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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Priscilla Haynes "Wild Rose"

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Priscilla Haynes "Wild Rose" Empty Priscilla Haynes "Wild Rose"

Post by RadiantKarna332 Wed May 24, 2017 6:32 pm

Name: Priscilla Haynes "Wild Rose"
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Dark Purple/Black
Height: 172 cm/5'8"
Weight: 64 kg/141 pounds
Nationality: Wales
Ethnicity: Japanese(?)
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Rage Awakened

Wrestling Information

Strategy: As a wrestler, Priscilla is quite versatile, as she will incorporate some elements from other martial arts and utilize them in the ring. But, if there is one thing she is most skilled at, it is reversing or redirecting her opponent's moves, using their momentum and strength against them. She does not require the utilization of most of her strength in order to reverse her opponent's moves, which allows her to save her strength to go through a prolonged bout against her opponent. Being a skilled martial artist, Priscilla also utilizes a variety of strikes and submission holds while in a match against her opponent, and while most of her moves are made with flair, she will target specific parts of her opponent's body, and no matter what kind of moves she uses, she will use them with pinpoint precision. Even so, she lacks raw power in her moves, and will prefers to reverse and redirect her opponent's moves instead to gain an upper hand. In short, while she knows how to deal significant damages on her opponent through reversals and knowing where to hit, she is certainly not a powerhouse.

When it comes to hentai matches, Priscilla is quite aggressive and will often try to gain advantage whenever a chance is showing itself. As she is quite adept in hentai moves, she will often try to make sure to keep her opponent trapped before trying to engulf her opponent with pleasure through sensual attacks. While she may not show it outside of the hentai matches, Priscilla is actually very lewd, as she will show her desire to overwhelm her opponent with arousal quite expressively. Still, the reason behind her aggressiveness is because Priscilla herself is quite vulnerable to sexual attacks, and while she has a tremendously high endurance in non-hentai matches, the same cannot be said when it comes to hentai matches, in which she may easily be overwhelmed by her own arousal. So, that is why she will resort to aggressiveness when it comes to hentai matches, hoping to overwhelm her opponent first to avoid being overwhelmed by her opponent.

Style: Elegance and showmanship, very good to look at. One may question the effectiveness (actually very effective, but people also have opinions), but no one can deny that she looks classy in the ring.

Type: Calm, calculative, very technical and showy.

Preferred Attacks: DDT, move reversals, figure-four leglock, boston crab, camel clutch, sleeper hold, superkick, spinning heel kick, scissor holds, clothesline, scissor holds, ankle lock, lariat, smothering techniques.

Preferred Matches: Standard, Submission, Handicap, Hardcore, No DQ, Hentai (prefers hentai single fall or best out of three falls, not good with hentai endurance or hentai KO).

Endurance: 9/10 (4/10 for hentai match)
Strength: 5/10
Speed: 6/10
Defense: 5/10
Flexibility: 7/10

Favored moves:

Body Slam
Boston Crab
Camel Clutch
Corner Lariat
Cross Armbreaker
Figure Four Leglock
Sleeper Hold
Spinning Heel Kick
Suplex Variation

Finishing moves:

Crown of Thorn

Muta Lock

Regal Stretch

Regal Cutter



Default Wrestling Outfit:
Alternate Wrestling Outfit:
Promotional Poster:

Personality: Calm, taciturn and aloof, Priscilla is a stoic individual outside of wrestling matches. While she has no problem expressing herself, she often maintains her composure, often speaking in calm and even tone even if she is upset or excited. But, the same cannot be said whenever she's in the ring, in which she will become enthusiastic and passionate, and definitely not above teasing, mocking and flirting with her opponents. A fairly competitive young woman, Priscilla enjoys facing challenges, and the more difficult the challenges are, the better. And due to her upbringing, Priscilla is quite prideful, and while there is no hateful bones in her, one may mistake her for being arrogant.

Being an orphan herself who was adopted into the wealthy Haynes family, Priscilla has a soft spot for orphans and abandoned children. While she may have grown up as the heiress of the Haynes family, she does not forget her origin, and spends most of her free times taking care of orphans. As of right now, she is the headmistress of Haynes Orphanage Japan Branch, and the children consider her their 'mama', much to her embarrassment.

