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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Eileen Sommers

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Eileen Sommers Empty Eileen Sommers

Post by scorn53 Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:39 am

Eileen Sommers CbsjZgd

"A Nightmare Dressed As A Dream"


Real Name: Eileen Hellena Ariadne Karstan Sommers
Nicknames: The Queen Of Summer
Age: 33
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Height: 5”8’
Weight: 142 lbs
Nationality: Germany
Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music:
[Current Entrance Music-Step One Era] Like A Revolution By Taking Dawn


Wrestling Information

Strategy: Devious and cunning are words that define Eileen to an absolute tee, with her thinly-veiled friendly personality disappearing the moment it is no longer needed. When such a time comes, she will resort to anything and everything in her arsenal; albeit, if all has gone to plan for the Queen of Summer, she won't even have to step into the ring to break her intended target.

When times call for Eileen to dirty her hands though, she will unleash a modest set of strikes, manoeuvres and holds to keep her foes in the palm of her hand, all whilst working towards her end goal of psychologically outwitting her foe at every turn.

Style: Domination
Type: Mental, physical and emotional.

Preferred Attacks: Precision strikes, slaps, joint manipulation, choke holds and smothers.

Preferred Matchs: Everything. Despite the stereotype for more 'refined' wrestlers enjoying a preference of POW matches, Eileen would much prefer dominating her intending targets until they want to serve her, instead of being forced to via stipulation.

Attitude To Hentai: "Do I look like such a simple sort?" Eileen will not do hentai-based bouts, but she will nonetheless use sex and sexuality to dominate her foes

Physical Statistics


Endurance:★★★ - Eileen has the ability to go the distance, but it is far from her greatest strength. That been said, she is more than prepared to go toe-to-toe with her foes if her usual stratagems fail.
Strength:★★★ - Whilst rare to attempt to hoist or overpower her opponents, Eileen is capable of painfully tight submission holds and strikes that can leave her foes reconsidering their strategies against her.
Speed:★★★ - Again merely a trait but far from her speciality, Eileen can keep up with her foes more often times than she will be outpaced, albeit such events can easily occur.
Defence:★★ - For a woman whose strategy it is to control the pace of the match entirely, it is no surprise that when Eileen is occasionally caught out, she is more often caught out hard.
Technique:★★★★★ - Eileen's bread and butter. Her knowledge of the human anatomy is somewhat scary, with both a huge repertoire of debilitating holds and unorthodox manoeuvres backing up a woman who screams of domination.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes:★★★★ - Eileen most certainly does not have the strongest nor the quickest jabs or hooks in the league, but Eileen often or not makes up for this with a near scary knowledge, almost incling, of where to hit for the greatest effect.
Submissions:★★★★ - The Queen of Summer's scary knowledge of anatomy has resulted in a woman who knows what to bend, how to bend it, and where to bend it.
Powerhouse:★ - Eileen has strength, but she is most certainly not describable as a 'powerhouse,' with near all of her techniques focused around methodology rather than brutality or rash actions.
Aerials:★ - Eileen simply put, has no need to perform anything that could be remotely described as 'high-flying.'
Counters:★★★★★ - Nothing serves a greater blow to a wrestlers confidence than when they see their manoeuvre flawlessly transformed into one that pains them immensely. Such is the logic for Eileen's great skill in counters, with a strong personal preference for turning her foes momentum often literally on its head.


Signature Move

Beneath Me: After methodically working her opponent to the brink of bone, Eileen will deliver something of a ruthless liver strike to her opponents if they are standing, in order to debilitate them with the intention of dropping them altogether, or if her foes are already prone, will skip the strike stage altogether. From there on, Eileen will lower herself, straddling the top of her foes chest with her immense hips and curvaceous rear, taking one last look in their eyes before she commits to wiping the light from them. Sliding herself forward, she will then face-sit her foe for a submission, or even KO victory.

