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Tension: Looking for a Debut!

Tue Feb 23, 2021 3:49 am by Gadot

I'm looking to send Nic out there and give him a proper debut, would love a nice match for him! I've honestly got no preferences in terms of a match, but I would love something that either gives him a nice plot to ride out with someone else, win or lose. He's down to play with both men and women, either hentai or not. Link is in my signature!

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Searching for some standard matches

Thu Feb 11, 2021 3:26 pm by Iceman

Hello there. Now that I took care of my posting schedule and I managed to catch up it is time for me to make an open call for anyone willing to give this new wrestler of mine a cool standard match. I have plans for her so the options are somehow a little limited, but if you reach me through PM or Discord we can discuss things. Also, I'm on some kind of schedule so I would like those matches to last a couple of months, three tops.

Thanks a bunch. Have a nice

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Poll regarding the possibility of Mods booking PPV matches.

Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:43 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, basically, was wondering all of your thoughts regarding the possiblity of mods booking ppv matches.

The thought was, since people often seem to have trouble finding partners for ppv matches until the last minute or so, what if the mod team was to step in and, well in advance of the show, book the show ourselves, and try to put together the best matches we can, including title defenses, no.1 contender matches, and so on and so forth?

While I doubt our more popular members need such a …

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Haruka Kanami

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Haruka Kanami Empty Haruka Kanami

Post by BritBrat Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:59 am

Haruka Kanami W1qh2do
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 157lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Pink
Nationality: Japanese
Wrestling Information

Alignment: Face

Preferred Matches: Endurance type matches (Ironwoman, Hentai Endurance etc.), Standard. Dislikes hardcore matches.

Strategy/Style: Haruka has always been about the long game, never treating a match as a sprint but more of a marathon. It has previously been true only in regards to the sexual aspect of combat, but this mindset has now carried on when she’s placed in battles that don’t call for such skills. Rather than being aggressive right out of the gate, Haruka keeps the match in a controlled, reserved pace, dodging, reversing and blocking opponent’s advances and moves, allowing them to wear themselves down, sapping their energy as the match goes on. She is still comprehending the basics so she will not take risks in general, keeping her attacks small that would eventually create openings or even make use of bigger impact moves to counter wrestle her opponents. Submissions also help her in that regard, focusing not on pain but rather stamina-sapping holds that have them struggling and burning their energy.

With her insatiable endurance, she is rarely the one to run out of gas herself, outlasting her opponents even when they have the majority of the offence in any given match. Thanks to her girlfriend, she has gotten better in terms of hentai as well. She still cums just as easily, but Haruka has built up the ability to work through the heated confines of pleasure and still fight it. Her skills of pulling an orgasm out of an opponent haven’t dulled in the slightest. Paired that and her newfound holds and moves make her a threat not to be taken lightly.

Preferred attacks:
-Sleeper holds
-Matchbook Pin
-Octopus Stretch
-German Suplex
-Stretch Muffler
-Torture Rack

Physical Statistics
Endurance: ★★★★★
Still brimming with vigour after her numerous bouts in her previous league, Haruka's body now matches with her sexual stamina. She can take her share of punishment and still roll around with threats much bigger than she is.
Her muscles are not for show. It's not uncommon for Haruka to be lifting above her weight and the power she generates in crushing submissions is devastating.
Decent with standard grappling and submissions but tends to falter against strikers.
She's no lumbering slowpoke but she definitely won't be outpacing faster opponents.
Still playing catch-up and is growing to be quite the capable wrestler when outside her usual stomping grounds. Put her in a hentai match however...

Wresting Statistics
Strikes: ★★★
Average at best, they aren't anything to ride home about. But she makes up for it with big damage when they land.
Submissions: ★★★★
Tends to go for simple, yet effective submissions that utilize her strength. It is where in hentai matches that she can get creative.
Powerhouse: ★★★★★
Where she is more comfortable in, she's capable of ragdolling her opponent. Isn't afraid of using ground based suplexes and grappling to overpower her opponents in that regard too.
Doesn't have nearly the grace that her girlfriend has, so she sticks to the ground and mainly catching other high-flyers from the air.
Counters: ★★
Usually falls back to her habit of getting out of tricky situations by using brute force. But aside from that...

Standard Finishing Moves

Unicorn Spike:
Haruka Kanami NTK4VXn

Rainbow Suplex:
Haruka Kanami Tumblr_oui00cW9Qp1rumiojo2_250

Pegasus Carousel:
Haruka Kanami 02c0dad2252669fe8facfae9b4f62f20

Sweet Cyclone Clover:
Haruka Kanami Tumblr_nj6gbzpN2x1saykaxo1_400

Hentai Finishing Moves

Lady Liquorice:
Haruka Kanami EYsUEjmHaruka Kanami 25018011


Personality: If you were to meet Haruka before, you wouldn't know too much about her. While she is a kind and gentle woman, previous experiences have put an introverted exterior around such a loving soul, preferring to keep her cards to her chest.

