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Mon May 13, 2024 5:49 am by TheLoneWanderer

As a first outing for this rebooted account, I'd like to engage some opponent in a matroom, or something equivalent, with a focus on BJJ, Catch Wrestling, MMA, etc. It can range from actual training (preferably of the character I play but I can do yours even if I'd like further teaching for BJJ.) to an extreme match. Either way, message me if you wanna bite. While I do like femdom and all that, I will do my best to treat any participants equally.

You can pick either Senji or Hiroyuki but I'm …

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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Seeing Red at the Gym

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Seeing Red at the Gym Empty Seeing Red at the Gym

Post by M.J.Caboose14 Tue May 29, 2018 3:47 pm

(Started through IM)


Light thumping echos and bounces from the walls, the gym practically empty except from the one currently off in the corner striking a sand bag with all her might. There was something about training by yourself that Camilia appreciated, maybe it was she didn’t have to bother waiting for equipment or maybe it was the silence perhaps it was both.

The Latina stops panting slightly, her training bra soaked with sweet from a rather intensive work out, her schedule filled with weight lifting, cardio on the treadmill. She wasn’t exhausted per say but fairly spent, grabbing her water bottle off the floor she’d indulge in a few swings before spraying her hair with the cool liquid and quickly drying herself off.

They decide to take a quick break before getting back into her workout, the match from Armando, seriously taking its toll on motivating her for her rematch. It was well fought and sure, he earned it but she wanted to prove she belonged with the big boys and that’s exactly what she was gonna do.

For a split second she thought she heard footsteps but then nothing, maybe her ears were playing tricks on her maybe not. They decide to dismiss it and lay it no mind. She still had a bit left of her workout to do before heading in for the night and relaxing to some random show on the television of maybe watch a match since she was off.


Mako Adachi:

Mako liked gyms for two simple reasons. The first, being because they were a good place to get some training done. And the second, because they were often filled with people she could try to get it on with. Currently in a Tension gym, the shark had just found her newest prey.

“Hot damn…” Mako would say as she took notice of Camilla. She had just walked out of the locker room when the hot looking woman training in the corner caught her eye. The shark had been changing so she could get her own work out started, but Mako decided to forget about all that when she got a look at Camilla. The woman was tough looking, and sexy. So much so that the shark couldn’t help but stare as she worked up a sweat.

The woman hadn’t noticed her just yet, which was about to change as Mako approached her. She was wearing her tight black sports bra and shorts with leg guards, as well. All the pieces of her attire fit tightly to her skin, which would hopefully make her more appetizing to Camila. The predatory shark had a slight smile on her face as she licked her lips.

“Hey there” Mako would say pretty nonchalantly, trying to keep her cool. Her eyes would look over the woman’s nice looking ass before moving up to her breasts. “I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you new or something?”

Then, after extending her hand to the woman, the shark would introduce herself.

“My name’s Mako Adachi. And you?” she would say as she looked her in the eyes. Staring at the woman’s body for too long would be rude, after all. Even if Mako wanted to stare all night, it didn’t mean she could. This broad would probably knock her out if she came off as too forward. Then again, if she were even a little bit like Mako was, then she might actually take it as a compliment.


Camilla’s gaze shot to the sound of a voice. Weird, she swore she was the only one here but she guessed maybe she was working too hard and didn’t even notice them until now. They greet them with a smile, another competitor she could only assume “Oh, hey. I’m sorry, you kinda startled me, I thought I was the only person her.” She admits.

The first thing that caught her eye was her attire, it was..tight for the lack of a better word, like really tight. She wondered if she wore it because it was comfortable or for some other reason but she thought it rude to even consider it. Though she had to admit, she was a tantalizing sight, much to the Latinas surprise. Something else she could tell just at first glance? They had expirence, the sort that made her being here all the more plausible. Now that she looked at her she swore she had seen her before.

They chuckle softly “Yeah, I guess you could say that. I just started not too long ago.” They explain. Her gaze following theirs as it seems to run over her form, was she checking her out? Maybe not, maybe they were just thinking she had worked hard today.

“Wait Mako Adachi? Mako “The Shark” Adachj?” With their introduction she pieces it together, she recalled a rerun of a match on television with her against someone named Daisuke. Yeah that was it, now she knows why she felt a sense a familiarity with them, from what she saw Mako doesn’t mess around and perhaps a fierce competitor in her own right.

Camilia grins as she takes their, giving a solid shake “Camilia Espinosa or ‘La Toro Blanca’ if you know my other name.” It was great to meet them, inspiring really. Knowing someone like her came to train and workout just like she did, made it all the more welcoming. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m stoked you even decided to talk to me!”


“Haha, yeah that happens to me when I’m too focused on my kicking” Mako would chuckle in response to Camilla. The shark thought she was too focused to notice anything else. Mako was the same way a lot of the time. The woman soon went from training mode to fan girl mode as she realized who she was talking to. Apparently Mako was making a bigger impression on people than she had thought.

As soon as Camilla realized who she was, the latina would take Mako’s hand and quickly shake it. She had a really strong grip, maybe stronger than the shark’s even. Mako was honestly surprised to be so well respected and looked up to by this woman. It kinda make the shark think twice about trying to score with her.

