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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 7:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Naomi Brock

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Naomi Brock Empty Naomi Brock

Post by Tarantulust Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:04 am

Naomi Brock
Naomi Brock CpeHT9t

Name: Naomi Brock
Nicknames: “The Wall”
Sex: Female
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Brown
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 216lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Face

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Naomi will mostly resort to using her brute strength in almost any situation. Lacking any real technique, she will try to slam, tackle, or otherwise toss her opponent around the ring. If she is in a submission hold or pin, she will try to force herself out of it. Enjoys a fair fight, usually thinks of it more as a game.

Style: Pro Wrestling

Type: Powerhouse

Preferred Attacks:


Torture Rack


German Suplexes

Scoop Slams



Indiscriminate Strikes.

Preferred Matches: Any

Endurance: ★★★★
Strength: ★★★★
Speed: ★★
Defense: ★★
Technique: ★

Finishing moves:

Planting the Flag: Will take her weakened opponent towards the closest corner, climb it, then performs a piledriver off the top rope.

Duck and Cover: A heavy chokeslam, followed by a pin attempt.

Wrestling Attire:

Wrestling Gear:
Hitting the,bath:
Heavy Training:
Are you sure action heroes have Body Pillows?:

Personality: Naomi is the very definition of the term “Ignorance is Bliss”. Cheerful, Brash, loud, and with the mindset that everyone can be a friend. Naomi has an amazing amount of self-esteem and will proudly show off her body and the years of body building she has done to it. Naomi is also somewhat Dim, and has a hard time picking up subtle cues or jabs.


Naomi grew up in a very small farming town where everyone knew each other. Due to being the eldest of her three siblings, her chores revolved around heavy lifting and tough labor. Since the town was so small, there was very little else to do besides farm, television, and going to school. What little free time Naomi had, she often used to watch television. She became hooked on big budget action movies. She was fascinated that almost every action movie hero was incredibly muscular, and in an attempt to imitate them, began to work out.

After years of helping her father on the farm, she decided to head out into the big city, looking for adventure and new experiences like the ones she had seen in film. Shortly after moving, she got a job as a construction worker. Naomi enjoyed the hard work and made plenty of friends of her coworkers through drinks, and arm wrestling competitions. A few months of continuously lifting heavy construction materials, she had finally achieved the action star body she had set out for.  

She decided to try and get a part in an action movie. After a few auditions, she learned that she had terrible line delivery, and had a hard time understanding blocking and following the proper steps given to her. Disheartened, Naomi began to leave her dreams of becoming an action hero behind, when one of the directors gave her his friends card. It was a wrestling company looking for new talent. Though the only experience she had was wrestling with her siblings back home, he was confident she would make the cut due to her large build and curvy figure.

After taking the directors advice and visiting the wrestling association, Naomi thought of it as a match made in heaven. Everything was loud and showy, The Heels were mean, the Face’s were good, and best of all she could say just about anything she wanted and no director would yell at her. She signed up immediately and began to learn the rules and moves of wrestling. Soon, she built up a small following, and has been looking for matches of any type at any time.

Fun Facts:

She needs coffee to get up in the morning.

She still enjoys growing plants, owning a small garden in her apartment.

Naomi’s military/wrestling persona is heavily inspired by Alan “Dutch” Schaefer from Predator.

Naomi has a perverted side to her, with her sometimes intentionally putting her opponents in an awkward situation.

She earned the nick name “The Wall” because of her high endurance, and slow speed.

The scars on her body came from multiple accident she had while in construction. These accidents are also what made her so tough.

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