Finishing Move

Perfection Personified: With her foes back to her, Eileen will hook her arms for what appears to be a standard ab stretch, applying notable power and impressive leverage to make her opponents quickly yelp. After but a moment, she will be quick to bend her foes further over in their sideways stance, before bringing up her leg to transition the hold flawlessly into an octopus hold. If her foe has somehow managed to resist her, she will then commit herself to one final adjustment; bringing up her remaining leg and wrapping it with her foes closest arm, exchanging the hold a final time from an octopus hold into a black widow hold.



Personality: Eileen's true personality is somewhat difficult to pin down. At a moments notice she can switch from a friendly, open-minded selfless beauty to a woman who will cut her foes down at every step. The only thing certain about Eileen is that she is extremely cunning, methodical, and will stop at nothing to achieve dominance. Worthy of note is the definition of dominance to Eileen; she does not go out of her way simply to achieve a scenario where the match ends with her arm raised. No, Eileen's end goal is for her intended target to completely succumb to her in every meaning of the word. She believes herself to be the greatest, and will not stop until her opponents fall to their hands and knees and declare her such.

History: Raised as the eldest child in an upper class German family in the city of Köln, Eileen's near non-existent relationship with her parents when growing up left the scarlet haired beauty with little empathy, or sense of right or wrong. Her father a prestigious surgeon, her mother a rarely seen face for Eileen given that she had seven other children to tend to besides Eileen, the eldest daughter of the Sommers family spent most of her days moping the modest Sommers home. Taking something of a passing interest in her fathers books and studies, Eileen became increasingly hateful of both her parents and siblings as the years went on; her mothers belief that her eldest daughter needed little tending to resulting in a woman who simply did not want whatever love was given her way.

Instead, when not procrastinating, Eileen took something of a unusual interest in the employees of her family home. Whilst they were most certainly not servants, Eileen made it something of a hobby to denote them as beneath her, much as she had perceived her mother denoting her below her siblings. In her adult years, Eileen's interaction with the hired help began to border on sociopathic, as she often began to make 'requirements' of them that they simply should not of been asked to do, all with the intent to feel above them in every which way.

Upon discovery by her father of traits far from what was to be expected of her, Eileen was forced to leave the Sommers home with a hefty cheque in her pocket from parents who simply realised they should of done more for their daughter who was most certainly now beyond help.

A mere chance altercation with a wrestling promoter who was something of a family friend, Eileen began to become enthralled in the culture of wrestling; an entire profession where one would enter the squared circle with the end goal of having their hand raised in superiority to their defeated foe. At first entering into the world of ringside management, Eileen was quick to become a sadistic master of mind games, quick to put her own talent over any competition that dared face her at any means necessary. A singular failing by said talent led Eileen to near explode in anger, before leaving the ring-side manager role altogether. Months later, with the intention to take matters directly into her own hands to achieve her goals, alongside an impressive somewhat methodical move set, Eileen was prepared, albeit not always willing, to step into the squared circle itself.

The rest as they say, is history...

Number #1 Contender For The Tension Hentai Title.
Currently undefeated (directly pinned or submitted).








Wrestling Outfits

OC Main Wrestling Attire:

Alternate Reference I:

Alternate Reference II:

Alternate Reference III:

Eileen Aged 22:

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Eileen Sommers Empty Eileen's Story

Post by scorn53 Sun Dec 11, 2016 7:45 pm

Chapter One
Step 1. Establish Dominance

  1. When A Prince Meets A Queen
    Eileen hosts a small dinner party. With a twist.
  2. Standard Match Against Dmitri Markov
    Eileen tests her prowess.
  3. Standard Match Versus Shido The Fanboy
    The redhead sets out to add another fan.
  4. Standard Match Versus Nick Solem
    The red haired beauty simply can't stop herself from seeking out easy prey.
  5. Handicap Match With Natasha Rostovik Versus Leo Fandero
    The crimson haired beauty finds herself in the presence of gold...and her first rival.

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Eileen Sommers Empty Re: Eileen Sommers

Post by scorn53 Fri Aug 25, 2017 7:44 am

Added Young Eileen Pic.


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Eileen Sommers Empty Re: Eileen Sommers

Post by Sponsored content

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