“Haha wow…thanks! Honestly, I didn’t think I was that big of a deal yet…” she would chuckle as she rubbed the back of her head with her free hand. Mako was somewhat flustered by the sudden praise she’d received. Honestly, it felt both good and kinda odd at the same time. Mako liked it, though.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Camilla. I don’t speak much Spanish…but Toro means bull right? That’s a pretty good nickname” the shark would say with a smile before releasing the woman’s hand. Mako felt like helping Camilla out in some way. The woman looked up to her a lot it seemed, and the shark wanted to live up to that image.

“Is there anything I can help you with maybe? I could spot you if you’re gonna lift some weights…maybe a help with your striking if you need it...Oh! How about a sparring partner!?” Mako would ask as the idea hit her like a bus. “I’d love to see what you’re made of. How about it?” she would say while punching her palm eagerly and cracking her knuckles.


It was a bit obvious the other was modest or maybe just embarrassed to get any praise, Camilia opted for modesty seeing as how they didn’t think their match with Daisuke to be that big of a deal but it wasn’t her place to make that call. It also occurred to her that maybe she was honestly she too focused, like they said she was really into showing the sand bag who was boss so it seemed fair enough.

With Mako actually deciphering her language right, she would nod at their guess or maybe she knew it already. “Yeah that’s right, I’m surprised you knew that but thank you, it’s what they used to call me back home.” Releasing their hand, she’d reach for a towel to wipe any leftover beads of sweat.

The next big surprise fam with her offering to help with her workout, although she was just about finished anyway. “You actually caught near the end of my sets so sorry not this time.” One suggestion did hang in the edge of her tongue, yeah, it’d be good to get in a bit of sparring practice. She nods reluctantly “Sure, a sparring parent would be great!”
Their eagerness was very inviting.

Camilia squeals in delight, as she climbs up into the ring, she sets her towel or throws it rather, to the corner of the ring. She lazily hangs over the ropes as she eyes the shark with intent “If we’re sparring should we go with normal standard rules?” She asks, her blood pumping with excitement at her shot with a big name like hers.


Mako smiled as Camilla accepted her offer for a spar. Not only was she going to get some hands on experience, but she’d also get some time to roll around with her prey. So as Camilla squealed all the way to the ring, Mako would follow at a slower pace while her eyes caught a few good views of the latina’s ass. It was that moment when the shark finally decided to pursue this woman intimately.

It was just too good of an offer to pass up. Plus if she wasn’t interested Mako would just shrug it off.

“Hmm I think standard rules will do for tonight. But if you ever want to go crazy let me know and we’ll have one hell of an official match.” the shark would say before pulling herself up the ring apron and stepping through the ropes. She’d then lift her leg on top of the corner and stretch it out a bit before switching limbs. The position gave Camilla a nice view of her rear, but that wasn’t actually on purpose.

“Ok…you ready to rumble, chica?” Mako would say as she bounced on the balls of her feet with smirk. It was one of the few Spanish words she knew, mostly because it sounded sexy to call girls that. So if there were no more questions, Mako would begin the sparring match with her fists raised.

“Ding Ding!” she would shout before twisting her hips and sending a fast kick towards Camilla’s side.


Camilia beamed at the idea of taking her on in th ring, the thought was very captivating and going as aggressive as she wanted in Tension it was obvious what her answer would be. “If that’s a challenge then you bet I’ll take you in in the ring!” She declares rather confidently too as she nods at the issue of standard rules.

The Latina begins to stretch, loosening up her stiff muscles after the workout, she hadn’t exactly expected to spar but her eagerness accepted the challenge, she’d have to remeber to act more grown up around her competition.

While stretching her arms and sides, her gaze met Mako in the opposite corner although it wasn’t her she was really looking at but the rear that was exaggerated in the corner. They quickly avert their gaze, holy cow, she hopes they didn’t just see that, she had to admit they were attractive but surely, Mako wouldn’t waste any time on her romantiy or intimately.

They grin at the others question, she bounces from one foot to the other “Hell yeah, I’m ready. You’re going down.” She declares, she couldn’t help but exude a hinge of aggression toward them, matches like these always got her hyped up and in the swing of things. With her arms up she follow in with the sudden shout.

It certainly surprised her that Mako didn’t resort to a test of strength or some form of grapple but a kick instead. It wasn’t too fast that she couldn’t block it but it was heavy and stung against her forearms, this was a good opportunity tbough, if she were quick, Camilia would take hold of their leg, pivoting her whole body to shift behind them and bring their front down to the mat. Had her swift movement besred fruit she’d apply pressure to their foot, wrenching it in a submission hold.


The shark loved Camilla’s fighting spirit and confidence, but it only helped fuel her own spirit. In her mind, she’d have the already worn down brawler beat after a good amount of time. Mako would grimace, though, as Camilla managed to catch her foot. The impact was solid, but that didn’t make it worth it as her opponent twisted on it. The shark would groan and grit her teeth as Camilla wrenched her foot in an ankle lock. For a rookie, Camilla didn’t seem to fight like one. She was fighting like a pro right from the start, but that only made Mako excited.

“Heh, nice move Camilla…” the shark would say as her ankle was bent awkwardly. “But don’t start thinking that you can keep me locked in like this!"

So Mako would quickly try to roll herself a bit so that she’d be on her back. If her opponent continued to hold onto her leg, the shark would try to kick at Camilla with her free leg. It would hurt a lot to roll over while still in the hold, but with it being so early in the match, she could live with it.


In hindsight maybe bridging to keep Mako down would have been the best option, she focused on the ankle in her hands, wrenching until she felt she was making progress bit by bit. She grins “Don’t think I’ll let you win that easily. Voy a ganar!” They declare.

