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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Hayley Raye

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Hayley Raye Empty Hayley Raye

Post by Lunchador Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:32 am


Hayley Raye FYB0OMt

Date of Birth: March 7 [age 22]
Height: 5'7”
Weight: 118 lbs
Build: Slender, with lean muscle tone
Physicality: Hard-hitting, and highly energetic. Moves quickly and aggressively, though she has a tendency to over-exert herself when she gets cocky.
Hometown:  Cleveland, OH, USA
Entrance Theme: “Misery Business” by Paramore

Hayley Raye 0RfNICl

Background: Growing up in the city of Cleveland, Hayley Raye was a bright girl. Excelling in high school and college athletics, and doing well enough academically, Hayley could have written herself a check to go anywhere, if she had the focus. Eventually, that “anywhere” would end up being Japan, following the emerging popular music scene. Taking a job tending bar as she learned about the scene, Hayley would eventually settle into a new life in a brand new country, throwing herself into this new social scene with abandon.  Hayley worked a series of popular night spots, until she finally settled into a small dive called “Cyndi's.”  Located near the AFW arena, Cyndi's hits a perfect sweet spot of not being popular enough to draw a huge crowd, while drawing enough local celebrities to be somewhat relevant.
With it's low lighting, low profile, and high selection of heavy comfort food, Jobs became a popular hangout for lower-profile, less-successful wrestlers.  The sort of competitors that suffered hard, at the hands of their more successful opponents.  Hearing their stories, Hayley decided that a close-knit group of female wrestlers, putting their bodies on the line against impossible odds for a violent art they loved, was pretty damn punk rock. Relying on some training sport training from her younger years, Hayley soon began training for her in-ring debut.

Hayley Raye E8jltLA

Training & Style: Hayley did some training in mixed martial arts back in Cleveland, in a school called Lightning Strikes MMA. Focused heavily on strikes and submissions, she favors these strongly over power moves and high-flying aerial stunts. Since applying for a spot on the AFW roster, Hayley has been training with local gym trainers in the Japanese style, hoping to expand her repertoire.
Experience: 1 year amateur fighting experience; since going professional, AFW will be Hayley's first experience with professional wrestling bouts.
Signature Moves: Hard-hitting knees and elbows, all the way. Hayley likes to soften up her opponents with combination strikes. Then, as they slow down, Hayley steps it up with running moves, such as the basement dropkick or a running lariat.  If she needs to slow things down, however, Hayley also works over a number of choking submission moves, to sap her opponent's stamina.
Specialty Move- Corner Running Knee: With a stunned opponent leaning in the corner, Hayley will look to finish them off with a hard running knee strike, aimed right for the face.
Favorite Match: Standard singles competition.

Hayley Raye Qzzg4Qg

Attitude: Hayley presents herself as a hard-edged woman with a soft side. Hayley comes into professional wrestling with an intense respect for the competitors who give their all time and again, especially those who do so against certain defeat from larger, nastier opponents. Hayley does her best to emulate these competitors, and gives her an outlet to go hard on the nastier fighters she meets along the way!

Crowd Reaction/Fan Base: A traditional babyface, Hayley wants to appeal to the crowd to build support. Fortunately, she doesn't have a hard time with this. Between her looks, her lack of bashfulness about her figure, and her rockstar persona, Hayley finds herself popular among the AFW crowd.  She also draws attention to herself with her tendency to dye her hair at a moments notice, something she occasionally will do to highlight important matches.

Titles Held: None
Career Highlights: None
Wrestling Ambitions: The become a hero to the powerless, and maybe intimidate some of the rougher members of the locker room into rethinking their brutal ways!
Match Record: TBD

Partners, friends, etc: TBD
Favorite opponents/rivals:  TBD
Most feared/hated opponents: By reputation, Hayley worries about the day she'll have to face Killer King.
Biggest Win:  TBD
Worst Loss: TBD

Trivia & Fun Facts:
- Hayley's favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim, tho she's very disappointed in the comics
- Hayley also loves audiobooks and podcasts, especially for her morning runs;
- Hayley periodically hosts visiting musicians at her home, her attempt at hosting out-of-town musicians and encouraging them to visit her area.
- Hayley honestly loves the taste of beer, but hates how it makes her feel.  For a pop-punk bartender, the girl's tolerance is absolutely abysmal.
- To mix things up before big matches, or before big shows, Hayley likes to dye her hair.  Often, these are short-term changes, but Hayley still likes to change it up fairly often.

Hayley Raye X0Tae12

Roleplaying Hooks:
Is your character a regular at Hayley's bar? Maybe they've met, maybe they're friends!
Is your character a musician? Again, they might know each other!
If your character's a bully, Hayley will want to come after them, at some point!

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