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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Breaking the Tension! Special - Pre-Royale Interviews

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Breaking the Tension! Special - Pre-Royale Interviews Empty Breaking the Tension! Special - Pre-Royale Interviews

Post by acuyra Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:32 am

Patty O' Malley - Tension's first and only interviewer and rising Youtube celebrity - stood near the staging area for the Tension Battle Royale, doing some last minute check ups on the equipment. Well, no, to be perfectly honest, her trusty assistant, Ran, was doing all the check-ups. That was all well and good. It was what Patty paid Ran for. Or, at least, what she would pay Ran for when all the ad revenue money came in. Besides, Patty had to prepare herself. Hair spray, lipstick, just the right smattering of makeup. Make sure she was 100% ready.


This was it. The big show. The season finale. Not a normal episode of Breaking the Tension!, but instead, a special, one-time, pre-Battle Royal interview roundup, brought to the loyal viewers thanks to a generous bribe that got them both backstage passes. Her mission? To meet the various participants, see where their minds at, and get as many exclusive interviews as she could. In a short time, one of them was going to be the #1 contender for the Tension World Championship. Perhaps even the new champion. And she would have that person caught right before his or her historic moment. That would equate to hits, which would equate to subscribers, and that would equate to sweet, sweet ad revenue!

Also, it would be a good step in the world further acknowledging her worth as a respectable interviewer. Of course. That was the important thing. Right.

"Okay." Ran snapped in a memory card and put her headphones. "We're ready."

"Good, good." Patty checked her purse, making sure her pepper spray was full and her stun gun was charged. Never could be too careful with wrestlers. "All right. One hour. Eight contestants." She clapped her hands and started to bounce on her heels, psyching up for a truly phenomenal round of journalistic stamina and rigor. "Let's go."

She took off with Ran close behind, making a beeline towards their first

With Ran close behind, Patty ventured out into the backstage area, eager to track down the challengers.

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Breaking the Tension! Special - Pre-Royale Interviews Empty Meeting Clyde Gastin!

Post by acuyra Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:53 pm

[align=center:3rf3apa8][url=]Breaking the Tension! Special - Pre-Royale Interviews 7bbec6e4-2cbf-46e4-a1e0-141f0f9cca0a_zps1d46d32b.jpg[/url:3rf3apa8][/align:3rf3apa8]
Patty decided to start off with easy prey, going for the one wrestler she knew she could find - Clyde Gastin. Given his rather brutal and somewhat disturbing match, coupled with the fact that he was set to be the first contestant out in the Battle Royale, it was reasonable to assume that he would be around the AFW's top notch medical center, getting ready to be sent out to a match that would likely put him right back in the center quite soon.

Patty admired that. She admired Clyde's stamina, his heart, his willingness to go on in the face of such ruthless adversity. Sh sensed in Clyde a kindred spirit - as he suffered as wrestler, so, too, did she suffer as a journalist. Constantly persecuted and denied, but still continuing. And this was the perfect time to interview him, too. She would get his words as the pain still tore through him and his words were the most honest. Authentic opinions.

Patty burst into the medical center with Ran close behind, zeroing in on Clyde and quickly making her to him while the doctors all scrambled - they had a time limit, here. Only so long she could go before the security guards caught on. "Clyde Gastin!" She pulled her microphone out and slid over beside him, while Ran got into position. "I'm Patty O' Malley from Breaking the Tension!, AFW's hottest show, letting the fans reach out to the stars they so admire. You're second battle of the night is about to begin, and we're all eager to hear what's on the mind of Texas' #1 son!"

Following the Three on One beatdown from the Thorns of a Rose... Clyde had been carried out of the ring and placed backstage. His arm had been dislocated in the match thanks to Aoi and now with the Battle Royale about to start up, the Doctor and several nurses were trying to pop his partially dislocated shoulder right into his back place.

"Goddamn! Goddamn! Sonovabitch! OwWwww!!! Aaaghh!! STOP TOUCHIN' IT!!" Clyde howled as the nurses were lifting his arm to examine it. The doctor and nurses were trying to act fast as the Battle Royale was about to start NOW.