Her sense were shifted as she suddenly rolled, Camilia didn’t expect the sudden turn hence the hindsight she forsaw. The Latina made the mistake of holding on but she saw the hold work it’s magic in the grimace on her face. Without warning their foot connected with her chest, sending her rolling back to recover.

She pants softly, rubbing her chest, they had to give it to her, Mako packed a punch or kick..either way, Camilia was in pain she gets to her feet, no sense of staying down to recover when Mako could be in here in mere seconds. She still has to recover even for a second before the shark can get up. Camilia had to take the risk, to add the pressure on and keep the advantage.

With her moment of breath, she would launch herself forward, if Mako had managed to get to her feet by this time, they would attempt to lock them in a test of strength. Her last strike gave her a vague idea of their capabilities but she much preferred the hands on approach.


Mako was glad to finally get free and find some relief for her ankle. That hold had been pretty rough, but now the shark could get back at the woman. So with Camilla charging at her like an actual toro, Mako would quickly accept a test of strength, with her hands locking onto her opponent’s pair and beginning to strain her muscles.

“Grrrr…you’re pretty…strong…” the shark would say as she grit her teeth while smirking. Mako was betting she was at a disadvantage at the moment. She was strong, but only in short bursts at a time. Endurance tests like this were not her forte. So in order to get out of this tricky situation, Mako decided to get sneaky.

The shark would suddenly drop backwards with her hands still locked with Camila’s. Then raising her legs at the same time before pressing her feet into the center of Toro’s body, Mako would attempt to send her opponent flying back with a surprise monkey flip! The shark would let out a shout as she did so, hoping that the move would not only get her the upper hand, but also impress the rookie.


With their hands locked together and both women ardently pressing their strength to over power the other, Camilia could only grin at their compliment, it brought her joy that she could impress her better at the first meeting. “You’re not...grgh...too shabby yourself.” She’d retort, goin for another wave of strength to overwhelm Mako.

It seemed that Mako was already had that situation on lockdown, the Latina could only gasp as they fell back, dragging her down with them only to have their feet planting firmly in her midsection. It came as no surprise when she found herself flying over them, landing on her back with a thud.

Camilia rolls to her side, the blow to her back was something else but she wasn’t out of it yet but for some reason, the canvas felt nice and comfy. She needed to get to her feet but the slight sting to her back only allowed her to her hands an knees. Even though this was a sparring match she still felt the need to give it her all and even in this position did she feel vunerable.

They felt like they had a lot to prove, not just to herself but to Mako, to the league she so found herself fond of. Perhaps she lights to kick it in gear and treat this like an actual match, get aggressive like she normally would, who know maybe the shark would appreciate the gesture.


Mako smiled as she sent her opponent flying up before crashing down on her back. The impact seemed to have left Camilla reeling for the time being, which the shark would take advantage of almost instantly as she performed a kip up back on her feet. Quickly she would charge back at Toro before trying to straddle the woman’s back as she remained down on her hands and knees.

“Hold up there, Toro~” Mako would tease as she tried to reach down past the woman’s neck. She’d probably make a habit of calling Camilla that. After all, it seemed very fitting as well as being kinda cute. Not that she thought the woman was cute…she was far more sexy than cute. But truth be told, the woman came off as a little cute while she was gushing over Mako. The thought alone started to make her blush...

If successful, though, Mako would try to lock her hands together and pull them back on Camilla’s neck. At the same time she’d try to force the woman off her knees and down flat on her belly by sitting down on her lower back. This way, if she was successful, the shark would attempt to lock the bull in a tight camel clutch!

Right now Mako was more interested in applying pressure to Camilla’s back than to apply it fully, though. Submissions weren’t her specialty, so the shark neglected to put her opponent’s arms over her knees. Still, the hold should do a good job of bending the fight out of Camilla slowly over time.


Camilia was just about to get to her feet when she felt weight apply to her back. Of course, Mako was quick to get to her feet and put her back down to the mat. She groans as her hands and knees slip out from under her “Get off!” She’d demand, flailing slightly under their weight.

Wait, did she just call her Toro? Okay, although it’s kind of her thing, being called Toro the entire match would be a little bothersome.

Her thought would be cut off as a pair of hands locked under her neck, she should’ve expected this seeing their vantage point but there were a huge array of moves they could’ve done. “AGHHG.” Camilia whines, her back arching with their pull.

This may be to her advantage, it wasn’t a perfect camel clutch with all things considered, but she left her arms free. They immediately shoot to wrench her hands from her neck, is she were successful in her attempt, she’d throw back her head for a headbutt to their nose.

If her plan was successful, Camilia would act as her name sake, planting her hands to the mat and pushing herself up to buck the shark from her back like a bull.


Mako would seriously regret not locking in the hold completely as Camilla began to break her hands away. The shark tried holding on for as long as she could, but a sudden headbutt left her dazed. Swaying from left to right, Mako might’ve fallen off herself. But soon Camilla would start to buck wildly before knocking on the shark to the side.

“Ack! Damn…you’ve got a thick skull…” Mako would groan as she tried to pull herself up with the help of the ropes. “That’s not an insult…I just mean that headbutt fucking sucked…you have a lot of qualities that a bull has huh?” the shark would add with a playful grin.

“Ok…got any other fancy moves?” Mako would say as she waved at Camilla to come at her.