Since coming into Tokyo, Haruka has started to find herself, freed from the plague that is lack of acceptance. A curious mind, Haruka loves to experience new things with great enthusiasm, so long as it benefits her and those around her. A recent bite of the gym bug (thanks to her girlfriend) has the pinkette passionate about wellbeing and fitness, willing to lend a hand while not coming of vain. Haruka's newfound confidence has her making friends no matter the setting, even in the squared circle itself.

In the past, she viewed herself as being a nymphomaniac as a curse, completely getting in the way of living her life. Now, Haruka has come to accept that as a part of her, realising the strengths and benefits that came with it. A silent pride inside lingers in regards to her insatiable endurance, especially due to her experience in a certain league, With her love of wrestling and a greater love of hentai, she doesn't shy away from human contact, appreciating the many types of figures and appearance. She isn't afraid of letting someone know how she feels about her, though knowing when to draw the line should she go too far.


Main Attire:
Haruka Kanami IAFPqXB

Tied Up:
Haruka Kanami IlGQ7s5

Extra thicc:
Haruka Kanami OCWiTEz

Schoolgirl Attire (Alt):
Haruka Kanami HjhMLh4r


In a city which tradition meets future, Haruka's parents felt right at home in Osaka, the only child they ever had was born into a world where technological advancements were going in strides since the industrial revolution. Both of her parents worked their way through a car factory to become part of management, so Haruka would have lived comfortably. Well, except for one teeny problem that hung over like a thundercloud.

Even at a young age, Haruka was quickly coming to terms with her sexuality, perhaps a bit too quick than her parents would want. Constantly getting aroused, it became the main point to tease the pinkette throughout her school days. The doctors were too quick to diagnose her with PGAD, the constant bullying and her coming to terms of orgasms were a bit much for a young girl to be thinking of. Senior years were much worse, coming home crying after a rough day with bullies. It had a knock-on effect where she gained weight. It got to the point where her parents opted to take her child out of school and have her taught at home. That was to be the new norm, the support of her family and the one friend that stuck by her kept her from not giving up her studies, knowing how important it is to get it right at an early age so that the pinkette didn't have to struggle as they did.

But being quick to arousal meant that Haruka had to learn and study about it herself, her parents were often nervous about having 'the talk' since her position was peculiar, to say the least. The internet gave her the information that she desired. It started off innocent, seeking if there were cures for it. But it didn't take long for her to stumble into the erotic side of things. It had opened her eyes to many things, and it gave her something much more interesting to read up on while she pleasures herself.

She always loved to read, especially erotica stories, but it took her many years until she found out about the combination of sex and wrestling. And it also marked the point where she had her first sexual encounter with another woman. With the family out on an overseas business trip, both women opted to try out hentai wrestling, something they have both seen on the internet. It was sloppy at best. Neither were as skilled as the women they both seen but that didn't stop the arousal building up between each other. The second when their sexes rubbed against each other, both of them immediately focused on rubbing them together fiercely in the heat of their match. Both refused to stop. Haruka because of her arousal taking control of her and her opponent for whatever reason she had and before long both girls had a magnificent climax that swept the other woman. Haruka, however, was left unsatiated, despite both cumming together. But from that point forward, Haruka found her little pocket of heaven was much more heavenly than she thought as she couldn't believe how amazing she felt.

Haruka began her search to find places that specialize in these things and eventually found an underground club. And that is where she also found that she was incredibly lacking when it comes to weaponized sex in battle. To say she did terribly would be an understatement. With Haruka being highly erotic and having no self-control to hold back her orgasm, she was constantly found into trouble in the first few matches she was in. It was so ludicrously easy to make her orgasm and her 2-55 record showed this. Haruka was a frequent target of rookie sexfighters, as everyone knows that a match against her is pretty much a guaranteed win. As a matter of fact, any other fighter with her record and reputation wouldn't even be in any league.

However, despite all of this, Haruka was an exception to the rule. And it mostly came to how insatiable she was. Sure, the record was horrible, but that was taken into account that those matches were ones that go to a certain number of forced orgasms or first-to-cum. But a match of endurance, however, is where Haruka shines. Anyone that had challenged her to those type of matches had paid dearly for it, never getting close to satisfying her. In the end, she amassed a record 79-1 record in endurance bouts, the one loss coming from the current chairman of the club, who owes that position mainly for that win. The pinkette had become a bizarre phenomenon in the sexfighting world and going up against her was like a rite of passage.

Such a phenomenon would eventually be picked up by AFW scouts. With their hentai division being among the best in the world, let alone Japan, Haruka was quick to accept the offer to join the ranks. But while AFW is known for their near non-existent hiring standards, there was still the issue that Haruka was still new to the grappling side of things. So Haruka would be put to work, training with their staff and gaining experience as she goes along.

So either she sinks, or she learns to keep her head above the waters.

Fun Facts:

AFW Record

Wins: 0Losses: 0Draws: 1 Total: 0-0-1Rivals: N/AEnemies: N/ACrushes: N/A Friends/Allies: N/A

Timelines & Events
Match l Backstage l Promo

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