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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Amy Sagihara

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Amy Sagihara Empty Amy Sagihara

Post by DizzyKnight Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:10 pm

Amy Sagihara BTkoV64
Amy Sagihara TTQMq0wAmy SagiharaAmy Sagihara TTQMq0w

Personal Information

Name: Amy Sagihara
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Height: 4'9, 145cm
Weight: 85 lb, 38kg
Age: 18
Nationality: Japanese
Alignment: Face
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Entrance Music:

Personality: Amy is a very friendly and happy person outside of the ring. She dresses herself in a very child-like and adorable manner each day, and most everything about her is designed to appear as cute as possible. The way she walks, the tone and accent of her voice, and the expressions she makes with her face combine to melt the hearts of most onlookers. If you were to talk to her anywhere besides AFW, you'd hardly expect her to be a pro-wrestler with how kind-hearted she is.

In the ring, her adorable cutesy behaviour continues, though she takes her matches more seriously than she probably should. She is a very persistent and aggressive high-flyer, almost annoyingly so. Despite her small stature and lack of the musculature one would expect from a wrestler, Amy can take a great deal of damage and keep going, believing she has to win every fight or something bad will happen to her. She can get quite upset when losing a match, but is easy enough to calm down and won't harbor any bad feelings towards her opponents unless they make things personal.

History: Amy comes from a fairly privileged family in Tokyo, Japan. Growing up, she rarely had any issues with money or work as her family's businesses provided a very large amount of income. Amy was very happy during her childhood and early teenage years, making many friends at school with her cute, friendly, and generous personality. Living in an apartment that made owning outdoor pets very awkward and inconvenient, Amy's family adopted a few cats instead, which Amy quickly became obsessed with and treated them very nicely for how annoying they can be.

She grew very fond of gymnastics and acrobatics as a teenager, wanting to be more like her very agile pets. She attended gymnastics classes and clubs three times a week after school, and continued attending even after she graduated. Her small size and light figure even when compared to the other school-age students made her quite adept at it. A year after finishing school, at age 17, an AFW scout was searching for new talent in her area and happened to step in to watch one of her classes. Seeing how well she could move and how acrobatic and flexible she could be, he offered her a position on the roster.

Over the next year before her debut, she mixed wrestling practice in with her gymnastics classes, learning how to fight in a high-flying style that worked well with her existing abilities. She trained consistently twice every week for the remainder of the year before she met the minimum age requirement, eager to become a real wrestler and become famous!

Fun Facts:
  -) Amy has an obsession with felines, having three pet house cats that she spends a great deal of time with.
    -) As convincing as it looks and as much as she wishes she did, she doesn't really have cat ears or a tail, the movements of her tail caused by the elastic material it is made from.
    -) Amy wears a combo of tight-fitting white panties and bra under her loose-fitting wrestling attire's skirt and top, both of which make regular appearances given the acrobatic nature of her fighting style.

Wrestling Information

Style: Inspired somewhat by the way cats hunt and attack mice and other small animals, Amy's style is a mix of slow circling and studying and sudden bursts of energetic offense, aimed at wearing her opponent quickly down and keeping herself from taking a great deal of damage.
Common Attacks: Spear-like tackles, often preceded by cat-like hip wiggling and crouching down. High kicks at her opponent's head, and acrobatic dropkicks to their upper body.
Preferred Matches: Amy greatly enjoys regular one-on-one matches, especially if special conditions or rules are added to make them more unique such as multiple pins or submissions. Hardcore matches don't appeal to her, and she will almost always turn these offers down. Hentai matches are something that fascinate her, and she is quite willing to participate.

Finishing Moves:
Reverse Hurricanrana
Amy rapidly climbs the ropes with a pursuing opponent, then jumps backwards to land on their shoulders. She tightly squeezes her thighs around their head and flips her weight backwards, taking them down onto their back quite forcefully. She'll quickly transition this to a matchbook hold if allowed to do so, seating all of her weight on the back of her opponent's legs to deny them any chance at escape.

Wishbone Hold
With an opponent in a sitting position, Amy lays down behind them on her side and wraps both of her own legs around her opponent's left leg, and grabs their right leg with both hands, and then stretches them out in opposite directions. If applied correctly, the muscles in the victim's legs will suffer intense, burning pain.

Signature Move:

Japanese Ocean Suplex
Though Amy lacks the strength to perform it on very large opponents, the move is very devastating and almost never fails to end a match with those she can do it to. Amy slips behind her opponent and grabs both arms at the wrist, pinning them to the opponent's lower back. From there, she crouches down slightly to build momentum, and then swings them up and over her in a typical suplex, though this variation restrains their hands to limit their options after landing. She typically will bridge the move after landing it, causing a matchbook pin.

Strength: 2/10 - Amy's very small stature and light weight keep her from being particularly strong. She doesn't mind though, she doesn't like how muscular women look.
Stamina: 5/10 - Amy's lung capacity is about what you'd expect from someone with her body shape. It isn't low by any standards, but she isn't going to do so well in longer fights.
Endurance: 3/10 - Being small, Amy's body is also somewhat fragile. She has very small muscles that offer only a small amount of protection, and her slender figure is very easy to injure and damage.
Speed: 9/10 - Like a cat, Sagihara is very slippery and very quick. Her reflexes are remarkably fast and she is able to move around the ring as if she were born to do it.
Technique: 10/10 - Matching her obsession with cats, Amy is incredibly well-balanced and agile, very rarely making a mistake that would cause her to slip or put herself off-balance.

Strikes: 6/10 - While her arms can't get much power behind their punches due to their small size, Amy is very good at kicking. Or, as good as anyone could expect her to be.
Submissions: 4/10 - She is particularly good with more technical holds where her size and strength can't be exploited as easily, but she is embarrassingly poor at holds requiring strength and power.
Aerials: 10/10 - She has very good control over her body, and this extends to her abilities in the air too. She can perform a number of impressive aerial maneuvers, many of them quite hard hitting too.
Blocking: 2/10 - "It really hurts" - Amy Sagihara
Dodging: 9/10 - With cat-like reflexes and cat-like speed, Amy is very good at getting herself out of the way and putting safe distances between herself and her opponent.

Overall Rating: 72/100 - Even though she is so small, her technique and agility are very nicely tuned to make up for it, though her body holds her back from being listed with the best.

Ring Attire:
Casual Wear:

Match History - 0/0/0 W/L/D

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