Rolling on to her bottom she’d jump to her feet, rotating her neck to work out the sharks clutch. She heard a pop so maybe she worked out a kink. “Not quite. I got it from my temper in the ring.” She replies, allowing them to their feet.

She grins, if her headbutt sucked that much then she must’ve done a decent amount of damage with it. Camilia figures the best option would be to wear her out with submission hold but getting fancy couldn’t hurt either.

With the beckon, the Latina would start to circle Mako, she didn’t want to be reckless even if they invited her she wouldn’t except it. Camilia has to play this smart, wait for an opening then strike.


Mako smiled back at Camilla as the two of them circled each other. The shark really enjoyed these sorts of stare downs, which was why she didn’t right away. It seemed Camilla had the same idea, though, as neither of them would to make the fist move. The anxiousness would get to Mako, though, and soon enough she’d give in and attack.

Suddenly moving forward, the shark would go for a simple snap kick to the woman’s midsection. Looking to knock the air out of Camilla as her foot planted itself into her chiseled abs. If successful, Mako would follow up unleashing a chop to Toro Blanco’s chest! But the move was really only meant to aggravate Camilla into a fighting frenzy.

After all, Mako liked a challenge, but she loved a full on brawl even more. By now she’d completely forgotten about her plan to seduce and hook up with Camilla. The only thing she wanted now was to fight to the fullest!


It was only a matter of time until one of them gave and attacked due to the anxiety of the wait. Mako answered the call and came barreling toward her with a kick. Camilia was quick to react, jumping back to narrowly avoid another foot to her midsection she foolishly charges, meeting the chop to her chest.

A light sting envelopes it, a low growl builds from her throat, the bill could only think of a brawl at the moment, no fancy move play, no footwork. Just fists against fists. With those thoughts taking her over in her aggravated state she’d launch forward, wary of the pain in her chest.

With the sudden push, she’d attempt to fire a kick to their leg in hopes of knocking her off balance. She aimed to put a decent amount of her strength into it to show she meant business, her only thoughts now were fighting and winning. Nothing could come between the two.

If her kicked had landed and sent them off balance, the Latina would capitalize on the advantage, taking them down, essentially pinning them to the canvas. She had forgotten this was just a spar and therefor felt no reason to exactly hold back, if she had managed to tackle them down she’d attempt to shoot a punch for their cheek.


“I hope that doesn’t sting too much-Ack!” Mako would grunt out as Camilla struck her with a kick to the leg. It wasn’t a serious blow, but it was enough to not the shark off balance. Then, only a moment later, the bull would tackle her down to the mat, before punching her straight on the face. The blow connected right to the shark’s cheek, and it knocked a great deal of sense out of her immediately.

…Only a moment, though.

“Ouch…now...we’re really getting somewhere!” the shark would declare with somewhat hazy eyes. Then smiling back up at Camilla shortly after, Mako would instinctually send a swift elbow to connect with her opponent’s head! If successful, the shark would attempt to shove Camilla off her and roll to the side. Mako wouldn’t be able to get back on her feet just yet, though. She’d taken a serious blow to the head, after all. Besides, just because she was still fighting it didn’t mean the shark had simply brushed it off.


The Bull could feel herself losing to her temper, if this was Mako’s plan than consider it made, her fist was ready to strike again, only her head would be knocked wildly with a swift elbow to her jaw. The Latina was sent toward the ropes to recover, it stung and her brain was knocked about but she was still concious, a good sign so far.

“I’m far from done with you.” She growls, it was a steady climb, she couldn’t rush this or she’d only end up back on the mat. Even with this rage induced state, Camilia was undoubtably excited, having been pushed to this meant her opponent wanted her absolute best so she’d definitely give it to her.

As she manages to get to her feet, she had to balance herself, her brain throbbed with agony but she had to keep going and to her surprise Mako was still down. Good, she could take the advantage here and bring it back into her court.

Slowly closing the gap, Camilia would get Mako to her feet, lifting up their arm and yanking them up off the canvas. If the shark hadn’t recover yet, she would pull them under her shoulder, tossing their arm over her shoulder. Hoping her plan would work, her free hand would grab hold of their tight gym shorts and heave them upward for a vertical suplex.


Mako would groan as Camilla pulled her up on two feet. She’d taken a nasty forearm, but it didn’t seem to be holding her back very much. In fact it seemed like Camilla was a little pissed, definitely more aggressive, and like she said, far from done with the shark. The Latina would put her arm over Mako’s head, while she put her opponent’s arm over her shoulder. Then Camilla would pull on Mako’s tight shorts in an attempt to lift her upwards! The action not only succeed, but it’d also make the woman’s shorts ride up on her.

After being flipped up with a vertical suplex, the shark would be slammed down hard on the mat hard. Mako immediately arched her back in pain from the rough landing. Gritting her teeth, she would then slowly roll onto her side before fixing the situation with her shorts.

This was a wake up call for Mako, though. She’d been taking more of a beating than she should have. So from here on out, Camilla would have a much tougher fight than she’d gotten so far!


Camilia was internally happy at her development so far, even with the slight exhaustion from the workout she was managing to overpower Mako, and there she laid down on the mat fixing her...shorts.

The Latina blushed lightly, she had seen girls in tight outfits before, so more bold than others but this wasn’t intentional. Did she do that? Well it certainly seemed that way but she couldn’t let herself be outdone by a pair of shorts!

