance:★★★★ - Let’s just say Niska can be a harsh and demanding teacher.
Strength:★★★★  - Though not a true powerhouse, she is stronger than she might first appear.
Speed:★★ - She’s more agile than a woman in high heels has any right to be, but still not the most nimble.
Defense:★★ -  Tends to focus on offense, can face problems when overwhelmed and forced to defend.
Technique:★★★★ - Studying at (and kissing) the feet of Death By Seduction has molded her into a capable wrestler.

Wrestling Stats

Strikes: ★★★ - Has a decent array of strikes to hammer opponents. Her stomps are particularly brutal.
Submissions: ★★★★ - Tends to be her go to when she can’t simply overpower a foe.
Powerhouse: ★★★★ - Loves throwing her opponents around.
Aerial: ★ - Never.
Counters: ★★- More offensive minded, prefers to press her attack rather than turn attacks against opponents.

Signature Move:
Rose Lock:
One of Rose’s favorite moves when it comes to wearing down an opponent. She tends to execute it while they’re face down, trapping their arms between her legs and giving them a good squeeze. Like this, she has numerous options: she can rub her feet in their face, reach behind to spank or let her fingers explore, give them a good slap in the head or punches if she’s feeling brutal, even choke them with the whip if the match allows and she had it on hand.

Brought To Heel:
As a big fan of trampling, Rose would be remiss if she didn’t work this into her moveset. With her opponent on their front or back near the apron, she grabs the rope for balance and proceeds to stand on their prone body, focusing on stomps to their upperbody and head. Doesn’t particularly care if they’re face up or not.

Death From Above:
An axe kick, using her heel to get some extra damage with the move. She typically does this to kneeling opponents , though as seen in the above example, she goes for...juicier targets in matches were such moves are allowed.

Finishing Moves:
With an opponent in the corner and stunned, Rose gets a running start from the opposite end and hits them with a running boot to the face.

The Joy of Submission:
A mix of the surfboard stretch and the dragon sleeper. With an opponent on their back, she plants her boots on the back of their knees and locks the calves as if she’s going for the surfboard, but instead pulls their head back, tucks their neck up her arm, and goes for the dragon sleeper. This affords her the option of knocking them out as she pleases and heaping abuse on their upperbody - reaching down to stimulate them, rain down blows, kiss their chest, et cetera. With their legs locked down, the opponent has no choice but to surrender or go to sleep.

Come and Play:


For Rose, being a dominatrix isn’t merely her occupation or something she does for kinks every now and then, it’s her way of life, her soul, the rhythm that she sets her life to. She focused her energies into becoming the thing that other women pretend at. 24/7. All the time.

As such, she exercises control in all things, and seeks to expand her influence as much as possible. She loves finding ways to bend those around her and derive pleasure from them, and takes great joy in breaking them to her will. She wields sensuality like a weapon, using it to poke and prod those around her, feeding off their reactions.

On the rare occasions this approach doesn’t work, however, she can show a dark, vain side. She is quite capable of holding a grudge, and will not settle to leave those who disrespect her alone. She will find them. She will even the score. She can harbor a grudge for a long time, and she always collects on what she feels is due.


How does one go from being a missionary in Italy to a dominatrix/hentai wrestler in Japan? It was a winding path.

Growing up as the daughter of a priest in Venice, there  were so many things that were expected of Bianca, right from the start.  She attended church, said the prayer, took part in the services, did everything to support her father’s ministry like a good little girl. Her family wasn’t exceedingly wealthy, but they lived comfortably and humbly and lacked for nothing, content to do the Lord’s work in their little corner of the world. If they had stayed that way, Bianca would’ve likely stayed in the country and followed the same pieous path as her parents.

But that wasn’t to be. With the advent of the AFW, many around the world were seeing its blatant sexuality as a poison to the world, and there were many calls to counter its widening sphere of influence. Knowing his daughter had a gift for language and had learned to speak Japanese rather well, he decided it would be a worthwhile endeavor to send her over to Japan, both as a missionary and to have a well-earned vacation. Eager for both, she accepted, a decision her father would later regret.

At first, things went well enough in Japan. She preached and proselytize, made a few friends, enjoyed the culture. The only problem was with the AFW itself. In her youth, Bianca had experienced certain urges towards women, things that her father found unnatural. He thought those feelings were suppressed, but the more matches she watched, the more she could feel them returning.

This all came to a head when she saw a match with Death By Seduction, a Friction tag team. She watched the entire match, fighting her own lust as she saw the duo dominating some woman, bending her to their will, debasing her,  doing such unnatural things with them…

For reasons she couldn’t vocalize, she was filled with the need to confront these women, and the green-haired woman Niska in particular. It took a while, but she was able to find them, looking to minister to them and propose a different path. That was what she told herself, anyway.

Several hours later, and Bianca was gone from the world. Rose - ‘Mistress Rose’, to her subs - had taken her place.

From that day on, Bianca studied at the feet of Mistress Niska, trained in the ways of wrestling and domination. She was already gifted with a natural sort of strength, unusually tall for a woman, and she learned to use that strength to dominate in both the ring and the bedroom, settling into a fighting style that mirrored her mentors. She honed her craft in smaller leagues throughout Japan, steadily improving and finding herself, becoming a feared opponent in whatever federation she joined.

Now, at Niska’s behest, she’s finally joining AFW proper and continuing the Death By Seduction legacy in a place where it had been heretofore unknown: Tension.

Fun Facts

-Opened a humble bondage club before joining the AFW, called the Den of Sin. Serves as the meeting point for all her subs, but is a legitimate business, too. Rose teaches instructional classes on BDSM there every Tuesday and Thursday night.

-Rose is always accompanied to the ring by at least one of her subs. Some of them are wrestlers she’d enthralled from other promotions, some of them are men and women she’s taken an interest, some have even paid her for the pleasure of being under her control. The only thing they all share in common is their loyalty, aiding her in any way she desires.

-Does not like Fifty Shades of Grey or its sequels, despite what you might think.

Rose SPoWQN2

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