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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Denice Rossi

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Denice Rossi Empty Denice Rossi

Post by RJD Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:57 am

Name: Denice Rossi
Aliases: Scout, Rossi, wallflower
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120 lbs
Nationality: Italian

Appearance: Denice Rossi KPwlgLw

Favourite moves: leg ddt, arm drag, Pele kick, headlock, floating ddt, flying ddt, hurricanrana, smothers, hentai holds.

Finishing moves :

Weight of gold - Denice will get her opponent into the corner before climbing the middle ropes and getting them into a headlock while still in the corner before jumping from the corner and driving her opponent's skull into the mat with a leaping bulldog

Buccaneers bluff - Denice will grasp her opponent's arm and seemingly Irish whip them towards the ropes, but instead will pull them back towards her and leap towards them to land a double knee face breaker ( Codebreaker ) She can do this move without the Irish whip part and has adapted it to all sorts of positions in the ring.

pirates temptation - Denice will approach a standing opponent and will lock them into a quick kiss before wrapping her arms around the opponent and then picking them up before falling to the side and slamming them into the mat for a belly to belly.

Enterence music - TBA

Background - Denice came from a relatively well known wrestling family from Italy which had a well known male wrestler active for the last 3 generations ( Denice will by 4th generation ), Denice was the first of said family to be a woman and take an interest in wrestling, so her dad taught her since her brother wanted to be a businessman and has since lost contact with Denice and the rest of his family.
Denice would then go on to train in Italy for a few years before she would move to Denmark and would wrestling in a Danish company but was thrown in to a stable called " the Buccaneers " due to her slightly troubling conflicting sexual urges and the urge to have a good and proper wrestling match as well as the pressure getting to her which was crippling for the first female wrestler from a long wrestling family. She is a very complicated woman who can be slightly unpredictable due to all the factors driving her.

Personality - Denice is a relatively kind person outside the ring which is surprising considering that all her fellow Buccaneers are not, she does have a mean side though which is caused by the stress put on by her family and her conflicting urges to have a non sexual serious match and to have a fun and orgasmic experience in the ring. Denice will usually give people a fair chance and will not interfere much in matches, although she is not above sharing the " treasure " that her partners bring back and will not get upset when

Statistics :

Tactics: 7/10 - I really do understand that jumping into an attractive opponents arms is a bad idea... I just get carried away sometimes. When the match is not suggestive though I can be pretty sharp witted and make up some plans!
Strength: 4/10 - I wish I was as strong as my great grandfather Angelo, my grandfather Marco and my father Giovanni. I will be eventually but for now I will do my best with what I've got!
Speed: 6/10 - I am definitely the fastest in my long line of wrestling lineage but I still shouldn't get complacent since none of them were that impressive speed wise anyway.
Sexuality: 5/10 - I wouldn't brag but...i am pretty good in bed. Sometimes though I get the bed mixed up with a wrestling ring though and that makes me vulnerable and carefree. I wish I was less perverted.
High flying: 2/10 - I don't do much high flying moves, they are high risk and take too much energy. They are not worth the effort put in.
Charisma: 3/10 - I am not very good at talking, I usually end up coming off as a little bit odd or creepy if I try to talk to often.
Endurance: 9/10 - I can take lots of hits and still keep going, the AFW is going to be surprised to see how much I can handle!
Technique: 7/10 - I know enough to lock in holds and submissions that would be expected of a skillful wrestler, although truthfully I am a little bit lacking despite my efforts to perfect and hone my technique.


  • People who are cute or pretty, although smart can be good also. the lovable idiot is also pretty lovable... oh and mean people can be pretty nice to get close to after you learn more about them. cool people are also interesting as well as nerds and jocks... I think I just described most people...
  • I like a nice competitive wrestling match where both competitors show of their wrestling skills.
  • exercising and going for jogs!
  • I...wouldn't say that I like loosing, although it brings me some pleasure to look up and see a woman or man holding me down.
  • I like to learn about different cultures, teach me and I will listen!
  • Getting down and dirty.


  • looking desperate, odd, creepy or like an infatuated idiot.
  • Non competitive matches.
  • Those who hold back.
  • People who open their arms during a match..."that isn't fair you know I'm going to leap into them!" Denice yelled, tears almost rolling down her face.
  • Being compared to her family, especially when it is done in a way to make her seem inferior to them.
  • Those who don't fight back in matches.
  • Being made to cry, it is surprisingly easy to make her cry.

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