This seemed like an opportune time to claim the victory. She’d rush to the sharks side, slamming her leg down between theirs as her right arm hooked their left leg. She’d bring it in close while applying her chest to theirs to keep them down. Of course there wasn’t a referee so Camilia would have to do her own count.



Mako would find herself being pinned by Camilla as she was recovering from that vertical suplex. Her opponent was quick to start the count, shouting out ONE as she kept the shark down. Camilla’s impressive rack was pressing down on her in this position, and while Mako would have liked to take advantage of that, she wanted to escape the pin a little more. So the shark would quickly shoot her arm up before Camilla could continue the count while kick her leg, as well.

“Hehe, it’s too early for that” Mako would chuckle as she tried to shove Camilla off her and roll away to the side. Then getting up on her feet, the shark would turn to face her opponent. Mako couldn’t imagine a way she could make this fight better. Well there were a few…but none that didn’t involve being drunk in a hotel room. An idea popped into her head soon after, though. Giving her the perfect way to spice things up.

“You’re doing great so far, Toro~ But how do you feel about raising the stakes?” Mako would say as held back a bit, eyeing up her opponent in case she attacked. “You up for a little 'Winner gets what she wants’ sorta deal? Maybe pay for winner’s drinks…drive them around…etcetera…you know what I mean. What do you say?”


She only got off the one count before their shoulder ended it too soon. Camilia was a little peeved she didn’t at least get to two, so now she knew how much energy the other had left. The Latina definitely felt they’d have to compensate for it later if the shark proves to be a bit too much later on.

With their rather slight shove, her body reluctantly agreed, unlocking their leg from her own and rolling backward to give her some space to get to her feet and reestablish her stance. She’d have to give it more but her anger was still seething, their chop still fresh in her mind, this was her double edged sword, her greatest weapon but also her downfall. Camilia was ready to launch again to take her opponent for a wild ride when they stopped her for a stipulation.

It was something to consider, she supposed, it couldn’t hurt to have a condition for winning, much less if she pulled off the win. “Fine with me. Just don’t be surprised when you lose, I’ll have to come up with something for you.” Her confidence overflowed to the canvas, as she stood sweaty and panting softly. She couldn’t hold back but her sets were really taking their toll.


Mako smiled as her opponent agreed to her stipulation. It seemed like Camilla was pretty confident about winning too. That was something the shark would need to fix by taking this woman down!

“Confident in yourself huh? Well I like the attitude…but you’re going down tonight!” she would shout loudly before making her move. So Mako would charge towards her opponent before jumping up slightly. That way she could lift her leg and hit Camilla right in her strong, well built abs with a powerful knee strike.

Mako was hoping that the strike would knock the wind out of her opponent and leave her vulnerable for another attack. The shark was a damn good striker, after all, so she knew that as long as the strike landed Camila would be in a world of hurt.


The arrogance in the sharks voice only managed to tick her off more, her anger had taken complete control over the Latina and she was more than willing to put her down.

“Don’t get too full of yourself bitch, you’re the only one going down.” Camilia didn’t have time to launch, didn’t have time to react as they rushed her. It all happened to fast, the leap, the knee running right into her abdomen. “GUH!” The air was forced from her legs, dropping her to her knees.

Her hands curl into as her body soon follows, gasping for a good breath, it was hard to believe Mako still had the energy for such a heavy kick. A ragged cough exits her lips as she try’s to properly breath, her stomach aches but she was vunerable, her anger had turned the tables in her.

Recovering was a fools dream right now, there was no way she’d be ready to handle Mako’s next move and that worried her, anything could happen and in the depths of her mind she feared she might lose.


Mako’s knee dug right into Camilla’s midsection with an audible and sicking smack. The blow brought the Latina down on her knees, curled up and in pain. It seemed like Camilla was getting too angry at this point. She really did have a nasty temper. One second she was gushing over the shark, and then pissed the next. It was all very confusing, but Mako didn’t pay it to much thought. Chicks get angry. Plain and simple. It actually made her hotter, honestly.

The shark was more interested in bringing the woman down right about now, so to work over her back more, she’d try to bring down an axe kick right on Camilla’s spine to make her arch her back upwards! If successful, Mako would then run towards the ropes before bouncing off them. That way she could dive feet first to hit the woman with a running drop kick to the same exact area on her back!


Camilia was in a bad spot, she was vunerable and in desperate need of recovery. She pants harshly, her body getting heavy but she declared she’d win so she had to get up. Unfortunately for her, Mako had other plans, with the axe kick raining down in her spine forcing her to arch her back up and hiss through her teeth.

She had to move, anything to get out of this! Her escape was too slow and she felt a pair of feet smash into her back once again. It was like a truck had rammed her back and now she dropped to the mat, heaving with exhaustion and pain. She welcomed the cool canvas, it gave her a chance to breath but she was open, too open for her liking and in need of getting to her feet to pay the Shark back in full.


Mako managed to do a good amount of harm to Camilla’s back. The woman’s spine couldn’t be doing very good at this point, which the shark hoped to take advantage of very soon. So with Camilla face down on the canvas, Mako would jump on top of her foe’s back. Then she would try to wreck back on el Toro’s head with a one armed chokehold.

The hold would be able to drive her of air while keeping some pressure on her back, as well. Meanwhile, Mako’s breasts would press hard against Camilla’s back. The shark liked this position, and she wanted to test her luck as she slowly rubbed her crotch on Camilla’s rear. Mako would pull back on the woman’s neck harder to disguise her grinding, but a part of her hoped the Latina would recognize what she was doing and enjoy it.

