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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Annette " The siren " Nissen

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Annette " The siren " Nissen Empty Annette " The siren " Nissen

Post by RJD Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:28 pm

Name: Annette Nissen
sweet tooth, the siren.



Pushing an opponent a little bit too far:

Favourite moves: neck-breaker, arm drag, drop kick, heel kick, Super kick, senton, bronco buster. anything that includes her getting a handful of the opponent's crotch

Enterence music: TBA

Finishing moves

Cannonball plunge -
Annette will set her opponent up in a tree of woe position before running to the opposite side of the ring. Annette will then build up speed running back to her opponent and turn her body around and fall backwards into her opponent, landing with her rear and back impacting the enemy.

Sailfish crash - Annette will run towards the ropes while her opponent is standing and will jump onto the ropes before spring boarding back towards her opponent and landing a flying forearm on them.

Seasault - Annette will be standing on the top rope and will face away from the ring while her opponent is standing. Annette will then perform a moonsault and collide with her opponent, this move can also be done when the opponent is grounded.

Background: Annette is from a more high class family from the rest of " The Buccaneers " and was brought up to be well spoken and always got what she wanted if she complained enough. Annette would participate in all kinds of sports from soccer to basketball to volleyball and her natural athletic nature would make her good at all of them, although her attitude problems and tendency to sleep or flirt with opposing team members caused a drop of morale for her team-mates. Annette would start wrestling at the age of 18, she would immediately love the fact that she could touch and feel people all she wanted and that it was acceptable for her to grab someones crotch! well at least it was most the time if she did it subtly enough. The reason she ended up in the Buccaneers was due to her overly sexual nature, the promoters thought that having her in the ring less would limit the amount of sexual things the woman would do, although truthfully it worked in the opposite way since her team mates would create opportunities for her to take advantage of and even more of her in ring time began to focus on seducing opponents.

Strategy: Carrot and stick. Annette will try her best to punish her opponents when they do things she doesn't like but will... give them a reward for doing things she approves of, this is what lead to her getting the nickname of " Siren " as she used to win matches by taking complete control over her opponent and will actively try to lure her opponent into dangerous situations using her body or promises as bait. She also is very skilled at taking advantages of people's weaknesses, kinks and fears and will not hesitate to do so even against friends.

Annette is an outgoing bubbly woman who can come off as slightly rude, but at least when she is being rude whe will try to be respectful about it and hide it behind a few layers of casual conversation. Annette can also look down on people every now and then which is partly due to her upbringing, if there were one word to describe Annette it would be " Narcissistic"


Tactics: 7/10 - If I just use my brain a little bit then it's easy to land a multiple hits in the place of one.
Strength: 3/10 - I don't need strength for my strategy and so I never put any of my time into training it.
Speed: 6/10 - It is important to be quick if you want to capitalise on opportunities that arise from using ones mind over brawn.
Sexuality: 8/10 - I love to get down and dirty and of course everyone else does too, but I will not give out sex freely but rather give it to those who respect me and do as I say.
High flying: 5/10 - for someone of my stature it is important to find ways to knock off the balance of bigger woman, that is why I have learned to use my athletic nature and the ropes to my advantage.
Endurance: 2/10 - I know that endurance is important for all matches but I am naturally weak anyway and had to prioritise to my strengths.
Technique: 6/10 - technique is very important if you want to ground your opponent and hold them off long enough to play mind games, which I definitely rely on.
Charisma: 8/10 - Charisma is important when it comes to making your opponent your love slave. Oh yeah actually it's also critical for life in general so I obviously had been training my charisma before I even decided to wrestling.


  • Winning
  • Attractive people
  • Being the centre of attention
  • Hearing her own voice
  • Winning people's hearts
  • Sex
  • Candy
  • Bravery
  • Muscles
  • Good listeners


  • Being told off
  • Being told what to do
  • Losing
  • Being denied 
  • People who she can't break
  • Prudes
  • Hard strikers
  • Being overshadowed


  • Friendly
  • Easy going
  • Goofy
  • Proud
  • Brave
  • Polite


  • Foolish
  • Lustful
  • Childish
  • Quick to anger
  • Gullible
  • Selfish

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