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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Reva Devonport " The Bombshell"

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Reva Devonport " The Bombshell" Empty Reva Devonport " The Bombshell"

Post by RJD Fri Dec 30, 2016 7:44 pm

Reva Devonport " The Bombshell"

Name: Reva Risberg
Aliases: The Bombshell
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190lbs
Nationality: English

Usual attire
Without cape, bangles, sword, Eagle and the blue things above her chest and crotch.
Wears boots instead of high heels.
Usual attire:

Striped down
Striped Attire:

Favourite moves: Clothesline, Throws, punches, pump handle slam, sidewalk slam, suplexes. Anything that shows of her strength and damages opponent.

Finishing moves:

Buckle bomb: Reva will get her opponent to bend over before lifting them up into a power bombing position and run towards the nearest corner and power bomb them into it.

Flattening: Reva will set her opponent up in the corner and then run at them from the opposite corner and perform a body splash on them before pulling them out of the corner and locking in a bear hug. Reva wants to add more pain or insult with the move then she will transition this move into a spine buster, although this usually only happens when her opponent is weak enough to tap out.

Chokeslam: Reva will put her hand on her opponent's neck with one hand while with the other she will either put it on their waist or grope their ass before hoisted them up and slamming them down back first against the mat. 

Favoured matches: Hardcore, I quit, POW, Hentai. Anything in which she is allowed to dominate her opponent to the extent she wants to.

Enterence music: " Bleak " by Opeth.

Background: Reva grew up in England and as a kid was involved in Amateur wrestling which she only lost at once in her first match before beating the same opponent later in her career. She had quite a reputation for absolutely destroying anyone she went up against in Amateur wrestling until she eventually quit, although she doesn't remember many skills from these days the same mentality that she is better than everyone has always stuck with her. 

Reva then when she turned 16 would start to go to some clubs centred around metal music, which was something that quickly became a huge part of Reva's life as she frequented these places and went to concerts, her always being the one who jumped into mosh pits at concerts. She would also discover that she was bisexual after a few experimenting and started to become very open about exactly what she would do to people of both sexes, become a bit of a sexual fanatic in her late teens and never really being challenged by anyone due to her imposing figure and reputation for starting trouble.

Eventually Reva would sign up for wrestling training at a local promotion when aged 18 and pretty quickly she appeared in their shows, being a dominating figure that just destroyed most wrestlers and had at least a few suggestive moves and pins. While she was satisfied with the fact that she could throw people around all she wanted she still felt there was something missing, she would soon find out exactly what she wanted when she was scouted for AFW and was completely in awe at how amazing it looked, Reva quickly quiting her promotion and life to move to Japan and show her dominance yet again.

Strategy: Reva's usual strategy is to overpower and punish her opponent's until they can barely struggle against them. After she breaks them physically she will then move onto a more sensual style, gropeing, spanking, rubbing and even licking her opponent's body to show her dominance over them even more. She waits until they are mostly broken before moving onto her sensual style though because surprisingly she is incredibly vulnerable to sexual advances and it can be easy to turn the match against her, that is if her opponent still cares about the match and doesn't just want it to end quickly.

Personality: Reva is incredibly overconfident, prideful, aggressive and never hides what she is thinking. She also has no problem dominating and humiliating weaker opponents and in fact has a fun time doing it, she believes that if she is stronger than her opponent then she has the right to do whatever she damn well pleases with them, She also believes this goes both ways though, that if her opponent is stronger than her then Reva isn't allowed to hold a grudge against them for whatever they do to her. That doesn't mean she won't try to have a re-match and win against her former opponent though, she is actually very likely to do that as she hates to lose and although she will not regret or deny that she lost in the last match she will try her damn hardest to win the next one and get some extra payback on her opponent for whatever they did to her.

Statistics: - in the form of an interview

Tactics: 3/10: "Beat em and fuck em. That's all it takes"
Strength: 9/10: "Well I could pick you up no problem sweet cheeks"
Speed: 6/10: " I am a little bit quicker in other ways. if you know what I mean. Seriously though I don't need much speed if I can just keep them close to me "
Endurance: 9/10: " If you manage to keep me down long enough to do anything then fair play. You've earned the right to do whatever you want "
Sexuality: 4/10: " I'm good if I am in control but otherwise...otherwise it isn't quite as fun for me "
High flying: 1/10: " I don't do stupid flips like that, although I do make my opponents do so sometimes."
Charisma: 3/10: " How about we scrap this interview and I show you my bedroom?"
Technique: 3/10: " Technique is needed if you are a smaller wrestler who can't keep opponent's down with brute strength, I can pin people down easily and show them a good time without it " - At this point the interviewer started fearing for their safety and the interview was concluded


  • Challenging opponents
  • Attractive opponents
  • Dominating her opponents
  • The sound of someone hitting the mat
  • The sound of moans and/or groans
  • Displaying her own strength


  • People who talk too much
  • Being dominated
  • Opponent's who are overly sexual ( It's her kryptonite)
  • Being disrespected
  • People thinking they are better than her
  • Opponent's who rely too much on strategy ( She doesn't mind other powerhouses, luchadors or even wrestlers who focus on submissions )
  • Losing


  • Confident
  • Strong willed
  • Persistent
  • Caring and protective over friends
  • Loyal
  • Integrity


  • Really over confident
  • Somewhat cruel
  • Merciless
  • Little sense of morality
  • Selfish
  • Not very smart
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Easy to seduce
  • Condescending
  • Somewhat predictable

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