It appeared that sex had worked it’s way back into her head after deciding she’d rather spar with the woman. But Mako believed that if Camilla wanted the same thing, then there’d be no problem. If her opponent didn’t, though, then the shark would respect her wishes regardless of the spar’s outcome.


Camilia expected a pin, nothing short of the immense pain she felt as of right now, her neck snapped back into a chokehold, flashes of her match with Armando danced in her mind, fresh battle scars she feared. The Latina was frantic to be free but for some reason something felt off about this hold.

Through the pain in her back and the depravity of air, she felt their chest, squishing against her shoulder blades, their rear..grinding on her? What the fuck?! Was she using her to get off? Oh hell no. Camilia kicked it in gear trying to free herself but in the depths of her mind, the stimulation made her hot. Maybe she needed this, maybe she liked it, the sensual act was something she desperately wanted but not like this. Camilia was definitely going to want pay back.

In a last ditch effort to reclaim her air, she’d swing her fists wildly to hit the shark, hoping, no, praying that a hit would land and she’d be free. If her attempt worked, the Latina would roll away, coughing violently to restore her air and use the rope to climb up.

If she managed that much alone, she’d steady herself, panting softly as her lungs would fill with air and give her back a moment to rest before launching herself toward Mako.


Mako may have been grinding a bit too hard on top of Camilla’s firm backside. She tried being sneaky, but judging from her opponent’s wild swings, the woman had a good idea of what she was doing. One of the swings actually caught her in the face! Soon after Msko would lose her grip on Camilla’s neck and quickly try rolling to the side. Her opponent had the same idea it seemed as she rolled to the ropes and climbed up them.

Honestly, Mako wasn’t expecting Camilla to get up so fast, and as a result she was blindsided by the charging Toro. The Latina would tackle her shortly after, which left her on top of the shark in a dangerous position. Not wanting to get pummeled any time soon, Mako would lift her arms to guard her face from any punches Camilla would send her way. Hopefully she could block long enough to get out from under the woman.


Her back ached as she took down the shark, to be honest, she wasn’t entirely sure she’d even get the chance. Here she was, battered but not beaten, on top of her opponent who sensed she may try pummeling her into the canvas but she had a much better idea.

Camilia would attempt to bring Mako up to a sitting position, if that were accomplished, the Latina would give them a quick elbow strike to keep them docile and complacent. If that worked, She stations herself behind them, dropping to her bottom, her legs snake over the sharks, locking them apart. Her left arm would snake across their throat locking them into a dragon sleeper hold.

Camilia felt a sense of shame run through her being as the b plan was hopefully coming to fruition. “You want to get off so badly, fine but you picked the wrong Latina to grind on, perra.” Her free hand rubs over her breasts, she was surprised to fill how full they were but that wasn’t her target. She wanted to embarrass the shark, make her regret her actions, with all that in mind, her fingers rub over their sex. They rub slow at first, bringing Mako up at a slow pace.


Mako was one-hundred percent certain that Camilla had not only figured out what she was doing, but was pissed about it. After being sat up and taking that elbow strike, the shark would find herself being locked into a hold by the angry Latina. Her arm constricted tightly around Mako’s throat under her armpit, and soon started spreading both their legs in a seated position. But it didn’t just stop at the dragon sleeper.

After telling her off, Camilla started to fondle Mako’s tits with her free arm! The sudden groping made the shark gasp while going wide eyed. She had not been expecting this, at all, but she didn’t hate it by any means. Mako was loving it, in fact as Camilla worked her way down to the shark’s covered sex!

“AAH!~ Ok! Wow! This...really took a turn-OOOH-DAMN-GIRL!!!” Mako would gasp and moan out as she felt the woman have her way with the her body. She would struggle and squirm as Camilla held onto her tightly, knowing full well she was way too into this. “FUCK! Ok…I k-know you’re m-mad! But…can ya try being a little rougher with me?”

Mako knew she’d fucked up when she said those words. The shark meant to be humorous at first and apologize, but as she was worked up the woman couldn’t help but say what she really wanted. But right now she really wanted to take them back while waiting to see what Camilla would do.


Camilia had only planned in running a few times to make them feel embarrassed, nothing too serious to save them both from the embarrassment of being discovered. Although that was the plan things didn’t turn out exactly as she thought, specifically their reaction which baffled and confused her.

It took a moment to process, she still held the hold but her hand had retreated, she was definiteky a confused, angry individual right about nowadays her next words would prove it. “Wh-what the hell? Are you serious? Look..I-I didn’t think you’d react like that, I mean fuck! What the hell?!” She was a jittery mess unsure on what exactly to do, should she continue should she not? This was supposed to be a sparring match with Camilia beating the hell into Mako but now?

She sighed trying to relieve some of her anger before thinking on what to do. “O-okay...s-so you want me to keep going? Like, for real and be rough about it? You realize we’re fighting right? This isn’t a hentai spar.” If it were she would’ve preferred this to be much more private but of course not.

She had to get her thoughts together, had to refocus, what could she possibly do? Maybe she ought to continue? If she made them orgasm or brought her close to it she could go for the pin and win their spar. Anything after that was up in the air.