And in came Patty asking for a few words on his next battle.

"FUCK YOU!" He snapped at Patty, his leg kicking and tapping as as the Doctor and Nurses held his arm. "Stand still." They said. "F-Fuck yo-Oooou T-TooOoH GOD!!" He exclaimed, writhing in agony before a nurse shoved some painkillers down his throat, presenting him some water that he snatched and gargled down.

"What was that!? Painkillers!? Shit man, you shoulda said somethin'! Load me The. Fuck. Up. Baby! It's gon be just like High-" He exclaimed excitedly before...


And done. It was popped back into place.

"M-MOTHER OF JOSEPH! SAINT MARY! FUCK HER IN THE ASS!!" A nurse was covering her ears as Clyde ranted, while the other was putting the right arm in a sling.

Patty backed out slowly. Very slowly. "I can, um...see you're busy. I'll come back later...maybe after the match..." She gave him a frilly wave as she stepped out. "...if you're still alive..."

"No! No! I tell ya whats bout ta' happen! Lookie here! Goddamn! Ow...! Okay!,I got my ass kicked I Ain't got no right arm but I'm still alive and I got two feet, and thats all Clyde T. Gastin needs to kick the ever livin' hell outta anybody who thinks they get in the ring with 140 pounds of raw, Texan fury! I am the fastest gun in the land of the risin' sun. And when I win this Battle Royale. I'ma go home. Eat some steak. Watch the Texans. Fuck my girlfriend. Send John Mitchel back to Bootcamp. Win the Title and tell Melissa Sellers to eat a dick and die, cuz the baddest sumbitch in Kyoto is your AFW Tension Champion, baby!"

Patty groaned as she peeked in from the hallway. She was going to be up all night censoring this video for the kid-friendly version. "And, ah, there you have it, folks!" Patty turned back to Ran and faced the camera with her best smile, trying to get Clyde's blood-curdling scream of pure agony out of her head. "Clyde Gastin, Tension's Comeback Kid! With seven other challengers vying for the title, Clyde's blood is in the water. Will he make his way to shallow shores unbitten, or get dragged into the depths? In a short while, we'll know for sure. Stay tuned!"

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Breaking the Tension! Special - Pre-Royale Interviews Empty Meeting Eliza Harenwood!

Post by acuyra Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:07 am

[align=center:1jvl3nyz][url=]Breaking the Tension! Special - Pre-Royale Interviews Dd999e57-580a-47f3-95fb-4224043ab103_zpsa36eb1ef.gif[/url:1jvl3nyz][/align:1jvl3nyz]
After interviewing Clyde Gastin...sort of...Patty and Ran continued their fateful trek through the backstage area, on the lookout for their next interview. Patty had a spring in her step and Ran had to shuffle quickly to keep up. Even with their strict, three question limit, time was beginning to run short. She'd have to make sure the questions maximized her time. Annoying, yes, but someone with her skill knew how to work under pressure.

It wasn't long before she stumbled on another participant in the rolaye - Eliza Harenwood. A very fresh face in Tension, she'd surprised many by her inclusion - she was the newest member on the ticket. Certainly skilled, but not one many would pick for something this high-profile. A rookie on her way to winning the championship? Patty could hardly have written a better scenario.

...actually, yes, she probably could have done that. But it wouldn't be easy.

"Ms Harenwood!" She waved to Eliza as she approached. "I'm Patty O Mally, with Breaking the Tension! Can we have a moment of your time?"

Eliza was getting ready for the upcoming match, a royale where the winner would become the number one contender. The ballroom girl was ready to give it her all, she'd been on a losing streak as of late...

But here! She was ready to give it her all, she changed her attire somewhat. It was still the same corset and stockings, however the major color was black and red. It was akin to the flamenco dancers of Spain, her second favorite form of dancing next to ballet.