Past/History: Priscilla was left at the doorstep of Haynes Orphanage Japan Branch when she was a baby. After a while, she was adopted by the chairman of Haynes Foundation, Douglas Haynes, and she was renamed Priscilla Haynes. Soon after that, she was brought to Wales, where she would grow up to be the heiress of Haynes Foundation. While her upbringing might spoil her a little, her humble origin as an abandoned orphan prevented her from becoming too entitled and spoiled, and she grew up to become a decent young woman with great aspiration in life.

From her early age, Priscilla had been trained in various martial arts, and Priscilla herself showed interest in martial arts after learning of the fact that her foster father used to be an MMA fighter and former wrestler. From there, Priscilla began to show interest in wrestling and after seeing huge potential in his daughter, Douglas hired several instructors to train her in martial arts and wrestling. Due to her father's connection and wealth, Priscilla was ensured to have the best education she could get to be a great wrestler.

Still, not everything turned great for Priscilla when her father remarried one day. Douglas was a widower who remained unmarried for almost twenty years until he got married to popular Welsh model. At first, Priscilla was delighted when her father finally found a new partner in life, but then, her relationship with her father turned sour as she got into conflict with her father's new wife. It's up to the point when she was harshly reprimanded by her father due to the constant conflicts between them. Feeling dejected, Priscilla decided to run away from home and return to where everything began; Japan. While Haynes Orphanage Japan Branch was still under the jurisdiction of Haynes Foundation, her father held no power there, and Priscilla decided to take over the orphanage as its new headmistress.

Douglas was regretful for everything that happened, especially after learning of the fact that his new wife had been badmouthing Priscilla since day one, mocking her origin as an orphan and an adopted child, as well as the fact that she had been cheating on him, having affair behind his back. Due to that, he divorced her and attempted to reconcile with his daughter. While Priscilla had already forgiven him, she did not have any intention of returning back to Wales, finding Japan as her new home, and she had been taking part in multiple wrestling leagues in Japan as well as managing the orphanage as its headmistress. Due to this, he did not interfere with her business there and decided to leave her be. They still maintained close contact with each other.

As for Priscilla, she had made quite a name for herself, and she had been dabbling in erotic matches as well (her father was aware of this, but decided to not comment on it, knowing that Priscilla's already an adult) until one day when she received an invitation to join the AFW, the giant of giants among the wrestling leagues in Japan, if not the world. Finding the prospect of making a name for herself within AFW to be quite alluring, Priscilla looked forward to make her first debut into AFW.

Fun Facts:
Priscilla has a degree in botany and she enjoys gardening.
Priscilla has a flower nursery where she has a variety of exotic plants and flowers.
Priscilla uses a large portion of her earning in wrestling for the betterment of Haynes Orphanage.

AFW Information

Record: 3-4-1
-Defeated Lauren Summers via pinfall
-Defeated Daisuke Takeuchi via submission
-'Defeated' Juno Sawyer via technicality/forfeit

-Defeated by Zulime Lafitte via hentai fall
-Defeated by Panther Risako via pinfall
-Defeated by Làn-Fen Xià via pinfall
-Defeated by Linda Lashley via submission

-Draw with Anja the Raven via count-out

None so far

-None so far

-None so far

-Daisuke Takeuchi

-None so far

-None so far

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Priscilla Haynes "Wild Rose" Empty Re: Priscilla Haynes "Wild Rose"

Post by RadiantKarna332 Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:32 am

CHAPTER 01: wild rose

  1. Priscilla Haynes vs. Lauren Summers
    Result: Win via pinfall (roll up pin)
  2. Priscilla Haynes vs. Anja the Raven
    Result: Draw (double countout)
  3. Priscilla Haynes vs. Daisuke Takeuchi
    Result: Win via submission (Crown of Thorn)
  4. Priscilla Haynes vs. Zulime Lafitte: Hentai Match
    Result: Loss via hentai fall
  5. Priscilla Haynes vs. Panther Risako
    Result: Loss via pinfall (Kyapuchudo)
  6. Priscilla Haynes vs. Làn-Fen Xià
    Result: Loss via pinfall (Aoi-Oni Drop)
  7. Priscilla Haynes vs. Juno Sawyer
    Result: 'Win' via technicality (Juno forfeited)
  8. Priscilla Haynes vs. Linda Lashley: Hardcore Match
    Result: Loss via submission (whip choke)
  9. Priscilla Haynes vs. Mariko Ishii
    Result: Pending

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