Mako was feeling kinda embarrassed at this point. She was usually better at this sort of thing, but somehow everything was twisted and tangled. Honestly it was just too confusing. The Latina was jittery and confused, as well it seemed. So Mako would take a second to think before answering Camilla.

“Ok…yeah…I’m sorry I’m usually better at this…” the shark would say while looking away from the woman’s eyes. “Look…I’d actually like to get busy. If that’s a problem I totally understand. I’m kinda springing this on you outta nowhere and I’m sorry for that. If you wanna cut your losses and forget about all this…that’s fine. But if you maybe wanna have some fun too…we can take this somewhere more private…either way though…urk…could you let me out of this? Ack…it’s beyond weird for me to explain this all to you in this hold…” Mako explained as she squirmed a bit in the dragon sleeper.

Hopefully Camilla would let her go now. In her head what she’d said seemed good. Then again Camilla could still be pissed enough to tear Mako apart. All the shark could do though was cross her fingers and hope for the best.


Mako’s words felt sincere, she couldn’t deny that much but still, she found herself unable to trust the shark yet. She’d be kind enough to release the hold but her arms would slip under their armpits locking behind their head.

“Wh..what if I say yes? Are you honestly telling me the truth or are you just saying that so I’ll let you go?” Her anger had subsided slightly but she wouldn’t dare drop her guard to them, she was far too cautious for that and honestly as much as she wanted their touch, the bliss they were offering she thought it to good to be true.

“Give me something to trust and I’ll let you go and I’ll indulge your fun but if you’re lying and I get back on my feet I’ll break you.” Camilia was extremely hesitant but her own desire sprung forth at the chance. Mako was offering something she hadn’t had in a long time: someone who actually wanted her for her, someone who genuinely found them attractive despite the flaws.


Mako was happy to be out of the dragon sleeper, but she was soon put into a full nelson in its place. Still, progress was progress. Either way, the shark still needed to get Camilla to trust her.

“I am telling the truth. So if you let me go I promise nothing will happen.” Mako would say as her mind raced for something that would get the Latina on her side. Luckily for her, one thing did come in mind. “Well…I’m not really sure what I can give you…but how this…anytime you wanna go out drinking…I'll pay for the drinks.” she explained with a smile.

“Ok I know it’s not the best offer…but it’s the best one I’ve got on me.” Mako would say while hoping to be forgiven.


Anyone who would turn down free drinks is beyond stupid in her mind, that’d help her save in the budget to get a new apartment for sure let alone move somewhere else. Every ten counted so as long as Mako did as she promised she’d be more than willing.

Her hold dropped, allowing the shark their freedom, a smile spreading across her face as her index finger traces over their spine. “Fine, you have a deal. Besides you’re the one responsible for trying to get off on me but I’ll let that slide, Chica.  ¡Espero que guste áspero!” Camilia was a one track mind at this point, invested in loving the shark for the night, hoping they could both enjoy themselves together.

She’d tweak their neck to face her, it might put a strain on Mako but she didn’t care, not right now. Those tantilizing lips demanded to be on her own and she happily obliged in her moment of weakness, indulging in her own desires as their lips locked. Her left reaching to cup their cheek, keeping them anchored for her to enjoy it but gentle enough to further embrace.


Mako would finally relax as Camilla released her and said they had a deal. The shark was betting her wallet was going to become much lighter, but she’d to get by. Besides, the Latina seemed to be excited who speaking something in her native language. If Mako could understand it, she would eagerly replied just how rough she liked it. So after cracking her neck to the side, the shark was soon pulled into a fierce kiss from el toro.

Mako half moaned, half yelped as the two locked lips before she'd reach up to brush Camilla’s hair. The shark could’ve stayed like this forever, but she wanted much more, and that wouldn’t happen for as long as she and the Latina were in public. So after long, passionate moment, Mako spoke up.

“Mmm~ So…my place?” she asked while still kissing the woman. “We can...pick up some…beer...on the way…” Mako would say in between each kiss.


Fuck! This was getting more intense than she thought. The sweet and subtle lips of the shark surprised the bull with their behavior in the ring, maybe she was just a sweetheart when the curtains were down but wow, could she settle in a mood.

The Latina couldn’t even give a verbal reply as the two kissed like lovers who hadn’t seen each other in months. Each one was like a breath of fresh air, slowly drawing Camilia in everytike their lips met. What was wrong with her? She was normally more composed, more patient with these things but tonight? Any sign of restraint was out the window, shattered on the streets below and swept away by the slight breeze. All she could do was nod in agreement, that and the fact she didn’t want to take two trains and walk five blocks to her apartment.

It took everything she had to finally pry away, a soft pant beating down over Mako’s lips before she could finally speak. “L-let me get my things and I’ll met you outside.” She said, unhooking her legs from the sharks and getting to her feet. She slips out of the ring her cheeks rosy from their little encounter. What was she doing? Camilia expected a fight and even though nobody won she was heading to her place...was this really something she wanted or was she just following her own desires like a lost puppy.


Mako opened her eyes to see a rather flustered Camilla as she broke away from the kiss. She was panting like she’d just ran a marathon, which told the shark this woman was very excited from what they were doing.

“Oh sure thing…I have a few things I need to grab too.” Mako would say before falling back as Camilla released her legs. The shark had forgotten that those legs were even around her. So following behind the Latina, Mako would grab her bag, switch out of her clothes rapidly before putting on a different attire, and head outside to her car.