In the hallway Eliza was preparing herself, pulling her right leg behind her and holding the heel with both hands. When she heard a voice come from behind her, Eliza let her leg down and turned to look at the woman talking to her. "Umm, what's this about?" the aristocratic girl asked.

Pfft, the introduction had only been for formalities' sake. This girl hadn't heard of her? She must not have had an internet connection, wherever she was staying. Probably had trouble getting it set up in a new country. Yes, that was a reasonable explanation that accounted for all the facts.

"It's an interview, Ms." Patty nodded, as Ran came in behind her and set up the shot. "The fans are anxious to learn about the potential champions, and I'm a servant of the fans. Just a few questions, then I'll be out of your lovely hair.”

Eliza politely stood there, hands held together. She had butterflies in her belly already. Still the ballroom girl did her best to keep composed and regal. So this girl was a reporter then? Well. Eliza supposed she could give her a couple of minutes."Um, very well. What would you like to ask?" she said politely, giving a small bow.

"Well, firstly, many are curious about your inclusion in the tournament. While there are several relative newcomers, you might be the newest out of them all. Tell us, what was your reaction when you found out you were included? Could you venture a guess as to why you were picked over more seasoned contestants?"

The first question was something Eliza somewhat expected, after all it had only been a few months since her arrival in Tension."Well, I believe it was due to my popularity. Quite recently I have been labeled "Tension's classiest gal. And many have praised my fighting style of incorporating ballet moves. It was one of the biggest surprises I've ever had. Next question?"

Patty was mildly curious who did the aforementioned labeling. Was that someone's actual job, labeling wrestlers? Was it a fan thing? No one had labeled her 'Tension's greatest reporter'.

Though, they should've. They really should have, especially since she really was Tension’️s greatest reporter by default. Maybe a little anonymous posting to the AFW message board would help kickstart things…

"That brings up my next question, actually." She bounced on her heels, staying active to give the scene some pizzazz. "You have a very unique style, incorporating your dance moves and graceful agility, but Tension is going to put you up against many males who are decidedly heavier set. Do you think your style will be able to hold up against them, or will you have to modify it a bit in order to adapt?"

That was something Eliza thought about, she knew most males were bigger than her in the ring. Although she was confident her agility and precise strikes would see her through in most situations.

But the stipulations of this match were not that of a standard match, No, it would require something else. Eliza had watched matches of this kind, to prepare herself for it. "Well the answer is no for the most part, although I'm confident I can reduce my opponents to a slumped mass of meat. Lobbing said slump would require muscle and time. So I will look for chances to ease that, if I see a way to remove my foes from the ring then rest assured I will take it." Eliza would then quietly wait for the next question.

"Speaking of which, you'll be going up against some tough foes, and not just men like before. You'll be facing Clyde Gastin again, but also fan favorite, Johnny Higurashi. Not mention women, like the lustful Ro Laren, and the crazy catgirl, Bree. This is going to require a wide range of strategies, of course. Anyone you'll be particularly looking to eliminate, even team up with?"

Ah, Clyde Gastin, she had gone up against him in the past. Seemed like a likeable sort. She didn't know the name Kendra, Eliza had heard of Bree being nuts. Ro, Eliza knew she was a friend of the champ but not much else. And Johnny, Eliza had no idea on him. "Well, I consider Mr. Clyde Gastin to be a decent man, so I might be inclined to help him briefly. Other than that I will handle the situation as it develops, when one is dancing one must always have the correct move in mind in a second. Otherwise, disaster! Listen, Ms. Patty-

"O' Malley."

"-I hope I'm not rude, but I do need to get going. Some last second preperations. Good evening."Eliza said, giving a bow before walking past the reporter.

"And there she goes folks!" Ran panned back to catch Eliza and Patty in the same shot as the ballerina left. "The Dancing Passion surely lives up to her name, but passion alone won't be enough for this battle? Will this freshly bloomed rose endure the storm's bitter onslaught? Stay tuned!"

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Breaking the Tension! Special - Pre-Royale Interviews Empty Re: Breaking the Tension! Special - Pre-Royale Interviews

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