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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Bella Malgoldia

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Bella Malgoldia Empty Bella Malgoldia

Post by KillerV Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:01 am

Name: Bella Malgoldia

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130lbs

Nationality: Greek/Italian

Alignment: Face mostly, Heel only on jerks.

Entrance music:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Strike quick and painful, plain and simple.

Style: Having fun yet will hurt, a lot.

Type: Speed, flyer, technical, weapon user

Preferred Attacks: Whatever weapons she can bring, mainly she brings large squeaky hammer (but actually its very hard)

Preferred Matches: Any except hentai


Finishing moves:

Pop! Goes the weasel!- She punch hard as she count to their heart stunning them before running to the ropes bouncing back, clutching her fists together and swing right up to their jaw.

Pop! Goes the Weasel #2!- Same except she wield a weapon to do the uppercut.

Around of Applause-Hopping on the double over opponent, sitting on their backs before she use her momentum to flip forward and having her flip with her and slam their back on the mat into a pin.

Crab Splitter- Opponent facing down, she get one of their legs to lock with between hers, then grabbing her other legs to push apart, she lay on her back start splitting their legs apart.

Big Smile Now!- Using her camera that release extremely bright flash to blind her opponent before she jumps at them using her legs to catch their heads, pulling them down into a pin.


Visual Appearance: Many outfits, yup.

Physical Appearance:
Bella Malgoldia 14867693733_1831fa4f69_z.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14824844026_2454ed836d_z.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14661129430_0e98a34f6d_c.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14847476142_8f8da6b866_o.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14867694083_3b2dd3e6cc_c.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14867693823_b7b7e65fa6_c.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14661187799_9451f0f8f4_z.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14661202538_d3dc6e5fd5_z.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14867694073_fe561ceb0c_b.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14661202608_e93b2c56d6_b.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14847476642_1abb0226df_b.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14845369994_8e6aa907d8_o.png
Bella Malgoldia 14824844406_3f904db2a7_o.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14661285067_5befb240c7_o.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14867694483_aa7aea7613_o.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14867694173_1303cd2e57_c.jpg
Bella Malgoldia 14661189009_1d0561b757_b.jpg
Bella Malgoldia Tumblr_mqnw5ws9wK1rydwbvo1_500.gif
Bella Malgoldia FaUUlGx.gif
Bella Malgoldia Tumblr_mqkqfvFyQ01scr8d9o4_500.gif?t=1407375331
Bella Malgoldia 14845891064_01b1733e7c_o.jpg

Personality: Bubbly and really cool person, actually like talking and hanging out with people that she thinks they're good, or even bad but not too bad or she'll beat them up for rudeness. Bella is pretty weird person if people can handle dealing with someone like her, but shes overall can get along well if they accept who she is. Very silly girl that enjoys teasing people who flirts with her all cause she have nice boobs, so most guys who flirted with her arent too nice, they'll end up regretting doing anything bad to her.

Past/History: Bella is a world traveler checking out unique artifacts that she doesnt even try to take, mostly want to take pictures of for collections but the ones she wants to really keep, she tries to persuade them who owns it or if all else, steals it without getting caught. Regardless shes pretty fair with people and things she gets involved, so no matter what she'll do her best to get fair with everyone, but to the people who treated her bad, she will get even at all cost, fair is fair. She eventually stumble upon Japan and seeing pretty unique items around here, she caught some attention of some wrestlers here who appears all over the world from different nationality and different wrestling skills and personality, it just as unique as artifacts. So Bella decides to stay in Japan once and awhile to meet up with these people, plus she knows how to fight since getting into trouble is her daily routine, a tomboy hot girl like herself is ready for anything, no matter where and how she gets there.

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