Mako had already parked the car right outside the entrance, and turned on the radio as she waited. She waited there for a few minutes that felt like forever, but the shark knew Camilla wouldn’t take much longer. After all, she had seemed pretty eager to get underway while they were still in the ring!


The Latina rests her head against the locker, this couldn’t be happening, could it? The sudden change in pace, the deep need. Jesus what was going on?! The cool metal was soothing to her hot face, Mako wasn’t anywhere to be found so she felt she should probably hurry and get ready before the Shark decided to leave.

Her gym clothes drop piece by piece to the floor, she figured she’d need to freshen up later or maybe after their little get together but Mako was definitely on her mind. Her soccer jersey was first, it took no effort to slip on but the kiss...her fingers ran over her lips as the blush returned, quickly pulling on her cut-up jeans and tossing her workout clothes into her bag before slipping on her shoes.

It had taken her a few minutes with the interruption of the other intruding on her peaceful thoughts but it was a welcome interruption. It took a moment before she realized the other had driven here, she didn’t expect to see a car but hey, it was better than walking that’s for sure. Her red pools examined the cars body, her fingers curling over the handle as she opened it to be hit with what she could only guess was a leathery smell.

The seat was comfortable and the radio playing some random song she may or may not have heard at some point, she sat silent for a minute or so until Mako would pull out of the lot and onto the road.


After driving away from the Gym, Mako and Camilla would spend the next hour or so having a blast. The two stopped at a bar, picked up some beer, and got plastered in the process. So they had to get a cab to get them back to the shark’s house. The place had two guards out front who seemed hesitant to let the young woman enter the house with another while so hammered. They regretted this decision as Mako not only got in their face and threatened to pummel them, but she also said they'd just go somewhere else. Deciding it’d be better to let her do whatever she wanted in the house rather than somewhere else they didn’t know about, the guards backed off.

Hopefully Camilla wasn’t intimidated by the fact Mako had scary looking guards, but she was also too drunk to think about that. So once they were inside, the shark would close the door and lock it.

“So…this is my place. Home sweet home. Casa de tiburón!” Mako would say to Camilla with a chuckle as she showed it off. For a woman as violent and rough as her, the house was pretty clean. Then again, she was the only one living in this house, so it made sense that most of it wouldn’t be touched. The only times it really got messy was when she’d have a couple of friends over and their drunk antics trashed the place.

“Anyway...can I get you any something? I think we’re good on beer for the night…” Mako said as she looked at Camilla. She couldn’t help but desperately want to tear off that soccer jersey, though.


After a few rounds, a case full of beer and an overall good time, Camilia was in a rather good mood. From what she could tell Mako was a bit more under the influence than the Latina, mostly due to her having drank a bit more than she would’ve suggested. The ride to her home was frightening but somehow the shark had managed to drive buzzed or lightly drunk. She was surprised to find two guards stationed at her abode, how could she afford this, it washinestky overwhelming for Camilia. What really took her off guard was Mako, who wasn’t all to happy with being restrained from going inside but they immediately backed away from her threat. They just get it often or seen enough of it to not warrant a beating themselves.

The Latina wasn’t deturded by guards but the thought rung in mind of how could Mako afford them. She supposed she was very successful so that may be a big part of it, she wouldn’t mind a place like this of her own someday.

“Shark house? That’s a funny name.” She admits with a soft chuckle, admittedly, the Bull was somewhat surprised at how nice her home looked. That wasn’t to say she didn’t think someone so violent could be so clean but the decoration was something. “Es hermoso.” She whispers as her fingers run across the counter.

Camilia positioned herself to face Mako, she couldn’t think of anything in particular she’d need but it couldn’t hurt to keep it in the back of her mind for later. “So, do you think you can handle another round or are you down for the count?” The Latina would step up to the shark, her fingers running up there jacket to fix the collar that had been bugging her for the last ten minutes.


Mako could tell Camilla liked her house. She seemed to be interested in it as she looked around before laughing about the shark’s attempt at Spanish. Mako wasn’t sure what hermoso meant, but it sounded good. For a second she thought it meant brother, but that didn’t make any sense.

“Uh yeah! Very Hermoso.” Mako would say hoping what she said was making sense. She’d then smile as the Latina walked over and got up close with her.

“If I were down for the count…then I wouldn’t be doing this~” the shark purred before kissing Camilla out of nowhere. As she did so, the shark would pull of her own jacket before tossing it to the side. Mako’s hand would then hold Camilla close before snaking her hand downwards to squeeze the woman’s rear!


She could sense that Mako was unsure of what she had just said, Camilia had a tendency to revert to Spanish from time to time just to keep others light on her feet plus it was an easy way to get away with smack if no one knew.

“Hermoso means beautiful, Mako.” She states, she didn’t use the word wrong per se but the Latina felt obligated to at least tell her so she knew for later.

The bull expected denial with her question but what came next surprised her and honestly took her off guard. “Mmfph.” Her voice was muffled as the shark brought her in for a kiss, Camilia still never got used to this but she supposed with a somewhat drunk Mako that’d be a challenge. In the seconds that followed she found herself giving in to the kiss, she even began to put herself on the front line.

It didn’t take long to feel snaking hands wander, she half expected it, she did the same when she was with other guys and maybe a gal in between. She felt the sudden squeeze of her rear, she lightly squealed and felt tempted to push her away. Perhaps she’d let it fly this time, she didn’t mind a dominant in her life every so often but she’d take those pants back later.

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