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Bored, want some matches, the nomal

Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:03 am by Void Effect

Want some RP matches, Bored mostly, find me on Discord, I am free most of the time, don't really have any limit of which types, okay with anything, and just bored, DM me if interested

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Looking for fresh matches :D

Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:32 am by Vcom7418


Like the title says, looking for more matches.

Clara and my new gal Chika are my priorities. Looking for new potential stories and/or one-off matches for both ladies, especially a debut in Chika's case. Alice is also available for matches, as are Clara and Alice together as a tag team.

It may take me a while to respond here, so I recommend contacting me on Discord (links and Discord profile are in my signature)

Match preferences:

Clara - Normal, softcore

Alice - Normal, Hardcore, …

[ Full reading ]

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Moving to a New Computer

Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:26 pm by Gwyndolin

Hello everyone. With the passing of this Christmas, I've finally gotten a replacement for my old, dying laptop, not a moment too soon. Starting today, all of my threads will have to be placed on hold as I focus on setting up the new computer and moving everything over to it. I sincerely hope that this won't take more than a couple days, but computers are anything but predictable, so there's no telling for sure when I'll be back to writing here. I'll update this thread when it's all done.

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Maddie Lux

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Maddie Lux Empty Maddie Lux

Post by Daaharu on Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:26 pm

Maddie Lux O9kA1cq

Full Name: Maddox Diane Lawson
Height: 5'6" (169 cm)
Weight: Average
Birthday: June 9
Hair: Tawny Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Booty: Bangin'
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Entrance Music:
Won't Stop

Maddie Lux PMRrzTe

Maddie Lux 1onfvWZ

Maddie Lux DJsKep2

Maddie Lux BzyDNk0

Maddie Lux 9Sfuw3U

Fighting Philosophy:
"Anything you can do, I can do better!"

Fighting Style:
Maddie will fight in any style, anytime, anywhere, using her toned, often surprisingly strong body to her full advantage. She is a very well-rounded fighter with tons of energy, capable of holding her own in anything from a brutal belly-busting slugfest to a cosplay tickle fight to a twenty-four-hour hentai marathon match. She does not often hold things back, tending to throw everything she has at an opponent and challenge the other girl to rise up to her level, often throwing strategy (and caution) to the wind!

Favorite Moves:
If she is engaged in an actual wrestling match, rather than a specific contest, Maddie likes to rely on a selection of exciting moves, with an inclination towards humiliation and submission:

- Facesit
- Bearhug
- Butt Bash
- Belly Punching
- Camel Clutch
- Boston Crab
- Headscissors
- Ceiling Hold

Bootiness: Bangin' (see above)
Boobiness: A+
Belly-osity: 11/10
Legginess: On fleek
General Awesomeness: 101%

Maddie is bubbly, incredibly extroverted, and competitive beyond all reason. She can be a bit of an airhead, but don't let that fool you—her ditziness doesn't mean that she's dumb, and she is so competitive that she would even sit silently in a room taking math tests all day long if there was a girl sitting next to her trying to beat her score. For Maddie, the easiest way to bond with someone is to challenge them to a contest, and even the most innocuous or stupid contests can get her a little hot and bothered. She is a bit of a tease, and is frequently pretty mouthy in a fight, though her taunts are never actually very mean. When she is not competing (or during, because really, that's all the time), Maddie is a stereotypical California teen, enjoying shopping, gossip, and fun in the sun.

As an only child, Maddie always had to be an extrovert during her youth to find friends to play with, and she spent almost every hour of every day running around outside. Maddie always loved to invent new games to play, whether they were all in her head—such as her own Pok√©mon-style game which often required wading waist-deep into a local creek to find monsters—or were bizarre and slightly dangerous new sports requiring hockey sticks, a volleyball, and at least two plastic slides. As the inventor of these games, she was naturally the best at them, but her athletic ability—and competitive spirit—began to manifest itself in more obvious ways soon enough. The first contest she ever won was a third-grade hula hoop contest at her elementary school. The next year, she won the Under-12 category at a summer festival's pie eating contest.

By the time she started high school, Maddie was a four-sport star in soccer, volleyball, and track, and also excelled at tennis, swimming, and boxing. Every rival she ever made would slowly fade away as her skills improved at a rate they couldn't match, and eventually she had to aspire higher to find worthy opponents. As a freshman, she took up an interest in wrestling, watching local women's league events as well as PPVs from overseas in Japan. Her interest quickly drew her to a local gym which was frequented by some of California's top female wrestlers, where soon enough Maddie got herself into contests of strength and stamina, sometimes against girls five or six years older than her, who were shocked by the boldness of the sporty fifteen-year-old. After a grueling belly punching battle with an eighteen-year-old from the Central Valley resulted in a narrow, if decisive, loss, Maddie realized that she had found an arena which may just tickle her competitive instincts more than any other could.

She trained hard, and started wrestling part-time the next year. At seventeen, she got her first title shot, and though she came up just short—she and the champion knocked each other out with twin clotheslines, resulting in a draw—she won it just eight months later. Soon enough, she was utterly dominating the California circuit, both in the ring and in the fitness challenges she dreamed up. At this time, Maddie Lux—a stage name she invented back at the beginning of high school—started to look for a more competitive league to take her talents to.

Fun Facts:
Maddie was always dominant at everything, including video games. She once collected 16 stars in one twenty-turn game of Mario Party 5.

Maddie once ate almost three pounds of ice cream in one sitting in order to win a bet with a girl from a rival high school. She was sort of out of commission for a few days after that.

Maddie has never, ever lost a tickle fight. She is also undefeated when it comes to holding her breath the longest.

Maddie once held the Los Angeles County girls' title for fastest mile run.

Maddie fantasizes about all kinds of contests, and contest structures, too. She secretly hopes to find someone who will take her on in a twenty-four hour challenge without any breaks, or someone who will do a Best-of-99 series with her. Maybe multiple someones!


1. Before she even starts her AFW career, Maddie decides to have some fun in the sun—and runs into another beachgoer named Sachiko Takahashi!
2. When Maddie takes on Caroline Brookes, she's in for a "howling" good time!
3. Maddie faces off with Sakura "Lucky" Yayuuki in a match that sees wedgies, smooches, six knockouts, and the most thrilling finish in AFW history!!
4. Maddie invites Lucky over for a best friends sleepover!

Maddie Lux QxKLrPK

Contact me on Trillian (daaharu) if you want to chat or want me to reply faster.

Officially caught up to my AFW replies as of December 31, 2020.

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