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Apologies in advance!

Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:49 pm by acuya

Just dropping in to apologize in advance - for the next week or two, I'm going to be a bit sporadic with my posts. I'm doing a little Uber to make some extra money for some personal things in my life, and that'll take up some time that was previously used for writing.

I will get to everyone I owe a post for, it'll just take a bit longer than you're probably used to from me. So just bear with me and things will return to normalcy.

Also, sorry about the delay with the battle royale. That's all …

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Comments: 3

Back to leave again^^"

Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:08 pm by xalex

hey guys just a short heads up... my finals are finally done... no plan how they went^^"

but i only got this weekend "free" meaning that this week a lot of shit is going down and it will go on for some time meaning i have no plan how much time i have for roleplays and this page^^"

i just wanted to say sorry for anyone i leave hanging

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Looking to revive

Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:06 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello I apologize for my long absence from here, real life issues have been kicking my ass but I feel like I can return on here so if anyone is interested in taking on either Takeichi Mori or Takeshi Kawai feel free to get in touch. And if you are one of the people I was having a match with before my lengthy hiatus and wish to resume that match also feel more than welcomed to get in touch with me as well.

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Lia Harrison

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Lia Harrison

Post by TheWamts on Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:29 pm

Name: Lia Harrison
Real Name: Lia Hatzis
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: Pink, leaning towards red due to albinism.
Hair: Silvery white to very light blonde due to albinism, Shoulder-length
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 137 lbs
Nationality: Canadian, with Greek roots.
Alignment: Face-leaning
Entrance music: Lunatic Red Eyes, Innocent Key arrangement

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Huh?
Type: Quiet, Fast

Preferred Attacks: Precise strikes that are fast, but won't do more than numb her opponent most of the time.

Preferred Matches: Anything. She is not the type to flat out refuse anything, regardless of her preferences.

Endurance: ****.5
Strength: **
Speed: ***.5
Defense: ***.5
Technique: ***

Favored moves:
Unfortunate Hit - If the opponent tries to grab onto Lia, she uses her flexibility to try to spin around and land a kick from behind. Very difficult to pull off if not right up against the opponent. Will often allow her to get out of the hold.

Finishing moves:
Lia's fighting style doesn't really allow for finishers, usually it just ends up with her trying to outlast her opponent(s).


Visual Appearance:
Out and about!:
Umm, you sure that's safe to eat?:
It was not safe to eat:
Just a cute pose:
Wrestling outfit (Ignore the fact that the hair is longer than her body):
Halloween's a time to let those urges out (NSFW):

Lia doesn't have much self-confidence, but nonetheless, she's always happy on the outside. In fact, she is practically unable to show any negative feelings to anyone she isn't extremely close to (of which there aren't a lot). She does have a bit of an immature air to her, but she's surprisingly sharp, even if she doesn't show it... or act like it.

Despite her lack of close relationships, it's not for a lack of trying. She's sociable and doesn't dislike easily.


Her superstitious parents thought that she was cursed when they saw that she was albino. As such, she wasn't raised all that well given that her own parents didn't want much to do with her, but were too religious to just abandon her. So when Lia became a big sister, she vowed to try her very best to make sure her younger sibling would be happy.

Her parents seemed to have the same idea, they put all the parenting effort that they'd neglected Lia to the younger, non-albino child.Of course, with two blue-collar parents, they didn't have all that much time to spend with their beloved daughter, so Lia would fill in whenever they weren't there. It was rather stressful for Lia, she'd spend whole nights awake sewing toys for Gail. As a result, her grades at school and relations with classmates slipped.

Nonetheless, Lia was content with it, even as Gail grew up from a lovely cheery girl to be a spoiled, demanding brat. Often, her sister would make unreasonable requests, and as a high schooler, Lia could only do so much. There were always concerts Gail wanted to go to, or fancy clothes she wanted to wear. Lia found a job, just so Gail could act like she was from a much richer family than the truth.

None of this seemed unusual for the two sisters of course, they'd spent years at their respective roles. Whenever Lia failed, Gail would get mad and "punish" her in escalating manner. The abuse became regular, even while Lia dropped out, right in her senior year, to free up more time between her two jobs and caring for Gail.

It was of no surprise that all the stress was taking a toll on Lia, who'd long since stopped caring about herself. It didn't help much that one night, she and her parents had a long argument. It was to be expected, she dropped out of school, she barely earned any money (she was actually making almost as much as they were, just that most of it was being funneled into the worthless fund called Gail's wallet), she was just a big pile of bad luck for the family and she had no future. Once she was eighteen, Lia'd have to find her own place to stay.

Fine. Whatever.

Lia left a few weeks before her eighteenth without a note, finding a cheap seedy place across town. Coming to terms with her new life rather well, she worked part time jobs enough to support her rent. Her new neighbours introduced her to an small little underground wrestling spot, where they often came to bet. Lia ended up participating in a few matches there every month, making a bit of extra money that way.

But what to spend it on? Her answer came when she saw a picture of none other than Gail, who'd moved to Japan of all places, who'd joined the AFW... Spending most of her savings on the plane ticket, Lia joined the league to come and reestablish ties with her sister.

Wrestling Attire: Usually a light simple and light-coloured outfit that doesn't get in the way of her attempts at precise strikes.

Fun Facts:
- Loves apples. And any fruit really. Except citrus, to which she's allergic to. "Fruit doesn't need to be cooked, is super healthy and tasty, who doesn't like it?"
- Her new last name Harrison was chosen because no one can pronounce Greek names properly.
- Her most valuable possession is a folding bike she got as a gift. She rides it everywhere, even though it isn't the fastest means of transport. She really likes it because it lets her go really fast. One of her favourite ways to spend days off is to hiking up a mountain and then bike back down.
- Has a few voices in her head, which she's long since learned to ignore, especially the one that talks sensible things.
- Is kinda sexually repressed, but the months spent at the AFW have fixed that to a point.

AFW Information

Win vs Aloysia via pinfall
Loss vs Aries via schoolgirl pin
Loss vs Lady Lakota 1:2
Loss vs Black Feather via submission
Win vs Eliza Harenwood via submission
Loss vs Da Xia via KO, 4 orgasms to 5
No Match vs Aoi Aozoki

1. Debut against Aloysia
2. Schoolgirl Pin match against Aries Melane
3. Facesitting match against a very fun opponent  
4. Standard Match against another Native American girl
5. A standard match against a boxer.
6. Lia goes up against a polite girl from Tension
7. A wild match against a mean girl.
8. Finally a nice, standard match against a ladylike Aoi Aozoki

Outside Matches
1. A wrong turn in the hospital leads Lia to Alea
2. After their meeting and fixing Alea up, Lia visits Alea's apartment
3. Lia meets an artist.
4. The day after meeting the artist, it's time for some "fun"
5. Lia helps someone out who isn't all too happy with her
6. Lia meets Janet on a second encounter.
7. Lia decides to take a nighttime jog, and meets someone from a recent match.
8. After the very standard match, more very standard things happen in the lockerrooms
Championships/Accomplishments: N/A

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